Did Biden blow up Nord Stream gasline? Writer Seymour Hersh says he did


Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is reporting today that the United States was responsible for blowing up a major gasline that supplies Europe with energy from Russia.

Hersh was an investigative reporter for decades for The New York Times and The New Yorker. On Wednesday, he published a damning report on Substack about how President Joe Biden ordered the blowing up of the Nor Stream undersea gasline last summer. The White House responded quickly, calling it ‘complete fiction.'”

Hersh’s story tells many details that could only have come from Deep State sources. His timing, publishing the day after the State of the Union address by Biden, is a curious touch. Hersh, now 85, has never before published on Substack, a home for independent writers and the new location for the Must Read Alaska newsletter.

“Last June, the Navy divers, operating under the cover of a widely publicized mid-summer NATO exercise known as BALTOPS 22, planted the remotely triggered explosives that, three months later, destroyed three of the four Nord Stream pipelines, according to a source with direct knowledge of the operational planning,” Hersh writes.

“Two of the pipelines, which were known collectively as Nord Stream 1, had been providing Germany and much of Western Europe with cheap Russian natural gas for more than a decade. A second pair of pipelines, called Nord Stream 2, had been built but were not yet operational. Now, with Russian troops massing on the Ukrainian border and the bloodiest war in Europe since 1945 looming, President Joseph Biden saw the pipelines as a vehicle for Vladimir Putin to weaponize natural gas for his political and territorial ambitions,” Hersh says.

Adrienne Watson, a White House spokeswoman, told a reporter, “This is false and complete fiction.” But the story is now being carried by international newspapers in Europe and could have long-term consequences for international relations.

“Biden’s decision to sabotage the pipelines came after more than nine months of highly secret back and forth debate inside Washington’s national security community about how to best achieve that goal. For much of that time, the issue was not whether to do the mission, but how to get it done with no overt clue as to who was responsible,” Hersh reports.

“President Biden and his foreign policy team—National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and Victoria Nuland, the Undersecretary of State for Policy—had been vocal and consistent in their hostility to the two pipelines, which ran side by side for 750 miles under the Baltic Sea from two different ports in northeastern Russia near the Estonian border, passing close to the Danish island of Bornholm before ending in northern Germany,” Hersh writes.

Hersh has broken numerous investigative stories in his career, including the cover up of the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal during the Nixon presidential campaign, the secret bombing of Cambodia, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden during the Obama administration. His sources are deep and the trust he has built with them goes back 50 years.

Read the entire Hersh report, How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline, at Substack, where Hersh launched his bombshell as his first Substack post just a few hours ago.



  1. I think all Alaskans would have much more confidence in President Biden and his White House team if this was true. However, I do not believe he or anyone now in the administration has the competence to pull off something like this and have their participation go undetected. Everything they touch turns to mud. Putin would have pushed into NATO territory and we would have a stalemate today if not for the Ukrainians. I don’t know when the US will again be competent but it won’t be when Biden is in the White House. If we were going to blow up a gas line we would have to hire Israel to do it.

    • You need to get your facts straight, Putin doest want to push into Nato territory. It’s actually other way aroun, Nato is being a bully and surrounding Russia. I feel sorry for Ukranian people for being a puppets in in this ordeal. Mark my word Russia will prevail.

      • Wow! Really ?!
        Lets use the Cuban missile crisis as a counterpoint. We REALLY didn’t like Russian missiles parked on our doorstep. But we put pressure on the Russians and Cubans to remove them. Tense times. Scary times. But you know what we DIDN’T DO? We didn’t invade Cuba in some weird ‘justified’ manner so that we could claim a ‘buffer zone’.
        If Putin simply doesn’t like NATO then why invade Crimea in 2014? The Ukraine had not made noises about joining NATO then. They only asked to join NATO when Putin threatened ANOTHER invasion last year.
        A couple of points to remember before you cheer on Putin. The Ukraine supplied a huge percentage of food for the Soviet Union. Now they can’t be directly controlled. And Putin has declared many times that his goal is to ‘restore the Soviet State’. Which means retaking all of the satellite states that have declared independence.
        When the big money guys in Russia have had enough of Putin, he will magically retire to a nice dacha for a month or two and then die of an unknown illness.

        • You might not be old enough to remember, but we did invade Cuba.
          Do our public schools not teach about Kennedy, the CIA and the Bay of Pigs any longer?

          On the surface, it may seem odd how the tranny activists of the far-left have jumped so quickly on the Ukraine warpath – but it starts to makes more sense when you realize it has less to do with Ukraine and more to do with Putin’s unapologetic refusal to kiss the globohomo ring.

          The problem with us ‘covertly’ destroying Russian pipeline assets is we now open the door to them doing the same. This is not like bullying Iran or Libya. Russia may have been unhappy about the Iraq War, but they didn’t respond by blowing holes in our critical infrastructure. Even low-life terrorists have the balls to own up to what they destroy, Biden can’t even do that.

          Using our media organizations to spread disinformation on how “Russia blew up their own pipeline because Putin’s crazy!!!” is completely pointless PR, because the Russians know exactly what they did or didn’t do, and they’ll act accordingly.

        • Paul, this is not to be a downer, but did you somehow forget about a little thing referred to as the “Bay of pigs” incident?

          • ‘We’ did not invade Cuba. The soldiers involved were Cubans. This invasion also came a year before the missile crisis. If the missiles were not there, the invasion could not have been for the purpose of removing them.
            Now if you want to argue about backing invasions for the purpose of removing Castro, you have an argument.

          • Paul must get his information from CNN. Americans were directly involved. Several were killed.

            LA Times archive from the late 90’s:
            “When Thomas “Pete” Ray’s B-26 bomber was shot down by Cuban antiaircraft batteries near Playa Giron on April 19, 1961, he wasn’t there.
            So said the CIA.”

        • One thing often overlooked about the Cuba missile crisis; Moscow was just matching our provocations. We had based Jupiter nuclear missiles into Turkey first. The crisis was resolved when we agreed not to base nukes so close to each others borders.

          Putin invading Ukraine looks unprovoked as long as you don’t look at what the US had been doing for years earlier in his front yard.

        • Paul – The United States in 2014 under the Obama/Biden administration orchestrated a coup against a duly elected President of Ukraine and installed a corrupt puppet government. Shortly thereafter the Ukraine lost the Crimea to Russia. For 8 years neo-Nazi’s in the Ukraine administration bombarded Russian speaking Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine resulting in an estimated 14,000 civilian deaths. Russia finally responded in 2022 and it is beginning to look like Ukraine will soon cease to exist as a nation. Regime change wars have never really worked out for us, but they are very profitable to political insiders!

        • Yes, RINO (and how pathetic that you chose such a moniker), if ANYONE is against US and NATO-led warmongering, they are surely a surreptitious Russian agent. No other conclusion is possible.
          “Remember, Dmitri: miles to go before you sleep.”

        • You know, New Soviet (c)Man, t is highly ironic, as well as entertaining, to have a radical leftist accusing others of supposedly being communists, particularly for merely questioning or challenging the official deep state warmongering narrative.

          • And it’s not surprising that a card-carrying foil hat wearing paranoid would reply to my comment. Sorry if I triggered you snowflake.

    • More confidence if this is true? Stop the insanity.

      We need peace. This “war” is providing great cover for money laundering and grift.

      Funny how nobody sees this in context of being the inverse of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia should not be in Ukraine; however failing to see their motives is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

    • Kubota 2: In case you missed it, ‘their participation’ has not gone undetected. Mr. Hersh has let the cat out of the bag.

    • Hersh was formerly quite a capable journalist. However, read his piece on taking out Osama Bin Laden if you want to understand his competence today. It is a detailed essay of delusion and fantasy published in the London Review of Books. You can’t come away from it believing Hersh has all his nuts in one bag. Read it (if you can stomach the insults to our Seal Team and accusations that they acted as murderers) Hersh further alleges Bin Laden was a prisoner of the Pakistani government all along and they traded his head for under-the-table foreign aid cash, and on and on. The chances of the USA being responsible for blowing up Nord Stream are exactly zero. Stand by for Hersh to tell us next how the moon landing was faked. All in excruciating but thinly sourced detail of course, as is his style.

  2. After the attack, former CIA Director John Brennan went on television and said that Vladimir Putin blew up the pipelines. His reasoning for this conclusion seemed obscure. And now we are in a place where, if there is anything that is certain, it is that whatever comes out of Mr. Brennan’s mouth is the opposite of the truth.

    • Yeah, that guy Brennan’s a genius isn’t he…….. As Putin said, “why would I blow up my own pipeline when I could simply turn off the gas supply.”

      The scary part here is the “Russian disinformation, fake Biden laptop, Russian collusion idiots” believe EVERY one of these deep state lies. #sadfrackers #occamsrazor

    • I will follow up on my own comment to note that, if the Hersh reporting is true, that Americans should not be surprised if Russia retaliates in a similar way. As I have noted before, Americans, except for those that have served, know little of war. Russia knows a lot. There is no such thing as a “limited” exchange of nuclear weapons.

    • Kind of like when Palin resigned and the FBI agent Eric Gonzalez came out and said there is no investigation of Palin. Same strategy.

  3. And let us not forget that a competitive pipeline to Putin’ s line described in this story just happened to be completed on the same day as Putin’s line was sabotaged. The gas line called the ” Baltic” is owned jointly by the Danes and Poles and carries Norwegian gas to Northern Europe.

    No collusion here of course, except the Poles publicly thanked Biden for blowing Putin’s PL up.

    • And both President Biden & Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland are on video stating that the United States would take out the pipelines if Russia invaded Ukraine.

  4. We’re always doing stuff like this. It’s not always reported. If some rogue Nation is doing something that we don’t like or against what the UN has decided, us or Israel or some other player goes in and takes them out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pipeline or a breeder reactor and Iraq or whatever.

  5. All this NewAge terminology is rather baffling to just introduce it without much context, so am not sure the location of ‘Deep State’ like is it Pangia, or some sort of Antlantis buried under the sea like a deepwater volcano, or the sub-basement under ZJ Loussac, and ‘woke’ — isn’t that the past tense of what your cat accomplished when your alarm didn’t ring when you kinda sorta thought it should so you had to jump out of bed when you realized the sound in your sleep was the garbage truck backing up when it usually does at 0900 because you threw the cat out when it attacked your feet for the third time, and the last time I really understood what I hear folks casually referring to something by using the initials ‘CRT’ was that state of the art computer with orange block letters on a blue buzzy screen and you had to write down and memorize little sequences of commands in order to generate piles of green and white lined paper, but you were so happy that knowing how to do whatever it was meant you got to save time in figuring out squared roots and derivatives or whatever it was until we found someone in typing and shorthand class that let you use an accounting calculator, or like cancel culture — wasn’t that name of an English pop band with some guys that sang falsetto and bass, and goat, the picturein my mind of driving along the Seward Highway and looking above the cliffs near the turn off to that house in Rabbit Creek- just how does that relate to Bill Grogan and red long-handled underwear and the Mooser Gooser? It’s soooooo confusing.

    • Let me help you out.
      You seem to have mistaken this place for Reddit.
      These kinds of schizo posts do quite a bit better over there.

      • Don’t kill the Messenger just because your mind is closed but your mouth is open. Do you seriously think the New world order would leave a guy like biting in charge? Seriously?

        • Calm down. Wasn’t replying to you. I said ‘schizo post’.

          Biden clearly is just doing what Obama’s handlers tell him to do. Its a tough job – he’s old, and wasn’t the brightest even in his prime. He likes to go off script and sniff little girls. Cleaning up his messes must be a full time job they are hoping won’t last beyond 2024.

  6. Right. We now live in an alternate universe where Republicans believe an autocratic communist like Putin over our own intelligence agencies. Perhaps Biden is also responsible for the Final Solution as well? Or the sacking of the Byzantine Empire in 1204? You don’t like Biden. I get it. There’s a lot not to like about the guy. But for someone that many on here claim is incompetent, you sure do credit him with a lot of clever skullduggery.

    • cman – Russia hasn’t been a communist regime in decades. They run their country just like the good ol USA – crony capitalism! Crack open a book once in awhile and turn off the Communist News Network (CNN)!

      • Putin runs Russia like a defacto USSR. Killing of political opponents, arresting of protestors, zero freedom of press. How about you crack open your eyes to reality and turn off News Max?

        • cman – kinda like your man Biden who has politically weaponized the FBI & Justice Department to arrest and harass his political opponents, allowed the intelligence agencies to completely capture the mainstream media, arrests and detains political protesters who are opposed to his reckless foreign policy and allows his family and friends to personally profit from his money laundering schemes in the Ukraine. Remember, when you point your finger at someone there are four fingers pointing back at you. Like I said before – read a book or two before you make such naive comments!

          • No, I don’t mean that since there isn’t a word of truth to your post. I’ll hold my breath for any subpoenas or warrants that WON’T be issued for any of the charges you just leveled. But hey, remember that, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. You can crawl back into your bunker now.

    • Putin is an “autocratic” communist? The level of ignorance concerning Russian politics, culture and history is remarkable. One would assume that the general public would have a minimal familiarity concerning current affairs of a peer nation, in terms of nuclear war capability, with whom we have provoked a hot, albeit proxy war with. Our so called intelligence agencies and state department have not gotten anything remotely correct in decades. We are still waiting for Russia to run out of missiles. Not only are their weapon systems more effective, but are built to withstand intense modern combat at WWII levels of intensity. Their stockpiles of ammunition and production capacity far surpasses all of the US and NATO combined. Where was our intelligence officers on warning of these realities? You can watch any of the MSM news outlets and listen to the transcribers repeat the scripts released to them of the propaganda messaging from these agencies. Belief in communism has always been limited to the mid level managers, there are no communists at the top, or privileged class of any socialist state. Just as there are no true believers of climate change in our own elite, it’s nonsense disseminated to habituate the general public to accept the transfer of wealth and power to the elite class, who continue to fly private jets and purchase mansions at sea level. If you knew anything about modern Russian politics, you would know that communism is a relic of the past, there are far more communists teaching at UAF, our FNSB elementary schools and local state workers than in the entire Russian Federation.
      Putin was opposed by most of the oligarchs for whom owning property and decadent trips to the west was fashionable. KGB (currently called FSB) officers tend to be very pragmatic, well educated and politically agnostic. What they do have are critical personal connections between government, oligarchs and small private business. Putin’s connections were sufficient to gain office and he serves as a conduit between business and government power. He has managed his tenure with a 70% plus popularity over time. If he blows it, he will be out of office. The realization that the EU and the US hated all things Russian, the confiscation of private property and attempts to destroy the Russian economy has galvanized all strata in Russian society to mobilize and neutralize the threat posed to them by NATO using Ukraine as a throw away weapon.
      Making the assumption that American government motives are pure (it’s kind of unusual that the most corrupt, one party state in Europe, center of Burisma corruption money laundering of the Biden family and his handlers has become the battle cry of fighting for freedom and sovereign borders) simply exposes the complete incompetence of our political, financial and military leaders. Ukraine is a smoking wreck, the average life expectancy of a Ukrainian conscript in Bakhmut is down to approximately 4 hours, the power grid is nearing extinction and the natural resource regions are gone. After the public humiliation of America in it’s latest Afghan fiasco (where was our intelligence agencies on this one too?), why would any country depend on us for support before provoking a war with it’s neighbor? Unless your a comic comedian, protected by the SBU ruthless secret police, stashing millions of dollars outside the country your destroying piecemeal.

  7. More confidence if this is true? Stop the insanity.

    We need peace. This “war” is providing great cover for money laundering and grift.

    Funny how nobody sees this in context of being the inverse of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia should not be in Ukraine; however failing to see their motives is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

    • Their motives? How about Putin’s motives, which are to reconstitute the Soviet sphere of influence. There is no reason to believe he would stop at Ukraine either. History bears this out. And why do you put “war” in quotes? I bet if you asked any Ukrainian that has dealt with the brutality of this madman, they would most certainly call it a war. Is there another adjective that you would use? Good grief. Are you somehow saying its our fault or the fault of NATO that he invaded another sovereign country? Ukraine wants to join NATO and they have every right (and good motives that are now obvious for anyone to see) in wanting to do so.

    • Russia-Putin is wanting to return and rebuild their old Soviet domain.. maybe a slight different type of government, but they depended upon their satellite countries to support them in food and all the other supplies. They’re BROKE and can’t afford to feed all the “mouths” they have..

  8. If he did, did Putin miss his monthly 20% tithe to “the big guy”? Or was he critical of Hunters artwork?

    I have a hard time seeing Biden as that decisive and proactive.

    • It’s 10% and it’s from the Ukraine and Communist China. Hunter finally admitted it’s his laptop and contains factual proof of his and Joe’s skullduggery.

  9. Of course usurper Biden did not blow up the Nordstream Pipeline! Not personally, anyway. Nor do I believe that he ordered it blown up, as I don’t believe that that senile husk has the cognitive capacity to order much of anything beyond possibly the ice cream flavor of the day. But I am certain beyond any doubt that US deep state forces were responsible. One only needs to ask “Cui Bono?”, and the answer is obvious.

  10. There is no doubt that the Nordstreams were destroyed directly by, or ordered by the US and conducted through NATO satelitte operatives. The idea that Russia would destroy it’s own infrastructure is ridiculous. Germany is self destructing it’s industrial base by decoupling from sourcing cheap and reliable Russian energy in servitude of US business interests as well as the pathological goal of converting it’s economy to the mythical state of sustainable “green” energy. NATO was created to protect Europe from the Soviet Union, long since vanished, and has not been relevant since 1991, from which time it has been expanded and used as an offensive weapon to destabilize Europe and the Middle East and create untold misery and death for millions of people (Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) and now Ukraine. Our own inbred elites, who run this country exclusively for the benefit of a handful of multinational corporations seriously miscalculated in creating a massive military in the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe, Ukraine, in an effort to cause regime change and physical fragmentation of the Russian Federation. The entire project is failing and backfiring, resulting in the utter destruction of Ukraine, the end of the US Dollar as the global standard of government debt based paper fiat currencies and a strengthened Russia. There is zero objective evidence that Russia was in a position militarily, economically, politically, demographically or having any vital interests to “invade” European countries. They had a very good thing going by providing reliable, inexpensive and profitable trade with Europe with very efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas through pipelines. As Europe dismantles itself into impoverished, post industrial basket case status, Russia has turned it’s back to the west and building sustainable and profitable trade and alliances in Eurasia, India and China. The demographics of what was the recent/modern post 1991 boundaries of Ukraine remaining under the Zelenskyy regime have fallen from +/- 40 millions to +/- 22 millions, an unsustainable population. The waste of hundreds of thousands of healthy work/family bearing male lives guarantees that whatever portion of Ukraine will be left will be dysfunctional. The Russians will incorporate such oblasts that have ethnic Russian majorities, and create a buffer zone that is wide enough to protect their territory from hostile artillery/missile strikes from whatever jurisdiction governs the lawless mess remaining west of the Dnieper River. The idea that modern Russia is physically able, or has had any intention to invade, subjugate and incorporate the basket case countries of the Baltics, Poland, Romania, ect., to the west, is nonsense published by entities like the Rand Corporation to justify massive federal spending to enrich the utterly corrupt donors, corporations and politicians who control our country and destroying our American way of life and democratic governance.

  11. Not buying the story. To order an operation such as the one described takes good ol’ fashion American balls. No one in the white house or on their staffs have any of those.

  12. This is merely a question and not a statement. Is Russia really “the bad guy” we have been led to believe by MSM and the military industrial complex? Food for thought.

    • Our MSM are simply transcribers for the various government agencies. The Soviet mass media monopoly, Pravda, was more open to substantive journalism than any American MSM outlet today. When is the last time any investigative journalism questioning policy, or agency behavior on any meaningful subject occurred in recent memory? Just the shallow exposure of who manipulated and controlled Twitter reveals what is happening throughout the MSM circus. Tip of the iceberg. Our industrial capacity to produce armaments is so limited that we cannot sustain 8% of the daily needed number of 155 mm shells to supply our vassal state of Ukraine to simply match the Russian volume of shelling. And that was from mostly existing stocks we had access to domestically or leverage to access from “allies” and transport. The 777 howitzers are too fragile to sustain rate of fire needed to match what the Russians are using. Our Patriot systems are unable to intercept hypersonic missiles at all, assuming they were deployed to the conflict zone. What preparation of the public to accept industrial numbers of casualties have been made? The Ukrainians have lost killed in one year over 5 times the number we lost killed in Korea, before Russia did a partial mobilization. Up until this fall Russia was conducting operations with their peacetime standing military. Now they are building a 1.5 million standing military. The Ukrainians are losing more men in a week than our total casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions combined. What is so odd is that if Russia was such a threat, our leadership has made no effort to evaluate and enlarge our military and industrial capacity to be able to engage the Russians successfully, before creating this latest crisis. Our incompetent leadership seriously miscalculated this latest adventure, it will make the Afghan disaster look meager in comparison.

      • Brian. Is there any possibility that you could make your points using less words? After a few lines I started to doze off as I expect others might have done.

        I have read that a great writer stated that “the mother of eloquence is brevity”. Might try to remember that next time Brian.

    • How did you feel about Iraq rolling into Kuwait in 1991? Seems like any nation in the modern world that decides to reshape its borders by force isn’t exactly the “good guy”.

      • Russia wasn’t trying to reshape their border with this conflict. In fact they put up with a lot of aggression from Ukraine before they invaded. Further, to date Russia has gone out of their way to avoid civilian casualties. I have no problem with them taking out bio labs and human trafficking operations. I might add that I was involved (boots on the ground) during Desert Storm. In hindsight Bush had no business sending American troops over there, but it was all about money. While in Iraq, at least 100,000 American soldiers were forced to take the untested Anthrax shot. I was one of those soldiers.

        • They wanted Crimea back and reshaped their border with it. Putin has stated he believes Ukraine belongs to Russia like in Communist times.

          Maybe read outside right wing points AK 76.

    • Here’s your answer. Yes, they are! Moreover, Putin was a real POS prior to this. He’s nothing more than a KGB thug that is now the leader of a nation. I wish I could say that its unbelievable that anyone would even ask the question you have asked, but in a post-Trump world, nothing surprises me anymore. The level of hatred for our country coming from the right these days is amazing, especially the vitriol with which they claim the same hatred coming from liberals.

      Just couch any nutty theory or belief with the phrase “deep state” and anything is considered credible to the MAGA crowd.

      • What did I write in my original post that spewed hatred from your point of view? A free-thinking person should always be willing to challenge official government narratives and ask questions. There is nothing unpatriotic about that.

    • Russia has exposed the money laundering done in the Ukraine. Plus the bio labs that were there. The sneaky US government got found out that’s why so much military aid is sent there and all ready the arms cannot be accounted for.

    • Well, we found out yesterday in Jim Jordan’s committee that thousands of russian bots are Twitter.

      • Maureen – hmmm, did you actually watch the committee meeting? I did. What we found out was that the FBI had infiltrated Twitter and the allegations of Russian bots was a fabrication as was the statement that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian misinformation.

      • Ah, well, Maureen, there is true ignorance, whereas the individual is unaware of the information available unto them, and chosen ignorance, whereas the individual chooses to be unaware of the information available unto them.

        Which do you suffer from, Maureen?

        True, or chosen ignorance?

  13. So Mr. Hersch wrote something on his own blog.

    Tucker put out this story which is Russian propaganda in September. I understand as he is the darling of Russian TV, they ran with his story a while and kept it going. Then folks like Mr. Hirsch then accepted again the Russian propaganda and it showed up right here.

    • Ah, Maureen. Are you being paid to promote thoroughly disproven theories of “Russian misinformation”? You seem to be able to put a sentence together so I have to assume you are not illiterate. By now, you must surely know corrupt officials in the FBI & other intelligence agencies were actively running political cover for the Biden Crime Family as far back as 2019 when they branded Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell as “Russian misinformation”. The release of the Twitter Files also graphically revealed the amount of election meddling and misinformation being promulgated by corrupt officials in the intelligence agencies in order to shield Sleepy Joe from the laptop contents fallout before the election. Even Hunter’s lawyers have stated that the laptop and its contents are legit! So, your calling everything that casts the Biden administration in a bad light as Russian propaganda rings hollow.

      • Are you being paid to support the Russians?

        Got real far with the laptop non-sense yesterday. Look all you want into it. Waste a lot of taxpayer money on an empty rabbit hole FfF.

        • Again, Maureen, your attempt to deny unassailable facts, and reality itself, paint you are either severely mentally impaired, or else an establishment-paid disinformation troll. Based on the ‘quality’ and level of sheer trolling in which you engage here, I am strongly betting on the latter.
          But aside from that, please tell me, Maureen: how does it feel to have thrown in your lot with evil? I would seriously like to know.

          • But they are not entitled to having their irrational, radical leftist, pro-establishment trolling being received with any measure of respect, Gregory.
            Unlike the radical leftists, I am not calling for, nor suggesting, that Maureen’s voice be censored or silenced here. But I’ll be damned if I am not going to challenge her irrational and anti-freedom propaganda and lies at every opportunity.

  14. If there are widely circulating rumors that Mr. Biden has soiled his trousers on diplomatic missions should we not also expect that there may be other unconventional behaviors that may not make much sense? The only option he has now is to deny, deny, deny as dang near anyone would “f” with a Biden and he knows it. A recent example came from his oil begging trip to the middle east. They slipped him the high sign and the only one that didn’t realize it was the guy that occasionally soils his trousers.

    Old age and wisdom do not always travel together. Sometimes age travels alone.

  15. Somehow US citizens miss the fact that this whole Ukraine War and its consequences was set up in 2014 under the Obama Administration. The same people were involved then – Nuland, Biden, and crew. Biden was the point man on the Ukraine, which Obama assumed could easily be brought out from any Russian influence. So instead of the tit for tat maneuvering of the political parties in the Ukrainian elections, it was decided to go ahead with a coup. There was no problem replacing a recently elected president, after all, he wanted to trade with both sides – the US and Russia. What a “terrible” idea! It seemed a cheap way at the time. The problem was the “Right Sector” (English version) was more powerful than the rest of the pro-West opposition. But they had been supported since after WWII by the the Intelligence community and the CIA. With much of the sabre-rattling by the Right-Wing Ukrainians, the Russians, who had lived through the nightmare of Nazi occupation and war in much of the European part of their country during WWII, began to take things much more seriously. My own impression is that the American leadership thought the Russians would just walk away in 2014. Instead we have the present situation where one nuclear power, us, has attacked another nuclear power, Russia. Make no mistake. This was an act of war against Russia. If it had happened against us, we would have already loosed the intercontinental missiles at the perpetrator. And while I am at it, criticism of American leadership is not unpatriotic. Blindly following a demented leadership is national suicide, especially since that is the same leadership that supports puberty blockers for our children, mindless instruction of gender change to kindergarten and our most vulnerable kids and encourages sexual mutilation of these same confused children. And let’s not forget their support of the so-called 1619 Project and its “critical race theory” where we are divided into racial groups to fight one another instead of cleaning up the swamp in DC. So I state again that criticizing our “leadership” is not a sin, nor unpatriotic. Instead, when that “leadership” has committed an act that easily could have brought about WWIII, and was against International Law, it is our patriotic duty to call a halt to such irresponsible behavior.

    • Well said, Shelia!
      But those are all inconvenient facts that give the lie to the official (deep state) narrative, so they will be ignored or denied by the deep state’s unofficial organs of propaganda in the CCM (corrupt corporate media).

    • Well almost too long to read, but you must realize we’ve been at war for a long time now. Our missing submarines and theirs are one thing. Them stealing our plans for hyper missiles would be another. The Chinese have been stealing stuff all along and we’ve been up in Afghanistan fighting terrorists and let them get ahead. They’re no longer flaccid and are taking an active role. None of this matters really it’s just saber rattling. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Reagan did this right by getting us started on Star wars and laser technology. Once we destroy each other satellites in orbit whatever is left underground is going to be useless. Space is where it’s at.

  16. Biden is more cognitively aware and more evil than people give him credit for.

    C-SPAN video: “President Biden on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline if Russia Invades Ukraine: ‘We will bring an end to it.'”

    During a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, President Biden is asked about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    “If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

    When asked how, the president says, “I promise you, we will be able do that.”

  17. Boy, it sure looks like a few folks got new dictation software to try out. If I want long, I’ll read The New Yorker. Since when have MRAK readers become so intellectual, and voluble?

  18. Best guess about the destruction of both Nord Stream pipelines is Russian incompetence.

    Theory goes as follows: Pipelines were at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Temps there are just above freezing and depths are a bit deeper than 100′. At the time, the two active natural gas pipelines were shut down, as Putin shut off natural gas to Europe. Problem is that shutdown did not replace the natural gas in the pipeline with N2. Non-moving dirty natural gas precipitates out natural gas – water ice mixture called hydrates. Over time, they grew hydrate plugs. Russians did something on their end, likely to draw down natural gas in the pipeline and the plugs started moving, hit a bend in the pipelines and destroyed a section of both of them.

    Never underestimate the Russian gift of incompetence. Cheers –

    • Shalom! A very good explanation, I like. It seems scientific, requires basic computer literacy to disprove, yet also insults the Russians! Perhaps the goyim will buy it and go back to watching sportsball and consuming product?

  19. Who knows, Biden may be given “suggested”orders by China to blow up the pipeline.. Thinking if they don’t have the oil, they’ll depend upon China more. Sounds more like it could be from China then Russia, but since they’re already in conflict in Ukraine and other such areas.

  20. Think about it…Extremist groups all have one thing in common, they always quickly claim credit for their acts of terror so they can get their ‘message’ out and we have not seen that in this case. That coupled with the fact that this was an act nearly that would have been impossible for most state actors let alone extremist groups to successfully achieve leaves you with a very small list of suspects and all of those are state actors. So, the question is who benefits?

    Hirsch’s theory is as credible as anything else I’ve heard proposed.

  21. Said Suzanne: Hersh has broken numerous investigative stories in his career, including the cover up of the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War, the Watergate scandal during the Nixon presidential campaign, the secret bombing of Cambodia, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Osama bin Laden during the Obama administration. His sources are deep and the trust he has built with them goes back 50 years.

    Does Hersh also have a history of breaking stories that were later proven bogus?

  22. Of course Biden was involved in blowing up Nord Stream. Biden and the US military industry doesn’t want Europe harmoniously trading with Russia. That would make NATO even more irrelevant. And it would mean less money for defense contractors. Biden and world elites want Europe on their knees, suffering and in fear of Russia, so they can be duped into shoveling more money to NATO, the army of the WEF.

  23. Both Poland and Norway said the US blew up the line. That was side within a week of the line getting blown up. How is it that anyone missed that news. Both their prime ministers said it.

  24. Strait out of Hersh’s story : The CIA argued that whatever was done, it would have to be covert. Everyone involved understood the stakes. “This is not kiddie stuff,” the source said. If the attack were traceable to the United States, “It’s an act of war.”
    It’s kiddie stuff for the DC power brokers ie The New World Order! End of STORY

  25. What is “cheap” natural gas? Was Germany receiving natural gas at less cost than other EU nations such as Italy?

    • Frank – Yes, Germany was a part owner of the Nordstream pipelines! So, it was a very foolish statement that Beijing Biden made when he publicly stated that the USA would take down the pipelines if Russia invaded Ukraine. He basically declared war on Germany, a NATO ally

  26. If the US did it we should just say so & stand up for our actions. Now nobody knows for sure including the people of the United States who (if we did it) sponsored the action with our taxes & who we elect. The unknown only leads to less confidence/trust in the federal government, not more.

  27. The break may have been a welding, pipe stress, or fitting failure similar to the recent Keystone spill. We will likely never know giving the Deep State believers something to believe other than Q

    • So now you are denying that the deep state even exists, eh ‘Frank’?
      Well, I guess it does fit your radical leftist pattern of denying reality wholesale.

    • I am always amused by your mental gymnastics, Frank! The facts do not support your conspiracy theory, however. Two separate pipelines were rocked by four explosions within minutes of each other. The Swedes recorded the seismic events as explosionsand a subsequent investigation by them dtermined that the pipelines were sabotaged. As always, Frank, LMAO!

  28. Seymour Hersh is no more than a has-been octagenarian hack journalist seeking the limelight he so loves and misses.

    He’s infamous of late for many wild accusations based upon nothing more than “statements” from anonymous sources.

    If I were to want to discredit a story, I would send an anonymous letter identifying myself as someone in “the know” making wild statements in favor of a story. Hersh’s byline simply would be sufficient to discredit it.

  29. Do I believe that the US blew up this pipeline. No, not really.
    Here are the reasons why:
    1) Russian quality control issues are almost legendary.

    2) As someone pointed out, it takes balls to order an action that could easily be construe as an act of war. Don’t see anyone in this administration with that kind of chutzpah.

    3) I don’t believe our commander in chief has the mental capacity to keep such a secret and too many handlers filtering any decision he actually makes. The recent “balloon fiasco” is a great example, as it was reported that the military ignored his order for days.

    4) Lastly no photo-op! Remember the situation room photo with Obama and crew during the Bin Laden raid?

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