Federal judge rules parents have no right to opt kids out of LGBTQ lessons


A federal judge appointed by President Joe Biden ruled against Maryland parents on Thursday, saying that parents have no right to opt their children out of classes teaching an LGBTQ+ curriculum.

Since Biden took office, the push has intensified to indoctrinate children into LGBTQ lifestyles through the public education system. Parents are increasingly pushing back and several lawsuits are moving through the courts.

The parents of elementary school-age children sued Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools, asking that the district reinstate a previous policy that allowed parents to withdraw their children from LGBTQ-related materials. The district had such a policy at the beginning of the year, but then withdrew the policy in March.

“In March of this year, the defendants—the Montgomery County Board of Education, the MCPS superintendent, and the elected board members (collectively, the “School Board”)—announced that parents no longer would receive advance notice of when the storybooks would be read or be able opt their children out. Following the announcement, three families of diverse faiths filed suit against the School Board, claiming the no-opt-out policy violates their and their children’s free exercise and free speech rights under the First Amendment, the parents’ substantive due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment, and Maryland law,” the opinion explained.

“A critical part of the School Board’s approach is representation of diverse identities and communities in the curriculum. ‘Representation in the curriculum creates and normalizes a fully inclusive environment for all students’ and ‘supports a student’s ability to empathize, connect, and collaborate with diverse peers and encourages respect for all,’” the school district argued.

“The Court concludes the plaintiffs’ asserted due process right to direct their children’s upbringing by opting out of a public-school curriculum that conflicts with their religious views is not a fundamental right,” wrote Judge Deborah L. Boardman of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. 

Late last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraged schools to push the LGBTQ agenda: “Schools play a critical role in supporting the health and academic development of all youth, including the success of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth,” the CDC stated. “Creating and sustaining inclusive school environments, policies, programs, and practices that include LGBTQ youth is one strategy for improving the health and academic success of all youth.”

The CDC also encouraged leaders to “advocate for LGBTQ inclusive and affirming materials in all school and classroom environments” and to participate in the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. 


    • Yep, this exactly why we the people as the Satae of Alaska need to take care of this problem in our state!

    • The problem with SCOTUS can be reduced to a question: With Swamp creatures like Roberts and Kavanaugh on the Court, can we really sleep soundly at night? These two are of the Swamp, by the Swamp and for the Swamp. For me it is basic: People from the Northeast are different from other Americans. Northeasterners loathe limited government, individual freedom and religious people. They run the country, believe it is their entitlement to do so and like doing it. Roberts and Kavanaugh would shred the Constitution in a heartbeat to preserve Leftist culture, protect themselves and please their fellow travelers.

  1. It really makes one wonder: the left is ready to die on the hill of specializing kids, particularly into gay or trans orientations.

    Most kids in elementary school are oblivious to sexuality unless an adult makes an issue of it, repeatedly.

    If it’s not grooming, it takes it very well.

  2. I’ve long believed one of two things must happen for the good of the nation.

    -give parents universal school choice.
    -completely eliminate public education. Nuke it to Neptune and put it back in the hands of parents to resolve.

    • Completely agree.
      Parents, time to stop sexualizing your children, home school or school choice.
      This IS grooming and it must stop, this is an abomination.

  3. So… not really a judge, but a LGBQRST activist pretending to be a judge. What we expect from an appointment made by the head the Biden Crime Family.

  4. If people want more of todays parents to pull their child out of public education then homeschoolers, retirees, and singles who are aged with or without grandchildren will have to pony-up their time to share it with that neighbor get know (a family friend, neighborhood neighbor, church attendee) who needs to work but could partner with another homeschooling family to help them.

    Else button-up up the mouth and pray for the parents who are keeping them enrolled because there no one go help and watch their child to do homeschooling and no money to send them into a private school, if adults who are empty nesters, retirees, taking care of grandchildren, or stay-at-home parent homeschoolers won’t help their friend or that neighbor down the street, someone they met, or the regular going church attendee/member.

    • There are always options if you as the parent are motivated enough. Most private schools have financial aid options for those who really need it. Parents can work split shifts or nights to homeschool. It’s very hard, but aren’t our children’s minds and souls worth that sacrifice?

  5. A dear friend of mine raised 5 children, home-schooled them and then got scholarships for them to attend and graduate college and even obtain advanced degrees. Needless to say, they did not have to put up with the LGBTQ+ agenda. Take the children out of public school and home school them. It can be done.

  6. I wouldnt expect anything less from a sick old man who blindly stumbles around until He sniffs out a young girl in his presence and suddenly his eyes light up as He sports a s**t eating grin while He proceeds to publicly embarrass himself in front of media and camera crews by making a fool of himself.
    Now his handlers have to keep youngsters out of reach to prevent any inappropriate touching or foolish comments.
    I would think Dr.Jill would keep a tighter leash on the old fool but after all He is very proficient at “bringing home the Bacon”.
    His daughter Ashley let the cat out of the bag when she carelessly left her diary at the rehab facility describing her help with showering as a young teen.
    I guess it runs in the family considering Hunter generously donated his laptop with a treasure trove of family secrets while intoxicated and Joe claims Hunter is the smartest man He knows.
    I used to think the Jerry Springer show was the king of whackos but this is gaining momentum.

  7. Teaching children to accept sexual deviance and mental illness isn’t something anyone should be doing and especially not publicly funded education.

  8. So disgusting and sad. Our public schools have become indoctrination centers. I feel terrible for parents who don’t have an alternative and must use public schools. Also, those who just aren’t current on events and think our public schools are still institutions of learning.

  9. What none of us realized is that this has been going on for decades, they got more and more depraved as they got away with this right in front if us.
    No wonder our kids are confused, schools are telling them OPPOSITE what we teach at home.
    Defund all public education, start over.

  10. Well judge, I guess the school system doesn’t need our tax money. If you are going to take our money to teach filth, we will just cutoff the money and start a new school system that actually teaches children to excel as a human being, not be indoctrinated by the government school system. Do you know what they did with judges like this in the old days? I think it involved a noose and large tree branch. The communists aren’t even trying to hide anymore and are shoving their crap in our faces.

  11. At least 14 States have approved School Choice. Where in the world is our Governor and Alaskan parents
    I have e mailed the Board of Education and the Governor’s office to implement school choice. Crickets. Probably went into their junk mail.

    • Alaskans already have school choice. Alaskan parents can choose traditional public schools, correspondence schools, charter schools, private schools, or to home school. Education should always be in the hands of the parents, never should it have been placed within the authority of the state. What folks today typically mean when they say “school choice” is that they want the government to fund the educational choice of the parent — yet isn’t that what we have with public schools? Either the parents are the authority or the state is the authority; can’t have both because it doesn’t work. And we see that already – people loving one (the state) and hating the other (freedom and liberty).

  12. The US Constititution is based upon the Law of Nature. Man has a natural property right to consanguine family relationships. Human government did not give us these family rights. Jehovah the Creator did. Therefore one man cannot take this property from another. There is no subject matter nor personal jurisdiction and both are required in this republic form of government. The International Law of Nations (a long descendant, international body of recognized laws and rights followed by all nations for centuries to present with current treaties buttresses the Law of Nature by stating a child’s rights follow the father. Is a Maryland judge incompetent?

  13. Odd, that the CDC should be involved in this social issue at all. Don’t see the relevance to their official purpose. Like the rest of the three letter agencies, they are proving themselves to be political enforcement tools by a corrupt government.

  14. NAMBLA is in charge of Public Education in America. They Can’t be gotten rid of, they’re Unionized..!
    Guess what they’re doing to your child Today..? Take a wild guess…..?

  15. I cannot understand how any conservative parent who is paying even a modicum of attention to ASD curriculum would leave their kids in such a sewer. That takes some serious denial.
    opt your kids and grandkids out of public schools today.

  16. The American Justices, Judges, and Attorneys are just as corrupt as the American school districts pushing this abomination against the Lord Most High’s precepts. The US Supreme Court is corrupt as well since all Justices recently this year affirmed transgenderism – which opened the door to asylum for all unclean spirits to come into the USA. All matters eventually lead to the Courts. It is the Courts that are ushering in this tainted corruption along with the government (Federal and State) Attorneys. The necessary proclamation that only a US President can make, needed to be declared, in order to legally stand up America’s militia. Unfortunately, this proclamation was not made prior to 2020. Therefore, there remains only one avenue left to survive what is clearly in motion. Those who believe must bend the knee, repent, and call upon the Name of the Lord, with all sincerity, to help our nation. If our nation is truly a lost cause, then to call upon the Name of the Lord Most High, to guide our people out from among the wicked to prepare….

    In the case of education, homeschool. Gather together with non-working parents and provide a safe place for kids to work on their homeschool curriculum.

  17. Remove your children from public schools. Watch them sink like rocks to the bottom! That is where these creatures are going!
    Yes, parents DO HAVE THE RIGHT to know what their children are getting indoctrinated into! Schools are no longer schools people. They are grooming grounds for the freak LGBTQ community…
    Disgusting we need to fight this at all turns!

  18. Why pick on one federal judge when Congress funds this, State legislators are okay with it, teachers’ unions and school boards want it, federal and state education departments like it, city Assemblies support it, governors tolerate it, and children don’t know enough to care about it?
    Look at the bright side. If Alaska’s education system is so bad, why would parents expect children to be better educated in the subculture of sexual perversion than in anything else? If basic education in Alaska is such an epic failure, why would “education” in behavioral deviancy be a howling success?
    What a cruel dilemma to force on naturally rebellious teenagers; rebel against against biological parents with their lifelong values, or rebel against “school-parents” with their diametrically opposite “values”.
    Decision time for parents, no?
    And… with Eaglexit coming up for a vote, would it not be helpful to hear what Eaglexit sponsors have to say about what they’re doing to assure parents -never- have to worry about opting kids out of LGBTQ lessons in CRB schools?

  19. Another reason to get rid of Department of Education and the union that has not improved the education of students only their bank accounts.

  20. Hope you folks are going to vote and volunteer..,, cause the current regime is ignoring the constitution and rule of law…

  21. “‘Representation in the curriculum creates and normalizes a fully inclusive environment for all students’ and ‘supports a student’s ability to empathize, connect, and collaborate with diverse peers and encourages respect for all,’” the school district argued.” Nah, all it does is piss off the kids who know the truth, creates resentment, and makes prejudice worse. Those who don’t know, exposed to this grooming, are vulnerable to abuse and converted to their perverted cause.

  22. I will be a dad come mid November!! =]
    There is not doubt my child will Not be going into the pubic indoctrination system.

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