Food truck guy Andrew Halcro resigns from ACDA, effective immediately


The head of the Anchorage Community Development Authority has resigned, effective immediately.

Andrew Halcro, who was first hired by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, is an active user of Twitter, where he regularly savages Republicans. Things have not gone well for him since Berkowitz resigned in disgrace on Oct. 23.

Halcro said he had seen “an alarming pattern of bad faith dealings” with the Municipality of Anchorage, according to a document acquired by Alaska’s News Source.

“The letter claims the MOA ‘threw a wrench’ into the ACDA’s transit center project last week, jeopardizing the $50 million development, failed to fulfill a promise to deliver $5.7 million to ACDA in exchange for its equity in the Anchorage Police Department’s headquarters building and acted to remove Terry Parks as the ACDA chair.”

 Halcro ran for governor as an independent in the 2006 election, placing third with 9.46 percent of the vote.

He was a state representative from Anchorage from 1998-2002, serving side by side with his close ally, then-Rep. Lisa Murkowski, who has gone on to have a career as U.S. senator.

He had a failed run for mayor of Anchorage against Berkowitz, but Berkowitz then hired him to lead the Authority, which has broad control over downtown Anchorage.

Recently he has been engaged in a several-month-long Twitter tirade about Gov. Mike Dunleavy:

Under Halcro’s leadership, Anchorage’s downtown economy has collapsed. His crowning achievement was a prison-yard-style basketball court on the roof of the the Fifth Ave. Mall garage. His effort to create a food-truck culture in the downtown was seen as a failure, and he recently had no luck in developing a downtown transit center.


  1. Remember when he tried to force Alaskans with children to mandatorily direct their kids’ PFDs to college funds? Because of course the parents can’t be expected to use that money responsibly.

  2. Andrew Halcro and Lisa Murkowski; two of a kind. They are both pretend-conservatives.

    Whatever is going on with Governor Dunleavy, the primary destruction of Anchorage has been done by Forrest Dunbar, Felix Rivera, Christopher Constant, John Weddleton and the other communist-democrats on the Anchorage Assembly as well as Andrew Halcro and Lisa Murkowski.

    If you voted for anyone one of these losers, you are responsible for the loss of thousands of jobs and those businesses that provided those jobs. COVID-19 didn’t destroy the country, government did.

    When you hear about the fall of the economy not only in Anchorage, but in Alaska, you are to blame for voting for democrats and RINO republicans. Fact. Fact check that, Snopes, Facebook, Twitter and all the other technology companies that have suppressed the real majority’s voices.

    Long live Must Read Alaska! Drop your Anchorage Daily News subscriptions and send that money for a monthly subscription to Must Read Alaska. Suzanne can’t do all this excellent reporting for free. It takes money. Put your money where it counts.

  3. Is he still a major investor in a large marijuana operation? Those businesses play such an important part in making Anchorage a healthy and thriving city. A great place to raise your kids.

    • Cannabis use without the legal worries has made this stage IV cancer patient’s treatment way more bearable.

      • Good for you Maureen. However, I am sick of sitting in traffic smelling it. I’m sick of going to the parks and smelling it. I’m sick of seeing minors smoking it. I’m glad you got yours but I’m sick of it. I voted against it and from my professional medical position, it is a gaitway drug to other things. Its ruining our community. Look around you.

      • I would hope that you would agree that addressing your situation could have been solved by something a whole lot less destructive than effective legalization/commercialization for the entire population. More marijuana production means more marijuana consumption. IMO, that does not result in a better society.

  4. This guy’s been lodged in Anchorage’s colon for long enough.

    Back to washing rental cars, Andy!

  5. Does anyone recall Social Studies classes where we used to be taught that the open market is the best way to maintain the ever shifting equilibrium of an economy (ruthless sometimes but proven repeatedly)? How many decades since that was taught? Central planning always fails with disastrous results proven over 2500 years. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result (per Albert Einstein) and for 2500 years ‘progressive’ thinkers have led the gullible down paths to disaster and their own demise. But there are always more people out there too lazy to think and act for themselves and willing to put these delusional buffoons in charge.

  6. In his time stepping away, hopefully he starts attending a REAL church that encourages all its attendees read the Word of God. One day soon we all be reading Andrew Halco’s obituary unless I die first; although, he and Berkowitz are like 25-30 years older than me, so by age they have head start. hahaha. I tell you Alaska leaders need more help than our state’s Addicts, Homeless, and criminals. At least those one of those peoples falling into one of those categories, majority of them are humble enough to admit they are sinner and they have problems.
    Andrew Halcro may look all sauve in his super suits, but close up he looks just as shabby as another anchorage homeless man sleeping on concrete. Christ came to make the Dead alive again through Christ’s Resurrection. Happy Palm Sunday and Happy Easter

  7. Andrew Halcro, is not good for Anchorage or the state of Alaska. He needs to be investigated, he is the type of politician that only thinks of himself.

  8. Good riddance now go back to another state and leave us alone. He couldn’t manage a food truck. Best news this week.

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