Forrest Dunbar files for state Senate in new district carved for Democrats by Alaska Supreme Court


Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar, who ran for reelection and won his Anchorage Assembly seat for a second term, is running for state Senate.

Dunbar lost his bid for mayor last year, but in April was returned to the Assembly by voters in his Muldoon district.

He waited until the redistricting maps to be finalized by the Alaska Supreme Court, which this week insisted that the Democrat-favoring map be used for this part of Anchorage.

This is an open Senate seat that a conservative has little chance of winning in a map drawn by the Supreme Court and Democratic Party surrogates for Democrats. It’s Senate Seat J — Mountain View, U-Med, and Muldoon, and as fa east as Baxter Road. The House districts associated with this seat are now numbered 19 and 20.

Dunbar was the vice president of the Scenic Foothills Community Council in Southern Muldoon and helped found the Muldoon Farmers Market. He is a commissioned officer in the Alaska Army National Guard and a hardcore partisan on the Anchorage Assembly who has voted for lockdowns, business closures, mask mandates, and who has taken a hard line against Mayor Dave Bronson.

Dunbar was the Assembly member who inserted a union “community workforce agreement” for any project over $3 million. This means any private company has to pay the unions if they hope to bid on a municipal project. It drives up the cost of every construction project, from roofing to street repair over $3 million, costs that are born by property owners in Anchorage through their property taxes.


  1. Back chambers deal with the courts? One has to wonder. Sounds very extra-judicially orchestrated.

  2. Is that an AMERICAN FLAG the National Guard Commissioned Officer has over his shoulder? God help us!

  3. Interesting that Scenic Foothill Community Council is east of Baxter, but this Senate district J is west of Baxter. Maybe he moved? Or one of the boundaries are off.

    • Dunbar is listed as owning property off of Reka Dr near edge of the top of the 2022 District-J map just north of East High School. Whether it’s a real address or fake, or if he lives there is a different story entirely. Before 2022 redistricting the address was previously located within Senate District I which was represented by Elvi Gray-Jackson

      The Democrats re-districting map cut off line for District 20-J is right on Reka Dr. Do you think that is a coincidence or planned ?

  4. THAT EXPLAINS why LaFrance is positioning to coup the Mayor’s seat, vs Dunbar. Both checkerboarding to the top.

  5. We need to raise the property taxes in his area by 150% for starters then people would get out and vote.

  6. He’s a disgrace to the uniform but he’s the sort of person that todays Army is promoting. God save us if we ever go to war and have these gender confused-binary-non-binary weirdos in charge. We are sure to get our a—– handed to us.

    • Absolutely! Look how strong the manly Russian army is showing Ukraine who’s in charge! That anti-gay masculinity is making all the difference!

  7. He may be an officer in the guard, but he is not respected at all. He, Rivera, Constant, LaFrance will get their due. Eaglexit can’t happen soon enough!

    • The few times ive seen him at the Alaska Armory…he looked almost bothered to be there like it was inconvenient for him to wear the uniform…yet he touts it shamelessly for political points.

  8. Never say never. This new district has a lot of churches. They just need to mobilize and do what the church is
    called and God will do
    the rest. East anchorage isn’t liberal unlike west.

  9. Alaska is so lucky to have an unbiased and honest news source such as MRAK so we can know that the Democrats colluded to take away a fair district that swept across the Chugach Mountains from Eagle River to Girdwood, versus this new biased district that encapsulates a contiguous community. Thank you MRAK for keeping us honest!

  10. I want to know Mr. Dunbar’s thoughts on the monkeypox plague. I am thinking he may have an idea or two.

  11. A slight correction

    Dunbar’s address is right on the boundary between districts 19-J and 20-J

    Senate boundaries are not clearly marked on the map above which shows house boundaries. It was stated in the article though, but I missed it.

    The area Dunbar would represent is District 19-J + District 20-J. District 19-J is cutoff in the picture above and includes the area from Northern Lights all the way north to include all of Mountain View. The Alaska redistricting board removed the link to the old proposed plans during litigation.

    These two Districts 19-J and 20-J on current maps used to be numbered 18 and 19.

    The courts ruled that Map Option 2 must be adopted.

    Unfortunately it does not appear that links to certain websites can be included in comments or the anti-spam filter removes the entire comment. Otherwise I would link directly to the map for Senate District J

  12. My preference is to have a willing proponent of the clear and plain language in this Constitution (1776) not someone who believes the language should be malleable or manipated. CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW…

  13. It’s so sad that Democrats cannot win elections the honest way. Field viable candidates who would be open to debate and scrutiny. But we all know this is impossible for them and frankly they hate elections. Elections are just a mere obstacle to them which they need to climb over or go around. Nothing but underachievers and cry babies.

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