Alaskans weren’t only ones to vote against a constitutional convention; Missouri and New Hampshire voters did too


New Hampshire voters on Tuesday voted no to a constitutional convention, with a decision of 66% against, 34% in favor. Like Alaska, New Hampshire votes on the matter every 10 years.

In Missouri, voters take up the matter every 20 years. This year, as in the past, they voted it down; the result was 67.7% against, 32.30 in favor.

Alaska voters had the highest percentage of the three states when it came to saying no to a constitutional convention. Voters went 69.84% against the idea. Alaska voters will get a chance to decide the question all over again in 2032.

A constitutional convention brings together elected delegates who meet and consider changes to the state’s constitution. Any proposed changes approved by the delegates must also be approved by voters in a statewide election.

The last time voters in a state approved a constitutional convention question was in 1996 in Hawaii, when the question passed 50.5% to 49.5%. But the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled against the vote, saying that the question had not actually passed the voters since too many voters left their ballots blank on that question.

Prior to that, Alaskans passed the constitutional convention question in 1970, but the Supreme Court, responding to a lawsuit from opponents, threw out the vote, saying the wording of the ballot question was misleading. The question was reworded and put on the 1972 general election ballot, where voters rejected it. Since statehood, 1970 was the only time a constitutional question has passed in Alaska.


  1. Alaska will not remedy its serious US Constitutional deficiencies because of lack of integrity among the Alaskan contemporary people. We need sheriffs reviewing the bylaws written by recent lobbyists’ recent graduate girls in Juneau. Anything in conflict with the US Constitution is void for effect. Every day. Head in snow, anyone?

    • 1-No state constitution can supersede the US constitution at present. So that’s a failed premise.

      2-Actually having a state constitutional convention actually creates the opportunity to address all the issues you are worried about.

      3-who selects the sheriffs? The same corrupt system Alaskans chose to leave in place.

      4-the convention could have mandated a capital move from Juneau to the mainland. And set the perimeters to make it happen.

      5-and on and on and on.

      But it was doomed to fail from the beginning because the AK GOP is empty of leadership and vision. It’s even worse at messaging.

      Add to this most Alaskans are left of center and the ones who allegedly are conservative are too lazy and cowardly to vote for real change. It takes work, conviction, and commitment- all lacking in 95% of Alaska conservatives.

      People want to whine. Not to act.

      Perhaps worry less about heads in snow than self limiting choices.

      • Sheriff’s in other locations are refuting state bylaws and letting people know when the bylaws and practices are out of compliance but I guess Alaska is too stupid to even dream of implementing an opportunity to review the lobbyists’ bylaw writings adopted by the girls in Juneau. No equal footing necessary in AK for Alaskan dummies. There was A legislator who was a quality control type guy for Juneau who they tolerated but he passed away. No one is doing it now.

  2. From a conservative perspective I think it’s sad that the constitutional convention for Alaska failed. However with Alaskan conservatives voting records recently I’m actually breathing a sigh of relief. I mean rank choice voting in order to end dark money? Really?? The list is endless. All the Democrats have to do is take any issue, rename it to something it’s not, and then the sleepy voters fall for it hook line and sinker. Murkowski a Republican? Oh sure. Dan Sullivan support for Biden’s green new deal because they named it the bipartisan infrastructure package. Wow! With friends like these who needs enemies?

  3. So you’re saying 69% of the people who voted had no idea how the constitutional convention actually works and were duped by liberal propaganda.

    You don’t say.

  4. Interesting that in 1970 in AK and 1996 in HI the state courts who apparently didn’t want such a convention to take place, found an excuse to overturn the vote of the people. Nice to see where the real power resides these days. Cheers –

  5. It seems like courts have usurped the people’s power and given themselves the authority to allow state constitutional conventions or not. If confusing language bars a ballot question’s legitimacy, why do we have “rank” choice voting. Heck a leading contender in our congressional race doesn’t/didn’t understand how it operates.

      • Do you mean the recently “educated” in AK where there are no studies of the US Constitution and precision is not available resulting in the stupidest people in the world?

      • A majority of propagandized and terrorized conformists and sheep voted it down, you mean. Supposedly.
        I will never trust ANY election or vote in this state, or in this country, unless and until meaningful voting integrity measures are put into place. That would include the elimination of the corrupted and corrupting rank choice voting, ballot harvesting, and mail-in ballots, and the requirement for strict voter identification at the polls, and for single day elections, not seasons.

  6. If you look at it from the people’s point of view, the reasons against the convention are real.
    Everyone knows that our legislators waste time every year on the budget and PFD. They can’t handle any other issues such as the Constitution and it would be distracting for them
    Hold them to their 90-day sessions, no pay for special sessions and do the budget first and PFD second before any other business is addressed.

    • Sigh. And this is why we lose.

      All your concerns could have been addressed by the convention you didn’t want. So, in essence, you said you actually want more of this leftist poopstorm, not less.

    • An “Article V” Convention is NOT a “session” and it is not compliant with US Constitution to taint that process by combining, simplifying, combining losing separate due processes. Session (globalist) representatives have a different selection process. Why willfully taint and tamper with that convention process which is due. Wake up!

  7. That’s because most voting Alaskans were uninformed and believed all the deceiving vote no ads. I talked to people that truly thought that voting yes meant a guaranteed complete re-write of the constitution. That’s the power of outside money I guess…

  8. Opportunity lost Alaska! There are many issues that needed to be discussed and fixed by the voters and you allowed Dark Money Ads to convince you otherwise. You are allowing yourself to be controlled by a propaganda campaign just like the one for Ranked Choice Voting. They have you eating out of their hands and all you will get is the scraps. Don’t be slaves to their mind control system, wake up and take control of your future!

  9. The entire country needs a overhaul of the selection system. And officials who commit election fraud, need real punishment.

  10. A large percentage of conservatives are just as stupid as democrats. I don’t like admitting that, but when I talk to fellow conservatives it becomes very clear they don’t read, and don’t spend any time thinking about issues. But they can tell you all about NFL teams, contracts and salaries. I have met to many folks who don’t even know what their 401 is invested in. Hell, they seem proud to say they never even look at it.

  11. Why then, did Defend Our Constitution spend $5 million, most of it during the last month, when Dittman Research confidently claimed it would go down to defeat by the margin it did. The no campaign had the best political intelligence that money can buy. Smart money usually doesn’t waste money on political blowouts, as was demonstrated by both Missouri and New Hampshire. To understand why the no campaign plowed in so much money during the last several weeks before the election, I’d suggest focusing not on election eve but on the concon politics one month before the election.

  12. Liberal Alaskans are idiots who want the control of how our state; relative to a conservative governor, is run, by choking the legal path for conservative input. Alaska residents’ money gets spent for liberal, unwanted pet projects, and no constitutional convention insured this control

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