Final: Bronson – 24,491, Dunbar -22,975


The final election tally from the Anchorage Clerk’s Office was posted Friday, and Dave Bronson is still two percentage points ahead of Forrest Dunbar — 24,491 to 22,975 — for Anchorage mayor.

The results will be certified by the Anchorage Assembly at a special meeting at 5 pm Tuesday. The two will head to a May 11 runoff.

In the recall ballot question for Assembly Seat G, some 6,727 people voted to retain Assemblyman Felix Rivera.

This is an extraordinary show of support, since in April of 2020, only 5,499 people voted for Rivera over his challenger; in 2017, fewer than 3,600 voted for him. Unions were effective in this race in getting out the vote.

This year’s turnout in District G of 11,897 voters eclipses the 10,937 who voted the G ballot for Assembly in 2020, and the 7,568 who marked a District G ballot in 2017.

In fact, year the turnout in that particular Assembly district was more than 22 percent higher than last year’s turnout.

In Anchorage in general, the turnout increase was 5.3 percent over last year.

More than 75,222 people voted in the April 6 election, for a 31.79 percent turnout, slightly higher than last year but lower than 2018, when there was a 36.31 percent turnout.

In other races the winners are:

  • School Board Seat B: Kelly Lessens, 25,281
  • School Board Seat E: Pat Higgins, 21,352
  • School Board Seat F: Dora Wilson, 28,700
  • School Board Seat G: Carl Jacobs, 31,846
  • All ballot propositions passed except Prop 1 and Prop 8, to purchase a new fleet of vehicles for the police department.


  1. You get the government you deserve.

    Can’t be bothered to vote when the ballot comes to your door? You deserve this, Anchorage

  2. Just for curiosity, what is the percentage of the population that are union minions? It makes it difficult for citizens to have that number stacked against them. Public unions need to go!

  3. It’s so close, that’s easy to change that many votes
    Stop the mail in voting
    Vote Bronson

  4. I belong to a large union and we are not minions of the Democrats. I imagine many of my fellow union members in Anchorage voted for Bronson. Don’t alienate union members as we need to stay united to continue election victories. Many voters these days are single topic meaning they see one item that effects them and they will unwittingly vote for the other candidate. Republicans really need all the support they can get to keep this momentum going.

  5. I’m guessing just enough “mail in” ballots will come in to push Dunbar into the lead.

  6. “I belong to a large union and we are not minions of the Democrats. ”
    Then you do not belong to a union, or you are sorely misinformed or you are not a resident of the United States and live in Europe where unions are actually interested in benefitting both the workers AND the company they work for. Every union in the US, regardless of size is a democrat party suck up.
    Do you pay dues? Stop doing so, immediately. Your union management is 100% in with the socialist democratic party.
    Maybe you are part of a trade union, and you get your jobs through the union hall. Guess what? They are democrats. They support every democrat political initiative. Maybe they are not telling you, but they are.
    If you are a member of a union, you are paying money to support Democrats.
    Prove me wrong. Go ahead. I am waiting.

  7. Glad Pat Higgins got elected again. The great job he did last term can now continue unimpeded. I’m sure his ferret is happy also. He deserves a trip to the Marshall islands and free internet as a reward for being back on the public tit.

  8. CBMTTEK just because someone “works” for a company that is part of a union, doesn’t mean that person as to agree with the union on voting. My brother has worked for Ford for many years, and is a staunch Republican. At the end of the day, one has to put food on the table and a roof over their head!

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