Alaska’s nonprofit sector ranks 15th in the country as percentage of jobs


As Alaska’s graduates start pounding the pavement (or gravel) for work, many of them may end up in nonprofit organizations. A significant part of Alaska’s economy is built on the backbone of the nonprofit sector.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, at least 10% of the state’s workforce, or approximately 33,750 individuals, are employed by nonprofits. Alaska ranks 15th in the nation in terms of the percentage of the employed population working in nonprofits.

The Washington Post’s data desk found that the highest number of nonprofit workers is in the nation’s capital, where 73,069 workers, or a 19.5%, are in the sector. It’s unsurprising, since many nonprofits like to have a Washington, D.C. presence, in order to protect government grants.

Contrast this with Texas, where only 5.7% of the workforce is in nonprofits, or Nevada with 3.8%.

The figures tell only half the story. As it turns out, a significant number of these jobs, nearly one in five, are in hospitals, and one in three are in the health sector more broadly.

According to the Post, 38% of all nonprofit jobs are in hospitals, and nonprofit hospitals employ more individuals than colleges, private schools, or religious organizations, which constitute the next largest nonprofit industries.

This reality is reflected acutely in the state of Alaska, where the health care sector is the largest economic driver in the state. In 2021, Alaska’s health care workers earned nearly $3 billion, more than any other industry in Alaska. Health care wages made up 12% of all state wages, having grown by 28% since 2016, according to the Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association.


  1. Non profit groups are just vacuums sucking up government money which, by it’s nature, requires the working people to participate in financially supporting the “non-profit” whether one agrees with that group’s goals or not. The most well paid people in Alaska head these supposed “non-profit” organizations. The Anchorage assembly has elevated moving money around using non profit organizations to an art form.

    • Yeah, churches are such a drag on society. Make no money (unless TV preaching) and spend way too much time trying to help their communities.

      Get rid of them all. Nasty non profit things that they are.

  2. Meg Zalatel is a prime example with her six figure salary on the receiving end of handouts from the Anchorage Assembly where she receives another big paycheck for handing out the money in the first place. Having her cake and eating it too. Wow wouldnt it be nice if we could all have cake but we would have to get in line with the homeless as they deserve it the most. Maybe thats where we will all be when the money runs out. Standing in line.

  3. What is the % of people employed in the “wealth creation” industries? I recall the government responding to concerns about the timber jobs lost by park creation in Southeast Alaska “there will be 40 new park ranger jobs. Whats your issue”?

  4. Non profits need to be taxed and regulated just like any other business. It is really a money laundering scheme to legal steal from. They use the city infrastructure and services just like church’s do. They need to pay.

  5. I doubt this year’s graduates can work let alone work at a
    . It’ll take the 18-20 y.o a couple years to learn communication. Our last group of interviewees, age 19-20 couldn’t talk like answar basic questions.
    Yeah….. The babes didn’t get the job.

    • Dear Jen banging on about learning communication, when her logic, grammar, punctuation, and overall clarity of message has been giving us all headaches for years…

      • And the dog is perfect. Just because some people don’t write as you want them to. Jen is twice the person you are dog.

    • Curious your industry. And the pool of talent you’re fishing in.

      That could explain a lot.

    • Excellent point. Why give the peasants any healthcare at all? Let’s let them die early from treatable things and decrease the surplus population.

      If fact, let’s start our own purge to kill off the peasants who won’t “do the right thing” and die. Don’t they know they are eating food and using carbon their rulers need?

  6. I didn’t realize Healthcare expends more money than DoD in Alaska. Then again, many DoD positions themselves are Healthcare related.

  7. All other issues aside, it’s not a healthy economy to be this non profit (in every sense) heavy.

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  9. Except for volunteers, everyone else in “non-profit” medicine are working for a profit. Don’t see many CEOs of those hospitals working at subsistence levels. This is to say that people are employed and work regular jobs saving money for retirement and such. And where does the excess money for these institutions go? Large chunks go outside. “Non-taxed” is a better word than “non-profit”.

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