Former President Carter, who signed ANILCA in 1980, brings in hospice care


Ninety-eight year old former President Jimmy Carter has chosen to receive hospice care at his home, according to an announcement by the Carter Center on Saturday:

“After a series of short hospital stays, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter today decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. He has the full support of his family and his medical team. The Carter family asks for privacy during this time and is grateful for the concern shown by his many admirers.”

Carter, a Democrat born in Plains, Ga. who had served as the governor of Georgia from 1971-1975, was president from 1977 to 1981. America’s 39th president, he served one term and lost to Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Carter made an indelible impression on Alaska’s future when he used the Antiquities Act to temporarily designate 56 million acres as 17 national monuments by executive order on Dec. 1, 1978. 

In 1980, he signed the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. ANILCA established more national parks, national wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas than any in history and “has been called our country’s most significant conservation law. It was my honor to work with Congress and citizens throughout our great nation on the passage of ANILCA,” Carter said. There are many Alaskans who disagreed with ANILCA and has been the subject of legal disputes over the decades over the “no more” clause, which said the federal government would withdraw no more lands.

The signing of ANILCA was a historic time for Alaska. Sen. Ted Stevens, Sen. Mike Gravel, and Congressman Don Young were in office at the time; all three have passed in the past 13 years.

Carter and his wife Rosalynn were longtime volunteers and supporters of Habitat for Humanity.

In recent years he has suffered from cancer, both liver and brain, and he fell and broke his hip in 2019. Carter is the first U.S. president to reach the age of 95, and in 2017 was the oldest former president to attend a presidential inauguration, which was on the 40th anniversary of his own inauguration. He was born the same year as the late President George H.W. Bush, who died in 2018.


  1. Jimmy Carter, as a man, is a better man than I shall ever hope to be.

    That said, as a President, he was one of the worst to ever to hold the position, along with Obama and Biden, and a far better man than either of them.

    I once thought that he was the worst President within the United States of American history.

    Obama and Biden have proven that wrong.

    I wish him a peaceful passing unto the next realm.

  2. I have no love for him, but I wish the best for his family at this difficult time.

    I’ll speak of him after he passes. When appropriate. Not while his family is grieving.

  3. Well I used to study ANILCA. The state of AK employees were proud to announce “We don’t do ANILCA”. More is the pity. The parts they don’t apply could help fix this economy and and bring some of the promises and hopes of Alaskans to reality. But no. We have a strong belief in the sovereignty of stupidity incorporated into Alaskan experience.

    Sad that he is at the hospice stage of living. Someone should have spoken to him in depth about the (incorrect understandings of “ANILCA – by the state of AK employees which is causing such wreckage so as to nearly, but not quite nullify statehood). ANILCA is also another arena of evilness for pollyticians in power to play in in day-to-day life in AK until the return of Christ I believe.

  4. ANILCA staved off the infiltration of foreign corporations who stood to fleece Alaska of its wealth then leave behind a big mess to clean up. Thanks Uncle Sam and thanks for denying foreign owned northern dynasty from open pit mining on state land, as many of us Alaskans have a lot to learn, especially the newer ones 😉
    This conservative wishes Carter well 😉

  5. I’d call each Alaska department with a quiz about that enactment and have them speak freely about their belief of how ANILCA impacts the state and their department. Transcribe their responses. Have the lawyer state the deep and wide voids the refusal of state employees whole cloth rejection of this document has created. Direct how exactly to bring all the departments into compliance. Fire the recalcitrant immediately. That would be securing and defending the Alaskan people’s property rights. Stop stupidity.

  6. Who knew at the time, in the above sweet signing moment, that state of Alaska Alaskan employees in their less than buoyant educations would absolutely refuse to apply that pertinent document which in its retrieved intent language showed no realization it would NEVER be implemented by the smart alecks in AK.

  7. Here is one more for you overs of the jurisdiction of the US Court of Appeals. “D2”. I can add more but I won’t.

  8. He turned a great resource state named Alaska into a park and museum. He gave away the Panama Canal after the US spent untold billions and many Anerican lives to maintain a clear security and US interest in that region. He pissed-away Taiwan’s security by recognizing and treating Communist China as a diplomatic partner. He botched a chance to get American citizens out of the hands of radical Iranians, costing the lives of American military men in the process. He learned all about nuclear weapons from his ten-year old daughter Amy. He propped-up his retarded brother Billy by allowing him to peddle influence to African nations, while drinking a wretched brew called Billy Beer. The worst US President ever? No. Only the second worst. The worst is currently in office.

    • Ronald Reagan came roaring into power in the 1980 election because the entire thinking part of America knew that Jimmy Carter was taking us down the sewer hole. God bless Ronald Reagan for rescuing US.

  9. I thought he was a horrible president. That being said, he is a Christian and I hope he passes with God in his heart. I will pray for his family.

  10. President Carter was the best President in my lifetime. Jimmy Carter and Rosalind Carter have been one of best reasons to continue hope faithfully for this Great Land. They have had the ‘stuff’ of my grandparents, our past and present greatness as their legacy, one voice hopefully for our future generations.

    • The best? Are you on a strong dose of psychedelic drugs, Mrs. N.? Carter was an abject idiot. Giving away our country and turning his back on our best friends. Ms. Lillian and Amy were in charge while Jimmy was shelling goober peas and building flimsy houses with his little ball-peen hammer. It’s hard to find anyone from the late 70’s who took Carter seriously. Sort of like today’s situation with Biden. The Democrats really know how to get ’em ready for service.

    • Trump Derangement Syndrome: the gift that keeps on giving.
      I was no great fan of Trump, but compared to the usurper and Chinese puppet currently (illegally) occupying the White House, Donald Trump was practically George Washington.
      So go put that in your Wheaties, heh heh, snort snort!

    • Jimmy Carter never did much thinking. He let his brother Billy do that for him. The Carter Administration showed Americans what inflation really does to a great country. Reagan and Donald Trump had to come back and clean-up the sh*t left behind by Democrats. Always the same story with these “well-intentioned,” but feckless little cowards, placed into power by numbskulled Democrats and their communist puppet-masters. Trump in 2024. It will happen again, just as history repeats itself.

  11. Whid: President Donald J. Trump loves and actually knows the US Constitution and intends on defending it and Americans.

    • DJT has used numerous lawyers protecting his Constitutional rights, now that he is Ex-President, he has to pay for them, instead of taxopayers.

      • Yes, having been under mortal attack by the globalist establishment, deep state and above all the handpuppets of both in the corrupt corporate media will tend to have that result, and that necessity.

    • He hates the constitution and most especially democracy. He’s an exceedingly dangerous person and I hope he never sees the inside of the Oval Office again.

  12. Never forget that ANILCA was passed in a lame duck session of congress Dec 1980 after Reagan won his first landslide. Threat by Carter to simply turn all lands in AK into national monuments got Ted to move. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Cheers –

  13. As a teen All i learned about carter came through archie bunker on all in the family from tv land, he said or complained carter shut americas heat no one was allowed set thermostats past 65, so i didn’t care to learn anymore about him. I Was a public school student, any history tidbit i got from tv land. Later when i was reading through my learning about Ford, carter became president because the country
    was pouting and fuming ford pardoned nixon instead of putting americans through an impeachment trial, why we shouldn’t hold a grudge.

  14. In my opinion, as American presidencies go, characterization of a term in office is colored by fate of happenstance. The main reason I think Jimmy Carter was our best President was through thick and thin, no matter the varied perceptions of his portrayal in the media, he chose the high road, a valuable –tangible attribute, associated with American integrity. Not an easy path.

    As President, he was principled and took a reformative, yet progressive stance with steering our country toward financial stability such as lowered inflation and unemployment which did not last throughout the four years, and toward dealing diplomatically with other nations in mediation roles. It didn’t win him cozy friendships with congressional sleazebags, nor did micro-management contribute to building efficient legislative working coalitions in cleaning up scandals left by predecessors but went a long way towards maintaining national credibility in honor of the 200th birthday celebration.

    At the least, he took a moderate path (not extremist role that was often associated with the Democratic Party unfortunately). If anything, that walk on Pennsylvania Avenue with his wife and Amy when he entered the White House seems emblematic of the character, consistency he carried from his Senate seat throughout the rest of his life.

    There were occasions capitalized by the media that seemed to service a disdain for his penchant for honesty in government, a generalized negative opinion he was ineffectual but when I think of President Carter, I think of 1. the firm moral character of the individual in government, 2. working for the common good i.e. democratic principles, 3. support of science and technology (establishing Dept of Energy), and 4. working for international and domestic human rights against communist dictatorships.

    For nay-sayers, I’d urge re-examination of accomplishments under his leadership considering where our country is today, his legacy in light of those before and after as an American beacon of stubborn justice, and what he continues to contribute to the future for national goodwill and stewardship of state and national resources.

    Thanks, Greg.

    • Mrs. N:
      As an incumbent, Jimminy Carter took one of the biggest election losses in US history. It’s a good thing that there are still enough common sense Americans around to out-weigh the retard voters who don’t have a lick of it.

  15. No love lost here, from the ‘presidential’ point of view. But prayers go out to Jimmy, the man, and his family.

  16. ANILCA provides avenues for constructing, retreiving accesses for private Alaskans’ conatruction and transportation needs. Senator Ted Steven’s, and Representative Don Young were aghast that those stipulations were totally being ignored by Alaska and foreign interests intent on informally taking Alaska’s lands, transportation corridors and resources permanently away from Alaskan residents for free in perpetuity which they have done. If you have a bias regarding only being able to receive data through starched shirt establishment media corporations your comprehension will lag reality. Not surprising. Train up a boy in the way for him and when he is old he will not depart from it.

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