State seeks race-based ‘equity study’ to focus resources on minority groups


The State Department of Health and Social Services may spend $50,000 for a contract to create a “COVID 19 Health Equity Strategic Plan” that will redistribute health resources based on race.

The request for proposal deadline is March 30, and the State intends to award the contract three days later.

According to the RFP, the pandemic itself, not the government policies in response to it, has “exposed and exacerbated severe and pervasive health and social inequities. Preventing racial disparities in uptake of a COVID-19 vaccine, testing efforts, and other COVID-19 mitigation efforts will be important for helping to reduce the disproportionate impacts of the virus on Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities and preventing widening racial, age or income related health disparities.”

That statement may be contradicted by the now nationally heralded success of vaccine distribution across Alaska. In some rural communities that are largely Native, the vaccination rate of those over 16 years old is now over 98 percent.

Further, the state contract will help the State of Alaska in “engaging stakeholders and partners to identify barriers to health and social services experienced during the pandemic. The contractor will assist the state of Alaska in identifying goals and objectives to strategically address health inequities.”

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible,” the RFP says. “This requires removing obstacles to health such as poverty, discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and lack of access to good jobs with fair pay, quality education and housing, safe environments, and health care.”

The successful bidder will become part of the State’s “Health Equity Team” and facilitate and lead stakeholders and partners in an organized direction to address health equity.

The contractor will be responsible to help lead the Health Equity Team to define populations disproportionately impacted by COVID 19, but also other disease outbreaks as part of a five-year strategic plan to redistribute health resources to black, indigenous, and people of color, but perhaps other groups as well.

Those interested in bidding on the project can find all the specifications at this link.


  1. Considering the reality of Alaska’s success in vaccination, this RFP and eventual contract are a ridiculous waste of scarce State resources. The employees responsible should be fired. The conclusion drawn by the study will inevitably lead to lefty proposals to address “the situation” and funnel more funds to leftist give-aways. Enough already. Equal opportunity is right and just and all that should be owed.

    • It’s okay, money is unlimited right now and racial (color) politics trumps all common sense. I foresee a tone chart at the entrance to facilities, where upon entering your services will be based on where you match the chart. Woe to people with albinism!

  2. What this really is, is more money in the end, more employees for the Health Corporations that want the power to control every aspect of our lives.

    Rep. Tiffany Zulkoski’s yearly, weekly paychecks come from YKHC, Native Health on the YK Delta.

    She should be booted from the Co-chair position of Health and Social services. Everything she does there is about fattening the wallets for her employer, which guarantees her job.

  3. The powers that be have every choice on planet Earth to do good by all Peoples seeings how overall Alaska as a State is still in its infancy, yet every time they choose “favorites for profits.” Pretty pathetic, even for grown adults…equitably pathetic.

  4. Equity means equal outcomes, except for whites. The rot has penetrated deeply in the body politic and is coming soon to a public school near you if ASD, ANC School Board and the AEA have anything to do about it. Cheers –

  5. The fix is in on which company/bidder is being picked, regardless of this being a request for proposals. The timeline for bids is only three (3) days. They already predetermined the “winner”.

  6. So, now I’m a (BIPOC)?.”Eskimo” is not in favor anymore. “Yupik” is not inclusive enough. “Native” is too broad. Stupid politically correct nonsense.
    I don’t mind anyone disliking me because I’m Eskimo, or Yupik, Or Native. I can’t change what I was born as. I do mind being disliked for being an unapologetic jerk. That I could change, but I don’t … because that’s what being an unapologetic jerk is all about.

    • Well proud of you for being who you are! The world would be a much better place if people could just be themselves. I’m trying to decipher my ancestry and finding traces to four continents, so where does that leave me? How about we are all human beings and just need to be ourselves and treat each other with equal respect (or disrespect) no matter the shade of our skin?

  7. It is amazing that that the VIC Victim Industrial Complex can use “sensate culture” and the reality that folks that do not care about their health and only think for the moment of satisficing their craving for village store fast garbage food and pop, and call this ‘health inequities”.
    What a beautiful scam!

  8. I believe it is merely a prophylactic in hopes of providing some “medical” professionals mitigation for liabilities if any when complete information is torn out into the open like an abortion in culmination of this broad agenda by national and international enemies of the people. Why bother. It is a waste of money. Keep it.

  9. Well! I hope this one backfires on the Democrats and they actually lose employees replaced more by different kind of employees who be more open to changes just because of the Employer wanted to be more equitable and hired based on skin color. Although, America already tried that under affirmative action and this country just ended up with non white leftist loyalists. Cause there are some Employments i seen can use a change in its employees.

  10. Dont tell people you are Native or where you originate. Tell them, ” I am an American.” When they keep pressing you, ‘ no, where do you originate,’ cause they are asking for your ancestry, tell them ‘I am born and raised in Alaska.’ Thats enough. When they know you and your family, they will eventually will know more about you and your family’s history and they will see you more human than just a pedigree.

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