Who met the deadline to be on the April 5 Anchorage ballot?


Anchorage Assembly

District 2 – Seat A – Eagle River/Chugiak

     Cross, Kevin​ – Filed 01/21/2022

     Wehmhoff, Gretchen​ – Filed 01/28/2022

     Stephens, Vanessa​ – Filed 01/27/2022

District 3 – Seat D – West Anchorage

     Perez-Verdia, Kameron​ – Filed 01/24/2022

     Williams, Nial Sherwood​ – Filed 01/14/2022

     Danger, Nick​ – Filed 01/28/2022

     Vazquez, Liz​ – Filed 01/27/2022

District 4 – Seat F – Midtown Anchorage

     Zaletel, Meg​ – Filed 01/26/2022

     Henslee, Kathy – Filed 01/18/2022

District 5 – Seat H – East Anchorage

     Taylor, Stephanie – Filed 01/14/2022

     Dunbar, Forrest – Filed 01/18/2022

     Hall, Christopher​ – Filed 01/19/2022

District 6 – Seat J – South Anchorage

     Colbry, Darin – Filed 01/24/2022​​​

     Weddleton, John​ – Filed 01/25/2022

     Sulte, Randy – Filed 01/20/2022

School Board

School Board Seat A

     Murray, Cliff – Filed 01/20/2022

     Loring, Dan – Filed 01/28/2022

     Bellamy, ​Margo – Filed 01/19/2022 

     Cox, Mark Anthony – Filed 01/24/2022

School Board Seat B

     Murray, Cliff – Filed 01/14/2022 – Withdrawn 01/20/2022

     Lessens, Kelly – Filed 01/14/2022

     Baldwin, Benjamin R. – Filed 01/18/2022

     Darden, Dustin​ – Filed 01/27/2022

     Ries, Rachel – Filed 01/18/2022

Service Area Board of Supervisors 

Bear Valley LRSA – Seat B

Birchtree/Elmore LRSA – Seat C

     Lees, Adam​ – Filed 01/26/2022

Chugiak Fire Service Area – Seat C

     Stoltze, Bill – Filed 01/24/2022

Girdwood Valley Service Area – Seat C

     Wade, Guy​ – Filed 01/18/2022

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat C

     Martin, Shelly – Filed 01/28/2022

Glen Alps Service Area – Seat D

     Marks, Roger​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Homestead LRSA – Seat A

     Parret, David​ – Filed 01/20/2022

Lakehill LRSA – Seat A

Mt. Park Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Redlinger, Bob – Filed 01/21/2022

Mt. Park/Robin Hill RRSA – Seat E

     Leary, Collin – Filed 01/20/2022

Paradise Valley South LRSA – Seat A

Rabbit Creek View/Heights LRSA – Seat C

     Pexton, Scott R. – Filed 01/27/2022

Raven Woods/Bubbling Brook LRSA – Seat C

Rockhill LRSA – Seat C

Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat D

     Brown, Lonnie – Filed 01/25/2022

Section 6/Campbell Airstrip Road LRSA – Seat E

     Trueblood, Ted B.​ – Filed 01/18/2022

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Valantas, Robert A.​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Sequoia Estates LRSA – Seat D

     Mikko, Dagmar​ – Filed 01/19/2022

Skyranch Estates LRSA – Seat C 

     Wallow, Brian​ – Filed 01/27/2022

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat D

South Goldenview RRSA – Seat E

SRW Homeowners’ LRSA – Seat B

Talus West LRSA – Seat C

     Jorgensen, Lawrence – Filed 01/25/2022

Totem LRSA – Seat A

     Jensen, David​ – Filed 01/14/2022

Upper Grover LRSA – Seat C

     Dwiggins, Leon – Filed 01/14/2022

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat C 

     Pease, David​ – Filed 01/28/2022

Upper O’Malley LRSA – Seat D

Valli Vue Estates LRSA – Seat C

     Strand, Paul​ – Filed 01/20/2022

Villages Scenic Parkway LRSA – Seat B​


  1. Folks, know the candidates stand on issues. If the incumbent voted according to their platform, you know what your getting. I encourage everyone to research each incumbents prior voting history to distinguish if there are any wolves in sheeps clothing.

  2. Decent crop of candidates I think. While it’d obviously be great to sweep, I think flipping Perez-Verdia’s and (especially) Weddleton’s seats are most realistic. But our best chance is if their conservative challengers can go one-on-one. The third wheel in both races needs to drop out or risk splitting the vote (trivia: that’s how Weddleton first got elected six years ago).

  3. Time to help clean up the toxicity on the Assembly. Start with voting out the ‘mask mandate czarina Meg Zaletel and then the ‘I’m butt hurt cuz I didn’t win the election’ Forrest Dunbar. Anchorage needs an Assembly thst will work with the Mayor to solve their problems. This insipidly stupid game of oneupmanship by the majority on the Assembly must stop. Anchorage has a chance to do so in the election.

  4. When we vote just write down the same name each time. That’s my first second third and forth choice. The law can’t tell you who to vote for.

  5. I plan on supporting certain candidates even though I live in the valley. Anchorage needs a return to common sense and even maturity on the assembly.

  6. Cool!
    Now I know who to help out, financially, volunteer with, etc…
    I am surprised that Dunbar is running. Given his dedication to equity, BLM, etc… I am surprised he is not rejecting his white privilege and supporting Stephanie Taylor.

  7. Big Randy:
    Came a big man who sure had enough
    Of the crap put out by the Assembly stuff
    Into the ring he’ll throw his big cap
    To show all the others he’s tired of their crap
    He’s throwing all in to call their big bluff

    He comes out of the patch where things need getting done
    Where he’d gather a team to be working as one
    His demeanor you’ll see will clearly energize
    Only in your interest will he compromise
    From outside the box his thinking would come

    An honest man as known by his friends
    His drive to do right it seems has no end
    He’s tired of the current Assembly stink
    I can do much better is what he would think
    Shine a bright light to help this city cleanse

    Towering above those he gets near
    A gentle giant, no need to fear
    Although he his stature can be quite imposing
    Attentively listen to what he’s proposing
    And to the tenets he’s likely to adhere

    Into the Assembly he’ll catapult
    ‘Cause honesty is what he’s all about
    He’ll give no quarter as he starts to strive
    Shining his light on the Assembly’s hive
    Let’s all give a vote to Big Randy Sulte

  8. Tom c you bet sir integrity. No matter who it is fair or rigged your contact is with GOD himself so help me GOD the oath taker will place there hand upon our Bible contact made, and we shall all see. Integrity is needed more than ever for the people of the people by the people.

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