Former acting Anchorage mayor left the new mayor a vaccine- and social media-focused Muni website. It’s now changing fast.


As one of her parting gifts to the new mayor, former acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson had the municipality’s website remodeled, to put the focus on social media, specifically her “Acting Mayor” Facebook newsfeed, and a chart showing the progress of Anchorage residents who had been vaccinated.

This is what it looked like the day that Mayor Dave Bronson took over as mayor:

What the Municipality of Anchorage website looked like in June, just before Bronson took office, with an emphasis on the mayor’s Facebook page and vaccine progress.

It was a devolution from the prior municipal website, which was user friendly. Must Read Alaska can’t show you that page because the Muni has scrubbed those versions from the web. There is no backup copy of the old website. Some have suggested this was an act of sabotage against the new mayor.

Now, the 11th-hour design dumped on Bronson is being dismantled bit by bit. No more is the emphasis on the mayor’s Facebook page. And gone is the pie chart showing how many people have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine and how close it is to the former acting mayor’s 70 percent goal. View the website here.

Only two features remain: A Twitter feed and a “Top Requests” menu. Everything else a person might want is buried in a menu on the upper right-hand corner.

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Sources in the Bronson Administration say the website was left a mess. Further investigation shows that is the case, that the website is not secure and those entering information into the website search functions are putting their information at risk:


  1. She should be charged with destruction of city property, misuse of city employees and be required to reimburse Anchorage for time wasted.

    • Technically she did exactly what Bronson is doing…… AKA changing the website they now control. So should they charge Bronson with destruction of city property? your comment is over the top.

      • *Acting, unelected Mayor* that’s is a difference. Unfortunately in todays narcissistic climate, one where etiquette and moral principles are not of concern, all bets are off, they do as they wish. This is witnessed when we see her illegally re-occupying that assembly seat. #theyhavenoshame

      • Ya Boi, changing our Muni website from a citizen focused Citizen/Government interface to a useless self focused mishmash can hardly be said as doing the same thing while fixing it. To say that moving boards to tear down a house is “technically” the same as moving boards to build a house is…… well, I’ve no words.

  2. Without being able to view the (presumably) attached photos or screen shots of the website(s) mentioned in the article , this story falls rather short. All I am seeing are large, empty white boxes where photos or screen shots should be.

    • Kenaimike – No, it is completely scrubbed from the wayback machine. They essentially destroyed the muni website on the way out. – sd

  3. Normal democRat behavior:

    Clinton Transition Left $15,000 Damage, GAO Says
    June 12, 2002 12 AM PT

    WASHINGTON — A yearlong investigation into whether Clinton administration aides left the White House in fraternity-party disarray as they vacated the presidential premises has turned up about $15,000 in damage, according to a government report released Tuesday.

    Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) asked the General Accounting Office last June to look into allegations that Clinton staffers had ripped phone cords from walls, left obscene voicemail messages, defaced bathrooms and vandalized computer keyboards by removing the “W” keys when they left the White House. A number of items, including a 12-inch presidential seal and several antique doorknobs, were assumed stolen.

    “The Clinton administration treated the White House worse than college freshmen checking out of their dorm rooms,” Barr said Tuesday. “They disgraced not just themselves but the institution and the office of the presidency as well.”

    The GAO concluded that “damage, theft, vandalism, and pranks did occur in the White House during the 2001 presidential transition.” The report stated that some incidents, such as removing keyboard keys, placing glue on desk drawers and leaving obscene voicemail messages “clearly were intentional,” and intentional damage would constitute a criminal act under federal law. No prosecutions are planned, though.

  4. Susan, I suggest using the Way Back Machine. You might be able to find earlier versions of the muni’s website.

    • I looked on the wayback machine all the way back to 2017. All versions are scrubbed. I invite you to try. Thanks. – sd

  5. I had always been impressed that the muni site was relatively clean, professional, and easy to navigate. The AQD departure beta was garbage, like early webdev days of frames and garish palettes by hobbyist amateurs… Or perhaps just the same city programmers who incompetently overgrew the obscene SAP budget?

  6. The Acting as if she’s Mayor presided over a Junior High level makeover of the Muni website which previously was professional and user friendly. Whether by incompetency or intentional sabotage, it’s extremely disappointing. Isn’t destruction of public property a crime?

  7. So here’s an opportunity for Bronson to create a way better page. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of tax payer dollars thanks to the outgoing waste of flesh, but when life gives you lemons what do you do? I’m looking forward to the lemonade.

  8. The website is an information tool paid for by the public. It is not for personal bloviating. It is not an extension of personality distortions. The information contained agendas of meetings, records of minutes and corporate chronological justification OF money expended perhaps against the wishes of the people. There are state statutes regarding archiving public records. Running this city lawfully means fully mature personalities with minimal personality disorder displays for best results. Did the clerk follow those orders? Municipal residents would be interested in having this incident placed on the agenda for discussion and action immediately.

  9. I am sure Bronson and his new administration are going to find these land mines thoughout the municipality’s organizations. If you can’t deny it , hide it.

  10. I find it sad that liberals have so much contempt for their fellow man, that they consider people who don’t agree with them to be their enemies rather than their fellow citizens.

  11. By reading comments on here, it seems Anchorage can expect a political stalemate between a leftist/Marxist assembly and a restoration-oriented mayor. A rather bleak outlook if one is hoping to witness truly observable restorations.

  12. Exit Plan

    AQD, such quality on display
    When she left, she had her own way
    She was only selected
    Because she was connected
    As she ended her illegitimate stay

    I’ll give no help, only get in the way
    I’ll only be giving you a dirty play; Couldn’t go out with a raised head
    But with a raised fist instead
    No help in fixing what I broke she will say

    You’ll be scratching you head looking for clues
    For all the devious bombs that I use
    It’s just the start of my exit policy
    There are other easter eggs hidden by me
    All because my boy you’d refuse

    So now that I’m off the mayoral dole
    What I leave behind should take it’s toll
    ‘Cause we don’t play fair, it’s our nature you see
    Whereabouts you offer one, we’ll always take three
    For that’s the way that we always will roll

    So good luck Dave in fixing this thing
    If we can’t win, we’ll keep running our sting
    Just ’cause you won doesn’t mean we assist
    So you keep on trying, and we will resist
    You’ll see the kind off hell we can bring

  13. The muni system is backed up every night. Been there with them. IT personnel only doing what the IT Director is telling them to do.

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