Fritz Pettyjohn: The stars are aligning for return to a republic, ‘if you can keep it’

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Fellow conservatives, our decades of patience and hard work are finally being rewarded. 

For 60 years we’ve been waiting for the courts to recognize “affirmative action” for what it is: state sanctioned racial discrimination. Finally, at long last, the Supreme Court has ruled that benign intentions cannot justify discriminating against any racial group.

For 50 years we waited for the great, and thoroughly unconstitutional exercise of eugenics and birth control known as Roe v. Wade to be overturned, and it finally happened. 

For 40 years we’ve waited for the sprawling, invasive administrative state to be brought under control, and with the overturning of “Chevron deference” it’s finally happening. 

And now, all of a sudden and in one debate, all the lies from the media about Joe Biden have been exposed, and his sordid political career is coming to its humiliating conclusion. The media has disgraced itself covering for Biden, and its reputation has been destroyed, perhaps permanently. We can hope.

With big Republican victories across the country only four months way, it’s going to get even better. In Alaska this wave election might even be big enough to overturn Prop 2, the elaborate scheme designed to assure the reelection of Lisa Murkowski to the Senate. It should certainly result in a more conservative legislature, and the end of the embarrassment of Peltola’s service in Congress.

All of us should be energized and motivated to do everything we can to make the November election a watershed, an historic turn in politics equivalent to 1932, the election that changed everything. For almost 100 years now the federal government and the deep state have been accumulating power. Even the great Ronald Reagan, despite his best efforts, could not turn the tide. The year 2024 is our great opportunity to begin a reversal, and start returning power to the states, and the people.

The Framers of the Constitution gave the states, and the people, a mechanism to make such a reversal permanent. Article V allows the states, working in concert, the ability to amend the Constitution, and exercise control over the federal government which they created when they ratified the Constitution. This provision has never been used. Once the states exercise this power, the restoration of federalism which would result is the best hope of reconciling our deep political divisions.

One election, even one as significant and promising as 2024, won’t solve all our problems. We will remain a deeply divided country. There have always been deep divisions in a country as vast and diverse as the United States. Federalism allows such a nation to function successfully. Federalism means, in practice, live and let live. It means tolerance and diversity. It means let California be California, and let Alaska be Alaska. It’s how our government was originally designed to work. 

The political alignment of 2024 is the most promising I’ve seen in my lifetime. We can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Fritz Pettyjohn’s first venture in politics was working for Goldwater for President in 1964. He served in the Alaska Legislature in the 1980s and writes the blog


    • Not to mention the Monarch of UK, the Privy Council and Parliament since the private corporations
      owning parks and forests is registered a bit secretively in the stateless City of London though not reported by the privately owned media which if true could and will be rendered unconstitutional as well and unable to be made effective as a sales transaction. Such adherence to the secured and defended US Constitution would safeguard the republic form/shape of the United States of America as the foundational creation document of this land.

  1. This would make my heart happy. We have lived in Alaska for over 40 years but I well remember 55 years ago in Arizona when my husband could not get a good job because of “affirmative action’. It was especially hard the first few years when all the big corporations were only hiring racial minorities in order to get their numbers looking better on paper. He could not get hired by Mountain Bell, Salt River Project or by General Motors Proving Grounds. At the GM job, the HR people were actually honest enough to tell my husband they were forced to hire minorities or women. It was difficult for a young white man to get a good start right then.

    • I have something in common.. I worked as an unpaid intern for a state agency, only to be told by a manager that I would not be hired because I was too white and too male”.. Add in perhaps if you we’re an Asian woman,you might be considered. All previous interns had Been hired straight away

    • I am going to recommend the book “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin.
      I do not agree with all the amendments he proposes, but most them will place some serious restraints on the Federal Government. Which is exactly what this republic needs.

  2. Article V, provides for a Constitutional Convention. Some legal experts think it would be limited and other legal experts think it could result in a completely new U.S. Constitution…Ouch.
    Through persistence and hard work, perhaps a return to the Constitution as written can be accomplished brick-by-brick, thereby avoiding the unpredictability of an Article V Constitutional Convention.

  3. Not with the oath takers we the people have absolutely shame shame shame ON ALL YOU YOU you lisa rank ma’am

  4. Please let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. Remember the “red wave?” We must assume nothing but rather expect the worst – the very worst the Dems can throw at us because they will! Please support the conservative candidate running for Don Young’s former House seat. Nick Begich can’t win without your support!

  5. Amen! SGT Report was talking about “11 PROOFS POWER IS BEING RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE” today! (26 minute video)

  6. All we need now, Fritz, is the death penalty restored to all 50 states. Then, the republic will be fully restored.

  7. Assuming big republican victories is usually a suckers bet.

    And an easy path for the left.

    Why? GOP voters are lazy.

    • In my experience most folks who lean to the right are busy dealing with daily life, things like work and kids. Unfortunately they do not take a few minutes to inform themselves and many of them do not take the time to vote because they are “busy”, it’s not necessarily lazy so much as it is they have other pursuits that they allow to take up their time. Then there is the never ending nonsense involved with politics that only the most masochistic among us enjoy and normal folks completely ignore.

  8. Fritz Pettyjohn has clearly articulated the optimism many of us feel in the 2024 elections, a beginning of the return to the constitutional republic our founding fathers created. The erosion of our governing principles and compromising with those determined to end a constitutional republic may have sparked the fire that will save the United States of America. Thank you, Fritz for a timely and forthright piece.

  9. I’m not sure we need a constitutional convention, we just need to get back to following the constitution as the current SCOTUS is doing…well most of them anyways.


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