Feb. 1 is drop date for Anchorage candidates for April 5 local election


Candidates who have filed for Anchorage municipal offices but who want to withdraw have until 5 pm on Feb. 1 to ensure their names are removed from the April ballot.

Candidates dropping must file a notarized statement of withdrawal with the Anchorage Municipal Clerk either at the Municipal Clerk’s Office, 632 West 6th Avenue on the second floor, or at the Muni’s Election Center, 619 East Ship Creek Ave. The Clerk’s office downtown is often closed, according to members of the public who have reported it to Must Read Alaska on several occasions.

Notary service is available at the Election Center or the Municipal Clerk’s Office, according to the Municipal Clerk’s web page.

If the candidate withdrawal statement is filed after 5 p.m. on Feb. 1, the Municipal Clerk has the sole discretion to remove the candidate’s name from subsequent notices and the ballot.

The mail-in ballot will be mailed to qualified voters in Anchorage about 21 days before the April 5 election.

Friday was the candidate deadline for filing for the Anchorage election.


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