Juneau top chef coins ice cream flavor: ‘F*ck Police’


You’ve got to hand it to Beau Schooler of Juneau, a James Beard Foundation nominated semi-finalist for Best Chef in the Northwest category. He knows how to make a name for himself.

Schooler, owner of in In Bocca al Lupo and The Rookery restaurants in Juneau, has created a new blueberry ice cream he labels “Fuck the Police.”

Schooler took to social media with his creation, as he often does, but this time stirred up a lot of conversation in Juneau about whether he’s onto something righteous, or if he’s gone over the edge and is encouraging violence against law enforcement officers.

Sara Dallas, a dispatcher at the Juneau Police Department, was not thrilled to see the negative sentiment from a local business owner.

“I wonder if In Bocca Al Lupo, the Rookery and the owners will really put their money where their mouth is and take their business and homes off any response lists for alarms or calls? Or, if they are a member of the Downtown Business Association, which it appears The Rookery is, if they will resign their membership? As most of us know, the DBA regularly demand additional police services to include funding two police officers to be assigned to the downtown core area so they have someone to respond to the ‘nuisance’ folks – chronic inebriates, campers and others who ‘disrupt’ the downtown Juneau area,” she wrote on her private Facebook page. Some supported her, while others in Juneau are supporting the chef.

“Putting out an ice cream to support ‘fuck the police’ or defunding the police is a super fun stand (I guess), but how are they supporting that during their every day lives, day in and day out, both personally and professionally?” she wrote. 

The new flavor of ice cream comes a week after a coffee stand in Fairbanks destroyed the order of a customer who was wearing a MAGA hat in support of President Donald Trump


  1. And police should remove his business and home from their response call list hope he puts his money where his mouth is. If it happens guess who will likely have vandalism and robberies as he has no protection Will be interesting to watch.

      • Well Jerry aka: Karen, I don’t think there is any part of the first amendment that Patti hates but, her and many others recognize a classless woke self indulged showboated when she/we see one. This cook is a deplorable.

      • Not a bit of it. I used it, didn’t I? But if someone doesn’t like the amenities they are given and don’t believe in them, perhaps they shouldn’t use them?

        • Great answer, Patti.

          Maybe jerry will choke on his ice cream?

          Maybe get some “chokecherry”? LOL.

        • It’s not about “liking the amenities”, it’s about reforming the amenities to better serve the people in an effective way
          The “deplorables” who are a “nuisance” goes to show how far removed from humanity you are. People aren’t homeless or addicts or drunk because they think it’s fun- it’s most likely because they’ve lived through massive amounts of trauma that society has failed to correctly address and solve- ie- police officers do not know how to handle mental health. They aren’t effective in addressing rape, homelessness, or victims in general. I am speaking purely from experience, not opinion.

          • Suck it up, Buttercup. It’s not someone else’s fault if you choose a low self investment path. It’s also not someone else’s fault if you choose to be homeless, a drunk or a drug addict.

            There’s a very high likelihood you’re the only one that would consider yourself a victim.

            I am speaking from experience, not opinion. We all have challenges and none of us are specail

      • Well Jerry, your question appears to be a juvenile attempt to shame Patti and it bombed spectacularly. She never once said the chef shouldn’t exercise his free speech, she simply hoped that he shows the courage of his convictions and doesn’t act the hypocrite by utilizing the police for any reason, even to save his or his loved ones’ lives. I’m guessing you must be under the age of 13 if you are unable to comprehend Patti’s easily understood statement.

  2. This chef is really showing his ignorance with such foul language labeling of a food product. I will no longer patronize his establishments.

      • Who knows…. maybe “crow” or “bitter remorse” will be his next flavor. You are right… he can say anything he wants..

    • Nor will I. Have enjoyed the Rookery in the past. I will take my money elsewhere next time in Juneau. Will be interesting to see how they may handle the inevitable future need for law enforcement.

  3. Just a low IQ anti-Trumper with low skills and a few seconds to make himself known as a low IQ anti-Trumper. That’s all.

  4. Defund the police? I guarantee that in some areas that the vigilante punishment
    will be a lot worse than they would ever get from cops. I wish the cops would go on strike for a few days.

  5. Dearest MRAK readers, maybe the chef just needs more creative ideas for ice cream names. How’s about it? I humbly submit “Pallet of Bricks”.

    • Jay, you sound disturbed, ….meant pejoratively. I know you consider yourself to be a humble guy. How about, “Jay the Democrat fascist?”. Does that work for ya?

  6. There are very few Democrat strongholds that do not have a corrupt police department. Is Juneau the exception? I don’t know. Please enlighten me.

  7. What a wonderful example of leftist idiocy. This “chef”, of course, has a right to his opinion but this goes a little far. Appearances and quotes to approve this ‘style’ of stating an opinion, only a leftist, turnip or moose nugget would approve of. The effective way to treat this idiot is to not patronize his establishments. That may not be too big a problem for him as Juneau is predominately of the same mindset. His best customers, I’ll bet. Is this another reason to move our state capitol to a centralized location, not a haven of idiot leftist/democrats?
    This is definitely another reason to remember in November.

  8. “Hey mom… should I go to school to become a rocket scientist”?

    “Well junior, life is like a box of chocolates. Do you have any other interests”?

    “I have a TV hero that cooks and uses a lot of profanity”.

    “Well junior, you do sound like you could’ve been a sailor. How about making me some eggs”?

  9. Hope if Mr. Beau Schooler, or his family call 9-11 or the police that the police do not respond. Four officers did this killing of George Floyd, and not one of them was a Juneau Officer or Alaska State Trooper. You have outrage for George Floyd. Where is the outrage when a police officer is killed?
    Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a new up-to-date Black Panther.

  10. Wow. Seems that this chef is mentally challenged. I too would like to know if he will walk the walk and pull business and personal names off response lists. I know the police will be professional and respond to their calls if needed. There is need for improvement in police/community interaction and fairness to individuals in the way of small to huge changes depending on the city. This is not the way to foster change and mutual respect. Grow up!

  11. Ms Dallas had a great response. Very interesting though. I am not understanding the blatant blanket trashing of law enforcement in response to a grievous incident by four? Certainly police brutality is absolutely unacceptable and there will always be the bad players, but to just generalize everyone, when the majority do a great job, is beyond baffling. And I suppose this chef considers himself intelligent, reasonable, logical……? ? Well no more Rookery visits for us.

  12. Heyooo, Beau Schooler here. The ice cream was never called Fuck the Police. It was called Blueberry Lives Murder, to call attention to the fact police have killed over 1000 people between 2013-2019. It was also never for sale at the restaurant, I made it to give to friends and people who had made charitable donations recently. Yes, one of the cups had fuck the police written on it, others had no justice no peace, BLM, all sorts of things.
    Also, I still stand with my feelings on defund the police, not to abolish them, but to divert funds to social programs. The police aren’t social workers, are answer to drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness etc, shouldn’t be throw more cops at it.

    • Nice backpedaling. There may have been other containers, but this was the one you chose to share on social media. As to our local police department, they’ve been short handed for years, so no need to take from one to give to the other. These kinds of posts do not bring out the best in the fringe of society and it was reckless to post this. One can be outraged by the death of Mr. Floyd, work continually to combat racism in meaningful ways, AND respect our local police department. FFS, the chief is Tlingit! Much of the department is not white. I know of at least one really, really good officer that’s considering leaving because of this. Who are you going to call when the homeless leave their turds in front of your door? Do you want riots? What is your point in doing something like this and further separating our town into “sides”? This is incredibly disappointing in a community that is very welcoming to all.

      • Well said, JuneauMom. He’s a disgrace. Read more of his comments telling everyone to fuck off.

    • Yes, the police killed 1000 criminals last year. Several thousand Blacks offed each other last year and nobody seems to care about nor do anything about that… maybe a new flavor to highlight Black on Black murder… how about “Black Lives Matter”?

    • Wow Beau I do commend, and appreciate, you for jumping into a conservative site to better explain yourself. Have you looked into how many law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty? And of the 1000 citizens in a six year period allegedly killed by law enforcement, what were the circumstances?

      You would like our police departments defunded. Will you be prepared to protect your business establishments in the event you are robbed, or there is an on site assault by a patron, or a fight breaks out on the sidewalk, etc.? Law enforcement is part of an organized society. There will be bad apples in everything, from restaurant owners, to police officers, to teachers, doctors, etc. To blanket rid a primary function of government – the protection of citizens – because of the actions of a very few, just does not make sense.

    • You might be good preparing food, Beau, but your really blinded. We don’t answer social problems with police. We answer law breakers with police. If it will make you feel better, next time a meth head enters your establishment and cases trouble, JPD will send a social worker, but maybe not right away!

      • Well stated, MQ. I love the idea of sending him a social worker in a fraught and dangerous situation. Nah…on second thought, why endanger a social worker too?

    • Beau,
      We have spent trillions on social programs, beginning with L.B.J.’s Great Society program. The result has been the destruction of the nuclear family. Meaning, no daddy at home. I would encourage you to study the subject, might I suggest that you read Dr. Thomas Sowell or Dr. Walter Williams .. Both are black men, raised under extreme prejudice.

    • Right, that’s why you posted it then bragged about it on social media. For someone that is considered one of the top chefs in Alaska, you’re not very bright when it comes to marketing.

  13. Planning to never visit the Rookery or Luppo again, I saw those other comments shared on facebook too.

  14. Hey Beau,
    Whoa this blew up.
    I agree with Elizabeth, kudos for jumping in and joining the convo and thanks for the explanation.
    Sorry for the backlash you’re receiving and clearly anyone questioning your credentials as a chef hasn’t tasted your food. (Although basil ice cream? Miss me with that.)
    I understand the frustration and anger behind your sentiment, just a bummer to alienate such a big group of people, many of whom do a damn good job. Those cops don’t deserve to be “fucked” and most of them have spouses to do that anyway.
    Just seems like a violent and hateful message to be spreading. ESP when many of us are trying to join the conversation and listen and support the movement.
    I’m interested in what your thoughts are on defunding. I’ve read about it working for places like Camden, NJ. However it sounds like Minneapolis wants to disband and completely get rid of any police force entirely? When I think of all the victims of crimes that will be affected by this, it’s scary and sad to imagine.
    Did you know there has been one unarmed black person killed by police in Alaska in the last seven years? 5 total, 4 were armed.
    We aren’t perfect but we’re pretty protected here. Maybe we’re doing something right?
    Cops are easy to hate and they’re used to it. Nobody likes getting speeding tickets or being told what to do. And some are absolutely corrupt and need to be weeded out.
    But I think it’s a necessary job, and I know countless stories of positive impacts police have made in our community.
    And I just don’t think messages like FTP or ACAB are helping.
    I hope you don’t hesitate to call the police because they’ll gladly be there to help.

    • Very pretty words, but if he calls 911 for help, he will be proving himself to be a hypocrite. I think he owes the police department, and the general public, a very public apology.

  15. Thanks for chiming in, junior. Looks like you botched your retort, too.

    Any other organizations keeping your dumb a– safe that you’d like to trash? And where did the concept of “defunding” the police come from? What a freakishly stupid concept. The same thieving idiots that steal armloads of tennis shoes and clothes that don’t fit would be busting in and giving a good rogering to your wife. You have made a profoundly stupid remark. Never type again.

  16. Pretty gutsy to step out on that plank when tourism is dead this year. I understand Juneau is a bastion of liberals but even then, many respect the police and understand that defunding them is a retarded idea; however, boycotting your businesses may very well be in order.

    • Even if it’s laced with fentynal, PCP, methamphetamin, or cocaine. Liberals and Lefties prefer a nice high with their fatty foods.

  17. These wokesters never care about the massive amounts of black on black crime, to include murder, that happen every day in minority neighborhoods. They only care to take shots at the people who risk their lives in those neighborhoods, trying to protect the people that live there. The vast majority of black Americans who are killed, are killed by other black Americans. It’s a real tragedy, and it’s systemic. No one wants to talk about that, because “systemic reform” that could help that issue would include things like welfare reform, school choice, a renewed focus on traditional families, encouraging more faith based community programs, etc, basically all kryptonite of the leftists who espouse hate like this “ice cream cook”.

  18. How to tell it’s about the overly sensitive souls of the religiously woke and not about black lives at all. 100% virtue signal (think carrier signal), zero percent content.


    Black people surely have a tremendous burden to bear. Not only do they have to deal with overt and gross discrimination they must also carry the weight of absolving the infinitely troubled souls of the woke. Good luck with that.

  19. There are people touting Camden NJ as a model of sorts for successful defunding of a police dept and articles saying that it is great are very misleading. Here is the link to the latest crime stats for Camden. You decide.


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  20. Since some people mention supporting BLM, this article if true says everything you need to know and probably suspected.


    [Live link removed by moderator. Links not allowed in comments.]

  21. I really believe the Chef Boy-R-Dee and his minions should have this as a new flavor…in honor of a great Michael Jackson song, “I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror,” I’m asking him to change his ways. Yes, most personal problems can be solved by starting with the reflection in the mirror. Hope he heeds this advice from a great person (I’ll leave out the personal Theme Park) but I doubt he will. At least he can’t call me racist by quoting MJ.

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