Doug Massie: Statements about me are wrong, egregious


To the voters of Senate District O (House District 29 and 30),

One of the greatest dangers in politics is when we put a specific political agenda above the concerns of our neighbors. When we become too political, we begin looking at our neighbors as the enemy.

I have been ignoring the false noise in this campaign, but after reading Must Read Alaska’s Oct. 15, 2022, article “District 29 and 30—Valley-to-Valdez—Republicans are backing Sen. Mike Shower…and saying no to Doug Massie”, I am compelled to respond and set the record straight.

It is concerning to me that Mike Shower’s operative, Carol Carman, feels the need to bring forth these false and slanderous accusations about my character and my career, and that Must Read Alaska is irresponsible enough to print them without further verification.

Carman’s statements are not only wrong, but they are also egregious. I retired from the Alaska State Troopers with a long and stellar record. If there is any question about that, I am willing to request my employment records be opened for public inspection. There are not, and never have been, active litigations in which I interfered as a trooper. Again, Carman’s claims against me are unequivocally false and slanderous.

I have worked diligently in this campaign to keep it positive and do what is best for Alaska, but after being slandered and lied about I feel it is time to state the facts: Mike Shower was absent for 25% of the votes taken during his time in office. This is not an accusation; this is a verifiable, factual statement. I am a lifelong Republican with conservative values, both socially and fiscally. I work well collaborating with others who might have a different viewpoint than my own.

This does not mean I will compromise my own values or beliefs, but that I will come to the table and find solutions that work for both sides. This is a quality we should celebrate in politics. I believe the constituents of Districts 29 and 30 also support these qualities, as indicated by the results of the Primary election, where I was overwhelmingly supported and won by over 700 votes.

If there are questions about my work record or my political platform, I encourage you to reach out to me directly. If I am elected, I look forward to serving the people of Districts 29 and 30. I would be honored to have your vote on November 8th.

Doug Massie is running for Senate Seat O.


  1. Once again, must read alaska is too an important piece of public relation be ignored, neglected, underminded, even condesended by public officials including community leaders. Unfortunately for massie, damage is done thru carol’s published statement, while he is basically an “unknown.” ain’t good also to be insinuating downing and mrak be a platform that passes along misinformation while it graciously posts the defender’s defence, so the public leaders and public could reach out to him.

    • If i was on the kenai, i wouldn’t do anything cause carman dislike me or be mad at me. Carman being a red community leader would be looking out for that the RED don’t recieve a split
      with kenai ending up with a blue democrat.

  2. I listen to Mike Porcaro’s radio program on occasion, but not regularly. The topics introduced are often much too juvenile for me and his immature sidekick adds no value. (Who was entertained when Joe/Crash said he spent some of his PFD on blow?) Very recently while driving, however, I heard Mike Shower call into the program to whine, moan, and complain about how poorly he says his campaign and this election cycle are going for him. He sounded desperate.

    Because of Shower’s complaining last week, I am not surprised to read this entirely slanderous and unattributed article today. Did “often absent from the legislature” Mike Shower write it himself?

    Suzanne: I expected better of you. It’s clear you did not check, verify, or confirm this article before you published it on your blog. You must do much better than this.

    • Well lookie there, I see an article by none other than Doug Massie, slinging his own unsubstantiated mud at Mike Shower. (I simply do not believe the 25% absentee claim. That is ludicrous.)

      Meanwhile, Doug never addresses the fact that the Republican grassroots in his district doesn’t want him to represent them and has voted against him.. They don’t just dislike him, they really have a problem with him and that is the news story. The republican grassroots activists know about Doug. They know all about him.

      Doug sure doesn’t address all those endorsements from multiple conservatives around the state. You know what I don’t see from either him or Carol Carman? Doug Massie was president of the Public Safety Employees Union the first time Dunleavy ran for governor, and he is the reason the PSEA union endorsed Dunleavy. Now it’s PSEA that’s backing Massie, with Charisse Millett in charge. We all know it’s because PSEA wants defined benefits for Troopers. There, I said it out loud: Doug Massie is going to try to reinstate the defined benefits program that we are still paying out, even tho it was discontinued years ago.

      • A defined benefit program he WILL NOT be able to deliver. Even if he manages to get elected, there is no way it will pass both bodies. It is an empty promise, Massie. So what else do you have to offer?

      • Well, if you want to continue the revolving door of Troopers, go ahead, don’t reinstate defined benefit.

        It costs over $80k to recruit, select, and train one Trooper to just be able to turn him loose in the car by himself.

        Then you have a guy that bails out with his commission and credentials to a state that does offer defined benefit and much easier work conditions. Or he just goes to work for APD or KPD for as much money and a far easier environment.

        The magic point under Tier 3 was twenty years, that’s what these folks committed to emotionally and financially. You got excellent Troops back then…now, it’s five and out for many and your Troopers are essentially of such poor caliber they wouldn’t have been considered for hiring back in the old days.

        Being LEO isn’t what you probably think it is, especially for a Troop. It’s as far removed from being a security guard or soldier as a optometrist is from being a pulmonary surgeon.

      • Well said. Yes, I pointed out Massie’s reason for running is defined benefits. I did a series on Shower vs Massie, and that topic came up in part 5.

  3. “Carman’s claims against me are unequivocally false and slanderous.”
    File a suit for slander, and then I will hear you out. The courts will compel discovery, and everything will be on the table. It costs 750 bucks, pro se. Do it today, and it will be in the public domain tomorrow. Otherwise, your offer to read your employment record sounds hollow.
    I’ve taken an admin appeal in front of Alaska’s Supreme Court pro se, and won. I won another admin appeal at the admin level, simply because the state officials knew I would take it to court and win again.
    By my memory, official government employment records are unavailable to the general public, by law. It takes a court order to release them because there will be more than just you involved in “your” record. Those others have the right to privacy. A “redacted” version is automatically suspect, and will do you little political good.

  4. MRA also printed her ridiculous accusations against Sarah Palin. No idea who she is but I would discount anything Carol Carman says unless she can substantiate it. Why MRA gives her so much space is another question and I think I know the answer – letting someone else do the dirty work without being held accountable for it.

    • She also allowed the other side to display their own opinion. Nothing one sided about that, MRAK is a bastion of free speech.

  5. Doug, there is no reason you should be in this race if you truly are a conservative. Mike Shower has served Alaska well, and we don’t need to get fooled by another Kelly Merrick, Gary Stevens, or Revak Republican who wants to reinstate the pension plan. I will do all I can to make sure pro union republican like yourself never becomes elected to office. Bye bye Doug.

  6. The thing I like the most about MRAK is that anyone can make the most stupid comments, and Suzanne will still publish them.
    I look back at some of mine and learn from them, whether anyone calls me out for them or not.
    It’s not bad to be stupid now and then. It’s bad to not admit stupid, and learn from it.

  7. Having worked with and for Doug Massie for several years, I can attest he is forthright and honest. Doug was always willing to state his opinion but also hear out yours. He would be a great senator to represent the Mat-Su.

  8. Massie really reaching out here! He brings nothing to the table fiscally, budget wise or solutionwise so all he can hang on to ” I will be there 100 %”. Perhaps a habit from his fish and fur days as a ” trooper ” state employment daily roll call ! Most senate attendance is procedural and it is actually important to be there WHEN actually substantive issue or votes are on line and Shower was there when it mattered .

  9. You don’t want to negatively campaign but instead of strictly calling out Carman, you go after Shower. That’s a problem. When you thank your donors and they are almost ALL UNIONS. That’s a problem.

    This rebuttal was a mistake. Shower has worked very hard for all Alaskans, across party lines when it mattered and held the conservative line at the most important times. That’s why “they” want him out of there and you in there; you owe so many favors already and that’s a problem. District 30, Shower is your man.

    There is no question about who to vote for! VOTE MIKE SHOWER!

  10. The problem, Doug, is that this is exactly what the radical lefty Democrats say in their campaign ads……”we will come to the table in a bipartisan spirit and work across the aisle with our opponents to seek solutions.” It’s a form of soft virtue signaling. But Conservatives and Republicans already know that meeting your opponents half way means compromising your values to appease Democrats and that it only takes twice as long for the Democrats to shove their agenda down our throats. If they have total control, as Biden does with the House and Senate, then their agenda gets forced much quicker. So where is the push back to get the Conservatives agenda in play? Democrats and radical lefties use touchy-feely rhetoric during campaigns, but they run to the media when they don’t get their way.
    Playing along with Democrats in the spirit of cooperation means abandoning the Conservative principles.
    Mike Shower is a fighter and that’s what Republicans and Conservatives now want and need. We are not in a friendly mood anymore, Doug.

    • Julia, just an insightful gift to those on both sides of the Massie – Shower divide: we liberals love this.

      • Lol….Lucy, my question to you is: Do you have a stated goal for commenting here at MRAK? You really don’t offer anything of substance that can be debated based on logic, experience and economic thought. You are certainly a cheerleader for the Left, as is clear by your tone, tenor and temperament. Other than that, you just bide your time infiltrating MRAK with nonsense and wasted band-width. Your alleged “insightful gifts” are good for Jr. High foreplay, but not serious adult discussion.
        Obviously, Suzanne shows a considerable amount of tolerance with you (we hope you donate), but mostly you are ignored. If I was venturing to guess, I would say that you are a White male, age mid-20’s, some college, possibly still living with your parents and very influenced by your extremist liberal community college instructors. My partner thinks you are a much older White guy (60’s or even 70’s) who dodged the Vietnam era draft, lived in Canada during your CO days, retired government worker, with full days of nothing to do, and feel empowered by posting silly political ramblings that are direct reflections of your radical world view.

          • I vote for 40-year old, still living at home with parents (in the basement) and living on week old pizza and coke. Smokes a lot of dope and has illusions of grandeur about being a famous athlete or politician. Has a pet cat. No girlfriends. Hasn’t held a job in years and
            wears his Covid mask to bed. G’night Lucie.

      • Of course. That’s why we can’t support Doug. He’s not our fighter. Shower is our fighter. We go with the guy who’s standing in the ring for 12 rounds.

  11. One question: why was Shower missing 25% of votes (taking you at your word)?

    We’re they meaningless procedural votes? Was he doing other legislative work? Was he actually at his real job?
    Was he meeting constituents?

    There may or may not be something here, but the legislature has managed to turn a 3 month part time job into a year ‘round profession. Without the why, a 25% missing votes ratio is empty information.

    From where I sit, considering what the legislature has done to us, missing 25% of votes isn’t a bad thing.

    • Shower didn’t miss even half that amount. It is either a lie or very bad math. Either way, it is a false accusation. Look on the legislative website and look up Shower’s votes on his page. Count for yourself.

  12. Political Double speak

    “Doug and his extended family own a small business in the Knik Goose Bay area that employs 10 local individuals and works to support the community whenever possible. The business is a strong supporter of the dog mushing and snow machining communities, and they sponsor and host races throughout the winter.”

    ~ Owns a Bar – not a small business. And has worked to limit access to “his” lake by threatening to close the Knik bar parking lot if lake users did not follow his rules.

    “He served on multiple volunteer boards and was an advocate in Juneau for legislation that supported law enforcement officers across the state. ”

    ~ Was the President of the PSEA Union. Look at all the endorsements he is so proud of – every one of them union or big Non-profit

    “After a long career in law enforcement, I would also focus on improvements to public safety.”

    ~ I want defined benefits retirement for Troopers.

    “I support the largest dividend Alaska can responsibly and sustainably afford.”

    ~ I don’t care about the statute. The legislature determines the amount.

    “I will work to limit and responsibly manage state spending. We must live within our means. I do not support unnecessary taxation.”

    ~ But at some point taxing you might become necessary

    Massie is another Merrick at best, or NVI at worst. He claims he has “always wanted to get into politics” and “supports the largest PFD we can afford.”

    He also refuses to state his positon on abortion and seems to protest too much. Where there is political smoke, there is often fire. I won’t be supporting him in any manner.

    We don’t need another angry cop in the legislature.

    • Exactly. Except for one thing. He is not an angry cop. A true angry street cop would be a great addition to state government and a person who would call it like it is. Massie is just a politician now being coaxed into running by the rinos up here or bored and believing his own ego fueled poo. Probably both. Either way he is not what we need in govt. Nothing but a stooge Union guy feather bedding his own nest. And as a person forced into the union as a condition of employment I’ve heard all the arguments as to why they need to exist and why the union goons cannot be on the street working, etc. 99% BS.

  13. Doug Massie is a democrat union guy. During his time as a state trooper he spent little time doing his job, rather he would run off and play union boss. As the union president for PSEA, he hijacked the PAC and endorsed his good buddie Dunleavy for political favors. As a result, Massie was promoted to the Director position for the Wildlife Troopers with no management experience. Massie made the union and state agree to a contract that if he was removed from this position he could go back to his old position as a sergeant. Well, this happened. Massie has an anger problem and would treat his troopers and people he worked with like trash. As a result Amanda Price, the commissioner for the Department of Public Safety fired Massie and he got his old position back. But good old Massie had a backup plan. His good old buddie Dunleavy fired Amanda Price and reinstated Massie as the Colonel.

    Doug Massie is part of the good old boys club and a union puppet. Massie wants to reinstate pensions for public safety, which would cost Alaska billions.

    Vote for Mike Showers a proven leader in the state and military.

    • Wow! Massie sounds just like another union Democrat mole in the Republican Party …….
      Click Bishop, up in Fairbanks.

  14. Well this race is heating up! Peaked my interest so I just looked over some of the different senators attendance records and did some quick math. Seems Mr. Massie may be engaged in the kind of egregious lies he’s accusing Mrs. Carmen of using? According to the records since Shower was elected he’s missed around 113 total votes during the sessions, and others who missed 139, 120, 83, 71, 45, 39 and down to 11. I didn’t count that special session garbage as they shouldn’t be there IMO and some of those people have other jobs when they aren’t in Juneau, wouldn’t be fair to include that. So that was around 965 votes since Shower was put in office and when you divide using those “real” numbers it’s just over 11% and they all have some excused absences on the records. That’s a far cry from claiming the guy missed a 25% of the votes, a whopper of a lie if so! As the saying goes if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. I haven’t seen Mr. Shower say or write anything negative about Mr. Massie but Massie sure is throwing negative comments at Shower. I just “verified factually” to use Mr. Massie’s own words that his statements are false. Will he correct the record?

  15. Involvement with Public Employee UNION’s and running for Public Office should be an illegal conflict of interest. I believe that management of all unions are dominated by Socialistic operatives. The Rank and file of most union employees could be 50 / 50, but the Leadership is all Socialist. Concerning the Troopers and APD, I would consider all Rank over Lieutenant, to be Socialist leaning.. Massie might have been a good Trooper, but l wouldn’t trust him with the future of my State. Remember how John McCain turned out. Give Socialist no quarter—-they will destroy your home. Look what Biden and Lisa have done in two short years. In memory of Eisenhower, I like MIKE.

  16. Great, another RINO with fake outrage syndrome looking to dupe voters. Just what we need. Stand in line pal, there’s about 30 of you guys in Juneau as it is..

  17. Now that you’ve had your say, Doug, tell us about supporting defined benefits for police / fire union employees? Can you economic illiteracy? I knew you could. Cheers –

  18. Mike Shower tried to enact legislation that would question the most legitimate and open election Alaska ever had in 2020. Mike also believes in funding PF dividends over Constitutionally mandated public education. I do not know Doug Massie’s position on education or privacy. I do know Mike Shower wants government between a woman and her doctor, and Mike has not tried to work across the aisle for solutions like Doug has committed to.

    • Frank, you usually are ridiculous, but this is really over the top!
      “the most legitimate and open election Alaska EVER had”???? How can you say that with all those mail-in no witness signature ballots??
      Education is a sucking black hole and no matter how much money you throw at it, gives us dismal results. At least with a full PFD parents have the funds to send their kids to private school to get a good education.
      Newsflash! Government already is in our health care business. Remember Obamacare??
      Finally I am glad Mike Shower has standards, since your idea of “working across the aisle” is giving democrats all they want.

    • So you don’t like Mike because he follows state rules. Good to know.
      The abortion this is too dense to merit comment, other than amazement at how some people pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they support.

      I’m always curious when people on either side complain about people wanting to take steps to confirm an election was as open and above board as it could be.

  19. Most of us can see right through you and the agenda here Doug. We understand the redistricting that happened and the effort to take down Mike Shower. Mike has become a threat to the deep state of Alaska, and you have no problem being used as the political tool in the panic to unseat Alaska’s best conservative Senator. Because that is exactly what you are Doug, a tool.
    One line tells us everything we need to know about you regarding the Permanent Fund…
    “I support the largest dividend Alaska can responsibly and sustainably afford.”
    That statement alone tells us you intend to keep stealing the Permanent Fund dividends from Alaskans.
    As far as the drama with Carol, most of us don’t give a crap about her or her opinions. This is about you and what you are doing. If you truly cared about Alaska, you would not be part of the effort to unseat Mike Shower. You would be helping Mike right now. Since you are not, and you clearly have an agenda, this tells the voters everything we need to know about you.
    And yes, some of us still remember things you did as a Trooper that violated the trust of family members who went to you asking for help, and you turned your back on them.
    We don’t trust you, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  20. I know many have attacked Suzanne Downing for her articles as being too conservative or false or in the pocket of… This article proves those comments wrong. Doug sent this to her, she ran with it and put out for all the public to see. That my conservative and even “liberal” friends is fair and balanced! Hell, she still has a paid ad for No on 1. Has had paid ads for Tara Sweeney and others. If she was so “hard core” then those would be turned down. Yet, she has stories on the Ballot Measure 1 that refute the No on 1 ads, on the other candidates, both right, left, center, RINO whatever.
    I stand up for Suzanne Downing, 100% as a journalist. For you know when she is over the target that is when she get the biggest push back!

  21. And Shower was certainly there for the important votes, and voted correctly, each and every time. Plus his dauntless efforts to clean up the election process can not be ignored. I wish we had many more of his cut. Anyone running against him claiming to be a Republican is attempting to fix something that isn’t broke, and motives must be questioned. The new strategy of the left is to pretend to be conservative for election purposes. Kelly Merrick for example.

  22. I find it interesting when any “principled conservative” ( Republicans aren’t conservatives anymore) make comments like supporting the PFD “ we can afford”.

    As a former trooper, he should know better than most the importance of following the law. Wonder if this mindset applies to his pension and investments.

  23. Want some cheese with your whine, Doug?
    Message failed at “…come to the table and find solutions that work for both sides”.
    That turns you on, Doug, coming to the table, finding solutions which work for people who hate children, the same people working so hard to destroy what made America and Alaska great?
    What sort of “solutions” work for “neighbors” like them?
    At the risk of getting “too political”, Doug, we find it hilarious that Carol Carman and Madam Editor both seem to be living live rent-free inside your head. Room mates… who knew?
    If those two rattle you so easily, what good would you be in the legislature where registered special interests outnumber you seven to one?
    Don’t want to get all egregious, Doug, but… maybe those two can yank your chain ’cause you’re a teensy bit worried about being able to stiff productive Alaskans with a budget-busting scheme to reinstate an unaffordable defined-benefits program for your public-employee union owners?
    No? Well what kind of sales tax and income tax and Permanent Fund dividend contribution will a Senator Doug propose in order to pay for reinstating his public-employee union’s defined-benefits program?
    Okay, Doug, there’s your “direct reach out”.

  24. No, Mike Shower did NOT miss 25% of his votes. Not even close.
    I wrote a 7-part series on Shower vs Massie for voters in our district, the first 5 parts being about policies that prove Mike is a conservative and Doug is a moderate.
    Doug is upset about part 6.
    I responded with part 7 to our voters:

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