Director of Elections set to retire this week


Gail Fenumiai, who heads up Alaska’s Division of Elections will be retiring at the end of this week, giving Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom the opportunity to choose a new director.

Fenumiai, who served as the division director during the Parnell Administration, was brought back in by former Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer to lead the division as it adjusted to the new reality of Ballot Measure 2’s open primaries and ranked-choice voting general elections.

Fenumiai has two recounts to perform before her final day. Those are for the District 15 House race and for Senate Seat E.

In District 15, seven votes separate Rep. Tom McKay from second-place finisher Denny Wells. In Senate Seat E, third-place finisher Roselynn Cacy, a Democrat, asked for a recount after Republican Cathy Giessel won that race. That race has a 31-vote difference.

Fenumiai has been in the role since 2019, when she was appointed by former Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer. She previously served as the state’s elections director between 2008 and 2015, and is a 20-year veteran of administering Alaska’s elections.


  1. The most important function of the Director of Elections should be election integrity.
    When there are approx 723,000 citizens in Alaska and there are approx 631,000 registered voters – we have a very serious problem. That combined with the Dominion voting machines and the “loose goosy” mail in ballot procedures.
    Our ections are rapidly devolving into a third world nightmare.
    Clean it up!

    • The most important part of those figures is that 24% of that 723,000 population is under the age of 18. i.e. ineligible to vote. Doing the math that means 550,000 people are living and old enough to vote and yet we have… 631,000 registered to vote. That’s a difference of just under 80,000 extra voters. How many votes did Peltola get before the ranked choice 2nd round? Just under 80,000. Interesting…

  2. those people who asked for their ballots to be hand counted went to Gail in a grey taped shut envelope and assured it would be tracked and properly counted. attached was an affadavit

  3. Move state government functions out of Juneau and onto the road system. Let them leg wrestle in Wasilla or Fairbanks.

    • We could have with a Constitutional Convention but low information voters listen to outside special interest groups. They tried to tell people that they would have done away with our Gun Rights which is blatantly false since it would have been a violation of the US Constitution and that takes precedence over the State Constitution.

  4. I’ve known Gail Fenumiai for over 50 years. Gail’s older brother was one of my High School buddies.

    I recently wrote her on behalf of a group of us who were disappointed that the Division of Elections would not release second choice votes in in a more timely manner. Gail responded to my request immediately with an explanation. While I disagree with the Division’s policy on the matter it was refreshing to receive a forthright response. It is my opinion that Gail performed her job in a professional manner.

    Best to you Gail and Al, I hope your retirement is a good one. God Bless you both!

  5. I’ve always found Gail to be very competent during her years here with Alaskan elections. Our elections ran smoothly until…mail in voting and RCV. I’m sure there are many things she’d like to speak out on but Liberal Alaskans with their left wing media are very vocal, aggressive, intimidating, and love character assassination.

  6. Hello Alaska, this is a must read if you care about honest elections. There is now a fool proof way to verify voter data through reconciliation of property tax records. Compare voter rolls with the tax records and see if they reconcile! We must push this with the new director and the Lt. Governor.


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