Ben Stevens heads to ConocoPhillips, as Randy Ruaro steps up to acting chief of staff for governor

Ben Stevens

Gov. Mike Dunleavy is announcing that Chief of Staff Ben Stevens will be leaving the administration to become the new vice president of external affairs and transportation at ConocoPhillips Alaska. Mr. Stevens last day in the governor’s office will be announced soon.

“I want to thank Ben for his hard work and service to the State of Alaska the past two years. His knowledge and political acumen have been an asset to the administration and I wish him the very best in his new role at ConocoPhillips Alaska,” Dunleavy said.

The governor appointed Deputy Chief of Staff Randy Ruaro to serve acting chief of staff until a permanent replacement is named. Tyson Gallagher, formerly with GCI and previously with the Parnell Administration in OMB, was named deputy chief of staff.

Ruaro, originally from Ketchikan, lives in Juneau and has served as chief of staff for Sen. Bert Stedman in recent years before joining the governor’s team as deputy chief of staff.

The current vice president of external affairs for ConocoPhillips, Scott Jepsen, is retiring.


  1. Maybe a bit late in leaving the administration. Lots of damage has been done to Dunleavy. And much of it had Steven’s finger prints on it.

    • Not a fan of Ben- but the letter was badly needed. Reinbold is not only nuts, but a jerk. Good grief, watch the awkward crazy video she put out. Nuff said. The virus came and she was on the first plane out of Juneau. Wouldn’t come back. I don’t think she’s a phony, she actually doesn’t see the contradiction; she’s a genuine nut.

      As far as the letter..My only complaint is there are MANY other people who need to get similar letters from the Gov..hopefully they will.

    • Well in the last Ktuu interview with Senator Ted Stevens, he did admit regret he hadn’t made enough time attending baseball games. While a dad is Busy being a good provider and protector over his family, a good dad can neglect the times where a Mother is inadequate for her children’s small problems, something for which they need a dad’s full attention.

      Ted and his wife must done something right, at least no one can call his Ben a drunk, addict, or bum. He knows how to financially care for himself. Parents aren’t responsible for choices their children do make. We all born with sin.
      Fathers don’t recognize their importance in a family- the child’s early upbringing. Men leave too much on the mother; even though a woman is very strong to raise a child alone, she has her limitations and at times only a dad or close man friend can reach that child.

    • … one of the problems with our country is the false hero worship of people like Ted. Did he do some good things yes. Did he take care of his first responsibility to raise his child properly…. No. As a result we have another thing in the swamp called Ben, big fish in a little Pond and lapping it all up smiling all the way to the bank and satiating his need for power. Leaving wreckage everywhere. Open your eyes.

  2. Little punk jumped ship as soon as he had the next best offer, his type is always looking for the next ring to grab. Daddy may have done some good things for the state and Nation but raising a decent child was not one of them.. ConocoPhillips can have him. Good riddance. Hopefully the governor will get a clue. I doubt it. He’s not a warrior. We need teachers thank you for that Governor but we also need some warriors right now. Step up.

    • NPRA was closed 10 days ago and C/Phillips shed 120 workers. Monday a week ago C/Phillips dumped another roughly 100 employees here in God’s country. Additional legacy employees are taking the package and bailing out.

      You think that rat’s getting on a better ship?

      • Indeed, or he’s hopelessly stupid.

        There are always sweetheart deals for the well connected. Ben helped the Cowardly Lion destroy his credibility and his administration. Ben did his part and will be paid handsomely for it.

        I wonder why Dunleavy will hide behind now? Either way his administration is dead in the water and will end up making Walker’s look good.

        Wonder if Begich has his team ready to go?

        • If Alaskan voters were any smarter, we wouldn’ be having sour grapes right now. We did vote these leaders into offices across the state from management positions to political office, and over the course of 30 years we are facing their decisions made on our behalf.

          Out of Alaskans’ naive ignorance and lack of reading quality books, we voted for these leaders because we were over-impressed by their appearance, while their hearts were deceptive.

  3. So the new chief of staff is a former employee of the RINO establishment. That will warm the heart of all us valley trash folks. The new way to get elected must be to ignore your base.

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