Durham report shows bias at FBI led agency to focus on Trump campaign, ignored Clinton and Russia


Special Counsel John Durham let loose with the unvarnished truth on the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

In a report released Monday by the Justice Department, Durham suggests the FBI exhibited a double standard, pursuing allegations of Russia’s links to Trump’s 2016 campaign with unmatched intensity, while barely scratching the surface of serious claims about foreign entities striving to exert influence over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Durham, in his investigative role for four years, delivered a 306-page report that was made public on Monday.

The report critiques the bureau for a “lack of analytical rigor,” in probing whether the 2016 Trump campaign was coordinating with Moscow.

His report discusses efforts by foreign agents to sway Clinton through campaign donations. The report concludes that FBI had evidence the Steele Dossier could have been sourced to Russian disinformation. The agency didn’t disclose this fact.

The report says that while Clinton was briefed on such attempts by Russians to infiltrate her campaign, Trump and his aides were not briefed about the FBI’s suspicions of influence attempts.

“The objective facts show that the FBI’s handling of important aspects of the Crossfire Hurricane matter were seriously deficient,” the report says, of the code name “Crossfire Hurricane,” the agency’s operation.

Durham doesn’t plainly accuse the FBI. of making decisions based on political bias. Instead, he suggests the presence of a “confirmation bias,” with some FBI agents holding strong political views that made them lean towards the “Russia plot” theory of the Trump campaign.

Read the Durham report here.


    • Durham interviewed Hillary Clinton on alleged plan to tie Trump to Russia, and found no ‘provable criminal offense’.

      Political amnesia is the reality of whitewashing Marco Rubio’s Aug 2020 (GOP) Senate Intelligence led Committee Report on Trump-Russia Collusion, which found:

      Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s relationship with Russia represented a grave counterintelligence threat” to the U.S.

      Michael Cohen (Trump’s “fixer”) negotiated with Russians to help secure approval for Trump Tower Moscow.

      Trump advisor Roger Stone coordinated with Wikileaks and the Kremlin to hack DNC computers.

      Trump Jr. expected to receive” derogatory information” about Hilary Clinton during Trump Tower meeting with Russians.

      • Lincoln has been smoking pot in his basement for three straight weeks, reading old Mad magazines waiting for his mom to make him another THC smoothie. Saturday Night Live re-runs blasting in the background.

  1. Durham confirms water is wet.

    Be nice if this info could have come up in a more timely manner.

    • Criminal investigations against Democrats run as deep as water running off the *ss end of a duck.

  2. For the 2020 elections 87.6 % of political donations from Department of Justice federal employees went to the democrats.

  3. There has to be a crime in there for FBI leadership, especially those who have already testified under oath to Congress. Comey, McCabe, and Baker need some retirement time in prison.

  4. The Injustice Department needs to be torn down and replaced with damn near anything

  5. Good money says nothing will happen. We the people need to take over the DOJ and do the arresting trials and sentencing of guilty people. They think they are better than us and are laughing down their noses at us. Silly little people.

  6. No surprise here and it has become obvious the only people that have to obey the laws in this country are the people out here busting their a– to keep the economy afloat. The politicians are all exempt, unless your name is Trump. At some point the justice system is going to find itself on the short end of the stick when people finally get sick of this crap.

  7. I hear Sean Hannity all the time defending “the vast majority of dedicated FBI agents” or something similar. This analysis is wrong. The severity of abuses identified by Mr. Durham indicates that the core organizational culture of the FBI is deeply flawed. The cultural rot comes from too many FBI agents looking the other way when some violate their obligations of impartiality, honesty and fidelity to the rules. Director Wray has not brought this under control. He is now part of the cover-up and the problem. Fundamental change is required. For example, I favor separating the crime investigation function from all intelligence gathering. No American can or should trust the agency until this kind of change has taken place.

    • JMARK, I agree. Furthermore, I cannot find any supporting evidence that would convince me that the F.B.I. , especially as it currently is operating would be anything but repugnant to our Founding Fathers or the Constitution that they created.

      As for Sean Hannity, maybe he grew up watching Efrem Zimbalist Jr?

  8. If you value your life it’s best you ignore any and all business or political liaisons of any Clinton…….just saying.

  9. Quick tune into CNN. I am sure they will be highlighting this bombshell investigation results and Merrick Garland will be steppin an fetchen all over himself gettin these guilty bastards behind bars. I am holding my breath cause I just know its a comin any minute now!

  10. AND(!!!) …
    – Who exactly will be held responsible?
    – What consequences will be levied against the perps at the FBI?
    – When will this transgression be rightfully prosecuted?
    – How far up the chain-of-command does this extend?
    – Why should the American Citizens put up with this egregious lawlessness at the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and a plethora of other Guv’ment Agencies?

    • Held responsible for what exactly? The report clearly says no laws were broken. It’s not unreasonable to believe Trumpy broke the law as he has been committing crimes for at least the last 50 years. The FBI only intercepted Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador discussing relieving sanctions and Trumpy Jr’s email plotting to get dirt on Hillary from the Russian Solicitor General. For god’s sake Flynn was convicted of lying to the FBI about it. Orange Trumpy told one of his never ending lies and said Junior was discussing Russian adoptions. And the problem is with the FBI? What is wrong with you people?

      • Please list all the crimes Trump has been committing over 50 years.

        And be specific. Real ones, not the ones in your head.

        • Here are just a few.

          Bank fraud (listing NYC apartment at 3X actual size, inflating net worth)
          Property tax fraud (deflating value of properties)
          Income tax fraud (TO recently found guilty, he was the boss)
          Sexual assault (26 plus matters)
          Rape (see E J Carroll and Ivana)
          Wire fraud (raising funds related to the big lie)
          Money laundering (spending money raised related to the big lie)
          Obstruction of justice (10 counts listed in Mueller report, hiding classified documents)
          Sedition (January 6th)
          Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States (Jan 6th, fake electors)
          Campaign finance law violations (listed as unindicted co-conspirator in Cohen indictment and plea agreement)
          Georgia RICO violations (pressuring Georgia officials to change votes)
          Bribery and honest services fraud (withholding aid from Ukraine for dirt on Bidens)

          • Bank fraud. Good one. Obviously you know nothing about that case. Trump was applying for a business loan, and he was asked to self declare the value of his property. The bank accepted Trump’s evaluation without questioning it, issued the loan, and Trump paid it back. So… nope, does not rise to the level of fraud.
            The two claims of tax fraud, so far, no charges filed, despite the investigations. I am going to say there is no crime there.
            Rape? The E Jean Carroll jury found no evidence of that. Ivana… who? Unsubstantiated at best, outright lies more likely. Again, where are the charges.
            Wire fraud? Seriously, using the odd events on election day 2020 as a method to raise money? Right, every politician is guilty of the same crime. There is no politician that will not use current events to raise money.
            Obstruction of justice in the Mueller report. Cannot actually be a crime, otherwise Pelosi would have had him impeached and removed from office. Try harder.
            Sedition and criminal conspiracy to defraud, both unsubstantiated. At no point did Trump encourage or condone the riot. And, the “false electors” were not false in any way. They are called “alternates” and if you were not just copying and pasting stuff, you would know that.
            Unindicted… surely you know what that means. It means there is not enough evidence to charge him. In other words, not a crime.
            And, my personal favorite, the Georgia Sec of State call. Did you actually listen to the recording? Trump put no pressure on the GA sec of state. He could have been asking for a pony for that matter and it would have been just as damning. Seriously, where was the impeachment and removal from office? Pelosi knew about that phone call, and did… nothing. If it really was a crime, he would have been impeached and removed before the end of November.
            And the Ukraine funding was delivered. There was no hold up.
            Finally, if you know all about these crimes, and supposedly everyone else does as well, why no trials? Why no indictments? Why is Trump still walking free after the eight plus years of investigations?

      • One does not have to break the law to do something wrong.
        Last time I checked, the Justice Department was not supposed to ignore allegations against one political party, while spending millions investigating allegations against the other political party. It is an ethical issue, it is a trust issue. And, it was wrong even if no specific laws were broken.

    • Apparently all the way to Obama, if news reports can be believed.

      Obama has zero love for Joe, but was heavily invested in a Clinton win. He was probably scared of her.

  11. The long-awaited culmination of an investigation that Trump and his allies had claimed would expose massive wrongdoing by law enforcement and intel officials, has delivered some very underwhelming results. 4 years and $6 million later, no new evidence they did anything wrong. Wah, wah. Kenneth Starr, move over, John Bull-sheet Durham just lapped you in his clown car to last place.

    • Your radical leftist wholesale denial of reality is at least consistent, “lincoln”.
      This was an amusing but feeble attempt to declare that down is up, black is white and truth is a lie. Big Brother would be proud of you, anyway.

      Radical leftist extremism is a contagious and incurable disease. The only real solution for it is the hood-and-mouth treatment.

    • If you do not see wrong doing, then you are knowingly and deliberately ignoring what the report actually says. Or, are you OK with the Justice Department knowingly and deliberately conducting an investigation into a sitting President based on “evidence” they knew at the time was meaningless? The “so-called” evidence of collusion was so weak that no one without a political agenda would not have wasted their time looking into it.
      But, here we are, years later, and Mueller found nothing, despite several years and $32M in expenses. The Durham report pretty well says the Mueller investigation was a waste of taxpayer dollars and time.

  12. I rember Ted Stevens saying, ” Where do I go to get my GOOD NAME back “, After he was found Innocent. After his Lynching by the FBI. Same goes for Trump 10x.. No FBI arrested, no apology to Trump and his family, and supporters.. What did Kennedy / Oswald have in common—-FBI—-. WACO, / RUBY RIDGE.—-FBI. The Michigan Militia and Tim McViey—- The FBI. The Bling Sheik and the first World Trade Center Bombing—FBI again. The FBI IS ROGUE. Disband it. Build a new Agency—-with new people.

    • Ted was never found innocent, his verdict was vacated due to prosecutorial misconduct. Why would the FBI apologize Trump? Trumpy and his people are the ones who broke the law.

      • Millions spent on investigating Trump, and so far… what a few charges for procedural issues? Where are the crimes?

  13. Info that at least half the population could not know:

    Every time that guy stuffs a sandwich in his pie hole he chews on his mustache hair. The first bite yanks the hair around and the second makes his upper lip hurt. When you’re looking at a guy that has to either wax and comb his ‘stache when he sits down at the restaurant table (or avoid all but soup) you know you’re looking at a bit of a nutbar.

  14. And what else was swept under the rug by the democrats? And how detrimental to our republic?

  15. Do not celebrate the Durham report/investigation. It is just another piece of the corruption that has infiltrated the government.
    Why did the investigation deliberately exclude any investigation into the Mueller investigation? if the Durham report found that the Russian Collusion allegations were bogus, why not ask “What was Mueller doing for two plus years, and with $32M of taxpayer money?” But, it deliberately excluded that.
    Why? I can only speculate. The most likely reason is because Durham is not willing to overturn the apple cart and really expose the extent of the corruption in DC. Mueller knew the investigation was bogus, so did everyone on his team. And, the fact that Durham is willing to let that slide without so much as a nod is demonstration of how deep the corruption is.

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