David Ignell: A human tragedy caused by OCS



Back in December, I wrote an article outlining how Alaska’s unelected judges and attorney generals have repeatedly highjacked grand jury investigations into the Office of Children Services.  

My article contained quotes from former State Rep. Tammie Wilson who in 2016 said “OCS has become a protected empire”, and “poor parents are often targeted”.  Wilson called it “legal kidnapping” and said, “parents will do anything to get their children back.” 

Some readers felt most of this was old news and wasn’t applicable in the Dunleavy administration, which took control of OCS in 2018.   They noted Wilson had abruptly quit the Legislature in January 2020 to work for Dunleavy. They believed Wilson had helped straighten out OCS and it was on the right path.

These readers were dead wrong. The situation at OCS has gotten worse in the last six years under Dunleavy. OCS now backs up their kidnapping vans to the homes of respected middle-class families in addition to the poor. Their thirst for new victims appears unquenchable and Wilson appears to be compromised. She knows all about the tragedy you’re about to read yet has been powerless to stop the ongoing trauma. Is your home next?

The problem isn’t isolated to OCS and Dunleavy. Alaska’s judiciary and its legal system bear full responsibility for allowing this tyranny to go unchecked.  The backstop of constitutional rights many of you have assumed exists in our state is a fiction. A chummy club of judges, lawyers, guardians ad litem, and expert witnesses make a comfortable living off this legal kidnapping. Their paychecks and prestige appear to take priority above the interests of the children they’re sworn to protect. The professionals dominating our courtrooms fiddle while Alaska burns to the ground.    

Consider the gut-wrenching ordeal of a Mat-su Valley family that follows. 

OCS’ reckless and willful destruction of this bi-racial family over the last 2 years is an absolute outrage. It would take a book to adequately describe all the trauma OCS has dished out to “AK Mom” and the five children she adopted as infants from 2005 to 2012, all with disabilities. However, I will attempt to encapsulate this ongoing tragedy here in the next 2000 words by focusing on the second child she adopted, “George.”

George was born into this world with cocaine and marijuana in his system. AK Mom, a registered nurse, brought him home from the hospital when he was seven days old. Over the next 13 years George would be diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome, attention deficit disorder, and disruptive behavior disorder.  In addition to these setbacks, he is autistic. Obviously, George could be a handful at times. He’s the kind of kid many Alaskans want to ignore, but his condition is a product of our failed drug and rehabilitation policies.    

George was one of the lucky FASD kids though. To his adopted mom, George was an absolute blessing and a child to be cherished.  AK Mom loved him as though he was her biological son.  She attended to all his needs and would defend him to her death.  For 13 years she had successfully navigated through all these challenges and George’s future was beginning to show significant promise.  In 2019, a medical doctor observed that George was a “remarkable boy” from a “remarkable family guided” by AK Mom.

AK Mom made substantial sacrifices so that George and his siblings could be raised in Christian schools.  An experienced educator very familiar with the kids described them as polite and respectful.  When given tasks they were good at following directions and helping younger students.  The educator acknowledged that some of the kids behaved improperly at times, but AK Mom never made excuses for them.  She always cooperated with the school in formulating and carrying out appropriate consequences for any improper conduct.  The educator called it a privilege to work with the family.  

Similar observations have been consistently made by licensed social workers and behavioral health professionals. A provider to children with developmental disabilities recognized AK Mom as “not only a good mother but an exceptional caregiver.”  Another registered nurse said AK Mom has the patience of a saint and is especially well-suited for parenting children with FASD, having become highly educated in appropriate ways to deal with behavioral issues.

AK Mom and her family were very active in their church.  One woman, herself a former guardian ad litem, praised the way that AK Mom handled troublesome situations with her children.  She recounted how those in the church noticed a remarkable change in George over the last several months the family was together.  This woman knew that AK Mom had brought George to a new psychiatrist who used Genomind technology to get him off unnecessary medications while maintaining essential ones.  The behavioral changes had been remarkable.  She told me George was alert, communicative, and beginning to engage with the church members in a very positive way.

On April 2, 2021, the night before George’s world suddenly fell apart, the family attended a Good Friday cantata at a different church where they were first time visitors. The family had started off the school holiday at a local park and doing trampoline jumping.  By chance they had heard about the cantata, and it was George’s idea for the family to cap off a great day together by attending the service.   

The Caucasian mom and her 5 Alaska Native children stood out in the crowd of 50 people that night. Today, two years later, people from that church still remember how well behaved the family was before, during, and after the cantata. One person remembers talking with George and how excited he was about his upcoming 14th birthday on Easter Sunday. As George and his family enjoyed the church’s presentation of the Last Supper, they had no idea they too had just eaten their last supper together.   

The next afternoon, George’s family was summoned to the Alaska CARES center in Anchorage.  While George and his siblings were held in one room, AK Mom was interrogated in another. The interrogation was led by Dr. Barbara Knox, the Medical Director of CARES. Knox sat at one end of the room flanked by two Protective Service Specialists. To their left sat two “navigators” who are supposed to assist families. Behind Knox in a hidden room with a two-way mirror sat two Anchorage Police Officers. At the other end of the room, alone by herself, sat AK Mom.

After a quick round of introductions, Knox did most of the talking. The navigators said nothing.  To give readers a sense of what that interrogation felt like, an ADN headline from Nov. 15, 2021 provides a good summation:  “Mass exodus at Alaska child abuse clinic as medical director accused of bullying and misdiagnoses.”  The story quotes a former forensic nurse at CARES whose position was eliminated in March of 2021 after she registered multiple complaints about Knox. The nurse said, “I am very fearful for anybody who has to bring their kids to Alaska CARES right now.”  

George’s family were some of those unfortunate people the forensic nurse feared for.  Knox is long gone from CARES, yet AK Mom’s nightmare continues.  Significant evidence exists indicating Knox was intentionally duped by the OCS and she was used as a tool to gain control of the five children and intentionally harass AK Mom. The Protected Empire is out to punish people who stand up to them.

The problem with Alaska CARES and its connection to OCS goes much deeper than most people want to publicly admit. The fear is real. None of the sources I’ve spoken to want to be named publicly. Some have expressed fear their children and grandchildren will be targeted by the Protected Empire.  

If lawful and well-respected community members can be harnessed by this fear, imagine how easily manipulated those with past blemishes are.  This is one of the reasons why a special grand jury investigation into the OCS and the legal system that protects the Empire is imperative.

After six hours of interrogation, Knox told Alaska Mom that they were taking her children away from her. No judge was involved in this decision. The state’s claim against AK Mom was “Medical Abuse”.  A fancier phrase the professionals like to use is “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy”.  OCS defines MSBP as “unnecessary and harmful or potentially harmful medical care at the instigation of the caregiver.”  

Knox then asked AK Mom to go into the adjoining room and help prepare her children mentally to be taken away. When AK Mom told her children what was about to happen, one of George’s brothers curled up on the couch and started crying uncontrollably. George’s 12-year-old sister “Karen”, who wasn’t on any medications asked, “they’re taking us for meds?”  When another adult responded “yes”, Karen said, “then I don’t have to go.”  OCS took Karen anyway.

Before they were separated, Karen grabbed a paper towel and a marker, drew a heart and then wrote “I love you Mom” and gave it to her mother. Karen, George, and their siblings were then all taken by OCS to the Alaska Native Medical Center where they were held for the next few days. George didn’t get to celebrate his 14th birthday as he had excitedly anticipated on Good Friday. His wrapped presents remained unopened. He never got to taste the birthday cakes his mom had baked for him to share with friends at church and later at home with his loved ones.  

But OCS was just getting started with their reckless and senseless infliction of pain on George. OCS and ANMC took him off the medications the psychiatrist using the Genomind technology had prescribed.  A nurse who witnessed the resulting carnage described it as awful and horrible.   

After a few days inside ANMC, George and his siblings were placed together in an emergency foster home for a few additional days.  Then OCS split them up and sent them into separate homes. By April 26  George had been moved by the OCS five times. He had already tried to run home to AK Mom once, walking several miles before he was picked up and returned to OCS. 

On May 1, George got in an argument during breakfast at his most recent foster home near Dimond Center and had applesauce thrown on him.  He went up to his room, packed his belongings into his duffel bag, and headed out the door towards his mother.  He didn’t know how to get there, other than knowing he lived in the valley away from the mountains.  He couldn’t cope with his FASD, ADHD, DBD, and autism on his own anymore.  Somehow, he had to find his way home. 

By 6 pm that evening, George found himself sitting on a bench alongside the southbound lanes of Glenn Highway, just north of the Memorial Plaque outside of JBER.  He was tired, hungry, and his rheumatic leg was in extreme pain. Wearing clothes now stained by the dried applesauce, George tried to think of what to do next.    

George wasn’t sure how far he’d walked or how much further he had to go. He knew he was in a bad situation. The sun was descending across the sky, and he sensed home was still a long way aways.  He bowed his head between his knees.

Google Maps reveals George had walked 20 miles in the past 10 hours. He had at least 35 more miles to travel if he took all the right turns. But sunset was only 4 hours away and he never would have made it.

What George didn’t know was that no one was looking for him. His foster family had not reported to the Anchorage police that he had run away. How George was found in this condition and brought to safety was a complete miracle of God. It’s an amazing and incredible story that will be told some other time.

Today, nearly two years later, the ending to this tragedy has not yet been seen. OCS has moved the children an aggregate of 55 times in the past 22 months. Two more moves are currently being considered. OCS has prevented AK Mom and her other four children from seeing her youngest child, “Damien”, now 11 years old, since Aug. 26, 2022.  

Last summer the second youngest child, “Lawrence” was put in the care of an opaque “transport company” for months where he was stored in locked motel rooms in both Fairbanks and Anchorage. Like his older brother George, Lawrence has been diagnosed with FASD, ADHD, DBD, an anxiety disorder, and autism.  

Lawrence tried to escape from his second story motel room in Fairbanks by lowering himself with a sheet out a back window. He fell and hurt his ankle and didn’t get far before being returned to the transport company. The Protected Empire has treated Lawrence like a piece of cargo while all the judges and lawyers fiddled on with their sophisticated, reprehensible tunes.  

This case represents just the tip of the iceberg of government tyranny in Alaska.  Since writing my original story, my inbox has been flooded with several more nightmarish accounts about OCS.  Last month, the 2022 Principal of the Year learned the hard way what happened when our Legislature passed HB 172 sponsored by Dunleavy’s office. 

Twelve years ago, a resident from the village of Hoonah and his family learned how easy it is for State officials to lock up innocent people and ignore their ethical responsibilities. I have it on excellent authority there are many more innocent people locked away in our prisons. 

Our burgeoning state government has become like a leach.  No longer able to sustain itself on the flesh and blood of the poor, and recently your PFD, it has turned its attention to the middle class and even the affluent.  Beware of expressing your faith publicly like Principal Fulp did.

What has happened to this place that we used to admirably call the Great Land?  My sense is it all starts at the top, as documented some 3000 years ago in Ecclesiastes 5:7.  History repeats itself.   

Alaskans have the power to overcome this tyranny, but only if we have the will.  We must quit thinking in terms of Democrat Party this and Republican Party that and become united under the concept of Justice for All.  Start calling and emailing the offices of your elective representatives and the Governor.  

Grab a picket sign and join sit-ins that are being scheduled throughout the state at government offices and courthouses. Demand independent grand jury investigations and support constitutional amendments that will return elective power to the people over judges and prosecutors.  Influence your local city councils and tribes to pass resolutions denouncing this tyranny.  Insist that oaths by public officials be taken seriously and criminal sanctions be imposed when willfully violated. 

Most importantly, please join me in prayer.  Lift your voice so God and those around can hear your plea and join in. Pray for the reunification of AK Mom’s family.  Pray for the release of Thomas Jack Jr., from prison back to his loved ones.  Pray for Justice for the countless other Alaskan families who have been victimized by OCS and our legal system.  Pray that those individuals responsible for each of these State caused tragedies will seek redemption for their souls. Pray that Alaska’s leaders will renew their faith in God and be guided by the following instruction found in Zechariah 8:16-17:

“These are the things you are to do: speak the truth to each other; in your courts, administer justice that is true and conducive to peace; don’t plot harm against each other; and don’t love perjury; for all these things I hate, says God.”  

Be sure to lift up George in your prayers – that he will soon reach home and finally unwrap those two year old gifts he’s resolved not to open until then.  


David Ignell was born and raised in Juneau, where he currently resides.  He holds a law degree from University of San Diego and formerly practiced as a licensed attorney in California.  He has experience as a volunteer analyst for the California Innocence Project, and is currently a forensic journalist and author of a recent book on the Alaska Grand Jury.


  1. Alaska is faint of heart or feignt of heart. Perhaps another state can shine the flashlight of truth at some point to stop the entities that support devilish industrial strength human trafficing. PRAY and keep alert. The days are drawing short for these activities to continue. The day of reckoning grows ever nearer for them.

  2. Isn’t this a human rights habeas abuse, cruel and unusual punishment for children living as native children in Alaska. These kids are being punished by white state employees for being alive. Somethings, like Alaska prejudgements, never change.

  3. Is Genomind approved for use here?

    Lots of church stuff here. Better option for this is AK Watchman.

    Leonard Peltier is not AK Native, but has unjustly been locked up for some 45 years. Can you do something in the grand jury realm on that please?

    • This is a poorly written article and almost seems like the author has a personal axe to grind. And there is too much church stuff here, the church has nothing to do with the situation and often the churches are complicit. They too receive money for harboring children in their “care.”
      The whole system, like jail, is a money-making operation. The Feds send a er diem for each child, prisoner, or homeless person fed. Why end it when there are salaries to be paid?
      What needs to happen is any of these interrogations need to be recorded, they won’t let you.

      Leonard is a murderer! How is he unjustly locked up?

  4. Judges and OCS are not the only individuals assigned to oversee foster children’s well-being. Where is the Guardian Ad Litem? What about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)? Why have ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) groups not gotten involved?

    Without details, it’s challenging to condemn or support individual cases. I suppose judges see the details of the case and issue a decision. However, judges are people too. Who inspects the judge’s decisions for bias or when uninformed decisions get it wrong? I suppose this is why you are advocating for the Alaska Grand Jury’s power to be restored to the people and not be under the influence of judges who’s work they inspect.

    I’m curious. What obstructions to the Alaska Grand Jury are currently occurring? Also, what actions could the government take to correct this? If the government doesn’t correct this on its own, do the Alaska people have any options to influence change, other than voting for different representatives?

    • What does the US Constitution say, I mean the ruling law of the land? Has the process due ever been done in fifty years in AK? If it promotes further adversity it is exhausted! If it is ameliorating no. It is deep-sixed and such process due can not even be recited by the general population.

  5. Alaskan government is a classic example of the inmates running the prison. Many state government officials are corrupt as are most in the legislature, regardless of political party.

  6. Makes one wonder, how do those involved sleep at night? My goodness, pure evil, those voted in to govern, set laws, assure citizens abide by set laws, yet, majority of those who serve as public servants are immune to such laws. Placing our most precious innocent children to live lives where there is no love, isolation with no one to stand up and protect them, leaving them in constant confusion, loneliness and dispare. Indigenous people have and continue to be “victims” to those who given. It’s time we as Indigenous People begin to go full force and begin to protect our children from continued abuse, state may claim they are working to correct their wrongs are working with Tribal governments by following ICWA laws, that may be semi true on a very small scale, but from what I have witnessed, beginning in the late 70’s to present date I’ve seen and heard of 1000’s of families being literally separated never to be reunited as family until “victims, our children”, “age out” in other words turn 18 years of age, released from foster care be it tribal or state care. Most of these “children” immediately reunite with their biological families, sadly many also turn to drugs, alcohol and other forms of drugs to “forget the hell they were put through” all in the name of the almighty dollar. I have served as former Tribal Judge, sat and debated with others also selected as tribal judges often for hours deciding what was in the best interest of many innocent indigenous children. I stated in each “case”, first and foremost to reunite children to parents after they proved they worked to better their living situations be it addictions, domestic abuse being main factors in reason children were removed, many succeeded AFTER receiving continued guidence and encouragement from families, case workers and courts. Far more were never given such simple things that helped others be reunited as families, guidence and encouragement, we as a society fail at these two human elements that lift every human being often guiding us daily.

    • This story is just another demonstration of the truth of the adage: Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.
      “We’re here from the government, and we’re here to help you” has to be one of the greatest lies of all time. Yet naive and ignorant fools, and radical leftist catfish, somehow keep believing it, in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

  7. Dealing with this is long overdue.

    But since it involves mostly native kids, who are of no value to white progressives (ie, most of our politicians) nobody will do anything.

    Especially our waste of space governor. Who, of all politicians, should know better than most the need to address it. “Standing tall” has never been so small.

    • He, treg, and tammie probably want to live a bit longer. They don’t want to be t-boned by a cowardly no plates black suburban. They don’t know this “to live is christ, and die is gain” -phil 1:21 or”…and not frightened in anything by your opponents. This is a clear sign to them of their destruction, but of your salvation, and that from God going a verse up standing firm in one spirit and one mind striving side by side for faith of the gospel.

  8. Is it a private…unlimited contract? Maybe. How old is it? Sooo, if a paternal grandmother urgently needs to see her grandchildren but is cruelly deprived of long awaited grandchildren should she sue (pricetag $200,000 each suit) in a state court? Or in federal court? How long does it “take”? Oh, seven years… What if she needs a new: roof, car, help with yard etc. Should the paternal Grandmother the spend $200,000 to sue the sleep around mother of the child? Some Mom’s in this day and age are malevolent pathological, disturbed sociopaths and evil and rejoice criminally in placing the children in harm’s way. HER secret “HOBBY” as it were. Who do you tell? GOD, the police? She loves this predicament she has created. She can do “things” that make you go “hmmmm”. She has made her luscious, beautiful, fat self a little God to be worshipped, reckoned with; she has created damage in decent paternal families of some note. She has created a game. And, a bit of harm to her children.
    OCS? Was created by? Anyone? At all? Think!

  9. One in four persons in America today it is estimated by appropriately credentialed science experts has a personality disorder called narcissism of some type. One in four. How many employees are receiving paychecks from publicly funded OCS? One in four are possibly sociopaths like some of the mothers. The probability of them being healed from this maladapted personality which always presents with seven identifiable personality traits is nil. THese people do NOT change until they die. They each (one in four) create chaos from the cradle to the grave. Chaos surrounds them from birth to death. Typically they are “loved” social charmers as they proceed.

  10. FAMILIES? Are just junk to nazies and social democrats. Families containing principled trustworthy people mean life to innocent children.

  11. I’d say 1st thing 1st, people who choose to have kids should be held 100% accountable for their safety and well being period.. . And yes it doesn’t matter who, what or where you live, and or whatever excuse they make for putting others into making tough decisions about their children. Yes of course it’s obvious with the way most all of government departments work , Any program started then quickly becomes more about fleecing the American Tax payers and not providing the promised or expected results.( just look at Social Security and Civil Service for example)..But the bottom line is don’t reproduce if you can’t provide and take full responsibility for the kids you choose to bring into this world, the people who create these situations are ultimately responsible . The Failed Government programs are the Bye Product of this, and this is just one GP , multiple this times a thousand and it would explain the vast majority of all our problems in society. The safety net originally was intended for the older population and the handicapped, and giving people a hand up , Not a hand OUT!! , but now days with drug abuse and flat out idiotic behavior, you can thank many people in their 20, 30, 40s for creating the major problems, and then turning around and using these programs for life long piggy banks and security blankets to reward their irresponsible behavior, many of whom never once have had any real skin in the game( Paying Taxes) . So You can create all the OCS”s in the World and reform or create more and more programs, but if nothing changes in the societal breakdown your pissing in the wind! Rewarding and throwing money at idiotic behavior will always result and produce more idiotic behavior. Until People are held more accountable for their own problems and The Destruction of Society slows down, You can blame it on who ever you want, but nothing will change!!!

    • “People are held more accountable” Is the key to any correction in societal breakdown but with earnest idiotic behavior holding the powers to be accountable to their “oath’s of office . The laws are on the books not just for reading but doing ! Prosecute the wrong doer’s under 18 usc 241 & 242 “Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law” & conspiracy to deprive ! Course of action should be a Class Action Against the State of Alaska ,which includes every actor(s) in this Unconstitutional action(s) upon IT’S PEOPLE !

  12. I smell a dead fish.

    You see, OCS and the rest of this cabal was put into motion decades ago, gaining more power as they’ve went along. With this power, they can and will destroy your home and family with one thing: AN ANONYMOUS TIP.

    Yes, I bet the farm that someone, somewhere in Ak Moms travels there’s a person who had an axe to grind with her. This evil person, whom I’d assume thinks they’re some sort of do-gooder called OCS with some tip about something they didn’t think was right, and knew OCS had the unchecked power to destroy Ak Mom and her family.

    This story and the thousands out there is exactly why most people are very cautious as to who they trust and let into their personal lives. Yes, OCS needs reigned in but the person who originally called OCS, not knowing crap from shinola should be facing charges too.

  13. “…….,,,his condition is a product of our failed drug and rehabilitation policies………”
    Say what you will about China, but Mao solved their 250 year old opium crisis in 10 short years. Therein lies our salvation……….

  14. The system is broken and dysfunctional. The State has and is failing to uphold the Alaska Statutes and the Alaska Constitution Article VII, Section 5. The State signed the ALASKA TRIBAL CIHLD WELFARE COMPACT BETWEEN CERTAIN ALASKA NATIVE TRIBES AND TRIBAL ORGANIZATIONS AND THE STATE OF ALASKA. This compact agreement has been in existence since December 15, 2017. “The Legislature provides for the public welfare, and the Legislature has adopted a statutory scheme to address the protection of all of Alaska’s children from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The office of Children’s Services (“OCS”) is charged with enforcing these state laws and endeavors to keep all children safe and families together;…” The State fails also to uphold a grandparent’s right, the family plan, ACEs, failure to appoint a GAL, failure to understand the domestic violence law as written in Statute, etc. Alaska Constitution Article I Section 8 provides a roadmap for a parent or grandparent to investigate a Judge’s Order that is contrary to the best interest of a child and his/her parents. SCO 1993 violates this roadmap. Read Alaska Constitution Article I Section 8. 2/14/2023, State committees, staff, OCS Director, Legislators sitting in the Health & Human Services committee have identified OCS as a “toxic” workplace. The high turnover of staff and poor working conditions have and still contribute to the horrific harm that our children are being legally subjected to by the Courts and the State’s OCS dysfunctional system. Families are being torn apart and children being traumatized by being subjected to the State’s OCS system that is toxic and dysfunctional.
    Is the State State ready to offer a remedy to the injustices that have happened to this AK mom and her children? Is the Attorney General (DOL) equipped to ensure that OCS does NOT violate the Alaska Constitutional rights that are afforded to all Alaska’s children, parents, grandparents?
    ‘https://www.akleg.gov/basis/statutes.asp#47.10.019 AS 47.10.020 Investigation and petition. You can also listen to the recordings and read the documents about the Alaska toxic OCS system. ‘https://www.akleg.gov/basis/Meeting/Detail?Meeting=HHSS%202023-02-14%2015:30:00#tab4_4

    • Governor D, time to dig in and dig it out; this entire system has been dysfunctional for at least 20 years… and millions and millions are again requested in the budget for this to perpetuate the dysfunction.

      Some sharp journalist should request all the exit interview of the hundreds of Social Workers and Foster Homes that have given up on this agency. It’d make national news what goes on in this agency.

      • Over and over and over-Not enough staff to cover cases reasonably. It’s Alaska so crap benefits to employees. Of course folks here in Alaska for some reason these 20 years you noted kept electing folks who will not invest to stop the abuse of children in this state.

        Cut cut cut they said.

        • When a large fraction of the child abuse in Alaska is originating from the state government and bureaucracies themselves, I suggest we start there.
          But like a good radical leftist and statist, your kneejerk reaction is to just throw more money at the problem — OTHER peoples’ money, taxpayers’ money, at that.
          What is it about you radical leftists that prevents you from ever seeing the manifest failures of virtually every one of your (coercive) public policies?

  15. Welcome to the worldwide matriarchy. where the state of Alaska isn’t to serve the people, the people are considered a resource to exploit for the benefit of the state employees.

  16. This is heart wrenching and sickening. I personally know well the trauma and terror of being pulled from family and dropped into the foreign world of foster care having spent a year as a six year old in the mid 60’s in a foster care situation, also here in Alaska. Your world falls out from under you and often there is no one to trust. It is terrifying. As an adult I still suffered the lingering repercussions of that experience for a long time, requiring counseling. I would say most of the people working in today’s children’s services, while some do truly care, are in the majority, clueless, and all of this is causing irreparable damage to a myriad of lives.

    Human trafficking indeed. I too wonder, as another reader questioned above, is there a monetary incentive for this state sanctioned kidnapping?

    As Mr. Ignell states, prayer first. He also does list some ways to take action and I am wondering if there is any organized group pursing this problem? He mentions sit ins and it would be great to know more about that.

    • I think those, such as yourself, who have been through the system would be the best to work within it to fix it. There is a monetary incentive, and it comes from the federal government, just like the incentive to lock people up and feed the homeless. There is no incentive to fix the system if it is being funded ad nauseum. I implore you and others who have had to endure this mess to help fix it.

      • Yup. Those that have endured the State of Alaska illegal antics, need to be hired by the FBI (surveillance specialist) and the cases prosecuted by the Federal courts. Get hired. Get training. Go get the evidences. Report shortly after. Tell me what is wrong and what is lacking. Very good. Here. Hold my beer. Federal prosecuters….(fill in the blanks) issue warrants for State of Alaska officials. Prosecutions are expected in federal courts over….(fill in the blanks).

          • Dude. Take a laxative. I didn’t get any of “that” vibe from the comment. See something. Say something. FBI is a better option, in the case of the State of Alaska.

          • CM, my comment to “Feds got the funds” was not in response to any “vibe”, it was simply a correction of egregiously poor grammar. And yes, good grammar DOES matter.

        • Feds are OUT of funds and can’t legally print any more. Thanks for your federal volunteerism and seeking to always expand your personal control over others but please stay in your federal lane and out of native families. Thanks ever so much. Try to find other entrenching tools.

  17. Management has the right to manage. That should be negotiated into hiring prerequisites that it be determined that personality traits should be “checked” by accredited experts to ensure that any job classes affecting vulnerable populations be carefully reviewed for traits of social pathologies not be awarded permanent status. Atrocity style placements can be reduced in this way and ought to be evidently.

  18. The article is titled, “David Ignell: A Human Tragedy….” But wait, it’s not about David’s tragedy as the title states. Rather, he is the author. That misleading title is enough to cast doubt on the veracity of the entire article.

  19. It is commendable that David Ignell understands the solution is truly spiritual. We are all corrupt…. rotten to the core… so to speak. However, we can control our corruption by being repentant and submitting to the authority of Yahweh, our creator. On the other hand, it is blindingly obvious that power tends to foster corruption in those holding it. As Acton said, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Few things are more reprehensible than an official abusing the power of government to oppress the very people they are entrusted to serve. We must support Mr. Ignell’s efforts to reveal and correct these abominations within our state government.

  20. Truth.

    The protected empire is reflective of a system in which each of the participants are compensated for moving children along through the process. Think of it like a business with many middlemen, each of whom will continue to get paid as long as the system continues. The children in this story were moved 55 times. That is 55 different sets of middlemen just for this one family. Taking children away from caregivers has become a billion-dollar industry in this country.

    This is but one of many empires in Alaska. They continue to exist due to our willingness to continue to prefer for elected office those who decide to “go along, to get along”. If all is going well, that might be a fine thing. But that is not the situation in 2023 here in Alaska.

    Yesterday, our newest Congressman addressed all 60 members of the Alaska Legislature and encouraged us to make sure that we keep 59 other legislators as our best friends in order to continue to help ‘get things done’.

    Getting things done means business as usual. It means not rocking the boat, as legislators will certainly be inconvenienced if you do. It means not tackling complex and challenging problems like the corruption within OCS, or within our court system, or our grand jury process, or in the other dark corners of our state government.

    It means doing nothing for youth like George.

    Our current system prefers elected officials who can accommodate the dark places in state government. Yet once they do, they can offer little help to George and other children like him, even if they sincerely desire to do so. But don’t worry, they are ‘getting things done’ and want to be applauded for doing so.

    With no one at the top to police organizations like OCS we are left with toothless investigations from our state ombudsman. The ombudsman tries to resolve concerns with each agency privately, if possible. By the time the state ombudsman is willing to go public with a report on the extensive failings of a state agency you KNOW it is bad.

    I represent Wasilla in the legislature. My first year in office, the state ombudsman released a report detailing that OCS had failed to intervene after a father had contacted them at least 130 times about the on-going sexual abuse of his 8-year-old daughter by the foster father that OCS had sent her to. The case was so bad that ADN even picked up the story (“Report: State failings in 2 child-protection cases are a symptom of deeper problems” – ‘www.adn.com/alaska-news/2017/06/28/report-ocs-failings-in-two-alaska-child-protection-cases-are-a-symptom-of-deeper-problems/). She was sexually assaulted repeatedly by her foster parent. OCS utterly failed. When confronted with their repeated failures, rather than apologize, OCS officials said that taxpayers needed to pony up and give them more money and positions. It truly is an evil empire unto itself.

    Do not praise our legislators.

    Do not praise our governor.

    Do not praise our judges.

    Each of us know that we stand to be punished for shining a light on a system that has been allowed to become thoroughly corrupted. Some of us do it anyway. Those who are not being punished today bear their own guilt. As always, the people have the last word. Withdraw your support of an agency that facilitates the abuse of so many children in Alaska. Withdraw your support of those who are responsible to police that agency and have failed utterly to do so.

    • David your comment shows you have no faith in the business you make your living from.

      Perhaps instead fund OCS so they can actually do the work we set them up to do. Deal with the extreme child abuse in Alaska.

      • And why should David faith in an utterly corrupt, abusive and broken system, Maureen? How much evidence do you need that government is NOT your friend, and is NOT looking out for your best interests, but just the opposite? Why do you radical leftist catfish have such a low opinion of humanity, but then somehow believe that everyone in government is nothing but a purely altruistic angel? In fact, positions of power have ALWAYS attracted those who seek that power, namely sociopaths, which is what many politicians and bureaucrats actually are.
        Wake up, Maureen.

          • No, wrong again, Maureen. Absolutely and completely wrong.
            OTHER PEOPLE are paying your cancer treatment bills. Other people who pay taxes. Government has NO resources of its own, other than what it takes from other people and from the productive sector.

          • The tax payers are paying your cancer treatment bills Maureen iF you are an American citizen then you are the government. These agencies are supposed to be our employees.

          • We the people… J. Including myself are the government. Possibly you too. Not other people.

            Thanks everyone.

          • That is a silly, simplistic and childishly naive myth, Maureen. But it does not surprise me that you, in your wild separation from reality, identity yourself as a member of the ruling class.
            “We” are no more the government than are my dogs. And at least them I can trust.

      • Maureen, OCS is apparently guilty of abusing Children. I rather doubt increasing funding will change the culture within that agency. What is needed is a change in leadership .

        • Good point Robert. OCS is akin to our public education bureaucracy. A massive pipeline of taxpayer dollars feeds the bureaucrats with zero accountability. In the private sector, my work is measured by tangible results–not mere effort or attendance. Accountability by metrics is simply not applied to these agencies. Question: is there an independent auditor carefully interviewing, measuring, and analyzing the status of 18-yr old youths being turned out of OCS to determine the effect of the agency on their lives? School districts get ranked by independent testing agencies. Most in Alaska perform abysmally; the only consequence being more funding and salary increases.

        • Apparently guilty of what?

          This story is so amazingly one sided in report, concerning, sure, but you really need to show an investigation is really happening, then just hearing one side talk about what happened when so many other folks GAL, CASA, education, tribes, psychiatric history before this placement, and a host of others.

    • This is the best thing I have ever read written by you. Please know that many churches are complicit with this scheme and also receive a middleman payout.

    • Representative Eastman that punishment is called retaliation. Retaliation according to the Professional Workplace Policy adopted by the Legislative Council April 2018 states that retaliation is prohibited. Retaliation should be prohibited in all circumstances when a Senator, Representative, or an Alaskan shines the light on OCS or a Judge for violations of the Alaska Constitution, Alaska Statutes and especially the best interest of a child. Article III Section 16 The governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws…. It is on the shoulders of the Governor now to ensure that all Alaska is a safe place to live and all Alaskans are kept safe, and families are kept together. Let’s see if Alaska does in fact have justice and protection for all. The statute of limitation never runs out on the truth.

  21. You’re all missing the point. Praying and going to sit ins like a bunch of worthless hippies will change nothing. Instead, you all should try actually doing something to help kids. Do you think they aren’t out there being abused in their homes right now? Grow up, you all sound like Peter Pan

    • This probably not for grampa. There no insignificant job done faithfully for God for
      example communities have seen great
      revivals because of one or few righteous prayer warriors. i tell you one thing they won’t be picketing or doing
      their good works in
      public. They’d still be doing good works meeting neighbors
      needs always laced with the

    • I agree right up until you fail to offer any plan of action.

      Yes, people are all to ready to ask God to do what they should do themselves. But it will help your claim if you offer up suggestions for action.

      Here’s one: regardless of which side of the political divide someone sits, call your representatives and senator and demand they take this issue up. Then call the useless blob of a governor and demand he do his job.

      And call again the next day.

      If 1/2 of the readership of MRAK did this, the legislature would be forced into doing something. Even if it’s a show act.

  22. One in every six Alaskans is on the rolls of the Alaska Child Support Services Division as either a custodial parent, a noncustodial parent or a child in this system. Our society has an epidemic of bastard children and an epidemic of divorce. I do not believe government can solve this, even if it wants to do so (which is unclear). I do not believe that taxpayers have a responsibility to take care of all these bastard children, including those children tracked down and seized by OCS. The responsibilities lie with those who had the sex! Taxpayers have been forced to fund an industry that government has grown from irresponsible sex. I am the one conservative in maybe 25 that believes we need to have more abortions. A government-paid abortion costs perhaps one tenth of one percent of what is spent by government when the abortion does not take place.

  23. OCS was the creation of the legislative branch of the state of Alaska. As the creation of this corporation upon the receipt of a (written) protest filed with the appropriate officer of the legislature an urgent request for an expedited inquiry with confidentiality if desired or needed by injured parties must send this petition/remonstration to whomever who in conflict with the US Constitution as an unclear due process for cleaning this mess up. IT IS THE PROBLEM OWNED BY THE CREATOR, THE STATE OF ALASKA. The protestor may follow the process written within Mason’s Manuel which the legislators willfully and maliciously refused whimsically to approve just for the purpose of thwarting urgent protests and remedy claims such as this last session. The Mason’s Manual has been approved for US Consttitutional guidance in most states legislative processes in the union of states and quite possibly since Alaska was a state. Merely stating, who, what where, and why should do. This article does this nicely. It may need to be notarized or with two witness signature. This if the legislature is awake and not retarded should snap to attention. The protestor should demand immediate calendaring Mason’s Manual followed for immediate hearing, investigation with everything else cleared from the calendars until “this” is heard by legislators. Then action and immediate remedy. People can lose job classifications. The department can be re-created. Court not even involved. One cannot predict outcomes but the Creator or Recreator may be as fast as management. Best wishes to those who need help at this time. This would be ameliorating US Constitutional process due I mentioned earlier and so on.

  24. Wow! This totally blows me away! What a disgusting organization, guess I shouldn’t be surprised I complained to them in writing about pornography that is allowed in anchorage schools and libraries and their reply was that no one was hurt and there’s nothing they can do.

    • Do you know you contacted a child abuse social service agency not the educational service agency for a concern -checks notes-of book availability in school.

      Correct response from them.

      Haven’t heard once how a child has been damaged by said availability of books. Only ‘I’m an adult and I don’t like those books.’

        • Again-Haven’t heard of a child damaged by said availability of books. Only “I’m an adult and I don’t like those books.

          • Psychologists and child development specialists know that first sexual experiences imprint on humans. If you as the king , goddess, authoritarian of the universe know this that first recognizable experiences are deviant that person will be on his way toward being deviant as well. If a virgin young female is sexualized in the auspices of sales of such defilement she will be treated for impulsive, recklace behavior thereafter habituated to not find sufficiency with one lifetime mate. A monogamous type of “marriage” activity is safer, cheaper, healthier and stable for children. Children of monogamous couples in oue community should not be taught devious practices, imprinting on them, without parents knowledge should they regardless false belief that anything is ok and safe.

  25. All along I thought that phrase was ‘dirty hippies’, Grumpa… but you are definitely on to something How about another aspect?

    Ninety nine percent of the contributors here find it easy to say something unpleasant about lawyers. More would be quick to castigate Californians, some even forgetting that cohort might include themself.

    This guy purports to be a non-working lawyer from California that is practicing his writing skills in order to make money from selling stories. For all we know this is a fictitious family and you can’t know differently. Little “George” could be a 13 year old axe murderer. There’s something highly suspect about the author’s omission of the one detail critical to the story which would be ‘why does OCS want back a 13 year old train wreck’?

    You and I know that they don’t.

    I’ve seen the system in all its glory and sure, it’s got some flaws. At one point I had a representative of that group in my home asking questions and then scowling at any answer I gave as if to convey meaning she was otherwise ill equipped to articulate. I thought about tossing her out but if the the best she had were a few irritating communication idiosyncrasies what harm could come from observing a budding government functionary for a few minutes?

    Nothing will be properly addressed w/ Ignall’s intentionally misleading stories about fictional characters. Prayers, sit-ins, hippies and Peter Pan won’t help either.

    Intentionally fractured communication benefits the author and this guy’s got an agenda he’s not being forthright about.

          • You are a harrasser and you do not have a license nor credentials to prescribe “liver panels”. You may know this but a liver must be rather significantly compromised or damaged to even begin to register as a diagnosis for alcoholism which is what you are inexpertly insinuating because I identify as an Alaska native and you are a pitiful racist. My liver no doubt is better than yours. Refrain from attempting to impersonate a physician. Does anyone see here how this jerk latches on to me? He does that in tandem with his sociopathic girlfriend who unfortunately is the mother of my grandchildren. She is divorcing my son to avoid racial stigma that as you observe here remains endemic in AK. These people have very little connection to Alaska. Her stupid negative views toward my grandchildren’s family and heritage put them at psychological risk and forever has robbed us of our family for racial reasons which she is ver life’s proudest achievements. She was not much of a student in Anchorage schools when she attended. Be careful who you marry.

    • Trouser, I appreciate your comments and generally find them to be well reasoned.

      I understand your skepticism regarding stories like the one above , however
      regarding David Ignell’s motives, I believe you are on the wrong track. I’ve known David for some 55 years, his Father was a mentor and beloved friend of mine.
      David is not trying to sell stories, he is comfortably retired and has little need for earning extra money or making a name for himself. David’s motive is merely to draw the publics attention to a gross miscarriage of justice.

      For what it’s worth, the worst thing I could say about David Ignell is that he was an incredible Ball Hog during our pick up Basketball games back in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Thankfully David has repented of that greivious sin and has become a team player !??

    • This guy, a possibly would-be but not quite a “step-dad” (ergo his comments on “we are all family” etc.) never misses a chance to disparage consanguine, natural progenitors of a family, along with ever so many of his frisky (but slowing down) female divorcee “friends” with benefits who are “keeping the house” and children (who can’t wait to grow up and get away from this masquerade) and he teaches by example great disrespect for paternal(grups, gramps” etc making their dad and his dad a laughing place) family of the children whose paternal family members do actually love them and have their best interests and innocent souls and safety in mind as the still married, birth mother is smart enough to know. She says “I’ll make it so you’ll never see your family against me. Nice lady, eh? Who does that? Not I. I would never deprive natural grandparents of bonding with his paternal side of the family. Yes. There was cultural differences and style difference but I would never interrupt both family sides. It would not and did not enter my heart. It made me happy to see the wealth of love delivered to our son by his father’s side of the family. I had no idea of the paternal intensity of love for their newest member of the family. And, these were all men! Imagine wanting to hobble that child by dissociating him from his heritage and sincere support and pick up any old handy man off the street in lieu? Who do these women think they are? Jezbelle? Who do they think their children are? Who cares right? God cares. Jesus Christ cares. As everyone will learn. One way or another.

      • As “she” gets around to reading this she is laughing. “See what I can do?” Sociopaths like taking anything off of its path. That’s all they do. Every day. Take people off of their paths. All rules do not apply to her, none. If you have got a church and someone crosses her she’ll get some rags, climb up on the church and burn that steeple down. Do people not typically drive down the road at night with the car interior lights on? She will. Do most people who drive get their eyes checked sometimes? Not her. She is Supreme and perfect just the ways she is. Are you saying otherwise? Sociopaths. Make crummy “mothers”.

    • It takes one to know one. I have every confidence all of these “sites” are “agency”set ups. I knew that in 2019.

  26. Suzanne — please replace with this:

    Yes, yes, bring on the Grand Juries to investigate! And yes, start with the top, Deputy Director has authority over her own daughter a Protective Services Manager 2 last year netting a salary of $111,598.99. Both work out the same Anchorage office. They likely carpool if they even go into the office, probably working from home. If you’re in with this group, you’re in. If not….

    There’s many, many others that reek neoptism/croyism this section of state government hence a reason they can’t keep any social service workers. When is the state going to ask how many people have came and gone in the positions of OCS and put a pricetag on it? If Leaders can’t keep staff, they shouldn’t be leaders.

    Yes, bring on the grand juries.

  27. Many people remark that after the “handling of respiratory ailment everyone is concerned about” is the emphasis of care has changed at ANMC. It seems the confidence in the quality of care is not what it was. The death rates are alarming. I am very concerned about the change in quality of care at that facility. Things are very worrisome.

  28. The two web site addresses will take you to a Federal lawsuit that has been recently filed against the state of Alaska Office of Children’s Services. On behalf of dozens of children mostly native that have not been provided minimum services that otherwise would have been provided by family members. It is easier for the state to take custody of the children and remove them from the village and family support system.



      May 4, 2021 8:01 a.m.
      What is the current House Tribal Affairs Special Committee doing to protect our children and the horrific toxic workplace environment of OCS? [email protected] have to say about this horrific OCS problem that is facing many Alaska Native children and their families?

      • Tribes are quibbling in a shy, reticent way. “Oh, her family moved away from the village after the rapings, and their things are our things now; and we don’t think they are members any more. Yeah I know they have the blood quantum but the guys our dads were here and we don’t say they’re members any more. And they don’t call; and we don’t answer. And those kids are competing with our kids for the fractions. And we control it now. Can I help you with anything else”? “The BIA attorney is taken care of it now. Yeah. We don’t think the kids are members of the tribe. They aren’t as good of people as we are anyway”. “Yeah they left the village in Jessie Lee Home Days. Yeah long time ago”.
        Does that answer your tribal question?

        • Does BIA get involved if there is a compact agreement between the State and 18 TRIBAL CO-SIGNERS REPRESENTING 161 TRIBES? Nicole Borromeo Compact Facilitator, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Alaska Federation of Natives did a power point presentation to the House, Health & Social Services Committee Tuesday, April 6, 2021. The power point presentation is great. What happens is there is a change in administration and Ms. Borromeo points out that the State declined to sign. OCS report to the Health & Social Services Committee on 2/14/2023 addresses high turnover in OCS workers, toxic work environment. When there is a change in administration or OCS workers case notes should always be documented thoroughly so that the child(ren) are protected against abuse, neglect and abandonment.
          If the Alaska Native or American Indian child is not enrolled in a tribe, are the parent(s)? Ms. Borromeo’s presentation on slide 2 points out “Disparities of this nature generally indicate a system failure, and Alaska is no exception.”
          The system failure that I identified is the Alaska judicial system. When a judge refuses to believe the sworn undisputed testimony of defendant and plaintiff regarding physical domestic violence, best interest of a child, a parenting plan, etc. When a judge fails to follow the written laws or uphold the constitutional right of due process chaos and lawlessness happens. Another system failure is that the Alaska Attorney General has the option to be the “intervenor-respondent” when a citizen’s constitutional right to due process has been and/or is violated. When one sheds light on the obstruction of justice, the Attorney General just simply opts out that the State is not equipped to handle the request which will result in a remedy and protection of our children and grandchildren. Politics, money, sovereignty should NEVER shield/protect liars and perpetrators though out the State of Alaska. Solution: Sign SCO 1993 by visiting ‘https://rwi.fi/impeach Alaska judges and/or the Attorney General cannot and should not be allowed to take away an individual’s right to go before a grand jury to request an investigation into judicial corruption based on documented information and testimony.

  29. Ir’s not just OCS. All these agencies under the Territorial State and the MUNICIPAL STATE are interconnected like a huge web. They all work together at the expense of the people. They are all corporations and are listed on Dun and Bradstreet as businesses, even the Territorial Courts and the MUNICIPAL COURTS. “The government, by becoming a “corporator” lays down its sovereignty and takes on that character and status of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter.” (See: The Clearfield Doctrine, The Bank of the United States vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, and 22 U.S.C.A 286e) If Walmart can’t steal our children, neither can OCS. Their officers can be held liable. (22 U.S. Code Section 617) Judges and attorneys currently occupying the court buildings are unregistered foreign agents. See where the parent companies are located – offshore.

  30. OCS and similar agencies are given far too much power. They appear to be almost entirely exempt from the due process provisions of the Constitution. However, they are not the only government agency containing bad actors. I’m getting pretty tired of hearing people’s stories of how they were wrongly punished for things they didn’t do, without even being granted a hearing to air their defense, or incarcerated for guilt by association. I know of one case in which hearings were postponed month after month, until years had gone by, yet I know the accused (and accuser) well enough to believe the man is innocent. Yes, these things happen even in Anchorage. Some people will take a plea bargain, even though they are innocent, in order to get the government authorities off their backs. This situation is inexcusable.

  31. The Feds just found, that institutionalization of a minor, is a felony. The majority of those minors, that were institutionalizationed, were Alaska Natives. The State of Alaska is going to be in/out of the courts. All the lawsuits to follow, against their actions, and crimes committed, against the minors, while being institutionalized. All of the Native Corporations, will let those effected borrow their legal teams. Pro-Bono. The Feds will be advising the State to get an apology, and a Recovery Fund going for the victims. Like NOW. Or else, it’s going to cost you, that big fat billion dollar oil fund, in the bank. Say yes to everything.
    Same goes for the OCS Department. Considering the number of Alaska Native children, that were removed from their homes, as well, is higher then any other race in Alaska. It sounds like the Native Corporations legal teams will be busy…?

  32. A formal protest is always in writing. A protest is not placcarding. Political speech is not placcarding. The due process, process due which may not be omitted or worked around is not judicial fixing; it is the legislative inquiry/investigation, claim and remedy. Although this is a new idea some it is not unknown due process to the graduates of “law” schools AND “elected” to “represent” their constituents representatives. The lazy establishment media knows this but won’t say what they know. The Governor’s lawyers sort of know these things. The Governor does not know these things but President Donald J. Trump soes and would kindly tell him if he asked him. These “items” must be fixed by management the strong executive form of state government Alaskans certified at statehood in 1959. The Governor would be excorriated by the Democrat lawyers in Juneau immediately. Taking work from lawyers? By process due legislatively. How like Congressional Investigations is this legislative process I’m talking about? Oh, how about “Exactly”. Who calls for a “Congressional” in DC? I don’t know. You tell me. The due process in AK has been tucked away in mothballs from inception to date. The legislative “inquiry” doesn’t need a “lawyer”. At all.

  33. Call in tomorrow this is the only meeting in which the Public can attend in this state relating to this. It’s the only one in which the public has any input right now. wwww.crpalaska.org

    There is a committee the public can attend to voice their comments on the system, the link is CRP Home Page – Citizen Review Panel (crpalaska.org); the committee is supposed to be an avenue for the public to provide input to this system, but, they don’t post the link to the meetings. How is that for transparency in State Government?

    To attend it says “Please email [email protected] to request the ZOOM link”
    They’re so Unwelcoming. “The Alaska CRP welcomes your participation. While the Panel is not able to answer phone calls, you may email the Panel coordinator or leave your comment below. Your comments will only be visible to Panel members and staff. You will receive an automatic response confirming the receipt of your message. You may be contacted by Panel staff for further details.”

    So there’s no phone number to call into, unless you email them previously and know this information.
    To attend their 1 hour – monthly meetings where they allow 10 minutes for public input…They choose their own members. OCS attends.

    We need to demand the Juneau revisit how this committee was formed by OCS. Again, OCS sat it up, hence the power they have. They pay Denali Daniels to run it and ward off people of interest like those reading this.

    The next meeting is tomorrow:
    Tuesday, February 21, 2023 from 12 pm-1 pm
    Please email [email protected] to request the ZOOM link
    The last ten minutes of the meeting are reserved for public comment

    You must email: [email protected] to request the ZOOM link and call in tomorrow at noon

  34. OT but perhaps a “Congressional” will be called about all the chemical fires happening inexplicably within days of each other across the country. Would her nibs vote for a “Congressional”? Or, put on her new silk blindfold instead. Hmmm…

  35. Just so you know I am not bound by any oath of office to secure and defend the US Constitution rights and liberties for anyone. Your elected “representatives are “bound” by their oaths to defend and secure all the rights and liberties. How are they doing? They want to exclude the few individuals who have affirmed their continuance of defense of your liberty and rights.

  36. Parents your child is allowed to have a lawyer that you provided during any and all conversations with ocs. I knew this and acted asap when I was alerted that in an hour an OCS investigated was to happen… I surprised them and I left my child with both the investigator and the child’s lawyer.
    3 questions I still remembered ….

    Do your mommy and daddy fight? ….”All the time”
    Do your parents drink a lot? ….all the time
    Do your parents do drugs?…. every day

    There where more questions but the the child’s lawyer had some questions
    What do mommy and daddy fight about?… Who loves me the most!

    Can you show me where your parent get their drinks…..goes to the kitchen and points to MR. COFFEE!
    Where do the keep their drugs. Points to the upper cabinet above the mr. Coffee! Yep, our vitamins, medication and and prescription…

    I do not trust OCS, know your rights!
    (I got the lawyer asap because I contacted my state rep. Office and pleaded for help….they acted immediately…. I had heard how OCS could be….. Thanks to an Angel the child never became a victim of the system)

  37. Yo Forkner!

    Slip in here and put your monster on a leash. A couple dozen of these posts are hers and none of them make any sense.

  38. There they are again. Due process is a joke to them. As narcissists they believe and represent they outsmart all systems and continue their private torments of children. You can’t outsmart God, yo.

  39. Something you two don’t know about me, I knew in passing of a little kid who was experiencing a dangerous situation. I could not in good conscience avoid trying to help. I called a few attorneys and someone a good man took the case. She was saved from these horrors and she won her case and collected very large remedy and has permanent injunctions against those who demonstrate avarice. Thank you to that lawyer. You were and are a hero.

  40. That’s the trouble with negative racial stereotypes. Besides being damaging, they are often misapplied falsehoods, wielded by self-aggrandizing ignoramuses with calculated intergenerational familial damages that guys, like you, love in a calculating sort of way.

  41. Mr. Ignell,
    Keep writing about this family. There is much more to be told about AK Mom and the children she has adopted.
    Write about native women who give up their children, often times, multiple children, because of alcohol and drug addiction.
    Write about how many of these bi racial babies are not easily placed with tribal families. Why?
    Write about the men who impregnate women with drug and alcohol issues and then don’t take responsibility for the children that result from their actions.
    Write about Office of Childrens Services employees, be they social workers, case workers,guardian ad litem, etc. not being throughly trained in behaviors of children with FASD ( fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.) There is an extensive myriad of issues these children, parents, foster parents, caretakers, school teachers deal with everyday. FASD is known as as an “Invisible Disability.” This is due to children and adults appearing “normal” to those who don’t know them or care for them. Many kids with FASD are far from “normal.”
    Also, please write about Dr. Barbara Knox. Readers please Google her name. Read about how many times she has falsely accused parents of child abuse without solid evidence. This woman has wreaked havoc with families all across this country. Wisconsin, Alaska, now Florida.
    OCS definitely needs sweeping reform, not just a name change. In my opinion, not just one entity should be able to whisk children away from their home. Separate entities- law enforcement,medical services and social services each need to have a task force of specifically trained individuals that all participate in an assessment after an initial complaint has been lodged. Always with the end goal being keeping family’s together. We all know there are cases where children should be removed from homes also, but they should not be shifted from foster home to foster home either. Also, foster families need to be fully informed about the children staying with them. Medical history, back stories of the child’s life, education, medication. Everything that is known of the situation. Leaving foster families in the “dark” about these kids is truly a disservice to everyone involved.
    We will all be watching to see what happens next AK Mom. God bless your children. Thank you Mr. Ignell. Keep up the good work!

  42. Many adults of all ethnic varieties who may not have even been undiagnosed are struggling with symptoms that last a lifetime. Fortunately I did not drink coffee, tea, and certainly nothing stronger, took not one aspirin and nothing but vitamins through my pregnancy because I knew it would affect my infant. Other women have not done the same.

  43. This has apparently been going on forever. I have a friend who lived with his wife and kids in Anchorage, back in the mid ’80s. Their infant was unable to keep food down. After repeated visits to the ER, the mom was accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and OCS mobilized against them. They decided not to stick around for the persecution, and fled the state. It was subsequently discovered that the digestive issue was a milk intolerance, which immediately resolved with dietary adjustment. Sounds like they made the right decision to leave, but it significantly disrupted their lives. Kid grew up to be a fine young man

  44. This is beyond sick. I hope justice is done and reform in OCS and the judicial system. I looked at the 95 page complaint against OCS, you can see that on A Better Childhoods website. Why are any of these children still in the system? Who do you complain to when it is the system abusing the children? Who should be held accountable for that? I believe in the power of prayer and am praying for this family and all families involved in the run-away train wreck. I did also find a Christian funding page and this family’s story. Please spread this and help this family fight this monster we call OCS and the judicial system. God Bless


  45. Tammie Wilson did have a voice. I believe she took a job thinking that would further her voice and make a difference. What I see is they bought her voice and now she has limitations on helping families deal with a very broken system.

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