Event: Bronson to hold town hall on his ending homelessness plan


Mayor-Elect Dave Bronson and transition team leader for homelessness Dr. John Morris will host a community dialogue Thursday, June 17 from 5-7 pm at the Wilda Marston Theater on the ground floor of the Anchorage Loussac Library to discuss their preliminary blueprint to address the next steps for the homeless in Anchorage. 

Bronson will be sworn into office on July 1. He presented the framework for his homelessness solution to the Anchorage Assembly earlier this week.


  1. Certain special interests/non-profits are sure to fight that! The “homeless” are their never-ending cash cow, and they want the problem to go on and on without any real regard toward ending the destructive cycle.

  2. I think it’s equal parts virtue signaling, largess/payola, and wanting these Urban centers to become chaotic wastelands, on the part of the left that has driven us here, but I have a really simple solution to fix the problem:

    Vagrancy is illegal. Enforce the law.

  3. Since Berkowitz and his wife got elected all we have heard for 6 years is “homeless” 24/7. And yet the result is more homeless spread over a wider area. I have an idea. Let’s just shut up and quit spending hundreds of millions on 3000 “homeless”. Instead maybe we could concentrate on the other 300,000 of us for a change. That’s what I thought I was voting for in the most recent election. Instead it’s that raven again squawking, “homeless”!, “homeless”!. Give it a rest for a year.! The more you spend the more will come, How much have we spent for what result?

  4. How do you end homelessness?
    You DON’T end it by using public funds to enable it.
    You DON’T build homeless “transition” facilities to ease their sad plight.
    You DON’T feed them or house them or give them free or subsidized healthcare.
    In other words…you DON’T make it easier or more pleasant to be homeless.
    What you DO is enforce vagrancy laws.
    You arrest people who violate OUR rights to public property when they build encampments and trash the area up.
    You arrest people who prey on local citizens who are unlucky enough to live near homeless camps.
    If you want homelessness to end in your town you make every effort to discourage it.
    If you want to prolong the problem then you help the homeless and the way that’s usually done is to waste taxpayer funds helping these homeless people escape the lifelong chain of poor decisions that ultimately led to their current situation…or, said in a different way, you make other productive people pay for the mistakes of others.
    Bronson is an idiot for going down this road. Makes him look like a liberal.

  5. One does amuse at the big Native corporations not issuing a word on ‘their’ homeless,,,

  6. COMMONSF: The 12 regional Native corps are largely controlled by the traditional high-class clans. They care about their fellow high-castes, not us deplorable low-casts. Many of us low-casts are descended from the 2/3rds of the Natives who were tribal slaves in years past.
    No matter how well we do in this day and age, we’re never going to be anything more than the “Slavs of Eastern Europe” to them. They won’t help the Native homeless, because they hate them for being a reminder of their slave-keeping past, a past they would want to bury and forget.

  7. Saturday apparently five “homeless people” got shot, with one dying. While tragic, it’s really no surprise. Many of the homeless associate in small packs, mostly for safety from other packs.
    The shooting by the Black Angus a few days further back had the earmarks of pack warfare. Apparently it started around 13th and Fairbanks, then migrated to Gamble, on the ally-way next to Black Angus, where a shot was fired, striking one apparently homeless person.
    Typical pack behavior is an arrogance towards anyone voicing complaints to them. They have the courage of numbers, plus maybe that of alcohol or whatever drug may be available.
    I was working on my toy hauler trailer and one came up to me in a real aggressive manner wanting money. A neighbor said something to get his attention, so that he could see the rifle barrel pointing at him. I most certainly would have gotten mugged, or ended up in prison for beating him with the tool in my hand.
    That’s a real problem. The homeless have gotten the “message” that all that will happen to them will be a few days in jail, while their target may end up in prison for years, simply for defending themselves and their property.
    I live in Fairview and have seen the same homeless prowling around homes, breaking into vehicles, and getting chased off by citizens with guns. The homeless show guns also. There was an almost “OK Corral” just outside our parking lot not long ago. Several people with guns pointing at each other, shouting. Armed residents vs. armed homeless.
    The five on Saturday aren’t the first, nor will they be the last. The police spokesperson say’s that so far this season, murders are close to normal … suggesting that the problem is somewhat manageable.
    Well, it wasn’t for one person who was simply trying to keep some homeless from apparently ruining his employer’s business. That he lost his cool and shot five of them is wrong, but that they didn’t see it coming is stupid.
    The homeless don’t have an exclusive on intimidation and violence. It’s a two way street.
    That’s why the laws need enforcing … to keep the packs from forming and roaming the streets at all hours of the day and night. It’s more than vagrancy. It’s a clear and present danger.

  8. Of course Bronson instantly turns into a socialist the moment he is elected. That’s how it goes with “conservative” elected officials in Alaska

  9. Homelessness in Alaska is almost nonexistent compared to the rest of the country.. count your blessings

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