Facing confirmation headwinds, mayor’s health department director resigns


They can’t fire you if you quit.

The Anchorage Health Department Director has decided to withdraw from his appointment rather than be voted down by the Anchorage Assembly.

In a letter to Mayor Dave Bronson, Morgan said he didn’t want to put his family through the bruising confirmation vote on Tuesday, which appeared unfavorable.

The committee confirmation hearing for David Morgan was brutal, with the liberal-controlled Assembly asking him pointed questions about his politics, which are conservative, and his views on Covid-19. The Assembly, badgering him for over an hour, made it clear to all that he was not going to be confirmed.

Morgan has over 40 years of management in the health sector. The previous health department director, Heather Harris, had come into the job after running the Boys and Girls Club; she had no health management experience, but faced an easy confirmation process because she was chosen by former Mayor Ethan Berowitz, a Democrat, who three months later resigned in disgrace.

But Morgan has also been involved in Republican politics, and is well known as the chair of District 17 for the Alaska Republican Party. He has been outspoken on many topics, pandemic and otherwise.

Assembly Vice Chair Christopher Constant, who has had many gaffes in social media and with hot mics, was especially interested in short-circuiting Morgan. Constant was one of Forrest Dunbar’s key lieutenants in his failed campaign for mayor.

“I regretfully accept David Morgan’s resignation today as Director of the Anchorage Health Department. David Morgan has proven over many years in public health administration that he is highly experienced, qualified, and capable. However, due to what can only be described as a political campaign against him, David Morgan has decided to remove his name from consideration and avoid the months of partisan attacks that would follow him at every turn,” Bronson said. “The Anchorage Assembly has long acknowledged that a new Mayor should have the authority and ability to appoint his or her own senior leadership team. However, the Assembly is headed down a very dangerous path that challenges years of precedent and undermines any future Administration from performing its required duties.”

Following David Morgan’s resignation, Bronson today named Anchorage Health Department Deputy Director DeeAnn Fetco as Acting Director until the position can be filled on a full-time basis.

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      • “Morgan has over 40 years of management in the health sector.”
        ” The previous health department director, Heather Harris, had come into the job after running the Boys and Girls Club; she had no health management experience”
        Care to reexamine your thesis here, Billy Boy? Or are you going to go with typical radical leftist double standards, dishonesty, malice and hypocrisy?

        • This goofball worked in heath care finance and had no education or experience in public health. He would have had a hard time being confirmed as a doggy man.

          • Some us don’t have to work and we don’t have to put up with crap from fools and communists.

            The problem you have as a subject matter expert working for Republicans is that it is the rarest Republican office holder who can stand any conflict or controversy, and if you attract either not only will they not defend you, they will often attack you.

            Go ask the union goons I sat in hearing rooms or across negotiation tables with if they think I folded like a cheap suit.

  1. Hopefully Morgan and his wife arent Fretting over the disappointment. You can feel disappointment but dont Fret over it, happily move on to the next calling. As long as they stay upright the God of Dunbar’s and Constant’s Jewish Grandmas will Avenge any injustice given to Morgan and his wife. Remember Psalm 9:8-9.

  2. I suggest the health department hire Morgan as a janitor, put him on the payroll with full union benefits. Then, name him acting director “until a suitable replacement is found.” There is no assembly confirmation required for an interim director. Bronson might never get around to finding a suitable replacement…problem solved.

    Play dirty Bronson. You will never suceed if you let these fools make up the rules as they go along.

    • Scott, absolutely brilliant. You must be experienced in government bureaucracy and its inherent corruption. I have no such experience; I would have never thought of such a work-around in a million years.
      On the other hand, if I were the candidate, I would not shy away from the interview/hearing process. If nothing else, it would be an opportunity to show the world the level of corruption on the assembly. I would actually relish the opportunity to debate communists… the facts make it so easy to reveal their true nature.

      • It’s been thought of and used before and there is a reason most personnel rules and union agreements have limits on the length of time someone can be in acting status.

        My answer to this issue, ironically the same answer the Obama Administration used, was you appointed some affable, uncontroversial, hail fellow well met type and got him confirmed, but you held all the authority in the governor/mayor’s office. Your Mr. Nice guy can glad hand while some ruthless apparatchik in the executive office exercises all the authority.

  3. This attack on David Morgan & his family is really an attack on us all and we all feel the sick manner it has been done and most of us have at least a couple of liberal friends and they all think Constant and Dunbar have gone to far and they to are sick of it. and the Citizens of Anchorage and Alaska have gotten their faces rubbed in the dirt once more by these two terribly misguided officials…..and remember on the next election the voter will!!!!

    • Yes Charlie, I have a few leftist friends…. only because of my basic love for humanity. Its similar to a relationship between a parent and a wayward teenage child. It’s very frustrating to witness a loved one pursue a foolish, self-destructive course while you vainly try to guide them back onto a path of virtue. Its all the more frustrating when their agenda causes damage to us and our culture as well.

  4. At least DeeAnn Fetko is a sane and reasonable person. I have had professional dealings with her as deputy director of DHHS, and she was consistently polite, intelligent, and easy to work with.

  5. This is an obvious attempt to sabotage the new Mayors ability to govern. Until Anchorage places people in the assembly that will work with and support an agenda for the people of Anchorage and not the political agenda of the left, there will be no substantial progress. If Anchorage really wants positive change, they must demand an independent full forensic audit of the elections and the financial records to see what laws are being violated by this assembly. I would predict several seats were stolen through voter fraud. This also affects our State Legislature! Alaska needs to wake up to the reality that there is an agenda and it has nothing to do with preserving your freedoms! Hopefully, you are watching Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium that is currently happening in South Dakota. He is exposing their voter fraud system in each and every State. Alaska has rampant fraud!

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