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Breaking: Gene ‘Buzzy’ Peltola Jr. dies in plane crash

Gene Peltola, the husband of Rep. Mary Peltola, died in a plane crash on Tuesday. The representative is flying back from Washington, D.C.

Update: The National Transportation and Safety Board wrote that it is ” investigating the crash of a Piper PA 18-150 Super Cub that crashed under unknown circumstances near St. Mary’s, Alaska on Sept. 12 at 8:48 PM AKDT. The pilot flew a hunter and the hunter’s equipment to a remote location 64 miles away from St. Mary’s. After leaving the hunter, the plane took off to return and appears to have crashed in an area of remote, mountainous terrain. The pilot was the only person on board.”

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NTSB investigators are responding to the scene with the Alaska Air National Guard.

“We are devastated to share that Mary’s husband, Eugene Peltola Jr. — ‘Buzzy’ to all who loved him — passed away earlier this morning following a plane crash in Alaska,” wrote Anton McParland, chief of staff to Rep. Peltola.

“He was one of those people that was obnoxiously good at everything,” McParland said. “He had a delightful sense of humor that lightened the darkest moments. He was definitely the cook in the family. And family was most important to him. He was completely devoted to his parents, kids, siblings, extended family, and friends — and he simply adored Mary. We are heartbroken for the family’s loss.”

Gene Peltola was a director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Alaska and worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for decades. He had been community leader in Bethel.

After he crashed, he was being attended to by at least one hunter in the area. The Air National Guard launched to respond to the crash, which was near a well-known moose hunting lodge near St. Mary’s.

Word reached Must Read Alaska early Wednesday that he dropped a hunter off and crashed on takeoff on Tuesday evening. Hunters reached him but couldn’t stop the bleeding.

The statement from the Alaska Democratic Party reads, “Our deepest condolences are with Rep. Mary Peltola and the Peltola family as they grieve the passing of Gene Peltola Jr. Please keep them in your hearts, thoughts, and prayers as we remember and commemorate Buzzy’s life.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski issued a statement on Twitter: “I am shocked, saddened and truly beyond words to express my grief at the loss of Gene Peltola Jr. Anyone who met Buzzy felt his warmth, generosity and charm. It was easy to see why so many Alaskans called him a friend, and how he was so loved by his family.”

Gov. Mike Dunleavy wrote, “Rose and I are shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Gene Peltola. We will be praying for Mary, their children, and all of the Peltola family. Gene’s dedication to Alaska ran deep, and he will be dearly missed.”

“Words cannot express the pain of suddenly and tragically losing a loved one. Our team sends prayers and heartfelt condolences to Rep. Mary Peltola and her family in this time of grieving,” said Nick Begich, whose grandfather, Rep. Nick Begich, died in a plane crash in Alaska. Nick is running against Rep. Peltola for Congress.

Alaska’s former Congressman Don Young also died aboard a plane, although it was a commercial jet and his death was not related to a crash. He died March 18, 2022 coming home to Alaska. Former Sen. Ted Stevens’ former wife Ann Stevens died in a plane crash in 1978, and Sen. Stevens also died in a plane crash, after the small plane he was flew into a mountain Aug. 9,. 2010 in Western Alaska.

Rep. Peltola also lost her mother, LizAnn Williams, in May.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Sometimes you put politics aside, condolences for her. On another note, very Alaskan way to go, better then wasting away in a bed, in my opinion. He went with his boots on. Rest easy sir.

  2. It hasn’t been a good year for the small aircraft community.
    Even though his wife-Mary- is mean I am sorry for her she lose her third husband who probably was her favorite out of the two. My grandmother’s second treated her better than the first one and his death separation was harder. Since this world hard on a woman without her husband. Men can make this life easier on a woman by him being around and taking care of her and children.

    • Mary seems to have no problem with becoming a Club member and sacrificing the well being of Alaska for her own gain. She deserves no sympathy. This is her pain to bear.

    • Hmmmm, so if President Trump or Desantis died tomorrow you would write up a post of sincere grief and concern for their loss and the loss to their families?
      I highly doubt it. Hypocrites.

        • Exactly my point.

          Gene Peltola’s death is a tragedy to his wife, his family and his friends, and to nobody else, just as every other person’s death is. Logically, this article should have had zero comments for that very reason.

          • So I guess you didn’t feel a moment of empathy when the earthquake struck Morocco a few days ago and killed 2,000+ people? And you must not care about any of the people who died on 09/11/2001 or the soldiers who were killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Or are you so crass it’s really just liberal lives that don’t matter?

          • Thank you for your gratuitously snarky non sequitur of a comment, Jaded.

            The point that all you crocodile tear shedders refuse to address or acknowledge is that you are demanding that we feel special and MORE sympathy for this particular individual’s death, and ONLY because his wife is in government. That I find hypocritical and repellent.

          • It’s not about “crocodile tears”, it’s about showing some respect for a family in grieving. You want to lambast people for expressing their condolences? I doubt most readers here are fans of Petola–either of them–but since when did that mean we should be insulting and cold hearted towards their family? His death isn’t politics. I’d say you are the one trolling around here if you’ve just come to criticize other folks for expressing their sympathy.

          • Jaded, as the typical radical leftist extremist that you are, subsumed by emotions rather than my logic, your irrational screed here is only to be expected.

            I have not criticized anyone for ‘expressing their sympathy”, what I HAVE criticized are statists and government-lovers like you who DEMAND that everyone else feel and express an extra and special degree of sympathy for this man, and ONLY because his wife is part of the (authoritarian) government that you so adore. But NO, I refuse to do so, and will deride all of you who hypocritically and religiously do so.

            Jaded, your disingenuous attempts to project your own hypocrisy onto me and others is just representative of the irrational and illogical radical leftist mindset, and I will call out that hypocrisy every time that I see it, such as here.

        • Hearts of stone also take the lives of Gods unborn children right up to the moment they move from the womb to the breast.
          Maybe if Mary wouldnt have supported those who fight so hard for that “right” the number of sincere condolences would be much longer than the list of negative or noncondolence comments Whidbey.
          The same applies to her lack of will to support young aspiring female athletes who would like to participate in a class they used to fit in.
          My granddaughters dont have that opportunity or a public funded school worthy of attending either.
          I am not implying anything but is Karma playing a role here?
          It does make one wonder.
          She is obviously not “Gods gift” to children of any age.

    • Why?
      I do not know Mary or Gene. And, the odds of me actually being friends with them are pretty much zero. If I pass Mary Peltola in a hallway, there is a remote possibility I will even recognize her.
      But, I am supposed to express condolences? Because her name is in the news?
      I did not send condolences to Jimmy Buffet’s family. Nor did I send condolences to Jeffrey Epstein’s family. But, for some reason you expect me to send them to Mary Peltola?
      However… I will not say anything about politics. Whether I like the way Mary votes or not has nothing to do with this story. She lost her husband. That is sad. There is no reason to bring extraneous items into it.

      • CBMTTek, your logical and sensible argument will be lost on the emotionally-driven mind (and I use the word loosely) of somebody like Whidbey.

        The REAL reason that he is sad here is because this death touches on one of his beloved overlords, a minion of his Great God Government. THAT is why he thinks we, who do not know and otherwise have no connection to or interest in Gene Peltola, should all be sad and should send condolences. It is really just another manifestation of the radical leftist’s and statist’s religion which deifies authority, and which particularly deifies the coercion of authority.

        • I feel sad for her because she lost someone she loved. If you lost your spouse, I’d feel sorry for you too.

          It’s called human compassion. Give it a try someday.

          • And why do you feel especially sad for Mary Peltola, Whidbey, and not sad for the multiple other Alaskan wives, husbands, sons, daughters, friends and relatives who lose loved ones every single day? What makes her so SPECIAL, as to warrant your extra attention and sadness? Answer me that, if you dare.

          • Feeling sad for someone, and offering condolences are two very different things.
            I am not happy to hear that anyone died. But, I will not offer condolences unless I personally know them.
            And, as a rational adult that is capable of exercising reason and logical thought, I know that the two positions are not incompatible.

          • Yes Dawg, someone lost their spouse and I agree that we should be considerate and compassionate. I wonder however if you would but for a moment consider the Jab Deaths and up tick in deaths these last couple years to an “Unknown Cause” since that investment you made in Pfizer paid off so handsomely? You know, the experimental m-RNA shot that didn’t do a damn thing in stopping the spread of the Engineered Virus, but has racked up quite a score of dead folks.

  3. What are the chances that this was an accident?

    I just looked it up. Alaska averages only about 10 fatal plane crashes per year.

    This one just happened to happen to the husband of a US congresswoman, who has only been in office for a year, and Gene was deeply invested in ESG, the extremely lucrative carbon credit scam.

    Plane crashes are a favorite way to take people out.

    People should look into this now while the trail is hot. Someone may talk.

    And pray that the truth will be found out.

    • Really Jeff?
      “Plane crashes are a favorite way to take people out”
      Do you have any evidence to support that statement? When was the last one?.
      I recognize that some people suffer from
      Paranoia Jeff. There might be help for that.

      • Ooof. Do read anything? At all? There was a plane crash two weeks ago that took out the Wagner group leader…….an open opponent to Putin…in Russia. Yeah you’re right Jeff’s waaaaayy off.

        • One example of using an aircraft to take someone out is no where near enough to say it is a “favorite”
          way. Using a gun, knives, bomb, maybe poison, perhaps. Saying it is an unusual way may be more accurate. Favorite: no!

        • Steven’s Zotzed?
          Really? Are you really implying he was murdered? Any evidence for that claim? His pilot, who was unfamiliar with the route he was taking in bad weather ran into a mountain killing himself and among others, Stevens.
          I love it when someone comes up with a conspiracy theory with nothing to back it up. It is reassuring to know that the nut population continues to grow.

      • Re: Alaskans First

        You asked for evidence for: ‘Plane crashes are a favorite way to take people out”

        The Wagner group leader is a clear, recent example. Thanks, Floyd George!

        Big Jets:
        In general, when we hear of a large jet going down, it’s good to pay attention to who was on board. Oftentimes, key people were.

        CBMTTek mentioned Ted Stevens, and Suzanne Downing mentioned Ted Steven’s wife on the Mike Percaro Show yesterday. This was in 1978. Ted survived, but his wife did not. He didn’t make it the second time.

        Of course, some of these tragedies could be mere accidents, but the majority probably are not.

        US Congressman Nick Begich Sr. was taken out in a plane crash along with US Rep. Hale Boggs, who was about to reveal some things that the powers that be didn’t want revealed. Nick Begich II explains in this video:

        (vid) Nick Begich: Why Congressmen Nick Begich Sr. & Hale Boggs were Assassinated by the Deep State in Alaska in 1972

        This is a huge list of aircraft fatalities, many of which are political leaders:

        List of fatalities from aviation accidents

        The Clinton Body-Count is a long list of “friends” of the Clintons that mysteriously died, many in airplane accidents.

        A notable person was US Rep. Ron Brown. Look at why he was killed here: ‘

        John F. Kennedy Jr. is in this list too. The media lied about what happened and what were the weather conditions that day. It’s amazing that Bobby Kennedy is still alive, given all of the assassinations in that family, because they had guts to stand up to the deep state, political machine that has now almost completely succeeded in destroying America. RFK Jr knows he’s a target, and takes precautions, since he’s been boldly exposing Big Pharma. Big Media censors him — another main tactic that they use.

        Probably, hundreds of key people have been taken out through airplane “accidents” and incidents through the years.

    • That is what I am thinking also Jeff. Interesting that the day after O’biden is here, her husband takes two unnamed hunters out, drops them off and then crashes? If this is a message from the deep state to Mary, I hope that she wakes up to what is going on. Deaths are hard and I would not have wished that upon her and her children.

      • You know, Rino, most comments here have expressed sadness and sentiments of condolence for Mary, yet you just take potshots. Not once have you actually expressed ANY personal sentiment going out to this lady, who just lost her husband. You mock others, but your heart is clearly a stone and without humanity or compassion. I hope others will treat you more kindly than you treat them.

        • I would say condolences are best said by not disparaging someone. But you know you good Christians such as yourself really love to do that to someone who disagrees with you now days. Jesus would be so proud.

          • Show us on the doll where Christianity hurt you.

            Again, you are welcome to comment on things you don’t understand. It makes you look like a raging idiot, but for you that’s often a day ending in Y.

          • My heart goes out to Mary and her family! May she be surrounded by people, who love and cherish her.
            My heart goes out to you too, Rino. I hope you find peace!

          • Do you know why you constantly fail? And fail poorly, but epically?

            You operate off snark and emotion. You don’t know how or why people on the right think, and are too smug to bother trying to understand.

            It makes it easy to run rings around you. I can predict your actions and comments before you make them.

            I can usually articulate your positions better than you can. You, because you can’t articulate (take time to look the word up your embarrassment will still be here) mine have lost the argument before you even post.

            So all you have is snark and meaningless bromides. When you look up bromides, use the second definition.

            Sucks to be you.

      • Pretty sure Christians are allowed to not like people. That doesn’t change our ability to feel genuine empathy for someone who has suffered a devastating personal loss.

        • I don’t see Israelites feeling bad in the demise of their enemies especially the ones they and/or God conquered like Jericho’s walls crashing in on an entire city of Caanaanites (men, women, children young and old.) Reading Old Testament or Haman being hung plus his ten sons. Personally most of all we don’t know Peltola’s. However Christian service is if she came to a Christian Neighbor she does know for help and scripture commands us to help when asked. Cause it’s work unto the Lord. Our Alaska pastors I think and encounter they don’t instruct enough; they should research more and instruct more on what are our limits whom we should be concerned over and how much help we give and who we give too. Cause unless a Christian have the opportunity to witness to a secular unbeliever because that person sought them out or helped the Christian them why should we show concern and share resources with an unbeliever who mocks God and disregards completely what His precious Word speaks?

        • Pretty sure the Bible says, “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” So do tell us where in the Bible does it say it’s okay to publicly bash a grieving widow?

      • Did you think yourself clever? You’re not.

        Incidentally (feel free to look the word up if you don’t know it) your lack of understanding of the faith could fill all the oceans, seas, and the vast emptiness between you ears.

        Make all this kind of commitments you wish. It doesn’t do anything except make you look foolish. Which, by the way, isn’t something you need any more help with.

  4. Jim Tweto who had MANY years of experience also met his fate earlier this year due to freak weather conditions.
    Flying in Alaska has many more risks due to random weather conditions and a ton of other obstacles to navigate around including makeshift runways that change overnight.
    I gave up flying small aircraft for work due to the number of close calls.
    The worst being caused from inexperienced pilots hired from lower 48 with lots of experience down there which worked against them in the bush as they were sometimes over confident in their abilities to navigate Alaskan conditions.
    Flying boating snowmachining mushing hiking Alaska can be very risky if anything goes sour at the drop of a hat.
    My condolences to the family.

  5. Whatever. This was her 3rd or 4th husband. She’ll find another. Hopefully the next husband won’t try to sell out Natives and use political connections and under the table $ to push the Ambler Road, like this one did.

    • Josh, Are you saying that Gene, the current husband of Mary was supportive of the Ambler Road? If true then this is a very great loss. We, Alaskans and all American’s, and especially Native folks NEED this road to provide the minerals for our future and for our security. If Gene was working that angle it was the right angle, especially so since t would benefit those people living in that district greatly!

  6. So, this is not the same plane crash out of Juneau? It’s hunting season, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by two crashes so close together in time. But wow. What a breathtaking coincidence. God rest his soul.

  7. As much as I am for speaking your mind sometimes you wonder. As much as I disagree with Pelota doesn’t warrant some of the terrible things being said about tragedy.

  8. I find it hard to feel sympathy for a radical abortionist that supports F.J.B. and his policy to destroy our republic. Never the less , I do send my condolences to her and her family’

    • I was flying and had very little time and bandwidth, and honestly did not see it during moderation. Hopefully everyone will reflect on their comments a bit more when tragedies happen. – sd

      • A lot of us are trying to figure out how we are supposed to act when an enemy or an enemy’s family dies or faces sudden misfortune. I got more questions than answers regarding enemies of God which I know I’m not the only one cause I see such innocence , or ignorance on Alaskans peoples faces . I’m loyal and when I hear and see such little respect and disregard of God and his Word by one or others, I get hurt and out of the loyalty characteristic I born with don’t want nothing to do with them. But that doesn’t mean I stop loving them. if My God called me to personally help an enemy I’d do it because of my love for God . Our Alaska pastors they don’t teach enough. I don’t know what they do. I am thankful for God’s Grace with Alaskans while we muddle figuring things out on our own with little teachers. I think that’s how we ought to train ourselves to be that way with one another give Grace over quick judgement because of a different opinion how we think they should act. More likely the other doesn’t know any better or they muddling up trying to be kind and trying to be truthful.

        • God gave you brains, use it. Ppl like you is what’s wrong in today’s world. The moment you let other’s do your thinking you may as well pound sand the rest of what’s left of your life. Geez, Mother of sweet Jesus.

          • With no irony says the person who implicitly stands up for the lies and self-serving propaganda of the sociopathic ruling class establishment.

            Physician, heal thyself.

          • Crage, I see you like to admonish others “Love your neighbor as yourself”, but you don’t have to live by the same standard. Jen is a bit over the top for me, but she has a good point. You do not have to like somebody to treat them with decency, kindness and humanity. So what is wrong with being kind to others in distress, regardless of who they are?
            One can be decent, without having to agree with the other person or submitting to their view of the world.
            From where I am sitting it is debatable which kind of people are wrong with this world.

        • Your ignorance of Christianity is astounding. Truly astounding. God has already told you how to act. You ignore it.

          If you were a Christian, you’d already know how to act.

          I’m moving from thinking you’re a raging hypocrite towards you’re actually just a bad actor playing a part to embarrass people of faith.

  9. Accidental, sudden death needs kindness and support, not mean-spirited negativity. In all likelihood, the family will read these comments. Time is the greatest healer. Do not make it longer for the family. RIP

    • There are many sudden, “accidental” deaths happening right now because of all the jabs that many people felt they were forced to take. There have been many vile comments made against those who died from the jabs. Interestingly, there have been many vile comments and death wishes against those who did not take the jabs. While many grieve their loved one’s deaths, the White House, CDC, and different entities and individuals keep pushing those jabs that are causing people to suddenly die and some slowly die. I have not seen empathy from the left (and some folks on the right) and Mary Peltola for those that died or are slowly dying from the jabs.
      *I got to thinking that if her husband took the jabs, it is possible that his crash was caused by a vaxx-related health issue.

  10. May Mary’s husband rest in peace, and his family’s grief, though personal to each individual, be only enough for healing the holes in their souls.

    A lot of folks I’ve known were killed in airplane-related accidents; crashes, freak accidents, and because of: my second grade teacher’s husband, my neurologist, the husband of the Girl Scout director, a young man who used to sit with his family in the back pew across from my family at St Andrew’s, Wiley Post and Will Rogers, and famed politicians such as Ted Stevens and Boggs and Begich.

    • What prayers do you give? Yoga or Taichi ohms and Umm prayers? Buddha prayers? Buddha’s dead and still in his tomb. Those prayers to a Buddha won’t help nor talking or praying to any spiritualist. Gunner, you given everyone here the impression you are an agnostic or atheist and we all know they don’t pray in fact they mock prayer and say its meaningless. The best gunner, rino, third generation, cman, whidbey dog can say is you all wish the family the best which sounds insensitive.

      • I have some experience with Chen style Tai Chi. There certainly are principles involved and identified by Chinese terms, but there are no “ohms”. Chinese culture and spirituality are complex. Just trying to throw all-purpose rocks isn’t very effective. I think you can do better with your comments.

      • “The man who prays is the one who thinks that God has arranged matters all wrong, but who also thinks that he can instruct god how to put them right.”

        ― Christopher Hitchens, Mortality

        • Hitchens died of throat cancer, bet you a thousand bucks he asked God for a quick ending when it was getting real bad.
          Also, his quote is easily defeat-able. When we pray we ask God for patience or strength or understanding or endurance or help, we never pretend to “instruct” God to do anything. Of course you would have to have a basic understanding of a personal relationship with god…of which hitchens lacked. He died like he lived….in pain, self-hate and isolation.

        • Dawg, sounds like you perfectly described all of the woke / leftist. They are unhappy with the way God has arranged nature which leads to them supporting surgical mutilation of children.
          You and Hitchens on board with all that too? Keep up your comments Dawg.

        • Sounds like Mr Hitchens has a very narrow perspective on the power of prayer. Can be used in gratitude. Very powerful. Promotes universal well being.

      • Who are you, of all people, to judge how someone else prays? Your version of the Bible misses entire chapters.

        Oh wait, I covered that before. You’re a modern day wannabe Pharisee.

        You wrap yourself in faux piety, hypocrisy, and spout a version of Christianity which somehow has almost zero of the intent and teaching of Christ.

        I hope Im there when you come face to face with your Creator. Hint: dress lightly. It’s warm where you’re headed.

        • You must think pretty highly of yourself to be so certain that another person (whom you’ve likely never even met) is headed to a certain place while, presumably, being just as certain that you’re headed somewhere different. Last I checked those decisions were God’s and God’s alone.

  11. Thank you for writing a tribute to Buzzy on this sad day, he was a generous, brilliant, and fearless champion for Alaskans and will be dearly missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

    • Especially a loved one who knows how to help bring home the public money and turn it into a private bank account. Mary will miss the money more than Buzzy.

  12. “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment”. When my father “was lost at sea” I was six years old, my brother 1 year, and my sister was 3 months. Not one of my dad’s large family, my mom’s family nor the many congregations we were associated with sent written condolences. You give the cookies you have received; not the ones you haven’t. Alaska is always harsh. So are the people. One of the nice things my mother didn’t do was try to snuggle in with anyone else’s mate for comfort and help. She even rejected suitors who meant well so her children would not have to adapt to faux dad(s). In order to help someone one there are at least three ingredients that must be present. ONE: You must want to help; TWO: You must know how to help; THREE: You must be able to help. Jesus fits all these criteria. “As you have done it unto the least of these, my brothers, so have you done it unto me”.

  13. What a tragedy for Buzzy, my deepest condolences to all those who knew and loved him. Suzzane, can you turn off these comments? So inappropriate.

    • Paulette, your obvious hatred of free speech and free expression marks you as an anti-American authoritarian, and I condemn you for it.
      If you don’t want to read the comments here, don’t read them!

  14. You just never know these days with this government. It could be the new position and title she walked into led to his early and untimely death of she stepped on toes.


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