Dozens of Bronson signs attacked by pro-Hamas vandals; mayor issues statement supporting Israel


Over 33 campaign signs for Mayor Dave Bronson have been vandalized in Anchorage over the past several days. A car associated with the vandalism was caught on video camera and the owners of that Toyota RAV 4, license plate ending 777, have been identified by Must Read Alaska and have an extensive anti-American social media history.

Over 50% of the vandalized signs are sprayed with anti-Israel, pro-Hamas words, such as “Genocide” and “Free Palestine.” Mayor Bronson is a strong supporter of the right of Israel to exist peacefully. Other signs label Bronson as the “worst” mayor and with vulgarities.

Must Read Alaska is not ready to publish the names of the suspects associated with the car seen on video because the police have not released those names, but there is now a case number at the Anchorage Police Department.

The statement from the Bronson campaign seeks damages and an investigation: “These acts of destruction not only damage private property, but undermine the democratic values that Anchorage voters expect and deserve. The vandalism, which targeted signs across Anchorage and made multiple pro-Hamas comments, is not just an attack on Dave Bronson’s campaign but an affront to the principles of free speech and fair play essential to any election. At a time when political discourse can become heated, all parties and their supporters must recommit to conducting themselves with respect and focusing on issues important to citizens.”

Deb Bronson, wife of Mayor Bronson and campaign volunteer, also issued a statement: “My husband and his team are running an issues-based campaign, and believe firmly in the ability to disagree politically without resorting to destruction or hatred. We call upon all campaigns, their supporters, and the community at large to denounce these actions and commit to a campaign focused on the exchange of ideas. Voters deserve better.”

The campaign said it won’t comment on the social media reports that have identified the alleged perpetrator’s vehicle until the police confirm the reports.

Mayor Bronson, running for his second term, did not back down from his unwavering commitment to the state of Israel and the safe return of the remaining Jewish hostages, and said he rejects any form of anti-semitism.

“My campaign signs are apparently being vandalized for my support of Israel,” said Bronson. “So be it. I stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and the families and loved ones of the 1,200 Israeli Jews, including children, who were systematically murdered on October 7. The war will end and Palestinians will receive aid when the Hamas terrorists surrender and release their hostages, eight of which are American citizens. I remain steadfast in my support for Israel to defend itself, and reject any expression of antisemitism.”


  1. Behold the much-vaunted yet illusory “tolerance” of the typical radical leftist extremist.

    In fact, they are completely INtolerant of any opinions that do not precisely match their own. THEY are the ones who support and engage in censorship, and the demonization of free speech, and the shouting-down of their political opponents, and the lawfare persecution of their political opponents. THEY are the true fascists!

    • It is a strange way to protect the “democracy” they worry so much about.

      Vandalism, intimidation, shutting down opposition views.

      If this really is “democracy”, we’re far better off without it.

    • The consensus view of the Left is that democracy cannot function if people who disagree with them are allowed to participate in it.

    • Jeff,
      I’m glad to see you’ve had a change of heart regarding your views regarding Israel and the way you have previously handled yourself and the way you treat others.

      I’m proud of you for your ability to learn from your past mistakes and move on to a better and brighter future wherein you tolerate opinions that do not precisely match yours, you do not call for the censoring or banning of others, and you will no longer shout down political opponents. That’s some remarkable growth on your part, your short absence has done you well.

    • Jefferson
      We are giving money to both sides so I find it hard to chose but we one side attracts the other then they should get what they wanted a war to wipe out the terrorist, and their violet lifestyle.

  2. I realize logic has no place with progressives, but I have to wonder:

    Did you, really, really think this will change minds? In the mayoral race or in the Hamas beat down?

    I suspect it’s the old fashioned toddler throwing a tantrum logic.

  3. This is a pro Palestine sign and as a journalist you should know the difference. There is a distinct difference between the two. While everyone has a right to speak their mind, the First Amendment does not include defacing property.

    Just as Israel has the right to exist peacefully so does the state of Palestine.

      • The State of Palestine has been recognized as a non-member observer state by 139 out of 193 UN members since 2012.

        • Right, as previously stated there is no state of Palestine.

          The UN also votes overwhelmingly against Israel, last year alone the UN General Assembly voted once against Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar, Crimea (Russia), the U.S., and Russia…they voted against Israel 15 times. If UN votes were an actual test of anything of meaning then the words failure, corrupt, unethical, immoral, and wasteful would be some of the first words to come to mind.

        • Only since 2012?
          So they weren’t a country until 12 years ago?
          One half of the 139, UN, anti-Israel countries are muslim
          They want the ONLY Democracy, the ONLY non-muslim country and the home of Christianity (by far the worlds most common religion) to go away.
          And so do you.
          Get bent pal.

        • So, let me see if I have this right…
          in 2012 some of the members of the UN recognized a country called palestine.
          So…. how exactly is Israel, recognized and boundaries drawn in… what 1948ish? occupying palestinian land? It is actually the other way around, especially since there is no formal declaration of a country called palestine, nor is there an actual government, treaties, trade agreements, or anything else even remotely associated with a country.

      • Palestinians and Hamas are not synonymous – one is a terorist group, the other are innocent victims of this war

        • In 1948 there were 1.4M (so called) palestinians in Israel
          Half, 750K, left or were forced out in 1948; the rest stayed there.

          There are now 14M (so called) palestinians in the world
          (a 12.6M increase in 75 yrs)
          2M in Israel/ Gaza/ West Bank.
          5M in other Arab countries.
          And 7M all over the world.
          How long are we going to let these 14M people (out of 8 Billion) & the leftist who adore them, run this crap down our throats?

          When are you going to give your house to a Native American Keith?
          Same thing w/ Israel dude ….. get used to it.

        • Sadly, yes they are synonymous, just like the average German and the Nazis 1933-1945. The Palestinians are far from “innocent”. Teaching children to hate Israel from a young age, offering them up as “freedom fighters” for a fight that is essentially unnecessary and of their own making. If they could come to the table and settle on a two state solution, all this death on both sides could be avoided. Unfortunately it is their “all or nothing” attitude of hate that brings this on themselves.

    • Considering that the Palestinians have repeatedly rejected any offer of a two state solution and have thrown in their lot with terrorists, the message clearly indicates that the writer is defending the actions of Hamas, which led to the current escalation of hostilities.

      Do you remember WWII and the carpet bombing of German cities? Nominally many Germans were party members on paper but not much more. However they in essence harbored a horrible regime and laying waste to whole cities was the way to stop it. Ditto for Little Boy and Fat Man. Guilt by association isn’t a new concept especially in with an enemy hiding behind civilians, caching weapons in hospitals and schools.

      Oh and for your information it is an ELECTION sign for Mayor Dave Bronson, not some free space for some radical to use as a canvas for his diatribe!

      • read my original post as i noted the First Amendment does not support the destruction of private propety, nor do i support the private property destruction

        • Keith, I read your post very carefully and your first sentence starts with:
          “This is a pro Palestine sign…”
          That is incorrect. It is as I pointed out an election sign to support Mayor Bronson, not a “support Palestine” sign that happens to be mentioning Mayor Bronson. The way you word things makes it clear were your priorities lie.

    • Not only is there no State of Palestine, there never was a state or country called that. At best, it was a British territory.

          • In 1977, the concept appeared in an election manifesto of the Israeli political party Likud, which stated that “between the sea and the Jordan there will be only Israeli sovereignty.”

            • And, it has been a rallying cry for muslim terrorists hell bent on destroying Israel. I did not provide the full statement. Perhaps you did not see the ellipsis. Here is what hamass and the other islamic terrorist shout when they are training their children to murder, enslave, and rape Israelis.
              “From the river to the sea, palestine will be free.”

    • Keith the state of Palestine has not ever lived peacefully. They launch hundreds if not thousands of missiles into Israel yearly and they harbor baby raping terrorists. How is that peaceful?.? If you harbor and aid terrorists you are a terrorist. How delusional can you possibly be. It’s like saying Iran is peaceful…

    • Keith out of idle curiosity the spray paint message says: “Free Palestine”.
      How do you supposed “freeing Palestine” is accomplished if not with bloodshed and destruction? Then the question is what land area constitutes Palestine? It certainly includes the state of Israel.
      In order to free Palestine wouldn’t Israel have to either be destroyed or yield and be occupied in order to accomplish that?
      It could also be argued that Israel is freeing all of Palestine, ridding it of the scourge of terrorism and expanding what is already a reality in their country of religions and people co-existing peacefully.

    • There will never be a Palestinian state; there is no government, there is no country, there is no border. That door was forever closed on 10/7/23 by Hamas, the elected “government” of the Palestinian people.

  4. Both my father and my uncles would roll over in their grave if they saw what some Americans are saying and doing after the sacrifices they made defending innocent people from atrocities of the past.
    We are truly a more divided and radicalized society than ever before in the history of America.
    Anyone supporting terrorist acts resulting in the killing of innocent people is very dangerous to our nations credibility.

  5. Israel is doing the right way of retaliation on the GAZA and Hamas. They need to get it done and clean out the holes in the ground to capture all of Hamas.

  6. Does anyone remember the full page ads Anchorage Daily Rag posted during the last mayoral election which portrayed Mayor Bronson posing as a NAZI bought and paid for by the super hero Forrest Dunbar campaign?
    That is another example of the radicalization of todays society.

  7. I guess “genocide” is the new “racist” used by the left to shout people they do not agree with down.

    • What methods do you use other than name calling, feeble attempts to provoke, belittle, and intimidate anyone you perceive to be slightly left of whatever center you reside in?

      • While I freely admit I use snark as a trolling tool, I also provide rebuttals to most of the comments I disagree with. I even add content to some of the comments I agree with as well.
        Did you miss the comment where I recommended you read Art of the Deal so that you would realize what President Trump is doing with his 60% tariff stance? See, that is productive rebuttal, not just intimidation, belittlement, or whatever else you pulled from the Thesaurus.

  8. When our finely-crafted legal and criminal justice system becomes an impotent joke, maybe it is time to give other corrective forces a chance to fix things. I see little value in protecting these folks from potential consequences. Please consider publishing the names and addresses. Let their friends and families be so proud of them.

    • Don’t stop there.
      Continue until the muslims know attacking and oppressing innocents is a death sentence. Until that (so-called) religion understands that we are sick and tired of their BS, they will continue.

  9. These are the type of Un-American groups who Trump and all the rest of us will be contending with their hatred and violence if Trump wins. The 2020 riots, burning/looting that we witnessed across the USA by BLM and ANTIFA was just a sample of the terror cells across America.

  10. You’d think his license plate would end in 666. Mr./Mrs. 777, you do know you are welcome to earn some money and have one of Anchorage’s fine sign companies make you up some signs that say anything you want. Heck you could even ask for the liberation of palestine, whatever that even means.

    • Agreed, most Palestinians support Hamas an the Palestinian terrorists in Hamas support using other Palestinians as human shields for their propaganda.

        • Ok.

          Recent polling, after October 7th, shows most Palestinians support Hamas. I’m glad you didn’t even try to address the point since you already knew that most Palestinians support Hamas.

          Do you support Hamas Frank?

          • Frank supports anything that destroys western civilization. It is what leftists do, push for destroying, not creating and certainly not improving. Their only response to imperfection is to destroy it and start over.

            • Oh CB, you are hopelessly a hypocrite. Let’s take a look at Trump’s most recent squawk that if he isn’t elected, there will be a bloodbath. That to me is the same as destroying America. Then he says some immigrants are not people. Then he says that the members of the J6 committee should be jailed. These three preposterous statements came from the senile crook within the last 24 hours!!

              This is Trump’s promise to destroy an imperfect America and start over. Starting over for Trump, and you if you support the criminal defendant, means autocracy, a dictatorship as he promised.

              • Pro-Tip.
                Read more than the headline. Trump said that in reference to the Chinese building an automotive assembly plant in Mexico to avoid tariffs. The bloodbath will be the destruction of the American automotive industry.
                Read the actual transcript, listen to the actual speech.
                Weird how someone who is married to an immigrant claims they are not people. Once again. Read beyond the headline or get your news from something other than memes.
                And, the J6 committee should be jailed. They knowingly and deliberately destroyed evidence that the Speaker of the House had the legal right to require preserved. Additionally, they knowingly hid exculpatory evidence. There are plenty of reasons to bring charges against that committee, and there is overwhelming evidence of ethical violations that should have them removed from Congress.
                Please, I am begging you, read beyond the headlines.

              • Here you go, from the leftist democrat propaganda rag called the Washington Post:
                “Former president Donald Trump ratcheted up his dehumanizing rhetoric against immigrants Saturday by saying that some who are accused of crimes are “not people.”

                “I don’t know if you call them people,” he said at a rally near Dayton, Ohio. “In some cases they’re not people, in my opinion. But I’m not allowed to say that because the radical left says that’s a terrible thing to say.””
                See, if you are an illegal alien, and you commit a crime, sorry, but you do not deserve to be called a person. And, I agree totally with Trump on this front. Jose Ibarra is a rabid animal that should have never been allowed across the border. So are Yohenry Brito, Yorman Reveron, Jhoan Boada, Ulises Bohorquez, and Wilson Juarez, they do not deserve any respect whatsoever.
                Recently caught crossing the boder, Basel Bassel Ebbadi is definitely not even worthy of being called a human, forget a person.
                Whenever Trump says anything negative about immigrants, you can bet every dollar in your 401(k) that the news medial will leave the word criminal out of the headline.

    • No, there is not.
      If you want to see a palastine State, you support the destruction of Israel and Jews. There is no difference between the two.
      Do you not know what “From the river to the sea…” means?

  11. Pro-Hamas?!? How about anti-genocide? How about anti-children killers? Be a whole lot closer to the truth.

    • I guess you aren’t familiar with the genocidal child killing ways of Hamas and the robust support that the genocidal child killing ways of Hamas has among Palestinians. Look up the actions the Palestinians in Hamas took apart of on October 7th, it seems like somehow you might not have heard about that atrocity.

      • Steve. Israel has committed the same atrocities and promises more. Both Israel and Hamas are terrorist entities. There is no treatment for the trauma in the Middle East. The patient will bleed out.

    • Yes, murder is murder, love is love, X = X. We all understand the reflexive principle from childhood math. But killing and murder are different. The mosquito understands that

    • How many cooked alive Jewish babies is acceptable to you?

      Funny how nobody will answer this.

      • Zero. The killing of babies is never acceptable. Full stop.

        I will posit a question to you MA, how many bombed Palestinian babies is acceptable to you?

        I await your response.

          • It’s the Palestinian people’s fault that Israel is bombing refugee camps and apartment buildings?

            For the record, I am friends with some Palestinian people and some Israeli people. Every one of them has said that they condemn what HAMAS did on October 7th and are horrified by the actions of their countrymen (both Palestine and Israel). The Palestinian ones cannot reach their family members in Gaza due to Israel shutting off the internet and cell service.

            Do you know any Palestinians? Have you taken the time to seek out another view outside of your narrow world view? Speaking to people who don’t look like you and think like you can really help you understand the world around you.

        • The Israeli Defense Force places themselves in the line of fire to protect innocents.
          The terrorists in hamass place themselves behind innocents to protect themselves.

    • If you want to make a statement about genocide, child killers, etc… it must be against hamas and palestine. Not Israel.

      • CB: No no no. This war is bad guy against bad guy and will continue forever.

        • it will stop as soon as islam, muslims, and hamass stop attacking Jews because of their religion.
          If they were to put down their arms, and petition for peace, there would be peace.
          But, if Israel were to do the same, there would no longer be Jews in the middle east.

    • No children would be in the firing line if hamass did not put them there.
      As soon as those cretins stop putting military arms in schools and hospitals, the deaths of children will be reduced to almost zero. (There will always be collateral deaths in any armed conflict, and unfortunately some of them will be children.)

  12. And these delusional fools actually think the mayor of ANC has any influence, or should even put a passing thought, into an something occurring on the other side of the world that has no bearing on running the affairs of the city?

    • That’s not what they think
      They are just “virtue signaling” to the other lefties in town.
      Bronson wrong team/ LeFrance right team (for advancing communism)

  13. You lost me at “pro-Hamas”
    Someone who supports the right to a free state for Palestinians can also be very anti-Hamas. It would take an actual journalist to render an accurate headline here. But I guess people come to this website for the divisive and opinionated entertainment “journalism” that feeds their brains with dopamine hits.

    • I’m sorry, but you don’t seem to be in a position of authority to judge journalism or the motives of others.

      How many cooked alive Jewish babies are you OK with?

    • No, sorry, you cannot be for a palestinian State and be against hamass, or any other islamic terrorist group.
      They are one and the same.
      Or, perhaps you do not know what “From the river to the sea….” means.

  14. I respect Mayor Bronson to politely stand for what his rights are as a citizen as well as a mayor. His position wasn’t easy with all the cheap shots everyone took at him behind the keyboards on all platforms and still he showed up with a cool composure. The second round for him will be better once everyone stops gang stalking. Who knows if the left is behind the mayors gang stalking who knows.

  15. Real Genocide is injecting people with deadly mRNA shots and using the CDC death protocol on the elderly and the infirm. Genocide was carried out by your local doctors and nurses.

  16. If all Palestinians are HAMAS, then it must make all cops bad cops.

    If one rotten apple can ruin the bushel. Want to paint with such broad strokes, you’re gonna miss the fine details.

    The slaughter of civilians in never acceptable. Period. That goes for the horrific acts by HAMAS AND the horrific acts by the Israeli government/military in their indiscriminate bombings of Gazan refugees and of international aid drops and apartment buildings and hospitals.

    It is not a black and white situation. Both sides can be wrong with neither being right.

    Weren’t we taught as children that two wrongs don’t make a right?

    I’ll ask one more question/hypothetical for the group: If your mother/sister/brother/father were held as a human shield by a terrorist, would you be ok with the cops/military/USA blowing up the house they were held in, killing both the terrorist and the hostage? or would you prefer a more nuanced approach to killing that terrorist?

    • If you don’t know that Israel is in fact taking “a more nuanced approach” to killing terrorists then you should inform yourself better because the sources of information you are relying on have failed you. You should start by not believing the Hamas propaganda that is fed to and repeated by the international media, if you are relying on information provided by the Gaza Health Ministry, the Palestinian Health Ministry, or whatever other name it might be going by then it is terrorist propaganda.

      If anyone is interested in a forensic analysis of just how fake the Hamas Gaza Health Ministry death totals are then this is a good start.

      • You tell me my sources are incorrect or Palestinian propaganda and refer me to an Jewish “news” magazine? One that does not post articles that are critical of Israel? One that constantly praises Israel? Believe me, I took the time to go through your sources.

        Have you not seen the videos that come out of Gaza from journalists who are just as likely to be killed as the Palestinians? Those are my direct sources.

        They may be hard to find, as Israel controls everything that is coming and going from Gaza whether it is water, food, medicine, people, or internet/phone service. Twitter/X or Instagram or several Telegram channels exist if you can stomach the carnage

        I will state again, what HAMAS did on October 7th was horrendous and they deserve punishment for their actions. But over half of Gaza’s 2 million people population is under 16 years old. What do those kids have to do with HAMAS? Why is collective punishment acceptable here and now?

        Israel’s actions do not stop terrorists. Their wanton bombings and incursions into Gaza just make a young population hate them.

        And a “nuanced” approach to killing terrorists is not bombing whole apartment buildings or refugee camps because a suspected terrorist is in one room or one tent. That approach is like cutting every tree down because one of them has bark beetles.

        A more nuanced approach would be for special forces operations to go in and take out that terrorist. Like we did to Bin Laden. The goal should always be to reduce collateral damage not inflict more.

        And BTW, you didn’t respond to my hypothetical scenario. Care to comment on that?

        • Right, you have the inside scoop to what is going on in Hamas occupied Gaza. Just disregard what that Jewish “news” magazine says because…well it doesn’t serve the official Hamas narrative. Keep repeating the terrorists propaganda.

          I answered your hypothetical scenario about taking “a more nuanced approach”, you didn’t like it because it challenged your belief system.

        • Right, you have the inside scoop to what is going on in Hamas occupied Gaza. Just disregard what that Jewish “news” magazine says because…well it doesn’t serve the official Hamas narrative. Keep repeating the terrorists propaganda.

          I answered your hypothetical scenario about taking “a more nuanced approach”, you didn’t like it because it challenged your belief system.

    • First of all, I take offense to your comparison of police officers to terrorists.
      After that sentence I almost did not read the rest of your post. Your sanctimonious Kobayashi Maru gotcha scenarios, do not compute with reality.
      Israel has a right to exist and defend its citizens.

      Oh and ditto to what Steve-O said!

      • The comparison was not cops=terrorists. It was a comparison of the statement that “all Palestinians are terrorists” is just as false as saying “that all cops are bad cops”

        No argument from me that some Palestinians are terrorists just like some cops are bad cops. But there are many more good ones than bad ones, both in Palestine as well as police departments across the country.

        And it is not a “gotcha” scenario, would you be ok if the police just shot up hostages and the hostage takers because it took out the terrorist? Or would you advocate that the cops do everything in their power to prevent the hostage from being killed/injured? Personally, I vote for the later.

        Israel has a right to defend itself. No argument from me. My opinion is that they are not defending themselves by invading Gaza.

        • Yours is an apples to oranges comparison.
          Police officers are charged to protect citizens and are NOT in a war zone. A domestic hostage situation handled by police is completely different (with swat teams, command trailers, the rule of law etc,) than a war zone with soldiers in a place where your enemy looks like any street vendor or house wife and you are under fire at any given time. You simply can not equate the two.
          This isn’t some video game where the bad guys run around in with a bubble over their head that says “terrorist”.

          Your Bin Laden scenario can not be applied to a large number of enemies. Bin Laden was one guy and it took how many years and how many thousands of man hours to track him down?
          This also isn’t some lone contractor kidnapping, where you can focus on one guy and the kidnappers.

          It is clear that to the terrorists the hostages are a means to an end and expendable. The longer this drags on and the less successful the Palestinians are the more likely that the hostages are already dead. War is nasty, terrible and unfair, if I were a hostage I would not want my country to give them an inch and realize that my fate is sealed and my duty is to resist as long as possible.

          Considering that Hamas terrorist LIVE in Gaza, launch their rockets, suicide bombers while living and being supported by the population, going into Gaza to root out these terrorists and their sympathizers is the only logical way to safeguard Israels existence.

          Israel didn’t start this war!

          • Again, my comparison was of the statements. You are looking at the fine details and not the broad statement. One is just as wrong in saying “all cops are bad cops” as they are in saying “all Palestinians are HAMAS/terrorists”

            And my hypothetical was not about hostages taken on October 7th, but of a terrorist take and holding your family member hostage today.

            Are you ok with the police/military gunning down your family member because they got the terrorist in the end?

            People were calling for Obama’s impeachment over collateral damage from drone strikes, why are those same people not up in arms over the collateral damaged done by the IDF?

            • Answering your fictitious scenario in a vacuum is impossible and a manipulation!

              I suppose in the end it comes down to, if one can accept mortality and serve the greater good!

    • Well, AV, an overwhelming majority of people who call themselves “Palestinians,” whatever those are, said they support Hamas.

      • Yup, 47% did in the last election held there 16 years ago.

        You know that over half of the 2 million people living in Gaza are under 16 years old?

        Not sure you can call that an “overwhelming” majority of Palestinians.

        • “57% of respondents in Gaza and 82% in the West Bank believe Hamas was correct in launching the October attack” ‘’

          “almost three-quarters (72%) of all respondents believe Hamas’s decision to launch its attack on Israel on October 7 was “correct.” ‘’

          “Three months ago … we had 12% support for Hamas in the West Bank, and today it is 44%, so that’s more than tripled,” ‘’

        • Wow you are judgemental, dismissing the will of the majority of voters in Gaza, because it does not fit your narrative. Reading a bit about this particular election, it seems that local infighting between factions of Fatah, Hamas etc. (note ALL of them terrorist groups) devised a system where no one faction could win in a landslide and gain a super majority. That’s the system THEY chose, which means close to half of Palestinians sided with Hamas terrorists.

          As for the kids, the vast majority of them were either not around or just one year old at the time, so for election purposes a non-factor.

          If you want to be particular Mary Peltola only receive 40.2% in the first round of voting. If that had been the end of that three way race, she would have won with even less of a percentage than Hamas.

    • AV: “I’ll ask one more question/hypothetical for the group: If your mother/sister/brother/father were held as a human shield by a terrorist, would you be ok with the cops/military/USA blowing up the house they were held in?”

      Yes. They would already be as good as dead. They just wouldn’t have had their heads cut off yet. If you’re captured by one of these animals, you should consider yourself dead already. No amount of groveling or begging will save you.

      • So with no proof that hostages are dead, you are fine with killing everyone there to make sure the terrorist is dead?

    • Tell you what.
      When hamass starts placing themselves in harms way to protect the innocent, instead of using the innocent as human shields, I will actually believe what you say.
      Until then, every single person in gaza is a member of hamass, or supports what hamass is doing. They have a choice. When hamass sets up a military ammo depot in a school, they can pull their kids out, and never go within blocks of that school. But, they do not, because they support hamass. Same with hospitals.
      The difference between a radical islamic terrorist and a moderate muslim is the radical on commits the act of terrorism, while the moderate films it and cheers it on.

      • You know CB, maybe the parents of kids dodging stockpiles of weapons and ammo in their school slash armory could just find a school board candidate that shares their same values and attend public board meetings and send emails to their representatives and their governor so that this terrible misuse of public school property can be stopped.

    • Who voted Hamas into power in the 2006 election?

      You got it. Palestine voters.

      Who invaded Israel? Hamas.

      So using your logic Palestine is indeed to blame.

  17. Where was this outrage from Bronson campaign when Dunbars signs was vandalized when he ran for Mayor????

    • There is no comment from Bronson’s campaign or the posters here about the LaFrance campaign signs as well as “Incompetence Has a Price Tag” signs defaced along I Street in downtown Anchorage.

      Defacing any sign is wrong. I don’t care which side is doing it. It is wrong and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Why does there have to be outrage about it at all?
      Is Bronson outraged about the damage to his campaign signs? If so, I have not heard it. What about LaFrance, or Tuck, or Popp? Where are their statements of outrage?
      How about we all stop expecting others to confirm to our beliefs and behave they way we want them to?

      • I seem to remember Berkowitz calling out the vandals of Dembowski’s signs back when she confronted the vandal while armed. But since then, it is crickets from both sides about what their supporters are doing.

        A good leader calls out bad actions by all parties involved.

        Signs from all candidates have been vandalized across town. Maybe if each candidate put out a statement condemning those actions, their supporters would take heed and stop vandalizing others signs.

        I think it should be a $500 fine for each offense paid to the campaign of the candidate who’s property was damaged, plus the perpetrator should have to replace the damaged signs out of pocket.

        I also think there should be a fine to the campaigns for any sign left up for more than 1 week after an election. Only exemption would be for those who advance to a run-off or win their primary election, but would need to be down by 1 week past the general election.

  18. If the vandals were defacing the signs owned by Dems, it would have all be caught on camera. Regardless, if this had been caught on camera, nothing would be done. I remember in the 80s when the rich and vibrant Dem candidate was removing her opponents signs in Mt. View and got caught. She didn’t serve a day. And who can forget the troll that was caught defacing Amy Demboski’s sign. Nothing happened. It’s a jungle out there, kids. Good thing that Republicans don’t resort to this kind of behavior, otherwise we’d find ourselves in the slammer.

  19. I was thinking about the irony of radical leftists supporting Hamas and vandalizing private property, all to “protect democracy” otherwise known as mob rule. Can we start a Go Fund Me site to help buy them all one-way tickets to Palestine? LGBTQ folks straight to the front of the line!!

  20. So silly. I laughed when I first say “free palestine” spray painted on sign for an Alaska mayor’s race.

    There were some really negative anti-Bronson signs that also got vandalized too but at least vandals did something relevant and just blacked out. I get too what inspired the vandals. Those signs were really obnoxious and probably from the 907 initiative.

  21. There can be no peace in a two-state solution, when one state swears to destroy the other. They already tried a two-state solution – Israel & Gaza. That’s not working out too good. If “Palestine” demands to have its own state, then I demand that I get a state too. We can call it, “Danland.”

  22. Did the 777 car get massively tagged yet? Or do they have it locked up and hidden in a garage somewhere like the P they are?

  23. The world has seen all of these efforts made in Anchorage, Alaska and an end to the hostilities is now underway. Now can we get back to local problems? Like trying to convince more than 20% of our concerned citizens to vote?

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