Breaking: Gov. Dunleavy tests positive, but symptoms mild


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy tested positive for Covid-19, in test results released on Wednesday. He is currently at home with mild symptoms.

On Sunday morning, the governor was called and said he had been identified as having been in close contact to someone who tested positive for Covid-19. He was feeling well and tested negative for Covid on Sunday morning but immediately quarantined to reduce his possible exposure to others. He had been feeling well until Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, he tested again, and this time tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The governor is known to have attended the Alaska Outdoor Council banquet on Saturday night. It is not thought that he got the virus at the banquet, however.

Because the governor has been in quarantine during his infectious period, there are no known close contacts at this time. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink and the Governor’s attending physician are monitoring him.

Dunleavy joins about 55,736 Alaskans who are known to have tested positive for the virus during the past year. Many others have probably had the virus but were asymptomatic and did not get diagnosed.

Other governors who have tested positive for Covid include Nevada’s Gov. Steve Sisolak, Colorado’s Gov. Jared Polis, Ohio’s Gov. Mike DeWine, Pennsylvania’s Gov. Tom Wolfe, South Carolina’s Gov. Henry McMaster, Wyoming’s Gov. Mark Gordon, Missouri’s Gov. Mike Parsons, Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam, and Oklahoma’s Gov. Kevin Stitt.


  1. Get well Mike! Don’t worry, the survival rate of Covid is ~99%. More people die from suicide, cancer, abortion, and the common flu. You’ll most likely make it without any issues.
    Also, if you do eventually take the vaccine, go with the Pfizer option. After all, if they can raise the dead (.l.), they can surely save the living!

      • Sorry, Mister, but where have you been since 1973? Do you actually think all babies are successfully murdered in an abortion? Remember the ad that you didn’t see during last year’s Superbowl because MSM doesn’t want you to see You can see the faces of a few who have survived. There is constant legislation going on to try to protect born-alive survivors of abortion. Surviving an abortion is way more common than you think. But still, abortion is the leading cause of death in this country and worldwide. Abortion, not Covid, is the real pandemic. Lord have mercy on us all.

    • I agree and hope the Governor is ok, and it is very likely that he will fully recover. If you take the last 10 years of flu deaths and the last 4 years of deaths by suicide, you would have a figure that is less than that of COVID-19 in the last 12 months.

      • The hyped up covid death number? For example let’s say if I was walking home and got hit and killed by a drunk driver who then hit a tree and die. The medical examiner performed a covid test on the both of us and well we both tested positive in the morgue. Now obviously we both died due to covid 19 right? Lets get two more death in the covid death count. And don’t you dare post up any death due to the covid vaccine. Because we’ll, those are death due to covid too right? None of that comorbidity thing.

        • I personally know multiple people who have died as a direct result of COVID. My guess is you do too. Last year 22,000 Americans died from flu and this year is substantially lower due to COVID mitigations. It will be able to be a year-to-year direct comparison of COVID and the flu and it won’t be close no matter how you slice it.
          I don’t know anybody personally, who has ever died of the flu but I know plenty who have been ill (including me). Yes, adverse reactions have occurred from the vaccine, but only 1 death, in Virginia, has been attributed to the vaccine. A seatbelt could be responsible for your death in an auto accident, but it is far more likely to save you. Like the vaccine, the benefit far outweighs the risk.

          • The CV is a rebranded flu. Where the flu went this year suddenly? I guess, the CV cured it, like many other illnesses (cancer, strokes, heart attacks, etc.)

      • Tom, Died with Covid-19 or from Covid-19? Just curious, there is a difference. Especially since Hospitals were incentivi$ed to report Covid deaths. I have seen data that swings either way.

        • Robert, would you cite your source? I’d be interested to see even though I have heard that before. What you are referring to may be typical hospital coding which has rates of pay no matter the diagnosis. It is what your insurance company or Medicare has agreed to pay for procedures, etc. That is likely what you refer to. You are correct that it is likely pneumonia brought on by COVID that eventually kills you. That is similar to cancer or heart disease, where, for example, organ failure due to the cancer or heart disease is what eventually kills you.

        • You seem to think there is a difference here. Care to give us your blow-by-blow expertise on what you think is the difference?

  2. At least he does not need to be vaccinated now. Do not fall for the deception. Do not let them try to pressure you into getting it. You may not survive.

  3. Hopefully he doesn’t have the Brazilian strain. Oh well, he’ll be positive just like the thousands crossing illegally on our southern border. Wear a mask though, it’s the cure all.

  4. Might be a great opportunity, Gov, to introduce a measure repealing Alaska’s Ranked Choice Vote law and get the idea out for public debate.

  5. Story is BS he is in hiding after his statement to Sen Reinbold he as much as admitted he is an idiot, my guess is his attorney told him to make up an excuse and lay low.

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