Document drop: Full affidavit for search warrant for Mar-a-Lago


Here is the full version of the affidavit that the FBI presented to get a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Donald Trump’s Florida. The search was conducted to attempt to retrieve documents the government believes were classified and that were removed and stored at Mar-a-Lago by Trump or his surrogates at the end of his presidency. Portions are redacted, according to officials, to protect the human sources who provided the information and the names of the investigators:


  1. an attack on Trump is an attack on GOD!! he is a righteous servant of the LORD! and the godless dems want to do everything they can to hurt him they can black out words but GOD!! and Trump know everything!! they hide and they can’t hide from GOD they are mad because Trump is IMMUNE to jail because he is a PRESIDENT!!! they cant do anything !!and that makes them angry Biden will go to jail!!! over this as it is already written in the good book and in his heart !!!!

    • I don’t think God was able to vote in the last election—no ID from what I heard. But if supports the “grab ‘em by the pussy” guy, I’d be a little surprised. You however seem to think former president Trump is infallible (and maybe a god himself), which seems pretty unchristian. I’m sorry you’re so angry—it’s not healthy.

      • Really, the grab them by the pussy guy? That is ripe.
        However, I will say I am 100% sure God did not support the molest pre-teen girls guy.

      • I was recently reminded of the “get a hummer from the chubby intern” guy as well. I hazard a guess that God did not support him either.

  2. They are gonna find a way to indict him no matter what it takes. Legality be damned. Stability of the Republic be damned.

    A person couldn’t be blamed for thinking the left is so obsessed they are willing to trigger a very uncivil war to get this man.

    • A person couldn’t be blamed to think many ultra-right folks are just itching for a reason to get violent with anyone they disagree with. Please think long and hard about how nasty an actual civil war would be—it’s not that likely to turn out the way you seem to think (for example, see the Russian incursion into Ukraine or the US invasion of Afghanistan to understand how wrong the hubris of the warmongers tends to be).

      • Just itching for violence?
        Trust me MRAK Fan. If folks on the right were itching for violence, there would no longer be any left.
        Based on voting patterns alone, the average person who votes red owns several guns, hunts regularly, and joins the military. They are willing to sit in the rain for hours in order to take game from hundreds to thousands of yards away.
        While your example is correct, look to the Ukraine/Afghanistan to understand war. Your implication that the right is the invader is absolutely incorrect. The right occupies both sides of that equation in the USA. Not only will they play the part of the organized military, they will also be the resistance.
        This may be an ugly civil war, but it will be a very short one.

  3. I happened to catch an NBC morning show gushing about how once it was released, later today, we would know why the raid was necessary. I had to laugh that they would say such things. Did they really believe that? Did anyone with a brain not know it would be 98% redacted.?

  4. The big challenge for Trump supporters is devising a way to save face after years of frothing admiration for the disgraced traitor. He grifted his bogus Trump University, he fomented a coup to overturn our constitution, he lied to the IRS, stole top secret documents, and now it looks like he intended to sell defense information to our foreign adversaries. Fool me twice, shame on me; fool me 100s of times, I must be a Trump supporter.

    • That’s not a fair statement—there has been no DOJ statements or indications that the former president intended to sell any classified information, to foreign adversaries or anyone else. Any motivation for refusing to return classified documents to the government is wholly speculative and it is disingenuous and irresponsible to suggest that. Emails have been released showing an absolute unwillingness to cooperate—including internal Trump team communications—but they don’t provide a reason such as selling government information. Let’s all rely on facts, left, right, and center.

      • MRAK fan: totally agree. I’m all about science and facts, hence my qualifying modifier, “it looks like”.

  5. The ghost of James Comey never left the Hoover Building. The FBI needs to be completely dismantled. It’s now an arm of the Democrat Party

  6. I like how they use an Executive Order to validate the need to secure these documents yet ignore the fact that the Executive had declared them declassified!

    • What executive order are you talking about? Did you go to Trump U? There was no executive order issued by Biden related related to the lawful search.

  7. The affidavit is some 80 paragraphs long, half are completely redacted. Of the remaining text, about 30% is citations from Title 18 USC, or NARA regulations.
    Yeah… this justifies the FBI’s actions… no doubt about it.

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