Republican governors take notice of recall


Republican Governors Association Executive Director Dave Rexrode released a statement today in response to the recall effort launched against Alaska Governor Michael Dunleavy:

“Since taking office, Governor Dunleavy has served as the People’s Governor, fighting for a better future for all Alaskans and taking on the special interests. Under his leadership unemployment is at its lowest level in years and he continues to work to attract jobs and economic development to the state. The RGA stands behind Governor Dunleavy against this recall effort by partisan special interests seeking to halt Alaska’s tremendous progress.”

Although no group has formed to defend Dunleavy against the recall effort, the statement from the RGA is an indication that the recall effort has gained national attention.

The Alaska Republican Party also issued a statement, but with a sharper edge:

“Republicans respect the election process; elections are how we choose our leaders in America. Gov. Dunleavy is trying grow the economic pie in Alaska by responsibly dealing with the current budget situation. It appears that Democrats are upset because their various special interest groups could lose influence.
“The Alaska Republican Party supports Gov. Dunleavy, who won with 51.44 percent of the vote in a four-way race in November. The recall efforts started in February, when he had only been in office for less than 12 weeks. We find this recall a cynical attempt to undo the expressed will of the people.”

Dunleavy, won with 145,631 votes to Mark Begich’s 125,739 votes, incumbent Bill Walker’s 5,757 votes, and Libertarian Willian Toien’s 5,402 votes.

Alaska Democrats got involved with the recall caper today; many of the marchers from the CIRI Native corporation building were usual-suspect Democrats and experienced protesters, and the Alaska Democratic Party had its boots on the ground at the event, issuing several supportive Facebook posts and photos of the event.


  1. With the outmost respect for the National Party of Lincoln and Reagan I would like to express the following thoughts as it pertains to the Alaska “Republican Party” and it’s “support” for Governor Dunleavy as compared to the national Governor’s association’s support.

    The Alaskan Republican Party, it’s leadership and legislative Representatives in both the House and the Senate have abandoned and sabotaged the Governorship of Michael Dunleavy. Accordingly, the leadership of the Party has through silence condoned the traitorous actions of the Senator Geisel, Jennifer Johnston and a number of other Represenatives in both the House and Senate.

    The destruction to the Alaskan Republican Party will be long lasting. These and other traitors supported by and through the silence of the Alaskan Republican Party leadership including Ann Brown and the Chairman has alienated both Conservative financial support not to mention the rank and file voter. The continued lack of leadership at critical levels has all but destroyed the Conservative following.

    There is an old saying,”one can’t be a little bit pregnant”. It is time to clean house. It is time for the Party leadership through Glenn Clary to withdraw any and all financial support from these traitors and regain the trust from Alaskan families that deserve nothing less.

  2. ROSS BIELING you hit the nail on the head on whats happening this last year. I talked to Glenn Clary about this a couple times specialty after the Republican Senate fired a Republican Majority Leader and installed a Democratic Majority leader to lead them. What the Hell are they drinking down there in Juneau. They have taken our Party platform and tossed it in the trash can and gave us the finger.

  3. Apparently the left just does not know how to lose gracefully and shut their yaps. This recall effort is ridiculous and time wasting in my opinion. Wish they would put all this ‘effort’ into curing a disease instead. The people have spoken as to who they want. The left needs to deal with it and move on.

  4. Kind of an immature baby like fit if you ask me. Doesn’t get the candy they crave, so they throw themselves on the floor at Walmart and scream till they get their way. At least that is where they learned it from.

  5. I would remind Greg Forkner and others here, the process to remove RINO’s is the primary. Unless steps are taken to find, fund, encourage and identify true conservatives, there’s not going to be any change.

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