Dunleavy advances in latest Ivan Moore poll



Alaska pollster Ivan Moore says candidate Mike Dunleavy has stretched his lead in the sprint for governor of Alaska.

Dunleavy gained two points in support over a poll released in late September. As of Oct. 6, Dunleavy is now winning a comfortable 46.5 percent of likely votes.

Mark Begich has dropped from 29 percent to 22.6 percent, according to Moore, swapping places with Bill Walker, who went from 22.9 percent to 27 percent.

As for the undecided voters, they remained within a margin of error at under 4 percent.

When paired one-on-one, Dunleavy would crush Begich by nearly 14 points — 54.5 percent to 40.8 percent, and would clobber Walker by 10 points —  52.9 percent to 43 percent.

Moore’s polls tend to skew in favor of Democrats. In April, Moore had Walker at 51 percent and Dunleavy at 44 percent. That was before Begich joined the race in June.

But in 2014, Moore was wildly off, showing Begich beating Dan Sullivan by 6 points in late October, while all other polls showed Sullivan winning for Senate. He ultimately won by 2.2 points, making Moore’s poll off by more than 8 points.

But even if there is an 8-point miss, the Moore poll still has Dunleavy winning in any match up.