FDA says Pfizer vaccine OK for youth 12-15


The Food and Drug Administration today announced that the Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine can be safely given to youth 12 to 15 years old.

Pfizer is also studying now whether the company’s vaccine can be safely given to children from 6 months to 11 years old, with a conclusion expected later this summer.

The news, which was leaked to the New York Times in advance, is the subject of an FDA press conference Monday on the topic of immunizing children against Covid-19 before the school year resumes in the fall.

Last week, the Anchorage School District superintendent announced that no parent who has not been immunized could take part in field trips or similar activities. The announcement about young children being put on the vaccination list is likely to drive a wedge between pro-vaccine Alaskans and those with hesitancy over the shot, which became available in December. The news of including young children in the vaccination program may alarm some parents.

According to the Times, approval is not yet certain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention committee on Covid-19 policy will meet shortly to make recommendations on whether 12-15-year-olds should get the shot.

Watch the FDA press conference at this link.


  1. For emergency authorization only. NOT approved yet. Normal time for approval takes 5-10 years. Let’s hope the messenger RNA doesn’t instruct a meltdown of the insides.

  2. Luckily the timeline was accelerated due to widespread exposure of COVID-19 already in the everyday environment. Also, normal challenges of enrolling willing and able volunteers were not an obstacle due to the high profile of the pandemic. Finally, praise goes to Operation Warp Speed which made normal funding timelines and.challenges irrelevant. All of those things combined to make the process occur at “warp speed” as defined by former President Trump and Vice President Pence.

  3. The degree to which they’re pushing vaccinations for a virus that’s 99%+ survivable WITHOUT it is ridiculous and frightening at the same time. The Dunleavy ad that runs ad nauseam on streaming apps (Pluto TV) shows that he’s fully in the tank with the rest of the huddled masses. A friend just sent a pic of an MOA poster “Sleeves Up For Summer, Anchorage.” It’s a vaccine Call to Action offering a chance to win prizes if you get vaccinated. ENOUGH! It’s never going to end and these mind numbed zombies won’t stop pushing it. It’s a classic case of “Misery Loves Company and, personally, I don’t want to hang out with them. Pray for Bronson winning the mayoral runoff and that a real conservative, independent thinker will run against Dunleavy.

  4. Well, Elaine, your argument will melt away in a few weeks when these vaccines finally receive formal, full FDA approval. So what will your argument against vaccination be after this occurs?

  5. The vaccine is still ‘ Experimental’ citizens.
    Whom of the school board is of authority in this matter? None.

  6. And what’s the hurry? Get us all “vaccinated” before we figure out the real motive behind this? (Vaccine passports.) This injection has already caused immeasurable harm, but you won’t hear about it if you don’t turn off CNN and Pravda radio and do your own research.

    The fact that children are part of this “study,” and that parents are VOLUNTEERING THEIR CHILDREN to participate is beyond evil.

    For starters, take a look at childrenshealthdefense.org. They keep a daily toll of worldwide “vaccine” damages, hospital visits, and deaths caused by the experimental injection. These numbers are ONLY THOSE REPORTED to VAERs at the CDC. Who knows how many go unreported.

    I refuse to take part in this government experiment except as part of the control group.

  7. BAAAAAAA BAAAAAAA sheeple. Not that the face diapers were humiliating to those who wore them they keep suckering more and more with their pseudo science quackery. Oh yeah, trust them they are the experts…..experts at psyops.

  8. Can you say AIDS, Autism, Crutsfield/Jacob, papiloma, dementia. If not safe for pregnant or breast feeding women, how safe for middle schoolers. It’s the zombie apocalypse, as if gulf war syndrome wasn’t bad enough with 21 vets committing suicide every day. You gotta… The hell I gotta!!

  9. “My People are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6a I could easily had been one who’d easily fallen for the mask thing and the I am safer with the vaccine thing, if somethings didn’t happen for my understanding since 2016.

    Its interesting to me how some thousand of healthy adult bodies came down with complications, whom are being currently quietly dismissed left alone and forgotten like a veteran, right after they had taken the first dose like a good little patriot and the rest of the vaccinated people are still walking around normal. Time will only reveal the truth behind these three so-called vaccines and the what the medicine chemicals are doing to the human body. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope for those who may bear the lifelong scars because of when they had misplaced faith earlier in their life, and they don’t deserve anyone being mean to them making fun of their convulsions.

  10. Just as the coronavirus is a part of God’s Plan, so is the vaccine. Just as God tested Abraham’s faith when he was instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac on Moriah, your faith is being tested by your willingness to be vaccinated.

    To those who refuse to be vaccinated: Who are you to defy God’s wisdom and His Plan?

    And to those who claim that the vaccine is not a part of His Plan: Who are you to presume to know the Mind of God?

  11. Title of article: “FDA says Pfizer vaccine OK for youth 12-15.”
    Last sentence of article: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention committee on Covid-19 policy will meet shortly to make recommendations on whether 12-15-year-olds should get the shot.”
    In our current culture, even when something is written clearly, the message is unclear.

  12. Whidbey
    God said follow his laws not mankind’s law.
    Plus you think this shot bull crap is going to be improved in two weeks. Please take your head out of the sand.
    How Stupid giving kids the shot.

  13. Whidbey Thedog, wow! That ranks right up there with the Nazi’s divine justification for racial purity.

  14. Dog…. sad you blame God. I believe the opposite, it’s all from hell. One of us is right!
    God does not cause evil to happen so he can then provide help by giving us this poor medical experiment.
    The covid shot will probably cause more death and injury then the covid has. Covid has a 99% survivability, without this poison being injected . Take your chances with the injection and I’ll go with my God given immune system .

  15. WC, what A difference A day makes. Your comment was a day old and as of today the CDC has said that their shot is safe for the little kids. Got any more theories?

  16. Vaccine-” a substance used to stimulate antibodies and to provide immunity”, I submit that the m-RNA shot in question here does none of the above. Please stop calling it a Vaccine, it is not.
    The only immunity given by this jab is the Legal Immunity from lawsuits granted to the makers of these Jabs by the Government.
    Ever wonder why so many people have decided against taking this shot?

  17. Greg Forkner, every day more new data shows that the shot us unsafe for every demographic. Some-the elderly and those with underlying conditions-face greater, in some cases far greater risk from COVID than the vaccine, and for them it is appropriate. But if the vaccine is so safe, why is the government still shielding Big Pharma from responsibility for its effects? They take in billions of dollars completely free of risk or responsibility.

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