Document: Biden plans mass release of illegals into country, as processing centers fill to capacity



Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on Tuesday published an internal Border Patrol email her office obtained that provides guidelines to release foreign nationals being held at Customs and Border Patrol processing centers because they are at near full capacity, at full capacity or are already over capacity.

President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “have become so brazen that they are now implementing mass-release quotas for immigrants surging into our country,” Moody said. “As a federal judge already recognized, these releases are unlawful, yet the Biden administration is ordering Border Patrol to release even more immigrants into the interior.” Moody is referring to a lawsuit Florida brought against the administration and won.

Despite Mayorkas claiming that the border is closed and secure, a record number of people are being processed through ports of entry using the new CBP One App. As a result, processing centers, where individuals, some families, and unaccompanied minors are held within a certain timeframe, as they are processed to be released into or removed from the country by federal agents, are at capacity.

With the majority of agents pulled from the field tasked with processing record numbers of people, officials have expressed concerns to The Center Square that an unknown number of criminals are illegally entering undetected between ports of entry. This also could be why significantly fewer gotaways are being reported than in previous months.

With nearly 20,000 people currently in custody at CBP processing centers in the nine southwest sectors, Border Patrol agents were given a new directive on how to release even more people into the U.S., according to an email sent to agents obtained by Moody’s office.

The redacted email states it is from the Acting Deputy Chief, Law Enforcement Operations Directorate, at U.S. Border Patrol Headquarters. The name on the letter is redacted, but the acting deputy director of this office is Ricardo Moreno, according to official records.

The email was sent Aug. 8, 2023, to all Border Patrol field chiefs and field deputies as a follow up to a call to discuss how to “bring in-custody numbers to manageable levels.”

“Unfortunately, after leveraging all consequences to include referrals to ERO [Enforcement and Removal Operations], the rate of daily encounters continues to surpass the daily permanent bookouts and the in-custody numbers continue to rise creating significant risks to agents and detainees. This level of detention numbers has also resulted in increased manpower requirements impacting border security efforts,” the email states.

In addition to this, as of Sept. 11, “BP agents were instructed to reward and release over 6,500 illegal aliens who had committed a crime and crashed our lawless border. 6,500 in one day. Do the math. Joe Biden is destroying this country,” the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing Border Patrol agents, said on X.

This is also in addition to CBP ERO agents continuing to apprehend and process for removal violent criminals, including murderers, rapists, child sex offenders and others.

According to preliminary data The Center Square obtained from a Border Patrol agent, over 215,000 illegal foreign nationals were apprehended or reported evading capture at the southwest border alone last month. The data only includes what is reported by Border Patrol agents. It excludes Office of Field Operations data. So far this month, according to preliminary data, Border Patrol agents have apprehended nearly 76,000 illegal border crossers and reported over 12,300 gotaways.

The station with the heaviest traffic is in Eagle Pass, Texas, with nearly 10,000 people apprehended so far this month. Ajo, Arizona, is not far behind with over 7,700 people apprehended. Brownsville, Texas, Tucson, Arizona, and Santa Teresa, New Mexico are also among the busiest stations this month. Santa Teresa’s station, located roughly 30 miles west of El Paso, Texas, reported more gotaways than apprehensions, nearly 4,300 compared to over 3,700, respectively.

The Border Patrol email “is further proof of the disastrous cycle created by [President] Biden’s intentional destruction of our border with Mexico,” Moody said. “Biden cuts resources, opens the border, and then releases detainees while claiming there is not enough detention capacity to prevent the unprecedented flood of migrants entering the country because of his terrible policies. With every passing day it is becoming more obvious that the border crisis is being intentionally orchestrated by the Biden administration. We will continue to do everything in our power to push back and let the American people know what Biden is doing.”


  1. Anything, ANYTHING to further undermine, destabilize, and destroy this country is an integral part of the Usurper Biden regime’s pro-globalist, anti-freedom and anti-sovereignty agenda.

  2. Didn’t need a document to know this. It’s clearly evident in his actions.

    If his goal is to crash this nation and make us a 3rd world crap hole, he’s well on his way.

  3. Over 5,000,000 illegal aliens entering every year getting on average $2,500 a month in government benefits, healthcare provided by the government, and school for the child illegal aliens provided by the government. The government will eventually give them amnesty and turn them into voters so the government won’t ever have to listen to the citizens. Anyone who doesn’t like this is called a threat to “Our Democracy”.

  4. And, the betting pool is open. $1 to enter, person closest without going over wins.
    What percent of the mass released criminals will end up in sanctuary cities or states?
    I will go first. 0%

    • Depends. If done in Texas or Florida, they might be sent north. Both states have had their fill.

      But if Comrade Joe is in control (more specifically, his handlers) all bets are off.

      • Is TX a sanctuary State?
        Point is that the Briben administration is actively doing everything they can to destroy States and cities that are not already overrun by illegals. Just the other day, he issued (well, someone on his behalf) issued an order saying Texas must keep the illegals. It is an order that Gov. Abbott is outright ignoring.

  5. Eric Adams cries to the media blaming the disaster in New York on Governor Abbot and didnt even mention Joe Bidens or Mayorkas name.
    Typical left handed fool doesnt have a clue how the illegals got to Texas in the first place.
    All he knows is Abbot is giving the illegals a ride to whatever city THEY choose and that just so happens to be the “Big Apple” leftist cesspool.
    Cant see past his rose colored glasses.
    As ignorant as they come.
    When I was a young teen I asked an older sibling who had just returned from a visit to NY city on a stopover what the city was like. His response was it looked like a place where Mother Nature had taken a huge dump.
    That was late sixties.
    I cant imagine what the description would be today.

  6. Send them to New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. They need more liberal votes and the taxpayer is more than willing to help them with tax dollars. We can’t save the world as there are billions who need help. Let’s just stop this false hope for illegal aliens in this country.

  7. Next,they’ll fly lots of them up here!! Brush up on your Spanish!! Or Mandarin. That explains all the tourism by Fedzilla lately. Seeing if we have room for their new voters.

  8. There’s a sad irony here. The progressives are attempting to rewrite the internal makeup of America to look more like Mexico or Syria. Ie, 3rd world with a population used to being controlled.

    Kinda Sauronesk. One party to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.

    The one party being them.

    Problem is, the progressives and most Republicans don’t study history or culture. Ted Kennedy’s dream of a one party permanent rule.

    Every society which has political conformity forced on them eventually rebels, usually violently. Same for forced multiculturalism not chosen by the majority.

    Take a long look at Yugoslavia. That’s what they’re creating. Plus consider most of us, all races and religions, don’t want this. And we have a long history of fighting back. Violently when necessary. We got lots of guns. And people who know how to effectively use them.

    The best this charade can do is spilt the country.

    The ultimate irony is the history they don’t bother to read tells them the people they are “importing” will almost certainly reject them, too.

    • We already experienced one civil war and although very bloody and devastating to many it was long ago and people have extremely short memories when it comes to learning from prior mistakes.
      Stubborn Democrat plantation owners werent keen on giving up their belief in owning slaves.
      I dont think they will be keen on losing any power in the upcoming election either.
      Joe has succeeded in dividing this nation using race even more than Obama did in his eight years.

      • If there is in fact a civil war on the horizon, realize there will be no rules of engagement.
        I wonder if that is why they are so adamant on gun control…

  9. Send them all to “Plugs Biden’s” residences, New York, LA, Chicago, and every other sanctuary city/state that foisted this catastrophe on all of us.

  10. I been questioning if this invasion has something to do with Americans and America worshiping foreign and ancient gods of our country’s neighbors children and their children all these past decades instead of God-the true God. Cause He did give Isreal (Sameria and Judah) over to their enemies, since they didn’t repent and return back to God. I wouldn’t call these arrivals friends of America, they more like coming for what they can get.

  11. If these “illegals” arrive in Alaska, I propose the we just load them up on Lynden’s Herc and fly them to the adjacent sanctuary cities: Seattle, Portland, and/or San Francisco. The payload of the Herc is 48K-lbs so, we can effectively load approximately ~275 “illegals” even if we have to stack the in there like cord-wood.
    Utilizing NAC might be more efficient by utilizing 737, straight-shot without fuel stops.
    The bottom-Line is we just can’t afford expense of mass immigration in AK!!!

  12. Its been obvious for a very long time that Joe Biden is a criminal, and a traitor. the very constitution he took an oath to uphold requires that he repel invasions- and this is certainly an invasion. If millions of un vetted criminals stroll in, that’s an invasion.

    Many of these invaders will be driving on our roads. No license. No insurance. No understanding of the English language. Easier that way- you don’t have to worry about reading the road signs. In Texas they have records of the hundreds of thousand of crimes committed by these scumbags who have broken into our nation.

    So, what will happen to the United States? This is the end. Biden is intent on turning us into a third world nation. Many US cities already look like hell. That’s what the Democrats want. A destroyed country.

    When will the civil war come? Its very clear many Americans find the destruction of our country by these miserable aholes to be reprehensible.

  13. Biden is a puppet president, and we don’t really know who is running the country. We can guess. People are slowly wising up but we need to act fast. Murkowski is bought, Sullivan does nothing. Not much hope here.

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