Warnock wins in Georgia runoff, Senate has 51 Democrats


Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia has won over Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker for Senate in the runoff election that ended Tuesday. This gives Democrats an outright majority in the Senate, ensuring that Sen. Chuck Schumer can maintain his position as majority leader. It means Republicans have lost one seat in the Senate, and Democrats no longer need Vice President Kamala Harris to break a tie.

Warnock was leading Walker 50.4% to 49.6% when the race was called by the Associated Press, which determined not enough votes remained uncounted to change the outcome. This victory gives Warnock a full six-year term, after he won a two-year term when he beat Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler. Loffler had been appointed to the seat by Gov. Brian Kemp after Sen. Johnny Isakson resigned in 2019 for health reasons.

The Warnock-Walker race was the most expensive in 2022 across the country, according to OpenSecrets.org, with spending by general election candidates and outside groups exceeding to $380.7 million as of Nov. 29. Warnock raised more money than any other federal candidate this election cycle, according to OpenSecrets data. He raised twice as much money as Walker raised.

Follow the money here.

This win by Democrats not only gives the party more power, it also hobbles Republicans who hope to take back control of the Senate in 2024.


  1. Trump’s legacy grows. With 1 exception (JD Vance) every high profile race Trump got involved in went down in flames.

    • And just like that, magically it seems, It’s Trump’s fault.
      It had nothing to do with McConnell, McDaniel, The media, the corrupt DOJ and FBI and Big Tech. No, It’s all Trump’s fault.
      Get a life Skippy – but keep that mask on.

      • Skippy? You get help coming up with that? Seems beyond you, somehow.

        No one said it’s Trumps fault, per se. But his presence didn’t help.
        He could have, potentially, but didn’t use his war chest or clout to do anything to help. He didn’t help Kelly, or Sarah. Or Dr Oz. Or Walker. Even JD Vance distanced himself at the end.

        More, McConnell actually put some money behind Walker.

        Trump spent his money on rallies featuring himself when he spent money at all. Few if any people who attended his rallies were swayable.

        It’s a tough but simple fact his magic was worn off.

        All of this data is there for the finding. You have to be willing to read AND digest the information.

        I considered a comment about your wife or mom. That seems to be about your level of comprehension. But that means going to your level. Even my BMs are smarter than that.

      • Because those are the ones that matter. Whoever he endorsed for dog catcher won’t affect national policy.

        If you actually dig deeper, you’ll find many of his winning endorsements were in grossly lopsided races or uncontested.

        The Seahawks had a really good seasons in 2005 and 2015. But when it mattered the most, they lost.

        • Since you define “high profile” as a senate race, rather than dog catcher race, then Trump did have several “high profile” successes.

          • Trump backed Perdue against Kemp in the primary. Kemp wiped the floor with him. Kemp beat Abrams by 8 points. This state should of been an easy Republican senate seat. Walker was a lousy candidate and his association with Trump did not help. To help you better understand the Republican failure in this election, this is the first time since 1934 that the party holding the White House in a midterm election held all its seats. Interestingly no Republican incumbent lost a seat either. Maybe you should figure out if who to blame or cheer.

    • You forgot Ron Johnson and Ted Budd, WI and NC respectively. Also, he actually did pretty damn well in many of the races across the country. I guess it’s a little too hard for you to actually do any research before you post these self-owns. Here’s your “L”.

      • You’re not taking into account that those candidates probably would have won on their own right without Trump. That’s the way I view it. Walker was a bad candidate. He’s got a trail of trash a mile long. If Trump can’t get himself elected how in the hell is he going to get anybody else elected?

      • Yup. I’m so your daddy.

        I missed Budd, I concede. But the rest of your data is like you. Incomplete and inconsequential.

      • You want my approval so bad you just about wet yourself.

        I’ll give you this one for free. You cannot beat me. Not in intelligence, honesty, integrity, clarity of thought, not even in insults.

    • Maybe if you rabid liberals had given the man half a chance and let him do his job as we elected him to do, we could be done. However you sycophants couldn’t treat him with the same indifference and platitudes you give to mumbly joe or Obama or a Clinton or any other President for that matter. What was it exactly, really, not some bs story you saw on the view or cnn, what was it that made you hate the most American President we’ve had in decades? Do you really hate America being first that much? Do you prefer spending billions on Ukraine and cell phones and hotel rooms for illegals? Please enlighten us all babsy, what was so bad during his four years?

  2. That’s a bummer….. if true.
    Given the press’s accuracy score over the past several years (see Richard Davis Hanson’s article), I’ll wait for the Secretary of State to make the call.

  3. I don’t understand that with all the qualified people to run for office in Georgia, the republicans choose someone that was more Texan than Georgian, illiterate and uneducated even though he went to college. So what if he was a Hiesman winner and played pro football.

  4. The Democrats have achieved “Electoral Dominion” in all 50 states. America as we know it no longer exists.

  5. My goodness, Trump gave us terrible candidates like Palin, Walker, Mastriano, Oz, and Majewski all in completely winnable races and sabotaged the republicans chances of winning control of the senate and even nearly losing the house. Yes McCarthy, McConnel and all the loser right republicans have just as much, if not probably more blame as well, but this is an example of why Trump would be a suicidal candidate to run in 2024. Sorry to sound like an electobro, but seriously, who the heck thought Herchel Walker would be a good senate candidate? 2024 is not going to be good unless we have DeSantis or Zeldin at the top of the ticket.

    • There was surface logic to Walker. He was a football star 40 years ago. But the deep dive was missing. If Trump or anyone else did the digging it was there to find.

      Walker had major demons in his younger days. To his credit he faced them head on and beat them. But it created political baggage he could never get away from.

      The politics of Georgia has been drifting left since it sold its soul to Hollywood.

      Add to that Warnock is a very smooth orator and Walker is not.

      What was most telling to me was the amount of racial invective thrown at him from the left-and the press was silent.

  6. I’d vote for a Republican of good character over an unethical Democrat any day of the week. Sadly, most of the electorate seems to take the opposite approach these days.

    • cman, When they give the results right away, there is a lot more confidence in them. I doubt very much you’ll see much of the election fraud claims, unlike in Maricopa County where they simply don’t stop counting until the right candidate wins. Merry Christmas, dude or dudette.

  7. When Trump won in 2016, I told my son that Trump would either be the best president we’ve ever had, or the worst. I’m thinking he turned out to be both.

    Now I hope, hope, hope, that he wakes up and sees the writing on the wall, and steps aside rather than hand another election to the democrats.

    • Your comment is intriguing. I think history will show he was a beneficiary and victim of a unique moment in history.

      Everything that made him electable in 2016 made him unelectable in 2020.

      A man with surprising good political instincts mixed with amazingly bad self control.

    • Who did you vote for in 2008 and 2012? You think there’s a better republican than President Trump to run in 2024? Sure there’s Desantis but who else?
      McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Cruz, kinzinger, Cheney? Who do want him to step aside for, Mitt Romney again? How bout you step aside, soft serve.

    • I wondered about that myself. Gut says she owes McConnell too much to jump.

      Under the turtle she can get plum assignments. As a Democrat she’s just another Karen.

  8. Of course, Warnock “won”. Just like Hobbs & Kelly “won” in Arizona where the overseer of elections “certified” her own “win” as Governor and a Democratic judge threatened to hold election officials in several districts in contempt of court and jail time if they did not certify their counties’ results even though they had grave misgivings of documented election fraud! Government corruption is no longer hidden behind closed doors anymore, it is blatant, in your face, out in the open now. We are being consumed by the enemy within.

  9. If we can get the new Republican house to investigate though we can easily get majority back in the senate. Felons can’t be senators and we know which party is full of the guilty. If we can get a big enough push to turn the senate back and maybe even over 2/3rds we can easily impeach Biden by the end of this coming year.

  10. Totally president Trump’s fault.
    Walker’s Republican son waited until after the election to say DT begged his dad over & over, when anyone w/ a brain or anyone that knew Herschel, knew it was a terrible idea.
    His son said any old boring Republican could have beat Warnock, but DT insisted on this.

    Same can be said for OZ (& probably Ms Palin) A regular GOP politician could have taken Penn. from that poorly dressed, handicapped, Dem socialist.
    Bad ideas by President Trump sent the Senate to the Dems

    If he splits the conservative vote in 2024, he will give Congress & the WH to socialists
    Voted for him twice, but that “miracle on ice” is over now
    Smarten up conservatives or lose.

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