Three days before new mayor takes office, Anchorage looks radically different


Over the weekend, the Office of Information Technology at the Anchorage Municipality radically changed the website.

No longer is the Assembly link on the front page, nor Elections, nor Police and Fire, nor the Mayor’s Corner.

Instead, the front page emphasizes Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson.

The Anchorage website now pushes AQD’s Twitter front and center on the page, and to the side, pushes the acting mayor’s Facebook feed. Presumably this will soon reflect the leadership of the elected mayor, rather than the acting one.

The old page has not only been taken down, it is no longer accessible in the web archives commonly known as the “Wayback Machine.” The municipality’s archives appear to have been scrubbed.

One of the big features of the new page is the vaccination box, which tells visitors what percentage of Anchorage has been vaccinated, and how that stacks up to the acting mayor’s 70 percent vaccination goal.

Mayor-elect Dave Bronson will be sworn into office on July 1.


  1. Very thankful this circus may soon be fading as a memory. Looking forward to the next election cycle! It cannot come soon enough.

  2. Is there a law about using government services or personnel or property for personal use?
    Sounds like a lawyer thing to me.

  3. And now the poor loser and his buddies start. We need to have people like Bernadette Wilson get things going to oust this group of radicals on the Assembly. My neighbor suggested we get a group of retirees that are conservative that can be a support to the new Mayor. I met him along with Chief McCoy (a BARTLETT graduate) and found them both to be interested in making Anchorage a better and safer place to live. Let’s see if the Assembly will help make it happen.

  4. It’s a F you to the incoming mayor. Let’s judge her by the content of her character here. It’s obvious. We can all see right through this.

  5. Although I would like to see a Public shakedown of the Assembly. It it better to do this behind closed doors. I hope Mayor Bronson will inform the Assembly that the time for change is here and the Municipality will be moving in a direction of smaller government and less intrusion into the private sectir businesses. Time to put Anchorage on a path to prosperity and less West Coast influence.

  6. First of all, the Muni website is admittedly tough to organize. The previous one was clunky, for sure.

    The front page, however, now looks like a cheesy social media site. And, it should not make you click to see the menu for real stuff.

    Additionally, to change this up three days before the next mayor is seated is, well, not respectful of the transition, unless, of course, they cleared it with them, which your article doesn’t report.

  7. I can only imagine the running around hiding crap that is going on now. The MOA property appraisal website is totally different looking. There has been so much improper behavior in the assembly activities and the mayors office, it is no surprise there is a concerted effort to hide it all.

  8. The difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives see Government as a necessary evil. Liberals see Government as a goal.
    Your average leftist who runs for public office wants to be that figure, standing on the balcony waving at adoring crowds. They are running for public office because they really believe that the voters WANT them to tell them what to do, and how to act.
    Why was there a page on the Muni web site dedicated to ADQ’s wife? Now, I will admit, I never looked to see if there was something about any other Mayor’s wife, but I was amazed to see the Muni spent any time at all creating a page for the acting Mayor’s wife.
    Oh, wait. I know. It is because your average leftist wants to be celebrated for what they are, not what they actually do. Why do you think you are constantly reminded of everyone’s skin color, gender, sexual preference, religion (assuming it is an acceptable religion to the left), etc… it is to get recognition when you have not actually done anything.
    Changing the muni webpage now is just a way to encumber the incoming administration with unnecessary BS. They could have just as easily broken a bunch of URL links, but instead, they decided to make it a testimony to how wonderful our first openly gay (acting) Mayor was. Added bonus, when the Bronson administration takes it down, they can be accused of homophobia.

  9. They call it Acting Mayor, funny how she uses that label like it is an accomplishment, all it really says is the the truth….”Acting” by Felicia!

  10. Robert Rubey.. I think you pegged it right. A whole lot of scrubbing and probably some shredding going on.

  11. It sure looks lousy, and a shame they’d destroy a good well thought-out and well planned and easy to work with website Yeah, they moved everything around and have to relearn and find stuff again.

  12. Unfortunately, the shameless commie leftists get ousted in one place, but like whack-a-mole, they pop up somewhere else. Maybe in a different state. This lunatic would never have been elected in Anchorage. Being appointed to a position of authority by a comrade is the only way she could have gotten into that position of power. Good riddance.

  13. “The municipality‚Äôs archives appear to have been scrubbed.” Covering up any and all tracks of their crimes, would be my guess.

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