Dunleavy-Dahlstrom inaugural ball in Anchorage draws nearly 1,000


Alaskans in Southcentral dusted off their tuxedos and gowns and traipsed through the deep snow to the Dena’ina Convention Center for the second inaugural ball for Gov. Mike Dunleavy in Anchorage on Saturday evening.

Among legends and luminaries at the event were Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom, former Rep. Dick Randolph, former Sen. Willie Hensley, and U.S. Rep. Mary Peltola, whose husband, Gene Peltola, was one of the inaugural ball sponsors as he continues to launch his consulting company that is trying to get a piece of the carbon credit market in Alaska. Must Read Alaska did not see either of the U.S. senators for Alaska at the event.

Gov. Dunleavy receives a birch basket as a gift from NANA Regional Corp.

Former Miss America Emma Broyles lit up the room with her rendition of the National Anthem, and Gov. Dunleavy presented a $15,000 check from the inaugural committee to Special Olympics in honor of Broyles, who had made her mission to support Special Olympics, and in honor of his former Chief of Staff, the late State Sen. Ben Stevens. The governor talked at length about Stevens and how he didn’t follow in his father U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens’ footsteps, but forged his own pathway, and was a great man in his own right. Dunleavy gave a nod to Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom, and hinted that she may be a candidate for governor in 2026.

Rep. Neal Foster talks to fellow ball attendees at the Dunleavy-Dahlstrom Inaugural Ball in Anchorage on Feb. 18.

Must Read Alaska noted the presence of Wasilla Rep. and House Speaker Cathy Tilton, Nome Rep. Neal Foster, CEO of Maniilaq Association Tim and Alisa Gilbert, Bernadette Wilson of Americans for Prosperity, Yolanda Clary, Forrest Wolfe, Jessica Nicole, Matt and Laurie Fagnani; Sarah Erkmann Ward, Lorne and Rina Bretz, former Lt. Gov. Loren and Carolyn Leman, former Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, Sen. David and Aleta Wilson; Mayor Dave and Deb Bronson, Attorney General Treg and Jody Taylor, Republican National Committeewoman Cynthia and Ken Henry, Lindsey Williams, Portia Erickson, Sarah Hetemi, former Rep. Sara Rasmussen, Sen. Dan Sullivan State Director Chad Padgett, Jim Egan, Matt Schuckerow, and Art Hackney.

Also, Dunleavy Chief of Staff Tyson Gallagher, Nick and Dharna Begich, Elizabeth Stevens, Dan and Roberta Zipay, Fairbanks Republicans Cheryl Markwood and Seth Church, Anchorage Assemblyman Randy and Heather Sulte, Rick Green (Rydell), Anchorage Republican Women’s Club President Judy and Randy Eledge, former Rep. John Lincoln, Anchorage Assembly candidate Leigh and Jake Sloan, Rep. Dan Saddler, Steve Johnson, Mike Robbins, Jason and Carmela Warfield, and Fairbanks’ Babara Haney.

Although some legislators were not in attendance, many did attend the inaugural ball in Juneau on Jan. 20.

Ice sculpture in the shape of Alaska.

John Binkley, a former state senator and longtime Fairbanks businessman whose son is the majority owner of the Anchorage Daily News, was the emcee. When Dunleavy was introduced and went up to the stage, there were fireworks shooting straight up from pyrotechnic devices. One of them would not shut off, no matter how much the technician pushed the stop button, but Dunleavy busted up the crowd by joking that all that was needed now was a balloon to float into the room.

Alaskans for Honest Elections, working repeal ranked choice voting, had someone moving through the crowd trying to get signatures for the petition which needs 26,000 signatures on it before next year.

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  1. Mike Dunleavy is one of the best governors in the United States today. Highly electable, even with phoney RCV.
    Anyone seen Bill Walker lately?

    • The man is an abysmal failure who won reelection primarily due to the lack of character of his opponent.

      Please list what you consider his top 5 accomplishments are. I’m genuinely curious.

      • His toleration, much less implicit endorsement, of the Covidian hysteria and tyranny espoused and exerted by that Zink woman is and was more than enough to damn Dunleavy as a weak and unprincipled governor.
        The entire Covidian panicdemic, and the hordes of mindless sheep who complied and bowed to it, is the saddest episode of the public’s abdication of critical thinking, and repudiation of freedom, that I have ever seen.

        • ……..and more than one million Americans died of Covid. That’s the entire population of Alaska, plus Spokane, Washington.

          • That is a patent lie, Mary, which even the CDC’s own data refutes.
            It is well known the the PCR analyses were and are not actually medically valid diagnostic tests, as even their inventor argued strenuously for years, and grossly inflated the supposed “cases” of the Wuhan Virus. Most of those who you claim died of the virus merely died WITH the virus, and even that is questionable in most of those cases, given the inapplicability of the PCR analysis as an accurate or valid diagnostic tool.
            But nice effort at parroting the Covidiot party line.

      • “lack of character of his opponent?”
        Uh, MA……did you see Mike Dunleavy try to sell out our state’s best resource to the Commie Chinese? Did you see Dunleavy swell the social welfare or university budgets? How’s that $3300 PFD check that you probably already spent on food and gas?
        Quit being such a hater, MA. You old grouch.

      • Well said Avenger and who cares about their inauguration ball.The state is falling apart and will get worse with Dunleavy planning ESG on Alaskans.People better wake up to this fraud because we are about to loose our freedoms.

  2. Sounds delightful! Everyone looks so elegant too. Hope the positive momentum continues and the most urgent problems are solved as needed. Thanks for the story and pix for us who could not attend.

  3. All those idol-worshipping self ambition leaders in one-room! (and some are corrupt too) And no a
    bill gaither concert and no a greg laurie pastor for their souls.
    If planning was up to me all music would be ragtime southern style gospel.

  4. So good to see Conservatives partying. Usually, the press only reports on the Liberals and their extravagant party A-list. And Johne Brinkley the MC? That should be the front page article of the Anchorage Daily News, with two-pages of color photos.

  5. Thanks for the story for all of us who could not attend. Any chance there will be more pictures? And like so many others, I hope some of that good feeling will carry over to the legislature and that it will mean that things will be getting done for Alaskans.

  6. With daunting problems of high consequence in Alaska, it is difficult to put on a brave face let alone a cheery one. We get it. Thanks for taking the lead in attempting to do this.

  7. The best part of this party was someone talked Awkward Mike into getting a better haircut and borrowing a better-fitting suit.

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