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Biden’s watch: Suicide bombing takes at least 12 Americans at Kabul airport gate


The situation at the Kabul Airport turned from a disaster to a human catastrophe that continues to unfold on Thursday, as at least 12 American military members were killed in a suicide bombing, along with scores of Afghans. The attacks at the Hamid Karzai International Airport and a hotel adjacent to the airport came in a series of about seven bombs that exploded, after increased warnings from sources about an impending terrorist strike from the Islamic State, or ISIS.

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The military members are said to be 11 Marines and one Navy medic.

But desperate Afghans trying to escape the Taliban remained at the gate, hoping to get out of the country. For many of them, staying in Afghanistan would mean certain death at the hands of the brutal new regime, which President Joe Biden has allowed to take control. An unknown number of Afghans are being executed by the Taliban in the streets of Kabul, and reports have been rampant of Afghan women being raped and taken as sex slaves in Kabul and other places around the country.

The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has left behind over 75,000 military vehicles, thousands of weapons, dozens of planes and drones, and, at this point, the U.S. appears to have abandoned 1,000 Americans as the gates of the Kabul airport are being welded shut, according to reports.

“The loss of US service members in Kabul is heartbreaking,” said Congressman Don Young in a statement. “These brave heroes laid down their lives defending the most vulnerable. As we learn more, join me in praying for members of our military, their families, and the innocent Afghans caught in the path of unspeakable evil.”

“Let today be a reminder that our military risk their lives every day so we may remain free. They are the best of what America has to offer and they are the first to sacrifice the most. May God bless them and their families, and keep watch over those still in harm’s way,” said Kelly Tshibaka, candidate for U.S. Senate.

“Rose and I pray for the families of the service members killed in Afghanistan, and ask all Alaskans to pray with us. The loss of any life in the service of country is heavy. Alaskans know this with having more veterans per capita than anywhere else in America,” said Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

“The manner in which American forces have been removed from Afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster. I call upon President Biden and his administration to do absolutely everything within their power to safely bring home our men and women in uniform, our American citizens still in Afghanistan, and to help the many Afghani men and women who for twenty years supported our country and are now at risk of losing their lives,” Dunleavy said.

“Our deepest prayers and condolences are with the families of those brave, dedicated U.S. service members we lost today in Afghanistan,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan. “As I’ve repeatedly stated, in spite of the horribly-executed withdrawal plan and the recent violent developments, the members of our military must be given the time and the resources to complete their dangerous and noble mission: safely evacuating every American citizen in Afghanistan who wants to leave. To do otherwise will cause an irrevocable breaking of faith and trust with the American people. If this means going beyond the unwise, self-imposed deadline of August 31 to bring every American home, so be it. The Taliban cannot be allowed to dictate whether and how we save, protect, and keep faith with our own citizens.”

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson said, ” Deb and I are heartbroken by the news coming out of Afghanistan. The loss of U.S. Marines and at least one Navy corpsman weighs heavily on us all and we want to share with our military community that Anchorage has your back: we support you, we pray with you, and we grieve with you.

“So much can be said about the failure in leadership currently on display in the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but today we honor the sacrifice of these American heroes and pay gratitude to our military service members still risking their lives in Afghanistan to get our American citizens and allies out of harm’s way,” Bronson said.

Politico reported that U.S. officials have given the Taliban a list of names of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan nationals who are allies of the U.S., with the purpose of asking the Taliban to allow those people to make their way tot he airport.

“Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,” said one defense official, according to Politico. “It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.”

According to a press release said to be from the Islamic State, 160 were killed and wounded “among the American forces and their spies in a martyrdom operation against a gathering of them in the periphery of Kabul airport.

“By granting of success from God Almighty, the martyrdom operative brother Abd al-Rahman al-Lughari (may God Almighty accept him) managed to penetrate the security checkpoints imposed by the Crusaders and apostates around Kabul airport, as he plunged into a great gathering of the American forces and the translators and the spies cooperating with them at the Baran camp in the periphery of Kabul airport. Then he detonated his explosive belt on them, which resulted in up to 160 killed and wounded, among them more than 20 personnel from the American forces, and praise be to God for His granting of success.

“This is so and let the Crusaders and their agents know that the soldiers of the Caliphate will continue to fight them until God judges a matter that has been done.”

The U.S. suffered more casualties today in Afghanistan than it has over the past two years. Meanwhile, four hours after the attack, the White House had only put out a proclamation notifying Americans that it is Women’s Equality day:

Former President Donald and former First Lady Melania Trump issued a statement of condolences for the families of the victims of the attack.

“We are praying for the families and loved ones of the Marine heroes killed in Kabul and for everyone who is suffering during this difficult time,” Melania Trump said in a separate statement.

But Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a series of statements on Women’s Equality Day:

“Today, and every day, let us summon the suffragists’ spirit of hope and strive to lift up the voices of women across the nation – because we know this truth: when women succeed, America succeeds,” Pelosi tweeted at noon on Thursday. 

“Despite progress, women across the nation still face barriers to full equality: from shameful pay disparities to the unfair economic impacts of the pandemic to the brazen assault on the right to vote. At this moment, Democrats are committed to Building Back Better with Women,” she continued.

The State Department issued a statement: “We can confirm that a number of U.S. Service members were killed in today’s complex attack at the Kabul airport. A number of others are being treated for wounds. We also know that a number of Afghans fell victim to this heinous attack. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones and teammates of all those killed or injured.”

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


    • Well past time. I don’t care if they like us, they should FEAR us. It should have been done in 2001. Kabul should be a burnt out wasteland.

  1. Time to impeach the Biden administration for the biggest blunder in American History.

    Time to retake the airbase.

    Time to bomb the terrorists until they back off from the Kabul Airport.

    Come on Man, get a backbone..

    • Impeach the illegal occupier of The People’s White House, and then what?? His puppeteers and handlers have many more waiting in line to continue their agenda of taking down our Republic. Impeachment is too good for the enemies of our country. They have committed treason, and the appropriate penalty must be applied.

  2. We can’t forget to thank senator Sullivan for voting to give the most radical, anti American regime in our history, with it’s allegedly lucid avatar, Joe Biden as it’s office place holder legitimacy, following Sullivans’ allegedly “constitutional” duty.
    By avoiding to make a stand before irreversible harm engulfed our country, Sullivan and most of his fellow GOP senators created a worse constitutional crisis.
    No one can say with a straight face this administration is competent or legitimate. As bad as the Afghan crisis is, what will follow abroad and here at home will be far worse.
    Even if Biden were removed under the 25th amendment before irreparable harm is done, Kamala followed by Pelosi are next in line for executive office.

  3. Throw that stumbling, bumbling idiot out of office! He didn’t win this election he stole it, this country is circling the toilet because of him and his entire administration!!!

    • Steve,

      We got it in Biden’s speech, thanks for re-directing the topic.

      It’s Trump’s fault, we know. If you stubbed your toe, it would be Trump’s fault as well.

    • Truly despicable comment. 12 Marines dead and this is the best you can do? And what did your lord and savior Obama do for the previous 8 years?

    • Steve, that is uncalled for and without merit, just slanderous, but certainly fits your character. False witness will have there day before God too.

  4. May God bless all of the troops that were killed or injured, along with their family and friends. Very sad situation that didn’t have to happen, but was designed to happen by the globalists and supporters of this Biden Administration. All of you who supported the hostile take over of our nation by this fraudulent Biden regime own this, including you Senator Dan Sullivan. This is on you.

  5. Treasonous! The President of the United States conspired with the enemy, gave intelligence to the enemy and armed the enemy with state of the art weapons. And now those actions have resulted in the deaths of US soldiers. This calamity in Afghanistan will completely destroy the United State as a global leader, which was the administration’s plan.

    • I agree with your treason comment. Title 18, US Code: “Treason is providing aid and comfort to the enemy”. The enemy is the Taliban. Biden gave more than $Q85 billion of weapons to the Taliban. Conclusion: Treason.

  6. Joe, Joe, the Taliban Tool:

    Dementia Joe, the Taliban’s tool
    Making you look like the Taliban’s fool
    Americans stranded at the closed gate
    As you sit ’round and make them wait
    Stay awake Joe and wipe off the drool

    While you sit in your bunker asleep at the wheel
    Ignoring the pleas of your people’s appeal 
    Your strings are moving by some other’s hand
    The cross bar attached to give you command
    It seems like you don’t understand the
    whole deal

    Everything you did came in reverse
    All your decisions make only for worse
    You abandoned Bagram way too soon 
    Now ISIS has called you out for high noon
    The situation has become quite adverse

    Then you pulled soldiers too early it seems
    While Americans tried to breach Kabul’s seams
    An artificial deadline of August thirty-first
    The situation is going from bad to worse
    While you sit and mumble as America screams

    Americans left to do on their own
    All they deserved was a safe ride back home
    It seems you’re working for them and not us
    As your citizens cry, piss, moan and cuss
    You read from a script well crafted and honed

    How many more mistakes will you make
    Before something larger you also break
    Now the Taliban has weapons galore
    How long until they show up at our shore
    How long until you become awake

  7. Remarkable how these hypocrites impeached Trump twice. Once over Russian collusion, which turned out to be not only untrue but uncovered how dirty and manipulative these Dems are. And that impeachment over a phone call, which has gone down as the stupidest reason to impeach a President. Murkoski, GTF out of office and Sullivan too!

    Biden said himself there is only a loose command structure for American troops at Kabul airport. This means the Marines are basically on their own to help as best they can. And now 11 have died for having simply a helping heart. Never given orders to rescue Americans outside the airport They did it anyway. President says buck stops with him yet blames the Afghan army and Trump. As though after 7 months he couldn’t change anything like he did the 20+ executive orders he signed day 1!

  8. When will the platitudes stop about how much we honor the sacrifices of our soldiers and what great heroes they are (remember, some have been convicted of war crimes, and then un-convicted by the Former Guy)? It seems that as soon as our warriors are no longer of use to the military/industrial complex, or worse yet, wounded and a burden on it, all the platitudes evaporate and the sacrifice these men and women have made become burdens which we don’t want to carry They have been used and discarded, with only fleeting gestures by those who sent them there to carry them through what remains of their lives.
    We need to support these people and start questioning every foreign war we think will be the next best thing. Everyone is ready to get on the battle wagon at the start, but after 20 years of quagmire, getting out any way we can makes more sense than 20 more years, or 20 more days, of quagmire. No amount of planning could deal with the chaos of this situation, just as no amount of planning could have salvaged the disasters that have been the Middle East wars.
    So, now we have the usual words, meant as compensation to those who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, to comfort both the players and us as the debacle winds down. Even the high rollers and fools who couldn’t keep this disaster going are humbled, or should be. All are punished.

  9. Watching ally after ally turn on the United States both verbally in front of world forums and on the ground in Afghanistan, it appears as something much more is coming. Our current administration is destroying the noble idea of freedom around the globe, the one thing that brought the western world to unite with us to fight tyranny and terrorism, by wrecking our National and military prowess in the Afghanistan withdrawal. It is a play on the world stage with our allies, our enemies and our government working together to destroy our Global Dominance. There is too much incompetence for this to not be intentional.

  10. The Only thing I want to hear out of any your mouths, Dan Sullivan, Don Young and Lisa Kow and Dunleavy is you asking for Biden’s resignation or impeachment.

  11. Democrats and RINO Republicans, voting for Biden because you didn’t like Trump was like ordering a bowl of s——— because you don’t like broccoli. Next time, for God sakes, write in Donald Duck’s name!

  12. Biden is not the President. He was not elected. All the evidence says he is illegally occupying the white house .
    Biden Doesn’t care we have a disaster in kabul . Thats why he and his cohort in crime kamalla laugh when pressed on the issue of our trapped citizens . Our government was overthrown last fall and 90% of the population doesn’t even know! Sun Tzu would be very proud of this takeover. The ultimate move from the ART OF WAR . Biden Is handing Afghanistan to the Chinese to mine for rare earthes . Afghanistan is one of the most mineral rich places on earth. Biden was right . His son was smart . He profitted from his position while holding no skill except middle man . When biden says he built the best voter fraud system ever . We should have believed him . May those soldiers and citizens rest in heaven. May their vengeance be seen when bidens corrupt hand is exposed.

  13. When I see video clips of all the chaos happening in Afghanistan, I wonder if its not a look into our own future here in the US. People scrambling about madly trying to save their own lives, I find it incredibly eerie and disturbing. But, sleepy Joe did promise he’s going to hunt them all down and bring them to justice. I guess this will happen between naps.

  14. This kind of behavior causes revolutions. The ugly, bloody kind.

    I’d like to think Grandpa will suddenly get a clue, but not likely.

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