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Donald Trump Jr. jumps in, supports Kelly Tshibaka for Senate

In June, it was President Donald Trump’s endorsement. In July, it was the Alaska Republican Party endorsement. Now, Donald Trump Jr. is supporting Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate, with a fundraising letter that went out to the email list of Kelly for Alaska.

Donald Trump Jr. is a well-known hunting and fishing enthusiast and is a major force on social media, with an Instagram account followed by 4.7 million Instagram users.

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“I’m taking over the Team Kelly email to send you all a special message! When my father endorsed Kelly earlier this year I was so excited. There’s finally a STRONG CONSERVATIVE running to take out Lisa Murkowski and her name is Kelly Tshibaka,” he wrote.

“I don’t have to tell you how important this election is. This is our opportunity to ensure Alaska has an actual Conservative representing them in the US Senate and not a swampy DC Insider like Lisa Murkowski,” he wrote.

Trump Jr. is the author of  Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. He also authored Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden And The Democrats’ Defense Of The Indefensible.

Trump Jr. is known as an effective fundraiser, making it difficult to see where former Gov. Sarah Palin lands, if she decides to file as a candidate for Senate.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. I could never support Palin for the Senate seat, after what she did to me in the 2006 Republican Primary for governor. But I will be supporting Kelly T. 100%. And I know that Nancy will too. Our Little Princess has run her course with Alaskans.

  2. Prop 2. The princess is gonna be fine.

    You voted for it, Alaska. Can’t blame princess for taking advantage of it.

  3. President Trump has made a habit of picking the wrong people. Might be his greatest failing.
    Who cares what Don Jr. thinks? Alaskans taking direction from politicians children now?
    And isn’t it odd how this Kelly Tshibaka shows back up in our state after fleeing as a child to live in the heart of liberal land as a swamp rat?
    Harvard educated career Washington D.C. bureaucrat with such a weak and shallow background that she has to pimp the experiences her parents had before she was ever born. By now we have all heard the BS story about her homeless parents and did you know that her dad served in Vietnam?
    Kelly doesn’t have any experience to brag about except her exaggerated claims of cost cutting…whoops – I meant potential cost cutting that never actually happened.
    Odd that she never brags about her plan to screw rural Alaskans with her DMV privatization plan.
    Kelly is a set up…figure it out.

    • Aw, PJ, we’re beginning to think you don’t like Kelly. Yes, we agree that President Trump made a mistake with his VP pick, and a couple others. Her bio says her dad served in Viet Nam. You may be too young to understand, but many returning Viet Nam vets were treated very poorly, and struggled to rejoin society. That was America’s shame, not theirs. Your litany of hearsay and sour grapes is an embarrassing and childish attempt to denigrate a strong, well-qualified, and very capable woman. Your opinions are welcome, but without facts, are little more than a partisan temper tantrum.

      • Where are your facts, Charlie?
        Fact: Kelly left Alaska as soon as she graduated HS and never came back until the Dunleavy Administration brought here back with a government job (and made up a high paying government job for her husband).
        Fact: Kelly charged the state over $80,000 in moving expenses (and now makes excuses for the outrageous cost).
        Fact: Kelly rejected the UA system in favor of an Outside school…Alaska universities not good enough for her?
        Fact: Kelly’s entire work history is government bureaucrat. No private business experience…no military service to the country…nothing but government.
        Fact: Kelly, as commissioner, proposed to privatize select rural DMV offices to save the state government money but the move was estimated to more than double the cost to residents (in some cases) for DMV services.
        Fact: Kelly lied on her state fishing license and now makes excuses for that too.
        That enough facts for you…Charlie?
        Open your eyes, fool, and figure it out.

        • Your “facts” are as biased as a MSM newscast…and as valid as Joe Biden’s “Presidency”. PS: Your name should be at the end, not in the middle of your last sentence.

        • PJ-
          Fact: Alaska system is not a good university system. Anyone in Alaska can tell you that. It’s a drain on our state. It should at best be a D3 college.
          Fact: moving expenses are covered for all these positions in state govt. That includes those Dems who abuse the system to relocate from the bush to Juneau.
          Fact: DMV would have saved the state money but citizens would have had to pay more for fees undsr the private system. Don’t complain now about bloated govt workers.
          Fact: Who punched the wrong location on the fishing license? It wasn’t Kelly. Get it right


    • Don Jr. is hardly a child. He’s a very successful, hard working businessman. May want to compare and contrast his accomplishments with Hunter’s.

  4. Trump also endorsed Kelly Loeffler, ACB, Mitch McConnell, and even Romney to name a few so his endorsement really doesn’t mean anything to me. The Alaska GOP also endorsed Don Young, Dan Sullivan, and even Lisa Murkowski in 2016 so their endorsement means even less.

    Seriously, when are people going to wake up and demand that candidates have a strong, proven history to truly defend the constitution? We know nothing real about Kelly and frankly, a lot of warning signs that she is a deep state plant.

    • Aw, G’wan. You know nothing, yet you claim she is a deep state boogieman, and hint at mysterious “warning signs”. Pretty illogical thinking there. Apparently it’s difficult to research a candidate from under the bridge.

      • Charlie is a troll with no facts to offer. Typical liberal-ish style of debate – insults, unsupported assertions, derogatory statements. Obviously Charlie takes offense at his presumptions being challenged and contrary facts really bother him.

        • No, old fellow. Just an Alaskan girl who knows hot air and blustering when I see it. (Love how your character description fits your behavior on this forum perfectly.) “I know you are, but what am I?”

    • Real Alaskan, I have the same reservations as you do about Kelly Tshibaka. To be honest, her critics are either on the mark, or not far from it, when they call her a “carpetbagger”, and I see little evidence in her background to suggest that she would not just be another Lisa Murkowski. Her years spent in the swamp of Washington D.C., going along to get along, do nothing to inspire confidence in me that she would now suddenly turn and fight the swamp.

      • Jefferson,
        I agree with your assessment. Critical thinking and objective questioning seem to be lacking in the people and journalists blindly supporting Tshibaka. Until I see where she stands on key issues (IN WRITING), verifiable examples of her defense of the constitution, and a full resume of what exactly she has done during her time in government that truly qualifies her to be a senator, she will not get my vote.

        Why her supporters immediately start attacking any questions is a real red flag and should have them questioning why they are so blindly loyal to someone that they knew nothing about 6 months ago.

        • Guess we will find out, “real” and, ah, “forkner”. Are you old enough to remember when Palin was attacked in the same way as Kelly? Sorry. No interest in engaging with angry, abusive prevaricators.

  5. Wow nice rifle and scope there Don Jr! Freedom loving Americans need to stand up and speak out in support of our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms while we still have a fighting chance of saving Our Great Country!

  6. Just remember, Kelly T. took the bar exam four times less than Frank paid for his daughter’s private six-week tutorial sessions on how to cheat on the bar exam. ?

  7. It appears the Trump Team vetted Kelly about the same way McCain’s Team vetted Sarah Palin. Not very well. Alaska needs a real conservative to take the job, and Kelly isn’t it. How many PCN’s did Kelly eliminate during her time as Commissioner of Administration? Private enterprise was forced to close down and lay employees off during covid via government force, but she couldn’t find a single State employee position that could be eliminated. Couldn’t even lift a finger to help clean up some corruption. Kelly has proven she is all talk, and that she wants to go BACK to the DC swamp where she learned her craft.
    Won’t matter though due to ranked voting being put in place, and not a single politician is making a stand in this State demanding a forensic audit in Alaska of the 2020 election. Unless we fix 2020, nothing will change.

  8. I hope Kelly Tshibaka has a strong belief in the active nature of the US Constitution. In Alaska the left acts like the Constitution is Rumplestiltskin all tied down and asleep. I see it differently and I hope as Alaska’s Senator she looks at the Constitution like I do very lively and active!

  9. You’re right nothing will happen. It’s just more of the same. The PFD will dwindle away, eventually there will be taxes and once Bryce and the other clonies take their turn, nothing will be any better. That’s because no one’s willing to stand up and take a stand and make the hard decisions and do the hard things that are required. Really they’re just a bunch of idiots in both houses vying for their turn at the brass ring.

  10. Yeah yeah, Greg. But in Lisa’s case she didn’t know whether she was trying to pass by the local tavern or get the boat beyond the sandbar. As stated previously, she gets most of her DNA traits from Frankie.

  11. ….and all along, I thought I was daddie’s little princess. I’m voting for Kelly T.
    Lisa, you’re breaking us up!

    • But not me. I’m sticking with Lisa to the end. The silver lining is with Frankie’s big double pension……..and that’s not gilding the lily. Frankie and Nancy:
      You’ve kept us out of war.

  12. I will vote Kelly Tshibaka 2022 !!! While all the grumblers wait for REAL conservatives to step up and flood the field, Lisa is applauding the divisive grumblers and looking forward to winning again. We will never get rid of Lisa unless there is unison. In a very short while Kelly has amassed massive backing, while msm eviscerates her. If Kelly is such a swamp rat, the leftist msm would not be attacking her. And, obviously from the above comments,, not just the msm, but fellow. Conservatives who moan Kelly is not gold standard enough. We must focus on The goal which is to defeat Lisa, and Kelly can do that. The massive backing she is still accumulating is alone quite an accomplishment.

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