Exclusive: Ketchikan’s Trevor Shaw debriefs from Milwaukee after GOP debate

Trevor Shaw of Ketchikan shakes hands with Vivek Ramaswamy, left, and greets Ron DeSantis, right, at the GOP meeting in Milwaukee this week.

Trevor Shaw, assistant secretary of the Alaska Republican Party, is at the Republican National Committee meeting this week and attended the presidential debate on Wednesday.

Shaw, who was the youngest person to ever serve on the Ketchikan School Board and who has been a state party officer for nearly a decade, said the debate was “top notch.”

“Everybody was at the top of their game,” he said. “I came in without expectations, which is a little hard since I’ve been involved for so long.”

Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Nikki Haley had the best breakout moments, according to many of the people Shaw spoke with who attended in person.

The most negative reaction from the audience was not to Chris Christie, who received a lot of boos from the room that were audible on the televised debate. Shaw said that former President Mike Pence ended up getting on the audience’s nerves with his constant interrupting of other candidates and going over his time.

“There was a lot of head shaking toward Pence,” Shaw said. “If you go by the ‘boos,’ it was Christie, but Pence had a favorable reaction at first that shifted, and people were the most frustrated with him.”

Shaw said that Ramaswamy was impressive, entirely unscripted, at times moving people practically to tears with his life story and passion for America, and Shaw was also impressed with DeSantis. He was able to meet both of them during events this week.

Also attending the RNC meeting and debate was Alaska GOP Chairwoman Ann Brown, and her husband Fred Brown, National Committeewoman Cynthia Henry and her husband Ken Henry, and National Committeeman Craig Campbell and his wife Ann Marie Campbell.

While the 2024 Republican convention will be held in Milwaukee, Wisc., where this meeting and debate occurred, the 2028 convention will be held in Houston. The venue was voted on during Friday’s Republican National Committee meeting.

“After a smart business decision made by the RNC last spring to allow us to select the next convention city earlier than ever, we are looking forward to seeing Houston in the spotlight come 2028,” Ronna McDaniel, chair of the RNC, said in a statement. “The entire RNC membership is eager to work with Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Host Committee, and Houston First Corporation to follow in Milwaukee’s footsteps by delivering an incredible convention for our Party.”


  1. Vivek crushed it.
    Looking forward to seeing Hallie on a defense board…. classic.

    Obviously I disagree with a number of things but he was the only one who was fresh and principled. The rest swayed with the wind unless they themselves were hot air, (Christie).

    Ron appeared to lack any luster.
    Felt for the nice token contender Tim.

  2. Trevor, my only question for you going to that event is, why? I wouldn’t exactly call that time well spent. There is a clear leader that has already wrapped up the nomination named, Donald J. Trump. A leader that has already laid out his plan to cleanup government corruption and bring our destroyed economy back from the brink. He wants to return the power to the people and protect the Constitution. Why on earth does the Alaska Republican Party want to give credit to handpicked establishment makeovers? You are giving credit to people that do not have the backing of the voters. Just look at the credible polls. Trump is a minimum of 30-40 points ahead of the pack. What on earth do you think any of the pretenders on stage have over DJT? He has already proven himself and helped our nation during the bio-weapon attack on our nation and kept it from collapsing. He is exposing the corruption and has already laid out a fantastic plan to right the ship that is currently sinking. The Alaska GOP needs to stop supporting RINOS! Desantis has already shown his true colors and Vivek is a plant that took money from George Soros. Wake up!

      • i can google anything Trump and find mountains of steer excrement – the Soros-Trump connection is buried in the middle of that massive pile of stink. Soros only funds communist one-world-government sympathizers and those he can manipulate in that direction – that is one thing you cannot accuse President Trump of, and why Soros funds DJT’s opponents.

    • We elect presidents, we don’t coronate them. Regardless of the size of the lead Trump may or may not have, the process needs to play out.

      There is a clear interest by the American people to hear an alternative. They may reject it, but the desire for another voice is there.

      A lot can happen between now and Super Tuesday.

  3. The fact so many republicans actually thought Nikki Haley did a good job while yelling and screeching about giving Ukraine more money and getting us into more international conflict is scary. I wouldn’t touch her campaign with a 10 ft pole.

    • Ryan, I wouldn’t even touch the 10 ft. pole that touched Nikki Haley’s campaign with ANOTHER 10 ft. pole.

      That woman is as toxic a neocon warmonger as is Hillary Clinton.

    • She had some good points, but she’s too much of a political opportunist.

      Can’t lead with a wet finger in the air to calculate where the wind is blowing.

  4. It’s funny how Christie complains about Trump while using much of the same Bronx tough guy behaviors.

    It’s almost like the worst thing Trump did in Christie’s eyes is be a better tough guy.

    Jealousy. It what Christie has for dinner.

  5. I didn’t watch – I didn’t have time for that much hot air. I’ve been trying to read reliable conservative sources to find out who might be best as a second-stringer if Donald Trump craters. Not sure I have reliable info, but this is a summary of my reading from both before and after the debate. My preference is for Trump for POTUS, and likely Ramaswamy for Veep. Vivek is simply too young and inexperienced: our enemies would test him on day one as Pres, worse than the Soviets tested 42 yr old Jack Kennedy. He would either roll over for them or launch nukes. Neither is he firmly pro-life. Nikki Haley brings experience, but too much U.N. bootlicking, and she’s in favor of murdering babies (in & out of the womb). She’d likely make George W. Bush look like Reagan or Trump – find a way to take advantage of her experience in a position where she can’t do any damage, definitely NOT POTUS. I like Tim Scott as a possible Veep. Mike Pence has great positions and experience, but is not capable of exciting anyone. DeSantis’ campaign needs Viagra. Christie will make Haley look conservative, and blows hot air commensurate with his size. The other two? Who d’ey? They’re both anti-life posers who bring nothing but a democrat win to the table.
    What we need is a national debate on when life begins, assuming that we all (or vastly most of us) agree that the taking of innocent life is murder, and morally wrong – I believe we can build a consensus on this. We will satisfy none of the shrillest voices of course, but we will have that national consensus opinion to base policy from for many years and beat back the culture of death that few want but has taken over western civilization. Grow some cojones Republicans – life is not a losing issue.

  6. Christi might have hit the nail on the head concerning Vivek. He does indeed sound like he has crafted his entire campaign on what ChatGBT tells him people want to hear.

    It’s only when he’s in the middle of a one-on-one interview that he sometimes veers off script – such as his response that he’d let China have Taiwan after we’ve rebuilt our chip industry. I bet his ChatGBT gave him quite a tongue-lashing for that unprogrammed comment.

    I get this weird sense that he’s laughing at all of us while doing it.

  7. Ramaswamy has made his millions through pharmaceuticals. Can we all say, “Vaxx?!”
    This, taken from https://nurseclairesays.com/2023/08/24/vivek-is-just-another-puppet-on-the-stage/
    “Vivek Ramaswamy is another biotech millionaire with ties to Big Pharma and the globalist elites at the WEF. Consider the following:
    Vivek’s biotech company Roivant Sciences, is working to develop more mRNA therapies. Does this look “pro-life” to you??
    George Soros’ brother Paul awarded Vivek the Paul & Daisy Soros fellowship for new Americans in 2001. Vivek then paid Wikipedia to scrub this info from his page, knowing full well the Soros connection would be damaging for his GOP election run. Talk about revisionist history.
    Vivek was a Mask Covidian, supported a mass-vaccination campaign, and blamed the unvaccinated for new variants. Not surprising considering he’s a Big Pharma guy (see tweet below).
    Vivek says he’s unapologetically pro-life, but we know for certain the biotech industry, where he’s made his fortune, is completely dependent on abortion. Endpoint News, a Biotech, drug, pharma and health news outlet, is loaded with articles covering this man’s company & past biotech endeavors. Do a search of his name in Endpoint’s archives.”

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