Fired by her doctor for saying ‘no’ to vaccine


Courtney Chavez is not an anti-vaxxer. She made sure her children were immunized and she also had her shots, whenever they were required. But with seven auto-immune diseases and a blood disease, she said “I have a lot going on with my body.” And she’s not ready to submit to a Covid-19 vaccine, because she reacts so strongly to medications, even while she needs several of them, including monthly infusions, to live.

That vaccine hesitancy resulted in her doctor firing her this month.

Chavez received a shocking letter from Dr. Michele O’Fallon at Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics telling her that since she won’t get the vaccine, she is no longer a patient.

“You were notified that to continue receiving infusions here at Alaska Infusion Center you need to have received the COVID vaccine,” her doctor’s nurse wrote to her on Aug. 11.

“Your physician Dr. O’Fallon also feels that if you are so opposed to the vaccine and not willing to heed her medical recommendations that this is not a healthy working relationship and has released you as her patient. She will provide you with 1 month (from the date above) supply of your prescription medications that you receive from her while you find another provider.”

That’s a challenge in Alaska, where people like Chavez with serious complicated conditions, already have a hard time finding specialists. Her very life depends on those medicines.

Chavez told Must Read Alaska that O’Fallon has been her doctor since 2007. O’Fallon was also her parents’ doctor before that. Chavez was shocked. She’s never been one to go public with anything about her health, but being forced to take a vaccine has her fired up.

“We went from, ‘We need to protect our immune compromised,’ to ‘We need to force it on the immune compromised even if we don’t know the effect,’” Chavez said.

“If I had gone and gotten the [Covid] vaccine months ago, I would have gotten the Johnson & Johnson, because it’s one shot. But what we’ve learned since then is that I’m no longer eligible for it,” she said. That is because she has a blood clotting disease and that particular Covid vaccine has shown to contribute to blood clots. She can’t go on blood thinners to prevent a blood clot, because she also has ulcerative colitis and she’ll start bleeding.

She also has Lupus and helps run a Lupus support group on Facebook. Chavez is hearing from more and more people about being refused medical care because of their concerns about what might happen to them if they get the vaccine. She wants her story told because this is not just happening to her, she said.

“I’m not out here to challenge the law” that permits doctors to fire their patients, she said. “I am just trying to let the public know that our chronically ill citizens need to have a backup plan because this is happening throughout the U.S.”

One of her concerns is that if she takes the shot and has a bad reaction, she cannot hold anyone responsible. Doctors and the pharmaceutical companies have complete immunity granted by the federal government.

In Chavez’ case, she needs monthly infusions from an infusion center, and now that she’s been fired by O’Fallon, she’ll have to find one that will take her. That’s no easy task. Since her husband lost his oil field job in 2020, she has no medical insurance to fall back on. She’s on Medicare disability, but many doctors refuse to take Medicare patients. Especially in Alaska.

“For me, this seems like a violation of ‘do no harm,'” she said. “Actions and choices have consequences, I know that, and this is one. But I don’t feel it is ethical,” she said.

Have you been fired by your doctor for not taking the Covid-19 vaccine? Let us know in the comment section below.


  1. I’m sure all this will find it’s way to the US Supreme Court at some juncture.

    If we don’t stand our ground now, we will soon have no ground to stand.

  2. 1. Physician, heal thyself.
    2. First, do no harm.
    This woman is better off without this koolaid “doctor”.

  3. I have put off medical exams I would have wanted because of the exaggerated importance placed on a foreign bio weapon researched in a foreign land secretly customized to harm some Americans particularly and the reaction of government controlled medical care. Regular care older Americans would otherwise have available has become dangerous. We are completely on our own. Thanks Davos, NATO, WHO, UN, NIH and international monarchs. You have hated America for a long time and our US Constitution. Remember, you cannot implement illegal contracts for illegal purposes in this country. Your contracts for same are invalid and void which you know. The gig is up.

      • Dan, how is that exactly?
        I’m assuming the nurse has the jab. The jab was supposed to give you immunity from Covid. If thats true why would Courtney be a danger to the nurse?

        • Reed, that is not how vaccines work. Do some research before you start spewing incorrect information. This office has a right to refuse service, just as Courtney has a right to get or not get the vaccine. Same as “no shirt no service policy”.

          • When your decision to ban people or employees from your establishment is based upon what is becoming a media born religion built on anti-science and lies, we have a problem. Currently this “virus” doesn’t even meet the definition of a pandemic and is less deadly than influenza.
            Intelligent people are realizing how they used the PCR test to fraudulently inflate the case numbers and how hospitals “count” deaths to get kick backs from the FEDS.

            You’ve been duped, you will own nothing and like it.

        • Reed, COVID vaccine doesn’t make you “immune” to the virus. It does boost the body’s defenses in the event it becomes infected by the virus, reducing a person’s need to be hospitalized. A nurse who is vaccinated can still get COVID and pass it on to others. This means if a patient is not vaccinated, and accidentally gets COVID from the nurse, then there’s a high probability that someone like Courtney, with a weak immune system, could die from complications due to COVID.

          • Tom, do you know how ignorant that sounds. By your words, which are true, you can have the vaxx and still spread COVID and still get sick. So what is the point of the vaccine other than reducing YOUR symptoms!!??
            If you are scared of deathly symptoms, then take action for YOURSELF!

          • Thanks for your thoughts Tom. Seems we can find doctors and studies on both sides.
            I see …..TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 34,052 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 5.46 million injuries reported as of 1st August 2021.”

            We all need to stay informed and look out for each other. H… could take a lesson from your civil and well thought input.

      • Agreed! Totally normal care. There are more specialists in the state. Medical staff do NOT need to be around those not vaccinated in an office where people are immunocompromised. The patient made a choice. She has other internal medicine doctors..but I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t meet pretty similar responses from the other offices

  4. Very ironic who is not mandating the vaccine for their employees: Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna.
    There is no such thing as a legitimate vaccine for an RNA-incomplete virus. Every single transmission between patient to patient is a mutation.

    • The only mutations are happening in the unvaccinated. And thats a good thing because our natural immunity whacks it on the head, mutates it to a lesser form and repeat. (Heard immunity)
      The PROBLEM is the vaccinated. This experimental gene therapy tricks the body into making a super immunity response to the original SARs Covid 19 virus and protects that person from getting the ORIGINAL form of the virus. Unfortunately that super immunity response overpowers your natural immunity’s response permanently. So the next flu, cold or Covid variant their immune system sees, it cant fight because its been replaced by a Genetically altered super immunity that is now ONLY looking for the original SARs Covid 19 virus while blocking your natural immune systems response to ANY other future threat. (depending on progression) Breakthrough cases are NOT the original virus.
      The other nightmare of this vaccine is that its inducing spike proteins to generate where they shouldn’t, causing blood clots everywhere in the body including the brain. A D-Dimer test is needed to look for this.
      THIS is why were seeing the highest vaccinated countries currently experiencing over a 90% hospitalization rate of the VACCINATED. These people have the regular flu, cold, influenza or Covid variant and their now permanently compromised immune systems cannot fight it off. Essentially this vaccine is giving people what amounts to a form of HIV/AIDS.

    • Actually they do require the vaccine for their employees, or submit to regular testing. Now that Pfizer is FDA approved, it will likely be required for employment.

      What was your point again? Based on faulty information, you were asserting something in there. Right?

  5. I’m so sorry this doctor has done this to her. It’s not like she can just easily find another doctor! Talk about DO NO HARM!

    • Sorry Sue but she has done this to herself. She made a choice and Dr. made his/her own choice. Many Drs. have gotten out of practice rather than treat patients during this pandemic but this Dr. is staying but trying to protect himself and his staff. Just my opinion.

          • Your lack of having any knowledge of what it’s like to work in a medical facility is sparse at best. Go talk about something you know about. Leave the medical choices for businesses that a physician owns up to the physician. An office is not an emergency room. We have all right to refuse care to the patient and send them elsewhere. It’s not on the offices hands if this woman gets other patients sick.

            In this case it’s literally saying is it worth keeping one patient to make dozens others sick if she contracts covid? Absolutely not. Get rid of her.

          • I’ll take that over having no brain (like you and Brian) any day.
            The argument was strictly between the Dr. and patient where they each made their own choices. Tough noogies to you, Sue, Brian, and the patient. Heheh!

      • The jab is medically contraindicated for Chavez and you’re saying she did this to herself? Not everyone is able, physically, to receive a vaccine. Some people have had near-deadly reactions even to hypoallergenic vaccines and are not eligible for the jab. You’re demonstrating the same fundamental ignorance of vaccines this doctor is. She should know, especially treating medically complicated patients, that not everyone can take the jab. You’re also overlooking that those who took Pfizer and Moderna jabs become spreaders because of their higher-than-average viral load. It doesn’t keep you from contracting COVID, it doesn’t keep you from spreading COVID and it may only reduce severity in some patients. I’d encourage you, if you’re open, to look up the work of Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA jab. He’s not supporting this roll out.

        • That would have been knowledge to her doctor and it could have resulted in another result-the fact that Dr. still insisted on her getting the vaccine or hitting the road is enough to suggest he didn’t agree she was not able to receive the vaccine.
          You think somehow her Dr. is unaware of her condition?? I see you think her Dr. is somehow ignorant when it’s you that is ignorant of the situation.
          Your turn.

          • Nunya, That is fact re: Dr. Robert Malone. Yes, research Dr. Sherri Tenpenny re: the COVID shot & the how its affects on the human body.

          • actually I’m typically a privately insured patients, I carry catastrophic care and my coverage between my private care and Medicare get her the top return in her infusion center. Not only was I their longest standing infusion patient, I also was the best covered…I know because I know and visit with everyone in this office including the biller. I’m only Medicare only right now because my husband has been laid off due to covid. He’s in oil, its still a struggling industry here.

        • Vaccinated spread and contract the virus.
          The only argument now is that a vaccinated person is supposed to feel less symptoms.

      • Do you not realize how hypocritical that sounds, “Bill Yankee”? If the vaccine is so great and protects the person who has it, then why are they so scared of the unvaccinated people? Hmmm…could that be because the vaccine does not work? And what about those of use who have natural immunity because we had – and recovered from – covid? (I caught it from a vaccinated person, by the way). Yeah…y’all just keep on acting the fool.

      • There is an old saying the HeHee troll should learn.

        Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re an — than to open your mouth and prove it.

        Don’t pay the HeHee troll attention. It’s the validation it wants.

        • You’ve certainly given a perfect example of that quote Avenger. You have it messed up however and that’s likely because you are messed up.
          I seem to be getting under your skin but you’ve not said why.
          Why is that???
          What is it that I’ve said that is so offensive to you here? Take your time because someone who doesn’t use his own name would want to get it perfect. Heheh!

      • I am a patient of hers and side with Dr. O’Fallon’s response. I firmly believe there is more to the story. My treatment mirrors that of this patient. There is a clear protocol that you sign onto about “vaccines” and making healthy choices. Since the letter states : “Your physician Dr. O’Fallon also feels that if you are so opposed to the vaccine and not willing to heed her medical recommendations that this is not a healthy working relationship”….I feel there was probably additional dialog between this patient and the doctor. The care we sign on for her to treat us and agreement we have made is an important bond. She will listen to your views if rational. I feel more probably transpired. Just my opinion.

        • There is not more to the situation. Dr. O’Fallon has made a blanket rule in her office that, reguardless of your medical illnesses, no matter your level of risk with the vaccine, must be vaccinated or fired period. Medical exemptions are a thing for a reason and with all of my medical issues, allergies and with adverse reactions I’ve endured, I should be 100% exemtp. They are still learning about these vaccines, they have found that Pfitzer has been shown to cause TTP, blood clots through various organs in the body. It’s rare but at this point, i still don’t feel the risk is worth it. They have also added warnings to both Pfitzer and Moderma of myocarditis and pericarditis. There’s still much to learn

    • Yes actually she can easily find another doctor. There are MULTIPLE infusion offices in her area that accept Medicaid. She just has to go look for it. Instead of spending her time doing so, she’s chosen to look for attention.

      • actually googling Infusion center Anchorage does not bring up many options. The ones I’d resched out to so far either do not administer my medication, do not accept Medicare or do not accept patients unless they are patients of the doctors office. Finding a new rheumatologist in 30 days is not as easy in Alaska as many think, most are booked out through that month she has given all her patients that are not taking the shot is not very helpful. I am not the only person who was fired by her, many have reached out to me about it. Thankfully my story did reach a rheumatologist, who is booked out through the end of February when I called their office, who reached out to me. He has my file, has read through it and is taking me as a patient, squeezing me in October 15th, with only mask requirement. He also has an infusion center, normally you must be a patient of the doctor but due to my situation they are working on getting the insurance all worked out and will get me in as soon as they can. Due to my husband being laid off I also use the patient assistance program on top of Medicare. My remicade infusions cost over $24,000 every 28 days. Medicare covers most but leaves about $1500 due every 28 days, the patient assistance program pays that part. It took us 6 months to get approved last time, I’m praying it doesn’t take that long this time

    • Anyone can easily find another doctor, just like they can find another accountant, chiropractor, dentist, attorney, car mechanic. Don’t like the service go somewhere else. That’s capitalism.

  6. I am not seeing anywhere on their website that they are mandating you must have gotten the prick to be a patient there.

  7. Let me see if I have this right:

    1) We have a virus that targets the elderly/infirmed. It killed many, including one of my relatives.
    2) We have a vaccine that results in further injuries to the elderly/infirmed.
    3) If you are elderly/infirmed and the first two didn’t get you, we will deny you treatment that will allow you to live longer.

    I’m trying to see how this is functionally any different than the nationwide campaign to cleanse society from those deemed “worthless people” that was passed into law in Germany on July 14, 1933, and before that had its origins in the Eugenics movement in the United States.

  8. Retired former imaging tech and hospital staffer here. This patient is high-risk, with low insurance coverage. She should ideally have been seeking care only in a Level 1 trauma, public non-profit hospital from the start, where extra precautions are in place, the best care is available, and they can’t “fire” her as a patient. (Levels of care qualification/staffing go from I at the top to IV at the bottom.)

    Guess what? Alaska has none of those, and outside of Anchorage there aren’t any Level II hospitals either. It would be in her best interest to move to another state. It’s regrettable but true that one can’t always obtain complex medical services in low-population areas.

    • To Invisible Mikey,

      “She should ideally have been seeking care only in a Level 1 trauma, public non-profit hospital from the start… It would be in her best interest to move to another state.”
      Who makes such judgments about a fellow American, a fellow human being?
      Seems reasonable to expect this would not be a problem if Courtney Chavez were an illegal alien, Somebody Important, owned a controlling interest in Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics LLC, owned Alaska Infusion Center.
      But she is not any of these… she’s a human being who Corporate Alaska crapped on simply because they can.
      What changed scientifically, what was the delicate demarcation exactly, between the time it was okay for Courtney to receive treatment without coercion, and the time it was was not okay for Courtney to receive the same life-sustaining treatment?
      Nothing… but politically, financially? That’s another story and we know it.
      Talk about contagious… the toxic waste that is woke corporate America seems to have taken hold right here in what was once a nice place to live.
      Looks like productive Alaskans have to fix the problem themselves since no official help seems forthcoming.
      Should be a challenge, like things usually are in Alaska… but one can say with cold, hard sincerity, no part of the fix includes shuffling Courtney off to a charity ward in another state.

    • As much as I love Alaska, I’ve lived here since May 1984, I would like to live outside near better medical centers. My husband works oil and although is laid off, he is still independently a part of the industry and will be back fulltme as soon as they start hiring again. He works all over the world but is based in Alaska. We have had the chance to move to Newfoundland Canada, Red Deer Canada and Louisiana. My husband loves Alaska more than anywhere he’s ever been and until he can no longer work, we will be here. Our kids are here, our grandbabies are here, our life is here. I just need to get through this vaccine mess and need him to get back to work so we have catastrophic care like we normally carry. Having only Medicare care is not my norm at all.

  9. My wife and I had been very reluctant but on the advise of a highly regarded Anchorage physician, who has been working with administrating the Covid-19 shots but spent some time following patient reactions convinced me to work at overcoming the reluctance of my wife to taking the shot and she finally agreed and within two days of taking her first shot she began a month long severe reaction that caused much pain and possibly some long term yet unforeseen negative reaction….advice to us through out the reaction period for My wife by every doctor we consulted with was to tough it out and hopefully she would recover soon and about 6 weeks after taking shot one the swelling went down and to the pain slowly went away….I on the other hand had almost NO reaction to either the first or the second shot…..but it is safe to say My wife will not be taking a second shot until a lot more is known about the Covid-19 Virus

  10. I will pray another Alaska-based doctor who accepts Medicare payments for her procedure opens up their office.

    This is absolutely heartless and so wrong of Dr. O’Fallon. She showing she wouldn’t even care if her former patient ended up dying a week after receiving the covid shots.

    It is about time individuals and families are speaking up and sharing their private stories publicly how they or a deceased or harmed family member was harmed by taking these covid shots. I have been waiting.

  11. “If I had gone and gotten the [Covid] vaccine months ago, I would have gotten the Johnson & Johnson, because it’s one shot….” Absolutely nowhere in this article is there any mention of this lady scheduling appointments for either Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations before getting “the hand” from her doctor.

    Every story has at least two POVs. In this case, the patient only has one,, while the DOCTOR has two: 1) Uphold the Hippocratic Oath and “do no harm” to her vaccinated, immuno-suppressed patients by; 2) removing from their cohort a patient who, for (from, at least this reader’s) unknown reasons, will not use Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

    • Bravo I thought this story was very one sided and made no sense as to why J&J was her only option.
      Do no harm = vaccinations for immune compromised patients. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and my opinion is I believe this doctor was right to end the doctor patient relationship sense the patient doesn’t want to comply with her healthcare being provided. Any doctor would do this to a non-compliment patient. It’s not the doctors fault no one else will take her Medicare insurance

      • “Any doctor would do this to a non-compliant patient” If that statement were anywhere near reality, then so many of those, who drink excessive alcohol, eat fatty foods, refused to take their medication, are morbidly obese would find themselves without a doctor due to their noncompliance. Self-determination would give way to medical tyranny (see above story). This individual has grave concerns of having a poor outcome if she takes the shots. This is justified, as to my knowledge none of the currently available vaccines have data on immuno-compromised patients, as no such individuals were part of the initial trials. Furthermore such a patient may derive NO BENEFIT from the vaccination, as their suppressed immune system will not produce an appreciably effective amount of antibodies.
        Somehow we have decided that one size in this Covid story fits all. No nuance or individual consideration.
        As an aside Medicare is run by the government, so shouldn’t doctors be forced to take it? Why do they get a choice??

    • I am holding on all forms of the vaccine as they are still learning a lot about these vaccines. Pfizer has been shown to cause TTP, blood clots through various organs in the body. It’s rare but at this point, I still don’t feel the risk is worth it. They have also added warnings to both Pfizer and Moderna of myocarditis and pericarditis. There’s still much to learn for me to fill comfortable. Give them some more time to work out the kinks that are causing these blood clots, let’s learn about long term studies too.

  12. That’s the insensitivity of Marxism. No special cases. Do as you are told. Everyone is equal. Everyone is equitable. Everyone gets the same slop. But you, you get the bullet, along with the rest of you who look at me cross. Now sit down and shut up unless you know of someone that isn’t vaccinated. Then it is your job comrade, to say something when you see something.

  13. I know people (some vaccinated) who get tested every week to give comfort to those they come in contact with regularly. Seems like a rational solution rather than demanding they be so-called vaccinated.

  14. No. Not so far but I guess I’ll take it because I need my liver checked out and I have bad immune system works slow but Dr’s decision is made on this shot I don’t think Jesus will let anything happen to me. I have cirrhosis of the liver haven’t yet been on a liver transplant list yet because my liver hasn’t been drained yet I been asking my doctor about if the shot was OK for me to get an answer was take it I put my faith in my Dr’s decision so I hope they are right about this

  15. They are now canceling non-vaccinated people off the organ transplant list. All this stuff going on does not pass the smell test. But yet we have thousands of infected border crosser’s but no mandates for them. Just fly them or bus them all around the United States and drop them off.

  16. You got scared and gave your freedoms away. You earned this America.

    The alleged Dr should be reported to the state ethics board. If she is not willing to treat an ill patient over politics, the Dr should lose her license

  17. I am sorry this women has medical issues. Unfortunately there are some medical conditions that we do not bring on by or own actions. Because of this I am a big proponent of universal health coverage.
    However this woman chose to politicize her health conditions.
    I spent a little while researching the diseases listed here.
    Interestingly the The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation supports patients getting vaccinated. “Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are widely available, the Foundation supports eligible IBD patients getting vaccinated.
    The Lupus Foundation of America makes this statement “The American College of Rheumatology COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance recommends that people with autoimmune and inflammatory rheumatic disease (which includes lupus) get the vaccine unless they have an allergy to an ingredient in the vaccine. We will have more information as more research studies are conducted and analyzed over time. We recommend talking with your health care team about the vaccines and your treatment plan, since it can vary from person to person. ”
    In February, the American College of Rheumatology issued its COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Guidance Summary for Patients with Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases, which states that people with autoimmune inflammatory rheumatoid diseases (a category that includes lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions) “should be prioritized for vaccination before the nonprioritized general population of similar age and sex” due to a higher risk for severe COVID.
    I have no idea what blood clotting disease this person has. However when looking that up I saw no statements from medical professionals saying not to get a vaccine. They all said consult with you physician.
    O’Fallon has been her doctor for 14 years and her families longer than that. O’Fallon”s medical opinion is that this patient should be vaccinated. Her statement is pretty clear “Your physician Dr. O’Fallon also feels that if you are so opposed to the vaccine and not willing to heed her medical recommendations that this is not a healthy working relationship and has released you as her patient.”
    So why should O’Fallon be forced to treat someone who in her opinion refuses to help themselves.
    I guess when someone else is paying your medical bills being sick is not as big a problem.

    • It’s called medical ethics.

      If the doctor genuinely feels she can’t treat a person, she should find her a new provider before tossing her aside.

      But medical ethics is another casualty of the Covid fraud.

    • Leo, I am making the assumption that you never actually experienced “universal healthcare”. I grew up in a socialized healthcare system. Everyone got care…. eventually.
      If you think that such a system has no abuses, I beg to differ. Any centrally managed system is slow to incorporate innovations and advances. As with all such systems, you will end up with more administration than actual practitioners. The rules will become so cumbersome and ornery, that it is difficult for doctors, patients and families to navigate and timely care takes a back seat. If you really want to see a centralized system in action, you only have to look at the current Medicare for our seniors. Most physicians will no longer accept it because the administrative burden is so great, the rules for treatment complex, the reimbursement so low.
      As an aside my issue with Dr O’Fallon is that her nurse sent a letter. After seeing this patient for 14 years, the good Doc could not be bothered to sit down with this patient and have a face to face conversation.

    • 1st of all, it is not my norm to only have Medicare so your comment about not knowing the cost of medical because others pay my medical is BS!! When my husband is employed (still laid off due to covid, working independently in the industry doesn’t provide private coverage) we carry catastrophic care. So I’m well aware of the costs that come with being sick. On a good year without surgeries or complication my medical alone runs over $200k. I am holding on all forms of vaccines at this time as all of them have produced blood clots. everyone knows about J&J throwing them. Pfitzer and Moderma are causing TTP (Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura). They have also recently added warnings to Pfitzer and Moderma about myocarditis and pericarditis. Lets not forget the bells palsy, heart attacks,, neurological issues, strokes, Guillain-Barré syndrome and all the many other side effects so many are now enduring due to these shots. Trust me I have been following these shots the whole time even through the making of them as I have a brother who is infact a medical scientist. He owns his own lab in a New York hospital and his speciality is immunology. He has kept me very informed on these shots. With having Factor V Leiden, I am already high risk for blood clots. High enough risk I’m not even allowed birth control..but yes let’s inject me with something that’s causing blood clots in people. My doctor made a blanket rule in her office, no matter ones diseases or risks, you get the shot or be fired. She has removed all medical exemptions and that is a very scary precedent to set. I can never take blood thinners because my Ulcerative Colitis is so severe. It’s extremely difficult to control and I will bleed out on thinners. Thinners are what is used to break up clots. I also can not have steroids to calm my disease down because I have Cushings Disease from steroids so there’s that. I have a plethora of diseases and do not wish to add more to my list. Doctors across the nation are torn on whether these vaccines are safe for those of us with multiple autoimmune diseases so until more is know, until doctors can actually agree on the safety I will hold off.

  18. Remember “John Q.” with Denzel Washington.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the real-life version in Alaska sooner rather than later.
    Might be a good time to familiarize one’s self with jury nullification
    … and be prepared to invoke it.

  19. ? your entire post is a contradiction. Universal healthcare = someone else is paying for your healthcare.

    • You have a point there. I probably should of left out the last line. People ignoring medical advice and driving up costs to others would probably continue to go on even with universal coverage.

    • Beg to differ with your version, having experienced this system…
      Universal healthcare = everyone pays and everyone benefits according to their needs.

      • How can someone be so ignorant and so willing to pay for other’s mistakes and bad habit? How about we all just work the same amount of time in the day and and corporate think tanks can determines who needs more pay to determine your salary? Or how about a health system were all pay into it equitably (government can figure out how much you should pay) and have people who with bad habits in their life style ( obesity, smoking, drug use, extra curricular risk taking, those repulsed by exercise, uncontrollable sex habits without protection, etc) create higher health risk draw the most out, while the healthy people making responsible decision pay for their irresponsibility.

        • From what your message infers, none of these bad habits have touched your life. Good for you!
          It would appear that your health insurance offers sufficient coverage for you and your family and has never denied payment for medical issues.
          You appear to be relatively affluent or with enough savings to cover any medical expenses not included in your insurance contract.
          This COVID-19 pandemic is a collective, public health issue.
          As I suggested previously, go experience other countries’ health systems. Perhaps that will open your mind to changing the current US system.

          • First of all Catherine, you are a product of your philosophy. Believing you can live your life recklessly and irresponsibly and the responsible will cover for you. Responsible people don’t need government to group people and resources (steal) together just to redistribute where they deem necessary. This is the Marxist Socialist way. With your Marxist goggles on, you see it as take from those who have and give to those who have because they need. But in actuality, it is take from those who are responsible and give to those irresponsible. In the meanwhile, the government that you trust to redistribute wealth, is stealing large sums of money and gaining more power all under the cloak of harp strings and swan songs.
            Have you taking the time to notice that this “pandemic” rates of death are largest for those with bad habits. Obese, overweight people and those who smoke have 3 times the chance of death from Wuhan Virus according to the CDC?
            At one time in history, this was one of the most charitable countries on the planet, but through bleeding heart progressive ideology, our society became gluttonous and irresponsible, believing someone will always be there to fix their poor lifestyle choices. There is a big difference between those who become sick naturally and those who become sick through their irresponsibility. Our charitable system is broken because the latter have abused that system and made it hard for those who are genuinely sick no fault of their own. And many of them that are sick, no fault of their own, because of the chemicals your almighty government has approved for use in this country while in turn helps to make them rich and more powerful through the chemical companies and subsequently through the health care system. Even richer when that health care system is completely consolidated through them.
            We have become so lazy and gluttonous in our nation, that for many, government is the only way they survive and that has given government the leverage needed to steal your liberty. We have almost placed our lives completely in the hands of government, a group of greedy, power hungry men/women who could care less whether you live or die. It amazes me how blind to the facts some people are just so they can have their “share”, deserved or not.

  20. Sounds to me like Dr O’Fallon and the clinic she works at is attempting to manage insurance cost by divesting themselves of high risk patients. (For the record, I have Colitis (rated severe) and received the J&J vaccination in March with complications. 8 days ago I tested positive and suffered much more than someone might expect who has been vaccinated.)

  21. I have had disagreements in treatment in the past with my healthcare providers. Never once have said disagreements led to them denying to treat me.

    The closest I’ve ever come is in one issue the provider arranged for me to see someone else over a specific issue.

    Flat abandoning a patient is grossly unethical.

  22. A doctor/patient relationship should be private, this person has chosen to go public because she does not trust her doctor. What doctor would want a patient that politicizes and publicizes their complaints, especially when they are Medicare patients that doctors lose money on.

    • Answer: A Constitutionally patriotic doctor who believes in their Hippocratic oath.
      Not everything is about money.

  23. Welcome to our brave new world where Covid septics and people who object to the shot are the new European Jews of the 1930s.

    Disagree? Most liberal cites want some proof of vaccination to be allowed to live a “normal” life. To see the Foo Fighters ( why?) you have to show your papers.

    Bigots, fascists (leftist, I repeat myself) are driving a segment of the population out of society. “Science” is political and perverted to show the inferiority and corruption of those who are scapegoated. History shows a version a yellow armbands and ghettos are rarely far behind.

    It’s happening here and now. Anchorage let Ethan run all over it. You got this, Anchorage, because you wanted it.

  24. Watch two real doctors during the last segment of Warroom with Steve Bannon, 8-21 program.
    Jab is not working as advertised!
    FDA approval coming Monday is a very bad decision.

  25. Covid shots, swabs, mandates… all to dehumanize the population.
    Do you know that the swabs has ethylene oxide (EO)? Per EAP… is a human carcinogen… increases the risk of cancer, etc. Nothing good to the human body.

  26. I think everyone that agrees with the doctors action can’t see he forest for the trees. This has nothing to do with any illness or complication. Like true Marxist, the issue have to be obscured so you don’t have to address the real issue and that is freedom to not be mandated a vaccine that you have decided you don’t want. Of course, you will throw the “expertise” of what a Doctor says to justify your argument, but it holds no water in the bucket of freedom. The most primal decision you have as a living creature is your ability to exist , which you and you only are charged with making those decisions that will further your existence. Most of you walk around day to day in your bubble wrap world on the assumption that a safety net of experts surround you that will prevent your accidental death everyday. This is a spoiled, gluttonous attitude that many have, to assume you are safe everyday. It is your responsibility to chooses the course(s) of action that is safest for you and no one else’s, regardless of there expertise. You have that freedom. Society has no right and no responsibility for your personal decision to exist. What this doctor is doing is hiding behind biased authority to force someone to do what she doesn’t want to do. It is solely an issue of freedom that you Marxist want to take away from people, until that day it becomes an issue that you are forced to do something that you don’t agree with. The one thing about tyranny is that it requires more tyranny to exist. One day you are the one that will wonder why you find yourself on the other side. You might be a parent wanting 4 children and the government telling you that for the betterment of society you can only have one. Tyranny is always cloaked in fear that actions are needed for the betterment and safety of your fellow man.

    • A true Patriot. Keep pushing Brian. There will be a day when those who are soaked in the Marxist mindset just may ‘wake the f-ck up’. EXCUSE my F bomb.
      Many recognize the tyrannical movement our Government is trying SO DAMN hard to push on the American People. Why force a COVID shot when it simply DOES NOT BENEFIT the one who got the jab?

      It certainly is clear that the tyrannical government is pushing vaxx’d against the non-vaxxd. CLEARLY! And those who have a license (to kill) after their name is not saving lives but is doing harm. When is enough, enough for you – the one who thinks the jab works for you? After-all, a booster is now discussed, whereas in the begging falsely Fauci said it wasn’t necessary. Hmmmm. Tick tick.

  27. Imagine if was an AIDS patient who engages in risky sex. Could the doctor tell her patient to stop having unprotected anal sex with men or else she’d stop treating him? Or would that be illegal?

    • Actually, that is essentially legal. You tell them you will not treat someone of their sexual orientation, and send them on their way.

    • I finally got in touch with the medical board and will be emailing the paperwork back by Monday morning to start my ethics complaint. I also have turned in my information to the Alaska Disability Law Center. They will review it in their meeting Tuesday to see if there is any legal recourse on this.

  28. In the 1930’s the Nazi Regime came to power in Germany. To achieve their goals they altered the social and economic environment by manufacturing lies to create fear and division. The Regime blamed the Jewish People for the loss of WW1 and for the poor economy that followed, and that fanned the flames of resentment and hatred. The more the gentile people believed the Regime’s lies, the more divided they became. Compassion, understanding and respect were replaced with intolerance, indifference and disrespect. The Regime used this to polarize their nation and galvanize the Regime’s idea of the superior race of people, and at the same time, demonize the Regime’s scapegoat for their failure, the Jewish. To empower the superior class of people, the Regime passed laws that removed rights and made it difficult to conduct day to day activities for the Jewish People. With the sentiment of hatred building in their nation, the Jewish People became villainized. As the Regime gained support from the rest of the population it became easier to alienate the “failed” class of people openly and everywhere. Such laws as the mandated wearing of the Yellow Star of David helped visually identify them. Persecution became easy and followed with employers firing or not hiring them, doctors not treating them, food markets and restaurants not serving them, repeated violent clashes that often resulted in serious injury, and this would soon turn into police or Gestapo beating, incarcerating and some times murdering them, as well as their neighbors and friends betraying them. Many of those doing the persecuting may not have wanted to, but feared retribution by the Regime if they didn’t. A division that started off as subtle, small steps of alienation and segregation escalated in the following years to mass inhumane incarceration and mass murder all created by an environment of government lies and fear mongering with the help of a supportive, frightened, ignorant population.
    Now replace WW1/post WW1 with pandemic, replace superior class of people with vaccinated people, remove the Yellow Star and replace with vaccine cards and remove the word Jewish and replace it with the unvaccinated. Much of this is happening now.
    If the pro vaccine people can’t see where this division is taking us you are either intentionally assisting it or you are blinded by your fear or ignorant self righteousness, only to repeat history yet again.
    This road we are on will only end if we come together and unite under our Constitutional freedoms.

  29. The manufacturers have no liability. The nurses and doctors I believe are fully liable for obtaining fully informed consent (proof) and for physical injury from the injection of a coerced experimental vaccine. Following unlawful orders is not defensible. I wonder what will happen to officers following unlawful orders. People have freedom given by God.

  30. My body, my choice. The Doctor should have her license revoked in this situation. The Dr. must be a Democrat because they don’t follow the Science they follow the money.This Vaccine is experimental and to not treat this woman for her choice is beyond the pale.

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