Anchorage climate change plan rolled out today


A community kickoff event for the Anchorage Climate Action Plan (CAP) is planned for Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6 pm at the Loussac Library.

The Municipality of Anchorage partnered with the University of Alaska Anchorage to create a plan to reduce the city’s contribution to cause climate change and identify ways to adapt to climate impacts.

Pizza and ice cream will be served. To learn more about the Anchorage Climate Action Plan, visit

On a side note, the carbon footprint of a scoop of ice cream — including cows, transportation and freezing the product — add up to roughly a quarter of a pound of carbon dioxide. A slice of pepperoni pizza has a carbon dioxide equivalent score of 644.

In a city with rampant crime, high taxes, high unemployment, and an extended recession, the focus of the city government appears to be what the city can do to reduce the climate impact of its 300,000 residents.

Gov. Bill Walker unveiled the State’s final climate change plan last month, which consisted primarily of more planning. Originally the state plan was to include a carbon tax, but that plan is on hold.

Other cities around the nation have unveiled such plans, which typically include:

  • Cataloging greenhouse gas emissions by source, such as buildings, transportation, electrical generation.
  • An emission reduction goal, often expressed as a percentage based on a baseline year.
  • Various strategies to achieve the needed reductions in greenhouse gases.


  1. Ah….., common mistake blaming these people for increasing the carbon footprint. So it turns out that as long as it supports a Democrat agenda the carbon Footprint always stays neutral….I.E. like Al Gore using private jets to fly around the world feeling guiltless the whole time. You see all those carbon credits are transferred to a Conservative that accidentally touches a styrofoam cup instead.

    • The dems will probably push for a carbon tax (fee on your power bill that will have a non-threatening name) until they get their puppet in, wave a magic wand and make the tax go away for a term, to look like a knight in somewhat-shiny armor.

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