Dunleavy do-over group submits 49,000 signatures



The election do-over group known as Recall Dunleavy submitted 49,000+ signatures on its application for a petition today — far more than the 28,501 needed to advance to the next step in a gubernatorial recall election.

The group dropped off the boxes of the application and signatures with the Division of Elections on Gambell Street in Anchorage midday on Thursday after staging a “made for the 5 o’clock news hour” rally and procession from the CIRI building one block away. The CIRI Native corporation has taken a leading role in trying to recall the governor.

Now that the anti-Dunleavy side has gone through the first step, the process continues with a review from the Department of Law.


Ironically, the last time a review was made on a recall by the Department of Law, it ruled against the merits of the recall of former Rep. Lindsey Holmes, who had switched parties after the election.

That opinion was written by Libby Bakalar, who was then an Assistant Attorney General and is now one of the most vocal supporters of the Recall Dunleavy group. She expresses herself frequently on Twitter, such as this epic rant:

Bakalar, in a 17-page decision in 2013, wrote:

“The application’s statement of grounds for recall does not satisfy the legal standard for recall required by AS 15.45.510, in that the alleged facts, taken as true, are insufficient to state a claim for lack of fitness—the sole statutory ground for recall stated in the summary. Therefore, the application is not substantially in the form required by AS 15.45.550(1). We recommend the application be denied because Representative Holmes’s conduct in changing political parties is lawful and constitutionally protected.”

[Read the Lindsey Holmes decision, 2013]

The recall group intends to make the case that because Gov. Dunleavy delayed appointing a judge to a seat within a 45-day time limit set in statute, he broke the law by not appointing until the 72nd day. The courts will ultimately decide if Dunleavy’s actions were unlawful or merely deliberative work protected by a strong governor form of government outlined in the Alaska Constitution.

On March 21, Dunleavy issued a press release stating, “Governor Announces Four New Judges, Declines to Fill Vacant Seat Without Additional Information from Judicial Council.” He then conferred with the council and a month later appointed Kristen Stohler to the second vacancy on the Palmer Superior Court. The replacement occurred before there was an actual vacancy on the court, as Judge Vanessa White was retiring at the end of April.

That set of actions is what the recall group considers its strongest case, hoping that judges on the Alaska Supreme Court will take a special interest in sending Gov. Dunleavy a message or helping him find other work.

The recall group is operating with none of the rules that govern campaigning. They don’t reveal the source of their funding, and are not required to by law, even though they are engaged in a campaign to unseat a sitting governor.

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The Recall Dunleavy group is asking for a speedy approval of its application and has indicated it will sue the state if it doesn’t get the approval by October. Its legal counsel includes Scott Kendall, the former chief of staff for the disgraced Gov. Bill Walker, who quit his campaign just days before the General Election rather than face the wrath of voters in 2018.

The Department of Law is expected to release a statement about its process by Friday. released this statement on Thursday.

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  1. I didn’t realize they were that many Hillary voters up here. This has nothing to do with our Governor. This is a nation wide coup attempt were these sore losers are trying to muck up many states by trying to recall governors. They even tried it on the Presiden, but got egg on their face. Its a lame attempt mind you, but about all they are capable of. Its par for the course and completely predictable. Bryce Edgmon during our teacher inservice mentioned the “movement”, saying if the Governor didn’t do what we wanted, then they would get rid of him. He alienated about half the room, and it was completely inappropriate for the setting, but it goes to show you who is behind this nonsense. Of course, he wants Mike gone so he can run for governor. Maybe he doesn’t realize the Lt. Gov will move up.

  2. 49,000 pissed off Lefties? That’s it? Dunleavy by a landslide! These same 49,000 ignoramuses would have voted for the retention of Byron Mallott…….. an ignominious Lt. Governor who shamed our state. But that’s the Democrat Party for you. They never became housebroken.

  3. Scott Kendall is a disgrace and a shameful person. Look at his time with Governor Walker. There should be an investigation by the current AG into Mr. Kendall’s activities in the governor’s office. Kendall is the son-in-law of Luke Hopkins, and brother-in-law of Rep. Grier Hopkins. Walker picked a real loser in Kendall…who is also a third rate attorney. And what about the Byron Mallott resignation? Kendall knows all about it. Indict Kendall.

  4. Butthurt leftists wanting a do-over? Sounds familiar!!

    And lol at the RESIST!!! stuff. What are they resisting? They’re the establishment, writ large.

  5. Bill Walker and Byron Mallott disgraced from office. Mark Begich a world class loser. The Alaska Democrats have no where else to go…..other than……try a recall. Keep them busy with nonsense and more failure.

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