Alyse Galvin gets her radical on in Oakland



Alyse Galvin, running for Congress for Alaska under the Democrats’ banner, posted a video interview she did in Oakland, Calif., where she corrects herself after referring to a young woman as a “her,” and finds fault with homeschooling.

The proper terminology is to call someone a “they,” Galvin tells the viewers, scolding herself.

She is running against Congressman Don Young in a bid to represent Alaskans in the U.S. House.

In the half-hour coffee shop interview, Galvin reaffirms the need to dismantle the patriarchy, how Christian homes are bad environments, how homeschooling needs to be regulated, and how “gender theory” should be systematically enforced in schools.


  1. God help us. I watched ten minutes of it…26 yr old know-it-all who had a “bad childhood.” Galvin is spending a lot of money but with stuff like this she doesn’t stand a chance. Thankful for that.

  2. I couldn’t stomach past the first few minutes. As much as I’d like to hear it with my own ears, I’ll just have to take everyone’s word for it…..You can’t make this stuff up can you…

  3. Well, that’s too bad. I was actually considering “her”. She sounds like a far left liberal and I can’t stomach that.

  4. Wow, she is really out there! I forced myself to watch the whole thing. It’s hard to believe she is actually serious about what they are discussing.
    We really need to make sure she does NOT get elected. She is as right wing as they get. If she gets elected, none of the “real” issues will be delt with.

  5. I just love being schooled by a 20-something on what I need to do correct the wrongs of the past. Listening to her (oops, there I go mis-gendering they) like, you know, tell me, like, what is best for my family and my children, is like, so enlightening and freeing. Very glad to finally understand how to do it right. Thanks to they!!

  6. And her energy policy is pure fiction. Talk about economic suicide. Does she actually think she is so smart she can rewrite the rules of electrical physics, or standard excepted principles power generation, transmission, and distribution? Don’t forgot to consider system stability with all this decentralized nonsense.

    Give her a blank piece of paper, a crayon, and the rest of the day to draw a schematic of a 2 cell flashlight, and how it might work! She has no clue as to what questions to even ask. And she thinks she knows the way forward to a new green economy! How do these self-described people that consider themselves smart, become this stupid. HOW???

  7. In discussing what needs to be introduced to Alaska’s schools: ”Gender doesn’t exist, it’s just a construct. ” Alyse’s reply, ”I am all about that. ”
    But people, we are not protected from this unreality by not electing a camdidate. Far left ideologies like this get promoted through individual action and non-profits.
    Take this young woman’s life advice: get involved. Find like minded people and become involved in the process (which, ironically, is what the homeschooling community has done for years, which has helped get some conservatives elected. Not some ‘fantasy’ concocted in this young lady’s mind about ‘evangelical conspiracies’ to get Mike Pence elected. Alyse’s reference to ‘dark underbellies’ (in labelling the involvement of homeschoolers in politics) is frankly disturbing and makes her unfit for public office or even public influence. All citizens have a right and a duty to enact legislation and support politicians who further the fundamental goods of society. Sadly, Alyse seems to believe only people who share her narrow viewpoint are worthy.

  8. Why is this a big deal? She is interviewing someone and trying to understand her viewpoint by asking further– as a journalist does. Yes, the gender thing can get silly. This is cherry-picking without bothering to look at all she is advocating.

    However, everything I read about Alyse and her political viewpoints seems quite moderate. She has good ideas about mixing old with new, such as encouraging responsible oil and gas growth with being a leader in renewable energy. She appears to be more Tony Knowles than oh no the sky is falling.

    • What about Alyse digging repeatedly regarding the young woman’s view that there’s a conspiracy of homeschoolers who were aiming to elect Trump so Pence would get in office? Why would someone who lives in a state with a large population of homeschoolers view so many of her future constituents as ‘conspirators’ when in reality all they were doing was being politically active – as every citizen ought to be? As a successful homeschooler, whose children got a better education at home than they would have gotten at a private or public school and who also went to public school part time in high school (many home schoolers do) and who has known many fellow home schooling families, this was insulting in the extreme. Apparently, if you are politically active, but don’t share Alyse’s political views, you ought to be prepared to be tarred as criminal?

  9. Just a great example of one of the Great Ak Schools’ founders. No wonder AK is dead last in 4th grade reading

  10. “being a leader in renewable energy” So where all the VC’s to invest in her great ideas? Any power engineer, or EE for that matter that read this statement would laugh them selves silly. Someone should ask Alyse about where she gets her brilliant ideas from? First hand experience? The Huffington Post? Mad Magazine? Did she figure this out all by herself??? What imaginary world have she been living in? The only skills she has to bring to the table is the total destruction of capitol. If the people of Alaska were to be foolish enough to elect her to office, we could see her lay waist to OPM (Other Peoples Money).

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