Dunleavy: Adam Crum becomes commissioner of Revenue, Heidi Hedberg becomes Health Dept. commissioner


Gov. Mike Dunleavy has appointed Health Department Commissioner Adam Crum as the new commissioner of the Department of Revenue. Crum has served with Dunleavy since the first days of his administration, and managed the state through the Covid-19 pandemic, with some of the best outcomes in the United States, including one of the lowest death rates from the virus.

“Commissioner Crum demonstrated to me, and all Alaskans, his management and leadership abilities over the past four years as health commissioner,” said Dunleavy. “From preparing and protecting Alaskans from the global pandemic to the reorganization of the Department of Health and Social Services, he is a skilled and dedicated public servant and I look forward to another four years working with him to move Alaska forward.” 

Crum was born and raised in Alaska and has experience in the private sector in strategic management, organizational development, executive consulting and working on mega-projects. The governor noted that a primary skillset is Crum’s ability to establish and lead effective teams, and this can be seen by Alaska’s nation leading Covid-19 response and vaccination distribution, and the marked improvement of multiple divisions at DHSS during his tenure.

Prior to being appointed commissioner in December 2018, Crum was executive vice president of his family’s company, Northern Industrial Training. Crum is active in community service organizations and has served as a board member for groups like the Salvation Army and MyHouse, a group that works specifically with homeless youth. Both groups work with clients dealing with mental health, substance use disorder, transitional housing and workforce development issues. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern University and a Master of Science in Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Dunleavy named Heidi Hedberg as acting commissioner of the Alaska Department of Health.

Heidi Hedberg, commissioner, Department of Health

Hedberg has been with the state since 2009, serving in various capacities within the Division of Public Health, Department of Health, and most recently as the Director for the Division of Public Health. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Alaska Pacific University. She moved to the state in 1995 from Seattle, Washington.

Prior to her state service, she worked with various non-profit organizations for 12 years. She also chairs the Governor’s Advisory Council on Opioid Remediation and serves on the Governor’s Council on Homelessness, and State Emergency Response Commission. 

Hedberg will become acting commissioner starting Wednesday. Both she and Crum will face confirmation hearings in the Legislature this winter.


  1. We will see if Crum is competent if he asks for adequate resources for DOR to do its job- particularly with competent, complete audits of the returns from the sale of our oil. The industry has been gaming Alaska for decades.

  2. Does this mean Dr Zink is out?? I sure hope so, after her disastrous prohibitions of alternative medicines(Ivermectin and others) that caused many deaths that could have been saved.

  3. Idk if Crum was moved there to protect assets?
    He is clearly not educated enough to run the books. Can’t 3rd party it out. Unless. Call BDO.
    Let them do a forensic accounting of the State.

  4. What we need is a voting integrity commissioner that will clean Alaska’s voter rolls. Read this great article of how Republicans can combat the Democrat election steal machine. They use dead people and folks that have moved from the State to fill out fraudulent ballots to overcome the people’s choice. We need to canvass and clean our voter rolls!


  5. If everything continues as it looks, the the Lt. Governor will be cleaning the voter rolls. She said that she wanted to do this. This would go a long way towards having really fair elections. If the governor race is truly won, let’s hope this gets done, because this is one reason the deep state wanted Dunleavy out. As to a irrecoverable disaster, Biden already has all of us there. It will be up to Big Mike to keep Alaskan heads above the water. He has already proved his mettle in various disasters.


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