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First bill passes Senate, and it’s Sen. Wilson’s Naloxone legislation

The Alaska Senate today unanimously passed a bill extending access to Naloxone, a life-saving drug that rapidly reverses opioid overdoses. It was the first bill to pass either house in the Legislature during the 32nd Legislature.

Senate Bill 70, sponsored by Sen. David Wilson of Wasilla, allows the chief medical officer of the Department of Health and Social Services to continue issuing a statewide standing order for the prescription of naloxone.

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Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink currently has this authority, but without this legislation, her authority would sunset on June 30, 2021. By removing the sunset date, local and regional overdose response programs, first responders, the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and the public will continue to have the ability to directly distribute and access the lifesaving drug.

“This legislation benefits Alaska by saving lives,” said Wilson, chairman of the Senate Health & Social Services Committee. “This translates to a direct costs savings to emergency services. It gives people who may overdose a greater chance of living and gives them an opportunity to get into treatment. It also goes without saying that this legislation benefits the many friends and family members of people who would die of an overdose without this lifesaving medication.” 

Some 309 Alaskan lives were saved by naxalone since the Project Hope initiative started in 2017.

The medication is paid for entirely with federal funds and the drug is not a controlled substance, and has no risk of abuse or addiction.

SB 70 passed the Senate by a vote of 18-0, and is now on its way to the Alaska House of Representatives for consideration.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Very good thing!
    Remember though that there must be proper instruction in it’s use, since it may need to be given multiple times if it “wears off” and an Overdose is ongoing.

  2. Thank you AK Senate. Now, let’s do something about the immoral cost increases from insulin? I’d venture to say there are many more people in need of life saving insulin
    due to Type 1 diabetes than a drug that must be administered due to a self inflicted overdose. But, some would accuse me of being judgemental…

  3. Say, I’ve read where overdose rates are skyrocketing because of a drug call Fentanyl. Evidently CHINA is the world’s leading producer of Fentanyl.
    The rumor is that China is doing to the the U.S. with Fentanyl, what the British did to China with Opium. I sure hope Joe Biden can help, he seems to be pretty tight with the CCP.

  4. “The Origin of Species”… the missing chapter.

    As we become better at putting patches on weak and damaged goods we doom future generations of ourselves. While we coddle that subset of society they breed at a rate greater than that of any worthwhile group.

    This might seem like a great idea if you have at risk family and friends but it’s a horrible concept to inflict on progeny as a whole. Sanctity of life is a nonsensical religious notion that has outlived whatever usefulness it may have once offered.

    • Scrumptious Clam, so life isn’t sacred? Your life? So , if God Forbid we have a food shortage , you are saying you would be cool with being exterminated? Similar too, ” way too much of you, just enough of me”? Seems to me that your rights as an individual have their origins in lots of “nonsensical notions”…

      • No life is sacred. It’s a goofy concept and this article’s example does little more than coddle the societal detritus polluting tomorrow’s genetic pool.

        If a program like this is to serve the greater good it should come with a requirement that the immediate beneficiary be sterilized. Have Wilson stuff that in his next request for free money to to be scattered amongst an already burgeoning population of street drunks, drug addicts and related communal waste.

        Wilson is smearing free money on a group that feels neither consequence nor accountability. Bummer that those clamoring to sign feel good legislation can’t see beyond their own Darwinian shortcomings. You are part of the first generation in the history of the world actively working to insure tomorrow’s society is more flawed than today’s. A better solution would be to distance yourself from social trash and encourage your progeny to recognize social pariah as well.
        Let religious nutters care for prostitutes, lepers, drug addicts and sots until they understand the cost of their actions.

        • Scrumptious Clam, In a sense I agree with you, at least about Government doling out $ for programs that are next to worthless. But we have an element in society that believes the God of Government is the answer for the ills of the World.
          Their High Priests , aka Democrat and RINO political operatives make a living off this sort of thing. Oh, and don’t forget the plethora of Social Service Agencies that employ thousands too, in administrating these plans. Lots of Moolah here with little results.

  5. There is a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes. If one parent has it the child’s chances of becoming diabetic is 50 to 75%. If both parents have it, the child’s chances are 75 to 100%. It is not all about eating and exercise. The type 2 diabetic does not require insulin, but in some cases may progress to needing it.
    The type 1 diabetics all require insulin. They cannot survive without it. It is not about putting the fork down. These people get the disease in childhood. It is devastating. There are many co morbidities and many do not live long lives.

    • Genetic? If your parents were slovenly and corpulent, and your favorite memories are of processed food binges on the couch while watching television it’s likely that you may also become a slovenly lump that spends evenings attired in a favorite pair of jelly stained sweats parked in front of the tube.

      Type II was nearly unheard of prior to the introduction of the Big Mac. Is it nature or is it nurture?

        • Michael,
          Scrummy may be on to something… High Fructose Corn Syrup… I think Earl Butz had something to do with producing this poison.

          • My criticism is based on his confusion of Diabetes types 1 and 2.
            Type 1 is insulin dependent and usually found in children and young adults. Unlike type 2, It is not caused by obesity. Type 2 is not treated with insulin like type 1.
            Insulin is way too expensive. Putting down the fork is not part of it. Even with the best diabetic diet, they still require insulin or they die. Getting type 1 diabetes was not behavior related. It was genetics.

        • I think you might be on to something there, Mikey. Anybody that has a logical perspective has got to be argumentative and the further they deviate from your view the stupider they must be.

          Be that as it may, this article actually isn’t about your jelly stained sweatsuit and diabetes issues; it’s about throwing money at a parasitic subset of society for whom illicit drug use is an apex lifestyle element.

          My apologies for interrupting your train of thought.

          • My train of thought comes from 40 years as a physician caring for people.
            Where does your disregard for life come from?

    • Yo Sammy… did you read the part about societal detritus breeding at a rate that greatly exceeds that of the worthwhile populace? Are you advocating for more deadbeats? Were it not for the service Ms. Sanger developed (that being family size limitation by birth control) imagine how many more needy social misfits and other democrats there would be. Alarming for certain. What’s also curious is the incorrect way you infer that Ms. Sanger was an abortion advocate when in fact she was not. It was that irresponsible layer of society that was the primary driver rather than the reluctant Ms. Sanger.
      Don’t let facts derail your perspective though and style points for the inapplicable Hitler reference.

      Somebody has to work, Sammy. It’s better when everyone does and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out that those who choose to live as a drain on society should be openly castigated for their decision.

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