Fourth arrest of Trump



President Donald Trump surrendered, was processed,and released from the Fulton County Jail on Thursday, an historic day in America.

He faces charges brought by District Attorney Fani Willis that he tried to overturn the 2020 election results in the state.

Fulton County authorities charged Trump and 18 others, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former state Republican Party Chair David Shafer, as part of the effort. The Fulton County indictment of Trump is the fourth against the former president and the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump addressed reporters on the tarmac before boarding his aircraft bound for New Jersey. 

“What has taken place here is a travesty of justice,” Trump said. “We did nothing wrong at all. They’re interfering with an election and there’s never been anything like it in our country before.

“And we have every right, every single right to challenge an election that we think is dishonest. So we think it’s very dishonest.”

Even before Trump formally surrendered to authorities at the Atlanta facility, the former president’s attorneys and prosecutors agreed to set a $200,000 bond.

While Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has said she would like to see the case go to trial within six months, legal experts say that is a tall order.

“The idea that this case would go to trial in six months is optimistic, and I think it’s optimistic, even if you put aside that Donald Trump is facing three other indictments,” Jonathan Entin, a professor emeritus of law and adjunct professor of political science at Case Western Reserve University, told The Center Square.

Additionally, Shafer, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former assistant U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Clark want the case transferred to federal court.

“The Georgia indictment reflects the Sergeant Joe Friday mantra of ‘just the facts, ma’am’ and could end up being easier to prove than the latest federal indictment against Trump by avoiding trying to directly blame him for the chaos of Jan. 6,” civil rights attorney V. James DeSimone, of Los Angeles-based V. James DeSimone Law, told The Center Square via email.

“The task of prosecuting 19 defendants and proving acts occurring in other states may be a daunting one,” DeSimone added. “But by charging acts in other states, the indictment demonstrates how Trump and the alleged co-conspirators developed a plan to invalidate the popular vote in a sufficient number of states to alter the results of the election.

Other details:

  • A hearing will take place later, at a time to be determined.
  • Trump posted his mugshot to X (formerly known as Twitter), his first post on that platform since he was banned by former Twitter owners in January of 2021.
  • The charges include violating the Georgia RICO Act—the Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act; Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer and other charges.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee launched an investigation Thursday into whether the Department of Justice coordinated with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in Georgia on the fourth indictment of former President Donald Trump.

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, sent a letter to Fulton County District Attorney Willis demanding all records of communication with the DOJ to determine whether it was “politically motivated.”

“Turning first to the question of motivation, it is noteworthy that just four days before this indictment, you launched a new campaign fundraising website that highlighted your investigation into President Trump,” the letter said. “Additionally, the forewoman of the special grand jury you convened to investigate President Trump earlier this year bragged during an unusual media tour about her excitement at the prospect of subpoenaing President Trump and getting to swear him in.”

The investigation comes the same day Trump turned himself in to the Georgia jail.

“Last week, the Fulton County Superior Court’s Clerk publicly released a list of criminal charges against President Trump reportedly hours before the vote of the grand jury,” the letter from Jordan said. “A Fulton County court has disqualified you from targeting current Georgia Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones as part of your probe on the grounds that you actively supported and held fundraising events for his Democratic opponent. And unlike officials in other jurisdictions, Fulton County officials ‘have suggested [they] will process [the former President] as [a] typical criminal defendant[], requiring mug shots and possibly even cash bond.’”

Notably, IRS whistleblowers recently testified that the DOJ interfered to protect the president’s son, Hunter Biden, in the legal investigation into his alleged tax, gun and other crimes.

Republicans kicked off a similar investigation into New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg after brought his charges against Trump. Bragg has a long history of anti-Trump comments and even ran for election on the promise to prosecute Trump.

Trump faces 91 total charges across indictments in New York, Florida, Washington, D.C., and now Georgia. Those charges are related either to Trump’s handling of classified documents, his alleged payments to Stormy Daniels, or his alleged work to overturn the 2020 election results.

The Georgia indictment features 41 charges against 19 of Trump’s alleged co-conspirators.

Trump has blasted all the indictments, calling them a political effort against the Republican frontrunner. Trump currently holds a wide lead over his primary challengers, most of whom promised at Wednesday’s debate to still support him for president even if he is convicted.


  1. I can just visualize Joe Biden’s mugshot, which will be published in 2025. Dirty Joe with chocolate ice-cream dripping off his chin, eyes popped open, in his pink giraffe pajamas, asking if he can take a nap before getting finger printed.
    Oh,….payback is going to be so much fun. Joe can share a holding cell with Nancy Pelosi.

    • Isn’t political payback what Representative Jordan is investigating? Are you advocating for what the GOP is railing against? Should Trump win in 2024, should he just round up all democrats and have them executed?

    • Love it!
      BTW, he’s selling t-shirts with his mugshot image. Expected to be the biggest selling t-shirt ever, on the planet. Hundreds of $$millions in revenue.
      Democrats are such …….dumbf*cks.

      • Very clever of him. He will have hats with his mug shot, t shirts same and with a list of the indictments on the front and back and will rake in the cash. The prosecutor and Judge May have been out smarted. Their attempt to humiliate Trump might even be ultimately blamed for his success if he wins the election.

      • Trump mug shot T-shirts selling for $47.
        Coffee mugs for $25. Sales are off the charts. Hope MRAK gets in on the promotion. Lots of fun for MRAK readers …..even salty Democrats.🤣

      • He can exploit the mug shot all he wants. What he can’t exploit is testimony made under oath in a courtroom, and the judgement of twelve of his peers.

        Behind his bluster, he’s sweating. Sleep soundly, Donald.

        • What Trump can do is open the door for testimony about election fraud, ballot stuffing, and all of the other relevant evidence that Democrats have been trying to hide from since 2020. This is a prosecution run by complete fools who are going to see the defense turn the charges around on them. Whidbey, do you have any kind of ability to think things through, or do just talk the nonsense that you’ve been programmed to do? Why are you even here at MRAK. You sound like an uneducated fool with lots of free time on your hands. Retired? In a facility? On meds?

    • Forget Hunter, dog. It’ll be the Big Guy going down courtesy of his son testifying against daddy. The dope addict way. The criminal mind way. The Democrat way! Equal justice under the law.

      • Believe when you want in the court of public (Conservative) opinion.

        But in a court of law, where witnesses can’t lie and where ordinary people are the judge, Joe Biden is safe. Trump is not.

        Just watch.

        • Oh, the Washington, DC court of law, where jurors are instructed to convict Republicans? And let Democrats get out of jail free? Dog, you need an education. You either are a very mixed up puppy, or you have been trained to bark on command. Go back to your bone.

    • My Son is innocent “He is the smartest man I know”
      All that hogwash on his laptop was planted Russian misinformation.
      I am not a liar.
      I am the President
      If you aint voting for me you aint black.
      If you dont fire the prosecutor you aint gettin the money…Well son of a B**CH!
      Where is my Corvette? I need an ice cream! Get that damn Prius out of my way!
      Getting too hot around here. I need another vacation and Trump needs another indictment.

    • Oh don’t forget the big guy, I’m sure this rabbit hole goes deeper than hunter, probably Beau boy as well. His brother James as well. Every penny should be confiscated and used to pay down national debt. Tall oaks along Washington mall await

    • You seem to be under the impression that Joe was involved in Hunter’s business. Hunter is a moron who is only capable of banging hookers and doing drugs. He never had any business.
      It was Joe’s business that Hunter was involved in, not the other way around.

  2. And what do the Alaskan RINOS do? Nothing but sit by and watch. Time to get rid of the whole delagation.

      • Murkowski would harp on about how justice is finally getting served.
        Why in the world would anyone want to hear that? It is predictable as the dawn.

    • Yep, I hope that they all have a prison cell with their names on it. Not only the Senators and House reps that work in Washington DC; but, also those AK Leg Senators and Reps that have sold us out. Some I can think of right off the bat: Murkowski, Sullivan, Peltola, Sumner, McCabe, and more of the RINOs, nearly all of the Demonrat reps. They all deserve time in prison. Well, except Murkowski – she deserves Gitmo. Peltola is quickly sliding down that slope to a Gitmo appointment also!

  3. It’s becoming boring. It’s not news anymore.

    Biden gets in trouble, Trump is Indicted or arrested. And done so by people looking to score points with the left.


  4. 364,000 ineligible voters were on the rolls in November 2020 in Georgia just based on residency alone
    67,000 of them voted. No one has had the courage or guts to hear the evidence.
    Willis is DA for ONE county in GA. There are 159 counties in GA. How many other districts DA’s joined Willis? ZERO. It’s a statewide case. Most ppl don’t know this.

    • Amazing that you haven’t been called as a witness by the Trump legal team since apparently you alone have the evidence of 67,000 illegally cast votes in Georgia. I’m sorry, but your comment seems quite dubious.

    • Not sure where those facts came from but perhaps 🍊guy can use them. It would be incredibly helpful to election security and process. They of course would need to be verified.

    • Ga Governor vigorously disputes the ineligible voter claim, and he loathes Trump.

      The Ga case is centered, for now, in Fulton county. There is no need for anyone else to join in. Besides, Willis doesn’t want to share the spotlight.

      • Hidden video coverage alone shows the ballot counters in Fulton County shutting down the tabulation centers early in the evening, kicking out all Republican ballot count watchers, and then pulling out boxes of ballots in large boxes that were hidden under the tables……..filled with phony votes for Joe Biden. This also happened in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. The voter fraud in these cities alone threw the election for Biden. Undisputable, verifiable, undeniable……ELECTION FRAUD……committed by Democrats.
        Joe Biden……is an imposture president. America knows it.

    • Unfortunately, messy voter registration rolls is proof of nothing. And, people on those rolls is not proof of voter fraud. It is a place to start an investigation.
      Which, for some reason, never seems to happen.

      • It’s called BALLOT STUFFING, idiots. Democrats have been operating this low class form of election fraud for decades. Just turn off the lights and lower the shades.
        If they think you can’t see it, then there’s no case. Valley above, ain’t too bright. But Valley is a Democrat. Ain’t too bright…..and Democrat, seem to be a perfect syllogism.

        • I believe you. But… bad ballot rolls are not proof of fraud. It is where the investigation starts, not ends.
          It is definitely a tool used for election fraud, but that is like blaming the gun for the actions of the shooter. Find the shooter (fraudster).

  5. It’s not about whether they can get a conviction or not. It’s about keeping the news cycle going and keeping his name in a bad light. It’s all they got, there’s not one Democrat who could debate Trump so they use their weaponized agencies.

    • I agree Jim. They keep rolling out all these phake charges to try and wear down people who want America to win. They want people to turn against the only president that could help America to be glorious again and a place where people could raise their families safely and worship the Creator of All Creation if they wish too. As long as people keep fighting to keep America alive and well, the evil will never win.

  6. Love him or hate him, Trump has been right more so than not. Everyone with a brain can see this is a scheme to take him off the board in the election. I did not like Trump’s comments about De Santis early on. I wince at his tweets sometimes. But no one can deny that what is happening is a concerted threat to our Democracy and Republic. Sometimes the best leaders have to be the roaring lion to fight back. You may not like him, but it’s ppl like this that can possibly save us with God’s blessings. Americans are a fair minded group generally and we do not like 3rd world political persecution.

  7. Suzanne, your buddy Amy can’t believe we’re losing the Republic after we screamed it and got laughed at. Where’s the apology bitch

    • Your comment is strangely vague and definitely innapropriate. Amy who? and who is we? Who laughed? apologize for what?

      Drop the vulgarities, it isn’t welcome anywhere and it makes you look less than intelligent.

      • I am sorry I missed round-filing that comment from Dalton, who is frequently abusive and rarely seen here because of his vulgarity and threats. – sd

        • I actually know Dalton Dumsh*t. His level of intellect would hardly beat a fourth grader on his best day. Loooozer!!

    • Considering the abusive and overbearing parent/nanny that is the the Left, it is only natural for the oppressed to express resistance.

    • He likely practiced that mug shot with a photographer, publicist, and acting coach for hours before surrendering.
      It is having EXACTLY the effect he wanted. Petty leftists are all “it captures him perfectly” whereas the adults see it as good political strategy.

  8. This is just Biden trying to bury his opponent! Weaponizing the justice system against Trump will hurt us all. Trump can defend himself. Most of the rest of us cannot defend ourselves when the government comes after us!

      • C(ommunist)man, do you realize how ridiculous your repeated and blindly partisan denials of reality are?

        “I am a libertarian”. LOL!
        In a pig’s eye, maybe.

        • As long as you admit your own obscene blindness as well. You think you see some clear reality and everyone that disagrees with you is a “statist” or “radical leftist communist” or some other tired label of yours. What will you say if Trump loses again? Hmm? It’s all rigged? The “deep state” made it happen?

          If Trump does win I’ll say it was the will of the people and the electors, just like it was in 2020. If it doesn’t
          go down that way, I’m sure you’ll be a purile manchild claiming fraud or some other amorphous mass of nothing much. Will you commit right now to state what I just said about the next election if Trump doesn’t win?

          • Given the gross election fraud that occurred in the 2020 presidential (s)election, and the likely ramped-up efforts along the same line by the globalist and deep state actors (whom you support), what will the outcome of the 2024 presidential (s)election even mean in terms of “the will of the people”? Exactly nothing.

            I may not have a perfect view of reality — who does? — but yours is marginal and tenuous, at best. Your consistent shilling and support for the power establishment and the ruling class speaks for itself, and is more damning than any words of mine against you could be.

  9. And the real crooks are still in the White House with drugs and strippers. What a great country we have the big guy and his crime family gets a pass.

  10. Great mug photo. He’s coming after the wacked-out lefties and Democrats. Trump is the most photographed and headline story-maker in the history of the world. Dozens of future generations enrolled in colleges and universities will be offered courses, and even degrees, in the making of Donald John Trump. Joe Biden…….lol…..the criminal president who’s own son put him in prison……… the Alzheimer’s lock-down unit.

  11. Pandora’s box my liberal friends. You opened it and will never get it shut again. This isn’t only mugshot of a former president we will see in this country.

  12. SImone, doesn’t “it” also show how collusion can be used to destroy maliciously a conservative president to fortify one democrat regime using different actors? Why?

  13. This is a purely political persecution, supported with zero evidence of wrongdoing, and it not only persecutes Trump, but every citizen who recognizes the constitution and understands what it means.

    Meanwhile Biden continues to support illegal activity, way beyond these accusations, brazenly in the open for all to see, with mountains of evidence, and nothing is done.

      • Read it. Zero proof. How about you read what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop or the Hilary Emails? Clearly you haven’t read those or the indictment.

      • I read it.
        It is a long list of legal acts that somehow add up to racketeering. Not sure how that works, but the Fulton Co. DA seems to think a bunch of legal actions makes a crime.
        If you took off your anti-Trump glasses for a second and actually read the indictment yourself, it is really an indictment against anyone questioning government actions of any kind. Yep, the first amendment no longer protects an individual’s (or a group’s) right to free speech, and protest. At least not in Fulton County.

  14. Unless this is all some deeply choreographed farce on the part of the ruling class and deep state, I wonder if all the radical leftist extremists ever ask themselves, WHY is the power establishment so deathly afraid of Trump?

    • Because he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. He would start talking about classified information. Watch officials have a coronary.
      Supposedly, it’s not who you know, it’s what you know. Apparently Donny Brooks doesn’t care. Lol.
      That’s what they are afraid of. Problem is that no one’s hands are clean. So you might as well talk about it. Expose the racket and get it over with.
      The centurian tactic of tossing out the dancers, I mean distractors are getting long in the tooth boys.

    • I don’t necessarily think they are. I think they’re actually more afraid of DeSantis or maybe, maybe Pence (in this one instance).

      More I watch this, the more I’m becoming convinced they are certain if they get Trump the Martyr nominated the easier it is for weekend at Biden’s Pt 2.

      It’s the only thing that makes some sense from the perspective of the left pulling out all the stops to hand Trump the nomination.

      Is it a sound strategy? Time will tell.
      I’ve given up trying to predict.

      • Masked, your theory, like that of Robert Schenker, fails for lack of critical thought. If the Left wanted Trump as an opposing candidate they could easily defeat, they would not be using the legal system as a weapon to keep him off the ballot.

        • I’m sorry, am I supposed to take you seriously?

          This is a commonly discussed premise in circles apparently outside your world.

          Your inability to look at the world around you is…entertaining. Not helpful, but entertaining.

        • Wayne, T’s popularity amongst Republicans has only been enhanced with each indictment brought forth upon Trump by a rapid leftist judicial group employing lawfare. This is indisputable. T’s demeanor and frankly his record didn’t increase his popularity, the persecution of him did that.

          The leftist know that they can whoop Trump, having done so in ’18 ’20 and
          ’22. Trump may ultimately become the G.O.P. Candidate because of this legal persecution being placed their by a 5% majority within a minority party. Think Sarah Palin here Wayne… It’s hard to win with 40% of the vote.
          What did Einstein say about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?
          There is an affliction called T.D.S, and then there is another called becoming a Trumpanzie, pity those that eschew critical thinking and replace thought with delusion.

    • Jeff its really not that complicated. The power establishment does not favor a fascist regime taking power in this country, Nor do they want a soon to be convicted criminal running the country, no different than a felon not being allowed to run a public company. Hopefully this will all be moot as Trump will not allowed to be on state ballots by their respective Secretary of State or Lt Governor.

      • Fannie you should go get a firmware update. Your logic processors are not well, processing logic.

        The left is using every means necessary to silence the opposition and its people, while NPCs like you running around like little enforcers.

        You are the fascist. Buzz off.

        • Dear Jefferson, we’d all like to ask you to open up and share a bit. Tell us a little bit about yourself so that we can better put you in context, and form a clearer mental image of you.

          What specifically in your past has made you such a vitriolic Government hater? Have you been wrongly charged in a crime? Has the Government taken your land, your guns, or your property without due process? Is it the fact that you’re compelled to pay taxes? Or has the Government wronged you in some other way so as to resolutely set you against it? How you can be so steadfastly pitted against a Government that serves and protects its citizens, and that does so much good in the world, is indeed a profound mystery.

          So please, let’s go deep. Perhaps we’ll be able to help you resolve your psychosis. We all want to, as we are tired of your endless, repetitive, radical, leftist, extremist rants.

          • “How you can be so steadfastly pitted against a Government that serves and protects its citizens, and that does so much good in the world?”

            I can now put your posts in a much better context here, Fannie — you are clearly a comedian.

      • Calling someone a fascist does not make them one.
        It is the actions of the person that will make them a fascist. And, I would very much want to know what Trump has done that makes him a fascist in your eyes? Not crap from editorials, but actual documented actions.
        (Oh, I know you will bring up the Charlottesville thing, or Jan 6th. Please, try harder. Those are the media trying to destroy Trump, not actual actions on his part.)

    • We’re afraid of Trump because he would control the nuclear launch codes. But we don’t vote for him because he’s a sick, debased, and supremely unethical bully.

      Give me a decent traditional Republican and I just might vote for him or her. But never Trump. Never ever. No.

  15. Trump has Presidential immunity! The legal precedent for this immunity was decided by the US Supreme Court years ago with the Nixon vs Fitzgerald case. The Georgia DA should be disbarred immediately for her role in election meddling.

    • Presidents are not immune to LAWFULL charges. Otherwise Brandon would get off scott free. However, as none of these charges are lawfull in any way, Trump is effectively immune to any and all of them. Brandon on the other hand is looking at between 300-450 years for what his son has been up to.

      • acfak – Presidents most certainly are immune to any charges from State DA’s! That is why we don’t see any Republican State DA’s levelling charges against Sloppy Joe. It is frivolous political theater & in Trump’s case pretty obvious election meddling. When Sloppy Joe goes down it will come from Congressional impeachment or his resignation. Unfortunately, Obama will most likely use this loophole to slither away when his corruption is exposed, too. Hunter Biden will not have that Constitutional protection, however. At least we will have that.

      • That is actually the Dems favorite line. They use it while they continue to break the law. And you cheer them on!

        You are quite the disgrace. No wonder America is falling apart.

    • The case you’re referring to only stated that a President is immune from CIVIL liability, not CRIMINAL charges while in office. Nice try though.

      • MA – some of Trump’s co-defendants are, indeed, using a similar argument to move the case to Federal court. I think Trump already knows of his immunity & is just playing these idiotic DA’s like a fiddle. After his “indictment” in Georgia, Trump’s poll numbers soared. When he was “forced” to submit to fingerprinting & a mug shot, his numbers shot through the roof! Trump will be the nominee, unless the Swamp gets truly desperate and pulls another JFK moment. The only mystery right now is who will be his VP.

    • Your legal skills are minimal at best. Nixon vs. Fitzgerald ruled that the President is entitled to absolute immunity from legal liability for CIVIL damages based on his official acts. The ruling emphasized that the President is not immune from criminal charges stemming from his official or unofficial acts. Interfering with a state election is not an official act of the President.

        • What the swamp admits with this, is Trump’s voice reaches much father than theirs and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

      • When it’s Biden’s turn, all of the unindicted co-conspirators can be found at the DOJ and FBI offices. Dissolving the agency would be a good start by Trump.

      • Fannie – Trump didn’t interfere in a State election. He questioned the integrity of a Federal election for the Presidency!

  16. Gestapo like tactics to interfere in an election and distract the nation from the wrongdoings of the Biden crime family !
    I thank Trump for bringing to light the corruption from our politicians from both sides of political arena along with the corruption of our alphabet law enforcement along with DOJ !
    Now, we need to figure out how to rid ourselves of this situation !

  17. I would agree that a lot, even most, of the changes against Donald Trump are political but have to ask: Are they ALL political? The charges in the classified documents case are are the most consequential, IMO. If we are outraged that Joe stored classified documents next to the Corvette in the garage at the beach house, shouldn’t we be outraged at Trump for keeping classified doc in a shower stall at his place? Both are equally wrong. Trump may have compounded his alleged crime by telling his minions to move them around.

    Unless and until we insist on honorable leaders, we will continue to suffer under both these men and their ilk. I will tolerate neither. Better leaders 2024.

    • We are outraged that Trump kept classified documents at his house. However, the DOJ and NARA did inspect the storage locations, and they recommended stronger protections. Which Trump immediately installed. The documents were secured and protected to the satisfaction of the authorities.
      At what point did Biden admit he had documents, get the location inspected, and install any protective measures?
      Now, who is a better leader in your mind? Can you name a few folks that you think will be a better President than the current two front runners?

      • Isn’t Trump’s legal issue here related to not returning government documents when requested then obstructing? At what point did Biden refuse to return documents and then obstruct?

        • I do not recall ever reading about a request from any Government agency that was not complied with. However, there may have been one that I am not aware of.

    • JMARK -Some of Biden’s classified material was from his time as a US Senator & Vice President – he had NO legal right to possess those documents. Trump, on the other hand, is a former President & had a legal right to possess classified documents. Apples and Oranges.

      • The comparison is more like apples and orangutans.

        Biden is patently guilty of what Trump is not, repeatedly.
        But the unbounded hypocrisy and blind partisan bias of the radical leftists who support the mindless husk in the White House will never allow them to acknowledge this, even to themselves.

  18. Bail is only set insure a defendant will not be a flight risk. Does anyone really think Trump is a flight risk?
    And a mug shot is to have picture of a defendant so that he can be identified. Does anyone really think that a mug shot would be necessary to identify Trump. Any of the millions of photos of him would have easily accomplished that goal.
    The Judge that set the bail and required the mug shot was only trying to humiliate Trump. Is this how a Judge should act. It is clear that the judge acted from a political motivation and not in the interests of Justice.

    • Yes, he is at significant risk of defecting to Russia and moving into Putin’s moldy Sochi Palace!

    • Actually, bail is traditionally imposed and set for two reasons: Danger to the community and to ensure that the defendant appears for trial. Statutes may change the rules to an extent.

  19. Just take one look at President Trump’s face folks. If that doesn’t tell you everything, you’re missing the big picture. We are at war with the Deep State, and they want him gone because he is continuing to expose them and their crimes against you “The People”. He is angry and wants them to see justice. You better pray for his safety and that his coordinated take down of the treasonous criminals that stole the election will succeed. Right now, you live in a dictatorship, and they will stop at nothing for full control. They will not stop until they shred the Constitution and take away everything you have worked for. I hope you understand the gravity of what I’m saying. America will cease to exist if we do not fully support our rightful duly elected president and ask our military to stand by their oath to the Constitution. We are on the brink of losing our freedom. Just take a look at China and think about that being here! Total control, no freedom!

    • If we lived in a dictatorship, MRAK and most other sources of news would not exist, nor would you be allowed to express your opinions in the way you just did. Stop with the hyperbole.

      • No hyperbole here. If you think your free, you’re sleepwalking. Your government is spying on you and censoring you on platforms they control. The MSM is controlled and told what to say. The FBI is now breaking into homes and shooting people without cause. The IRS is cracking down on your ability to live as Biden increases your taxes. They are outlawing gas stoves and as of today forcing the industry to make “energy efficient ceiling fans.” 2-tiered justice system with rules for thee but not for me. They make up false charges against their political enemies and ignore their actual crimes. Biden is a foreign agent and is compromised, yet they ignore both his and his son’s crimes. You are either a troll or watch to much Fox & CNN.

        • MJ, I am convinced that posters like cman here, and Fannie above, and certain others, are not merely willing shills and quislings for the power establishment, but are actually dedicated anti-freedom, pro-establishment propaganda trolls on the payroll of some governmental or globalist agency. Their every post exudes it.

          Some others, like Whidbey the Dog, come across to me as merely brainwashed and conformist useful idiots.

          • And you’re an angry and venom filled spoiled American; at least that’s how you come across. You never have anything positive to say and you act like you are the only one who knows “the truth”, while anyone who dares to disagree with you is a statist, radical liberal, schill, or whatever terms you regularly spew on here.

            I don’t dislike you, I feel sorry for you.

          • Your specious accusations mean nothing, c(ommunist)man, as they are simply more untruthful misinformation, and psychological projection of your own sins and inadequacies.

            And I DO dislike you, intensely — you are a vile disinformation troll, oozing with disingenuousness and dishonesty. I loathe people like you, in fact, and I have NO doubt whatsoever that if I were ever to unknowingly meet you in person, I would take an instant dislike to you; I am not even going to pretend otherwise. Because you are my enemy, and the enemy of the truth and of liberty.

          • Well, you’ve got this Dog all wrong. Retired energy industry executive, financially secure, happily married 45 years, grandkids. Voted Republican all my life until Obama 2. Repulsed by Trump, his apostles and sycophants, and dangerous, extreme Right-wingers like you.

            I didn’t leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me.

            And by the way, do you ever work or do anything productive at all? You seem to spend your entire day (and night) posting endlessly on MRAK stories. Happily, your nasty posts are read by few and accomplish nothing. Peace out.

          • Well, my posts are clearly read by, and responded to, by you, so obviously they accomplished something.

            And even if they were ready by nobody, I would still have the satisfaction of having countered the malevolent pro-establishment lies of contemptible people like you.

      • Removing unofficial sources of information takes time.
        It starts with denigrating them (see how the leftists get all bent out of shape about Fox news, without even realizing how far to the left it is.) Then there is a push by the government to remove mis/disinformation. Next step (we are almost there) is outright censoring of opinions they do not like. (See what Canada is doing to Jordan Peterson as an example)

    • Help me out here, what crimes have Mr. Trumper exposed other then his confessions to his own crimes?

    • Amen Michael. cman, we are fast going down that road of censorship right now. Keep your eyes closed and maybe you won’t be afraid when you hit the wall.

  20. What I’m looking forward to is the 180 degree change that’s gonna occur when Biden is facing corruption charges.

    All the “it’s political!” coming from the current “equal Justice” crowd.

      • Equal justice will be when Epstien/Maxwell clients are punished for purchasing children for despicable acts upon them. Until then, American justice is a farce.

        • Unfortunately Matt Goes N Getz M Young and then traffics them over state lines was let off the hook!

          • Now try that in English, Fannie.

            (Remember, you do not earn your 50 cents if you do not make at least a halfway credible stab at a rational post.)

      • Yes we will.
        If it is OK for a former President to be brought up on charges that are… well… weak at best, then it is OK for the next former President to get brought up on equally weak charges.
        Seriously, there was more evidence of Hillary Clinton breaking any number of National Security laws, but Trump did not go after her, nor did any other justice entity. Why? Ask your self that? Why would Trump have held off on indicting Hillary, at a bare minimum for violating the Records Act by using unofficial methods to conduct Government business, and not retaining the records. (And, yes, Anthony Weiner’s laptop had the hard evidence of that.)
        This type of lawfare, politically based lawfare is destroying this nation. Trump knew it and held off. But, the leftists, being the children they are, do not have an adult level comprehension of the long term effects of their tantrum.

  21. I left a couple of comments early this morning and they were not published. Why? Did not diss anyone… what is going on here?

      • Donating is not a requirement to comment. I have no idea what Patricia is referring to, but I did notice the website was offline for a few minutes today, and maybe she submitted a comment during that time and it ran into trouble. – sd

        • …….or, Patricia was purchasing $500 worth of Trump T-shirts and coffee mugs on-line, while she was under investigation for using her Republican neighbor’s stolen debit card.

  22. In the meantime, Queen Sarah crawled out from under her rock and ran to Newsmax (maybe One America) saying indicting Trump will lead to civil war. I hope no one was injured as she charged like a linebacker to get in front of a camera.

    Apparently her Denseness missed the first 3. Someone we’re not fighting yet. Are we waiting on her to green light the riots?

    Maybe she’s been fishing with her BFF Mary? Grifters gotta grift.

    Funny to see her white knighting for the guy who did next to nothing to help her campaign.

    • I recall that after the Donald was elected in 2016, the ex-Governor made a big trip to New York to discuss where she was going to fit into the new Trump regime. After that, Ms. Palin was not placed anywhere. One would have to think that if nothing happened then for the ex-Guv, it wasn’t going to happen at all. Even the Donald was not foolish enough to bring her into government.

    • Ask her why she was so scared when she resigned? Talk about being afraid of something.
      Now she’s squauk boxing about civil war? Whose Centurians idea is that Sarah? How’s the seizure of assets going for them? Lol. Might want to tell them that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Let’s see who is left standing. I bet I know.
      The reason why you resigned… hahaha. You should be so lucky that one adopted humanity.
      Better family and food than the shit show that One got stuck with. Oh. And I guess you all better hurry up and return those funds you funnelled. Or 1929 stick crash will look like a practice run. Ouch. That smarts. Gosh. Sarah. Don’t steal…

  23. Trump is being accused of what the democratic gang did in the 2020 election.
    -Aint this the pot calling the kettle black.

  24. You are either blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other or just plain don’t care about patriotism ! Ray Charles can see the corruption that Trump has flushed out ! But you being a democrat that is probably a quality trait !

  25. Strange nobody has noticed the similarities of this to the false charges brought up on Ted Stevens in the middle of an election. He still almost won despite the indictments that were dropped after the election. Nothing was done to prevent this form of electioneering so history repeats itself. We continue to see third-world tactics being used by both parties but of course the ruling party has the advantage. The common objective seems to our country’s wealth, which is diminishing rapidly. When the politicians have milked us dry, public office will become less desirable and maybe we can have fair elections again. When there’s nothing left to steal, crime decreases.

  26. MA – some of Trump’s co-defendants are, indeed, using a similar argument to move the case to Federal court. I think Trump already knows of his immunity & is just playing these idiotic DA’s like a fiddle. After his “indictment” in Georgia, Trump’s poll numbers soared. When he was “forced” to submit to fingerprinting & a mug shot, his numbers shot through the roof! Trump will be the nominee, unless the Swamp gets truly desperate and pulls another JFK moment. The only mystery right now is who will be his VP.

  27. Fannie – Trump didn’t interfere in a State election. He questioned the integrity of a Federal election for the Presidency!

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