Dunleavy launches podcast, warns of hospitals being overworked by Covid’s virulent variant, plus the usual patients


In a new podcast that Gov. Mike Dunleavy launched on Wednesday, he warned Alaskans to do what they can to avoid getting sick or hurt, because Alaska’s hospitals are getting maxed out.

“If you get hurt or you get sick and you would normally go to the hospital expecting a certain level of care, you may not get it,” Dunleavy said. Hospital workers are getting burned out, and some are quitting the field. Waiting times can be long and at times people may find they are simply turned away because the wait times are so long.

His message to Alaskans is to play it safe, and to also consider getting the Covid-19 vaccine, if they haven’t already.

“With this Delta variant that has been ripping across the world and has found its way to Alaska,” more people with the virulent variant are ending up in the hospital, and that is adding to the usual things that send people, such as broken bones and injuries from activities like four-wheeling.”

You can listen to the governor’s podcast, which is about five minutes long, at this link, or below:



  1. A little known fact is that government and media fueled panic over Covid is causing people to have mental breakdowns. Excessive drinking and drug use are also contributing responses to Covid madness. It seems that we never get the complete facts, only what THEY want to tell us. IE. ….
    How many people care getting breakthrough cases from prior natural immunity? Silence. The answer to this question could substantially shift the narrative away from getting vaxxed. The Truth is out there……with more reliable data collection and analysis. But the Truth is being superceded by the controlling narrative of present.

  2. Hey! The cool kids do podcasts.

    I’m running for re-election after botching the job. People don’t like me.
    They remember I have no spine and rolled over like an abused puppy when the legislature was mean to me. They also remember how I didn’t use the bully pulpit when Anchorage became a prison.

    I know! I’ll get a podcast too so the people of Alaska will think I’m somehow relevant.

    What a sad, sad, sad man.

    • I think it’s good the Gov has a way to talk directly to the people. I don’t know how effective for two way communication. That’s always missing in Alaskan government and more is the pity. I hope in his mind it is not dedicated to beloved Covid. Covid is engineered. We have our own thoughts. I don”t agree that pub med health are us. It’s like we have a channel about the common cold. Don’t get a really bad respiratory illness get another booster jab. Jabbing are not us. It’s how government shows love. It’s how you show obedience. Scifi ain’t us Americans. Once you’re on intubation you have no rights totally vulnerable to sociopaths. They exist. One in four in these last days of wickedness. Sociopaths are drawn to medicine (mengele etc) Anything else you wanna talk about?

  3. Hospital workers are leaving because vaccine mandates. Nobody wants to be forced to inject anything let alone an experimental vaccine with no documentation of long term effects. When you give the shield of liability from a manufacturer you give them the freedom not to care. That is plain and simply wrong.

    • Because people working in front line healthcare tend to be higher educated (out of necessity). The least vaccinated group is those educated to PhD and above. Wonder why?

  4. If the hospitals are so short handed why are they going to fire a whole bunch of nurses for not getting Vaccine? Plus we know they are lying about numbers of the Breakthrough cases!!! I guarantee these numbers are from fully Vaxxed people.

    • Countries with the highest vax rate are reporting the highest vaxed hospitalization rates, some are as high as 95% hospitalized are vaxed.
      And supposedly the US is opposite of the rest of the world? Yeah, right!
      You cant trust the US media anymore. (seriously)

  5. We are on our own, which I suppose has always been the case. And that contrasts somewhat with the government mantra that we are all in this together. I have no idea how this story ends, nor does anyone else. I don’t know if the thousands of people boating around Alaska on cruise ships are bringing in or contracting this Chinese Flu; perhaps both at one time.

  6. If the 45th was President, it would be the Biden voters who would be hesitant to get the covid vaccine. I remember hearing both Biden and Harris saying they wouldn’t get the covid shots if it came out the Trump Presidency. The 45th supporters were already hesitant long before the shots were rolled out. You all knew this hesitancy was there. Go back to the video when MAGA crowd went to D.C to hear 45th remarks on the White House lawn. They cheered for all his other remarks until he mentioned the covid shots were near to distribution, then the entire crowd fell silent.

    Employers and even states making these covid shots mandatory isn’t helping encouraging people to get the covid shots.
    You want more people to take the shots, then don’t force it on them. Or else you will end up with a lot more dependents or people selling their house buying a camper or living out of a tent or they will change jobs to another employer who respects their autonomy.

    • Now I am hearing from people who did recieve one or both covid shots saying to me they arent going to recieve anymore covid shots. They had enough of the inconsistencies. Now there is hesitancy growing among those who did get the covid shots.

      • I highly recommend searching the web for “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach”.
        This is the CDC’s plan on containment here in the USA.

        Australia News channels are broadcasting nationwide manhunts for one man who escaped his apartment and broke quarantine rules. Canada and Australia are both building internment camps for high risk people. Its on there news channels, there not hiding it.

        • It’s in ther hearts and mind to do. Part of breaking America. These are new world order things. Breaking the republic and the US Constitution. Making us sick, disturbing supply. Wake up folks. They are beyond mere communism. They don’t believe in God but He still owns this place and is not diminished by anything they say or do. God’s will be done on earth as it in heaven. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

          • “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

  7. Yet some hospitals wants to fire workers if they don’t get the jab? You think hospitals are maxed out now, wait until the hospitals actually start letting staff go.

  8. Perhaps hospitals that are on the brink of being overwhelmed shouldn’t force-resign ~30% of their staff for being unvaccinated 🤷‍♀️

  9. Two factors are aggravating our medical disaster, experienced medical personnel quitting when forced to be vaccinated as term of employment, and the higher viral loads and creation of mutations by the mass of people being injected with failing vaccines.
    Refer to statistics of highly vaccinated populations in Israel and Gibraltar.
    Note that in Afghanistan where panicked people are crowded in unhygienic conditions and not practicing social distancing and masks and vaccinations are rare, there is no dramatic covid spread.
    The same administration that brought us high fuel prices, the Afghanistan disaster, and economic disaster, is destroying our health care system.

    • You honestly think they are monitoring the covid situation in Afghanistan? They have a few more pressing concerns there, mainly the Biden administrations complete abandonment and failure along with the barbaric new regime who could care less about your delicate sensibilities.

      • The Biden regime is doing exactly what it was installed to do. The “situation” in Afghanistan was planned, just as is every other “bad decision” being made by the fake POTUS and his crew of traitors. The little puppets are performing well for their handlers.

  10. Dunleavy has been disappointing as Gov. I expected a stronger leader willing to take on the leftist legislators, cut the state budge & deliver on a larger PFD for the everyday Alaskan.

  11. How about allowing easier early treatments. Bringing in a second opinion on different methods of treatments. This is much more than a one step approach. Is there anyone that is able to reach the GOV and convince him that there are reputable voices out there?

  12. I see that the political-medical-industrial complex has now compromised Governor Dunleavy now, as well.
    We are surrounded on all sides by sociopathic evildoers and their Quislings.

  13. Still not one word from Alaska’s elected officials, the media, and doctors, about the incredibly simple steps one can take to improve their metabolic health so that one can get through having the Kung Flu with little to no ill effects.
    Nope, instead it’s all about masks (which don’t stop one from catching the virus) and mandatory vaccines.
    We’ll know when their response to this virus isn’t totally political when they begin to educate people on improving their metabolic health instead of the tyrannical push for mandatory vaxes and masks…….

    • We the people are the leaders. What do we want? We should: get a conference room for regular community US Constitution grievance considerations to assemble and agree on processes for handling grievances from lack of due process.

  14. I think we need to understand that there are folks who will not take the vax, they are not “hesitant” they don’t want it, period, accept that. Based on that, a campaign to educate everyone on alternative methods should be implemented, it should be based on assistance and not fear mongering and shaming. Alternative methods to help the body get through the ravages of wuhan infection and heal, exist. Yes, democrats, they exist. The constant drumbeat and pummeling of TV and radio ads pushing a vax are a waste of valuable time and effort, “get the vax, wear your mask, social distance” It’s been almost 2 years, we get it. Wuhan flu is endemic, put some effort on educating the masses on alternative methods and you may see results.

    • Not to mention the mass censorship of effective treatments. YouTube/social media banned any video of medical professional talking about hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin including Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference and the popular medical briefing with Dr. Dan Erickson among COUNTLESS 100s of others.
      This is the only way they could get emergency use authorization was to not have any other means of treatment.
      I caught a CNN propaganda video yesterday showing how dumb republican Trump supporters were using/ingesting Ivermectin horse paste trying to paint the picture that its an wild alternative similar to injecting bleach while ignoring the fact that Ivermectin has been prescribed for decades to humans (not the animal kind)..

      This is a information war.

      • Yep. The harder they censor the more suspicious I become of what they are pushing instead. You can “prove” anything about this virus from online sources. I finally decided to focus on talking to people I know. My findings indicate it is mostly a cold, often a flu, and occasionally the final shove for people on the edge. NONE of the elderly communities that I am familiar with have noticed an increase in deaths over prior years. All that being said, I DO agree with ANDY and CENSORED907 that efforts should be focused on alternative treatments. The same goes for cancer. I have a friend who would be dead if he hadn’t secured a treatment in Taiwan that is illegal in the United States. A treatment that some have gone to jail for promoting. Yeah, “follow the money trail” and you will usually find some ugly things indeed.

  15. You’re being lied to about COVID Jab. It’s not a vaccine people. Take care of yourself by taking vitamin C zinc vitamin D and quercetin. Take responsibility of your health and don’t look to the government to save you. They couldn’t care less and it’s not their job. It’s yours.

  16. A true leader would go against the grain and encourage otherwise. Have Ivermectin, Vitamin D & Zinc in your medicine cabinet and by all means avoid the covid shot. It is no damn vaccine! It is still an experimental shot!
    I know several ladies, both were pregnant, both got the jab, both miscarried! I hope they linked the jab to their unfortunate outcomes.

  17. No point in waiting for Dunleavy to mandate anything so…………………………………the only thing left is to get that horse wormer “ivermectin.” Heheh!
    And AK will be giving his take on the amount to take based on your own particular faith-the amount prescribed for that wormer is for a 1250lb horse that should just about do it. Woo Hoo—————
    What a country.

    • Bill Yank…you are a special kind of person, and I mean the short yellow bus type of special…. every time you comment it shows how low your IQ really is. Being an ignorant lab rat must be blissful….Hehehe

  18. Western medicine only treats the effect and does nothing to address the cause, with the exception of individual practitioners.

    Modern pharmacy does not cure people, it makes repeat customers.

    Great business model.

    Not great for humanity.

    Go ahead, eat more dead food. Watch your sports and drink your flavored sugar water. This will not end well for those who trusted the system in the first place.

  19. I see MRA has become a Dunleavy apologist site through censorship. You’ll know a RINO by their fruits.

  20. I believe the UN is budgeted for “Covid” until it ends. The date selected and agreed to by our conquerors is March 31, 2025. You might want to homeschool til then. Save harder. Buy more food and delimit social interfacing. Never vote for another democrat again since there is no evidence they have any curiosity about the rights of their countrymen and brush up on a relationship with the Creator. Do all you can to improve your immune system and avoid places where people are receiving congregate innoculations by third parties of the experimental jab. News media does not diagnose or treat symptoms. So many various digressions from our guaranteed republic form of government with all our unalienable rights. The date the oppression ends is 3/31/2025, a date selected I believe by EU monarchists etc. and sharia law lovers. Good luck free countrymen.

  21. Ah, it will make you laugh it will make you cry, the novel coronavirus, kinda like watching a bad reality show. Unfortunately for people suffering behavioral issues and their families too bad, the State of Alaska canned the behavioral health. So if your white knuckleing it Gov. D don’t care he’s the one responsible.

  22. The experimental mRNA gene therapy injections do not protect you from getting or spreading Covid.
    The jab is supposed to diminish your symptoms but where are the studies that prove that?
    We’re being told that it is the “unvaccinated” who are flooding the hospitals but we’re hearing from friends, family and acquaintances that it’s the mRNA test subjects who are being disproportionately infected.
    We’re also being told that the current jab isn’t effective against the Delta variant but also being told to rush out for our shots because the dreaded Delta variant is sweeping the nation.
    It’s all BS and Trump and Dunleavy should stop pushing us to get a dangerous and untested experimental drug and they should start pushing the therapeutics…you remember…the same stuff that saved Trump’s life.

  23. Get in line and do what you are told governor. No sense using your office and resources to get to the truth for Alaskans. Just blaw blaw to make noise to deflect and divert with your politically correct podcast to distract from your lack of real leadership to do your job.

  24. How many johnny-come-latley alternative medicine anti-vaccination folks here are completely against the prehistoric, tried and true alternative medicine known as marijuana? Are all these Newby alternative medicine and anti-vaccination folks now true believers in weed, since big pharma and our own government are and have been against it? Let’s hear it for weed, does it also cure covid???

  25. The information left out of the Governors message is what really irks me! There is more then enough data on the virus, vaccines and therapeutic treatments to help the current situation and ensure the public is informed. If the proper early treatments are made, there would be no hospital delays Governor! Either you are ignorant of the fact HCQ, Ivermectin and Regeneron work to keep people out of the hospital or you are deliberately withholding this information from the public. There is also simple things people can do to bolster their immune systems like taking proper amounts of D3 & Zinc supplements. The other conveniently left out part of the message is although more contagious, the so called delta variant is weaker than the original version. When viruses mutate, they get weaker. I would also give you the advise to stop listening to the media for your talking points and do your own research. The media and Big Pharma did a double speak on the so called Pfizer approval. In fact, the FDA letter stated there was an extension of the EUA on the Pfizer vaccine. If you actually read the FDA letter Governor, not once does it say the vaccine was approved, not once! So, why are you telling Alaskan’s it was approved? In fact, if you take time out of your busy day Governor to actually listen to the heavily credentialed immunologists and virologists like Dr. Malone, who are telling people to not take the vaccine because of the damage it causes, you would not be telling people to get it. Either tell the truth or resign Governor, you are lying to people.

  26. It’s in ther hearts and mind to do. Part of breaking America. These are new world order things. Breaking the republic and the US Constitution. Making us sick, disturbing supply. Wake up folks. They are beyond mere communism. They don’t believe in God but He still owns this place and is not diminished by anything they say or do. God’s will be done on earth as it in heaven. Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  27. Dunleavy is a big pharma tool…stop the vaccine mandates on employment or sit down because you aren’t standing tall anymore in this state!

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