Biden’s death watch for oil: 10 years left for America


President Joe Biden, in his second State of the Union address, went straight for the jugular of American energy independence and the Alaska economy. He proposed massive taxes on oil companies and blamed them for the energy crisis and for not producing enough oil. And he said the country is going to need oil for just about another decade as it converts to an all-electric future, with 500,000 charging stations being installed across America by the IBEW.

Biden’s comment came in the middle of his address but the end-of-oil remark was not included in the officially released version of his speech.

Biden described conversations he had had with oil companies executives. When he asked them why they are not reinvesting in their companies, Biden described them as responding that they are afraid he is going to shut down oil refineries anyway, “so why should we invest in them?”

“I tell them, we’re going to need oil for at least another decade.”

Republicans in the hall burst out in laughter, while Democrats jeered.

Biden, the leader of the Democratic Party, had just articulated the party’s platform of supporting the premature death of the energy-producing economy in America, which is responsible for the top three exports of oil, gasoline, and natural gas. He described no plan for providing the electricity for the hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles he said the government is investing in through tax credits. Nor did he say how America would get the minerals needed to build the electric vehicles.

At the same time, BP announced it is dialing back its earlier promises to cut carbon emissions by 35-40% over 10 years, saying the demand for oil is rising, and the company will only cut back 20-30% by the year 2030 so it can produce more oil and meet the global demand.

Rep. Mary Peltola tweeted throughout the speech, but said nothing in defense of Alaska oil projects like Willow or Pikka, which would take at least five years to bring to production. Willow alone is projected to produce about 600 million barrels of oil over 30 years.

Instead of standing up for Alaska’s economy, Peltola posted a tweet from the AFL-CIO about building the electric economy.

Biden also touched on his support for transgender rights for children and asked Congress to set in statute federal abortion rights. That was also supported by Peltola.

The speech was a sharp contrast to the practical and pro-active address given by U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan at the Alaska Legislature today, when he called on the president to approve the Willow and Pikka projects, open up resource development to the Ambler Mining District, and to quit punishing Alaskans by shutting down their economy.


    • Then maybe the Republican Party shouldn’t act like a bunch of sophomore clowns. Most decent Americans have zero tolerance for
      their buffoonery.

      • Dunno. The devolution of the SOTU into the American version of Question Time in the British Parliament is a positive. At least both times are doing their thing face to face. Cheers –

      • Yes, because tearing up a president’s State of the Union address DURING that address is the height of maturity and political respect.
        Hypocrisy, thy name is radical leftist.

      • Rino, I agree most decent Americans have no tolerance for buffoonery. So let get real and actual admit that there is behavior on both sides that lacks decorum. Shouting during SOTU or throwing a temper tantrum banging a book on the lectern and hoping around like a wild woman like AOC doesn’t elevate the discussion. It would be nice if members of congress would actual show each other the respect necessary to have a reasonable discussion. But our national dialogue has devolved into gotcha or my-way-or-the-highway laws or executive orders. So Rino why not set a better example and actually debate the merits of the president’s speech, instead of arrogantly pointing out, how YOU are supposedly so much smarter, so much more evolved… Come to the table and actually have a valid argument not throw semantic rocks and leave.

  1. Look at the photo. Harris and McCarthy both know Biden is illegitimate. But he is a legitimate criminal……. and child molester.

    • Joe Biden is one sick, messed-up guy. He’s got the country so screwed-up right now that Trump will be back to easily take him out next year.

      • “Everyone I don’t like is a racist/Nazi/Homophobe/Islamaphobe”
        – An uneducated leftist’s guide to debating.
        Of course, for the situation of the current pResident, there are years of photographic/video evidence, not to mention his own daughter’s diary. etc… On the other hand, leftists generally have nothing except their anger at losing a debate (and hatred for facts) to support their claims.

        • Uuhhh, Taylor,
          Look at photographic and factual witness statements, as well as documented articles that are written by known Left-wing news organizations.
          Joe Biden’s daughter leaves written accounts of bathing with her dad, and inappropriate behavior when she was a child.
          Photos of President Joe Biden touching young girls and making inappropriate comments to them, and making them look and feel uncomfortable.
          President Joe Biden touching women and sniffing their hair to make them feel uncomfortable.
          Hunter Biden moving in with his deceased brother’s wife and introducing her to illicit drugs. Then abandoning her after there are allegations of inappropriate behavior with his own neice.
          Hunter getting a pole dancer pregnant and later suing her so that his out of wedlock daughter’s last name won’t be “Biden.”
          Like father like son. The sexual derangement runs with this family.
          Do you see any of Donald Trump’s own kids having these kind of issues? No! Or the left-wing press would have apprised us in their headlines long ago.
          Joe Biden and his family are SICK, and mentally disturbed by any reasonable standards. But Lefties and Democrats like Taylor have no answers so they sling around lies and BS. But we all know how that works. Lousy try, Taylor!

      • Are you denying that Biden isn’t fascinated with young girls? I believe the extensive video catalog of him groping young girls is almost as extensive as his sons catalog of general degenerate behavior.

        I guess we need to define “pedophile” behavior?

        Come on, Man!

        • Taylor and RINO are lefty wack jobs too, and would always be around to defend a sicky, pedophile Democrat. Birds of a feather really do flock together. That’s the only way they can stay safe. In numbers. Praying some uneducated, conservative never locates them. Their lives depend on it.

          • Why are Democrats so worried about George Santos? The real liar, plagiarist, child molester, and idiot is in the White House.

  2. I struggle with him. Is he delusional, corrupt, or insane? It’s genuinely hard to tell.

    I didn’t think it could get worse than Carter. Then we had Obama. I didn’t think it could get worse than Obama. Now we have Biden.

    I’m pretty damn old. But never in my life until now has there been a president determined to make us go backwards and be subservient to others.

    All because Orange Man was icky.

    • You are correct in your second sentence, although not quite completely, TMA. Usurper Biden is delusional, AND corrupt, AND insane. But you neglected to mention that he is also evil. Despite being a senile husk, he is a complete sociopath, if not an actual psychopath.

    • If you wanted to make the USA a run of the mill, middle of the pack country, would you do anything different than he is?

    • I too am glad to have women in elected positions.

      Time for new leadership, she said. She forgot to say I am famous because I got a Trump job because my dad is a mucky muck and previos office holder, from political far right circles.

      Her state has one of the highest murder rates in the US. Where’s her law and order on that?

      • Again out of left field here comes Maureen…
        with unrelated gripes revealing that ONLY her kind of women are to be honored in leadership roles. You know women like Hillary, who hung with the womanizer Bill and rode his coat tails all the way to the White House…
        Maureen, quit pretending you are supporting women, you support leftists who happen to be women.

      • She is just getting started. It takes time to clean up after the left destroys everything they touch. Besides you like the lefts law and order stance.

      • I’m a fan of hers, also. But if you like her because you want more women in elected positions, then why disparage her Trump/dad connections? Seems like it shouldn’t matter if it helped get her into office.

        As for her ‘law and order’ C’mon, she just got sworn in! Check the murder stats at the end of the year and see if they are up or down.

      • So, she leveraged her network to get a good job. If you have not done that dozens of times in your working career, you are stupid.
        Problem? I do not see it.
        Murder rates? Who brought that up? How long did you have to search to find that stat to knock her? Besides, rates? There is a thing called lying with statistics, and you are doing it. It is a deliberate misrepresentation of data to tell a story that is deceiving. How does AR compare population wise? What city does the most murder happen in? Why?
        If you do not consider those factors, your “stat” is nothing more than a curiosity.

  3. Biden is correct. We wouldn’t need oil now if they would release all their top secret alternative energy sources. It’s going to take 10 years to wean the population off of its oil lifeblood, what it’s been using for over 100 years. If the Rockefellers and the Gettys and the Hunt oil companies didn’t have such a death hold on America in the early days of oil, maybe Tesla would have gotten his power grid up and running.

    • Really?
      That have some alternative lubrication and synthetic material sources as well?
      Want to see your EV sitting on the side of the road will a full battery? Use “plant based” lubricants for your wheels.

    • Take off the tin hat it is causing you to be leave a proven liar. If you believe him I want to sell you a new energy source.

      • LMAO. That’s funny right there. We’ve known where alternative injury is for a long time. We had to wait for technology to catch up before we can harvest it. There’s enough helium 3 on the surface of the Moon to run our country for about 50 years. Asteroids are of rare Earth minerals. We now have nuclear drilling rigs and mining equipment. 10 years will just about do it

        • Just 50 years? And then what? And what about the rest of the world? And how exorbitantly expensive is it to get it from there to here? Who’s going to chase after those asteroids? Wasn’t there a movie…oh yeah “Armageddon” with Bruce Willis
          Why not just use nuclear as a fuel source instead of all this huge gamble?
          10 years….I reserve judgement on that for now.

  4. You know
    When the car was invented our government didn’t force its people switch from horse to car. I for one don’t want an electric car, it looks too complicated even more than a combustible car that’s all computer.

    • Most people couldn’t afford a car when they were first invented. It wasn’t until Henry Ford got the model t on an assembly line that it came somewhat affordable. Still people in rural America used horse and wagons because that’s what they had for farming. Eventually everybody got on board and that’s what’s going to happen now. Try to imagine a power grid that is wireless and gets its energy from the Earth itself. That’s where future power is going to come from and we have the ability to do it now. There’s just a transition time that we’re going through.

      • Wow, “wireless power grid and getting energy from the earth itself…”
        Not sure about how you can transmit power without transmission lines and avoid frying everything in their surroundings, but we already get our energy from the earth itself in oil and gas.
        The transition from horse and buggy to the Model A was not regulated and pushed by the government. It happened organically as people saw the benefit, not like this were the administration is forcing regulation to make you.

        • Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it’s not true and viable. It was already proven that energy can be transferred wirelessly. Have you ever seen a lightning bolt? The Earth’s magnetic field is the power plant. Probably a bit too quantum for your understanding though.

          • Greg, I am aware of some “wireless” power transfers which work in small settings, however this technology is still being explored and not ready for prime time or to take over our current distribution net. At the same time you still have the need to actually generate the power you want to “wirelessly” transmit. Since to my knowledge wireless power transfers use time-varying electromagnetic fields, I wonder how large scale use would impact you power generation from the earth’s magnetic field. Using the earth’s magnetic field as a power generation is still in the lab and doesn’t sound like it will be ready in a decade.

        • Like I said read up on what Tesla was doing. In Colorado springs he had a power plant setup and put light bulbs in the ground some distance away and fired them up. No wires. If you still doubt me read up on 5G. It’s a way of sending energy on radio waves. This has all been done before, we just needed Roswell to happen.

      • And, when the Model T came out, the Government still did not force people to switch from horse power to cars. Which is the point that Jen was making.

  5. These people need to be reminded genesis when God created earth God called all he made below and above its surface good. Oil, gas, minerals, metals, coal, uranium, iron,clay, trees, plants, wind,sun, water- its not bad as Some
    people like demonizing its uses.

      • No that’s people who haven’t gotten an education. There are millions who don’t pop pollute any more than you do.

    • Thanks for YOUR views on YOUR god.

      Looking forward to hearing from all the other faiths in our community. Hindus, Muslims, Jews Ba’hai, and Unitarians are up too.

        • Yes, they all have their own stories about how their god(s) did that. Let’s hear from these other communities of faith as well.

          • Why?
            How will that make the debate any better in any way? Jen said something from Jen’s perspective, and I am happy to have her do it. Why do you have to demand more, or disparage what she said?

    • He also gave man dominion over all living things but forgot to include viruses, bacteria, germs and pathogens.

      There were some mistakes.

    • Yes what God made was good but I asked you this, if it was so good why did God have fallen angels? Why did God have to destroy humankind in the great flood? Why did Cain slay Abel? I know you’re going to say the devil made them do it. But why make the devil? Remember the devil was God’s best friend. Since God makes everything including the devil, why even make the devil? So no not everything that God made is good, and it has been proven that oil is not good for the planet Earth.

  6. My GOD! That was a massive level of BS spewed last night.
    Letting people go back to work is not creating jobs. Comparing today’s employment numbers against those from the height of the panicdemic is disingenuous at best, and lying with statistics at worst.
    Millions of small business owners put out of business by the Government during the panicdemic, re-applying to restart their businesses is not a sign of this administration doing the right thing.
    Talking about how crushing inflation is on the average family, then proposing actions that will increase costs is the opposite of helping.
    Perhaps if pResident Brandon did not campaign on shutting down the oil and gas industries, the petro companies might actually believe him when he says “invest, it will be OK.”
    And, can anyone tell me where we will get the oils, plastics, and other synthetics needed for this “green energy/battery powered” future without petroleum? Oh… I know… hemp oil, right? Because thousands of acres of hemp can replace… what a barrel of petroluem? Maybe two? If you think food costs a lot now, just wait until we go with “natural” alternatives. (And, what is so unnatural about petroleum? It is lifted from the ground. It is as natural as any other natural resource.)

  7. Suzanne I want to thank you for providing a valuable synopsis of what our President babbled forth to the Nation, thus saving the rest of us the audible and visible pain of actually experiencing this perverse spectacle. Fingernails scratched across a chalkboard is as pleasant and melodious as Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3 in comparison to listening to Joe drone on.

    You deserve a special award for your efforts, I wonder though, how do you wash out your ears afterwards?

      • Spare, it is true that I enjoy the company of intelligent and rational thinking adults. I hardly think Joe Biden and his idiotic entourage would be considered adults, much less rational.

  8. All of the Republican House members that were howling like baboons were a sight to see. What a disgrace they are.

    • I know.
      The Democrats adorned with their 1870 buttons were a much more welcome sight.
      Curiously, I wonder if you had the same feeling during President Trump’s SOTU speeches where the Democrats were a total clown show. I am of the thought you thought their behavior was appropriate.

  9. The crazy part is that there are congressmen and congresswomen who think we will not be using oil in less than a decade.

    • Try to start thinking like the Chinese, and that they’re always looking towards the future because they know no matter what happens there’s always going to be one of them crawl out from underneath a rock somewhere. We tend to always look no further in the future than tomorrow which will be our undoing.

  10. Where the HE double hockey sticks, they think the energy to charge their EVs come from? The EV is more of a Hazard to the environment than the internal combustion engines we have now. The raw materials mining alone produces more pollution than anything not to mention the slave labor used in the mining of the cobalt to make the batteries. The batteries themself are hazardous when used up and what and where are these going to end up not in the landfill. These politicians are to say the least are the most ignorant when it comes to second and third effects of EVs.

    • It’s going to come from nuclear, hydrogen 3, and energy they can’t even tell you about right now or else they’d have to kill you. Remember when the founder of skunk works, Johnson said on his deathbed, we’ve got things out there in the desert that you can’t even comprehend for 50 years. Star wars and Star Trek, been there done that. That kind of tells me that the deep state has a plan.

    • How about almost anyone else? Begich is anchored by his family name. He will takes a good decade to get past it.

      Sarah is a pox on Alaska. Her negatives are too damn big to overcome.

      If we had a competent GOP (looking directly at Craig Campbell) they would acknowledge they were badly outplayed and be vetting and recruiting someone who can actually beat Mary and not split the ticket.

      But if we had a competent GOP we probably wouldn’t be here now.

      • The only reason we didn’t get a Republican in Congress was because of Palin’s very late entry. Begich is the best candidate the Republicans have had in years and I hope we see him campaigning soon.

      • ‘But if we had a competent GOP we probably wouldn’t be here now.’

        Now there’s something I can agree with you on!

  11. Wow…….people are either really gullible or just down right ignorant! Who in their right mind thinks that we can produce enough power to literally flip the switch off of oil in 10-years?

      • Not on this planet………… WOW you have gone off the deep end haven’t you? Did you fall off of the flat earth on the right side, or left?

        • Just because you don’t know or understand anything doesn’t necessarily make your view accurate. Of course I’m talking about the well-known basis we have on the moon and Mars. I have to believe a guy like Johnson, the founder of skunk works, who said on his deathbed we have things out in the desert that you can’t even comprehend 50 years from now and Star wars Star Trek, been there done that. You have to be able to open up your mind to the possibility they are we are all just pawns in this game. There’s a lot of things happening that you don’t know about because of your blinders.

          • Well known bases we have on the moon and Mars?
            Can you name these bases?
            Oh… some guy said on his deathbed that there are things in the desert… Well, there is all the proof I need. Blinders are officially OFF! Thanks.
            Curiously, I happen to have worked with someone who used to work at the Lockheed skunkworks. While they are definitely pushing the boundaries of known physics on some stuff, the overwhelming majority of what they are trying is abject failures on the test bench. Yes, they created some fantastic things, but what you are talking about is not even close to ready for mass use.
            The only thing he was able to say was truly “Star Wars/Star Trek” level were the buildings that only certain people could see. They were the ones where the classified stuff was going on, and if asked “what is that building for?” they had to reply “There is no building there.” or “What building? Don’t see it.”
            Seriously, if you are hanging your hat on some super futuristic technology that will save us all, fine. Be optimistic. But, building massive sweeping nationwide policy on something that is still in the theoretical phase is a good way to destroy an economy.
            Really, not kidding here. I was promised room temperature super conductors ages ago. Still not here, and any ones existing are either too rare, or cannot operate outside of extremely strictly controlled environments. Free energy from the Earth’s magnetic field? Yep, it is there, but not in abundant amounts sufficient to overcome electrical resistance or friction. Not enough to replace conventional power generation.
            I know it is a bummer, but the Laws of Thermodynamics have yet to be sidestepped.

        • I’m not a fan of those shows, but I am aware have them. Warp theory, communicators, lasers, hyper missiles have all come true after Gene Roddenberry theorized them. I’m sorry if this stuff scares you. The future can be scary for close minders

          • There is an old saying Greg:
            Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are ignorant, than to open it and remove all doubt.
            With the exception of warp theory (well, not really, the theory was there), all of those items existed in 1966 in some form when Star Trek came out. The first operational LASER was demonstrated in 1952, hypersonic missles were used by the Germans in the 1930s, and the communicators? Nothing more than realizing that electronics would get smaller over time. After all, Gene Roddenberry was alive when the transistor radio was released.
            Warp theory, that is about the only thing that was not common knowledge to anyone reading Popular Science (or other geek magazines) in the 50s and 60s. However, faster than light travel, not uncommon on the pulp fiction of the day.
            Now, has technology made these items smaller, cheaper, and more efficient? Yep. But, powering the electric grid off the Earth’s magnetic field? Not happening any time soon.

          • Greg, there is “close minded” and then there is “out there”. Are there always new ideas in the works and experiments going on, sure. However when Biden talks about cutting off oil in 10 years all that nice experimental stuff will not be ready to replace all the things we get from oil and gas on the scale necessary to keep this country going and not take it back to the middle ages.

    • She is going to take the diesel fuel away from all the villages. I want to see how the bush community lives without oil. Are people really that dumb about energy? It’s easy to sit there and babble about the end of oil but smart people know the truth. I hope every anti oil person is effected by this and pays the price of stupidly. Why doesn’t they stop all wars and shut down the energy hungry military and 75% of the government. No they want your gas stove and car.

      • I think you should read up on what Nicholas Tesla was working on right before he died and what happened to all his laboratory and plans. If big money oil had moved in we’d already be there.

  12. I don’t believe they understand how the majority of American cities produce electricity. Must be due to the reduced sizes of the prefrontal cortex.

  13. The USA needs energy independance from the Middle East, how we get there remains to be decided. In the end Democracy and a free market system will dictate the path

    • Frank, I agree. We need to produce our own energy and not be dependent on the Middle East, Venezuela etc. I also am with you on the free market system, that adapts much faster to needs than government ever could. Most innovations over the last 100 years were born from private individuals creating a better widget and government not getting in their way.

  14. By the responses from neighbors here, I understand The President really rattled them..

    I thought it was wonderful how he united Congress in support of Medicare and Social Security. Really surprised and grateful given what I’ve read right here.

    • He rattled me, indeed.
      They way he compared today’s employment numbers against the depths of the pandemic shutdowns was a clear indication of how well his administration is doing. (Hint: Letting people go back to work, and letting factories open again is not “creating” jobs.)
      And the call for instituting price caps…Man, that is right out of the soviet playbook. I remember the last time they capped credit card company fees. The card companies stopped accepting applications from those with bad credit. Somehow, that was not the expected outcome. Who was President when that happened… who was… Oh, that’s right. 0Bama was. Surely Joe knows the consequences of what he is proposing, but then again… most likely not.
      And, making the Buy America act stronger, brilliant! It is already near impossible to comply fully with it, but dammit, why let the ability of the US steel, lumber, and other companies matter. It sounds good. Heavy construction is costly enough, but demanding that all federally funded construction projects use strictly steel forged in the US, well, that will double the cost.
      Oh… and since the middle class is suffering already, let’s raise taxes on corporations higher, up to 50%. I am sure those CEOs will just absorb that additional cost… Seriously? Not a chance. They will pass the cost onto the the consumer, just like they always do. But, why let reality stand in the way of a good soundbite.
      I really like the call for a wealth tax as well. It was fun to watch him equate income and wealth. No one making under $400K a year will see an increase in taxes. But, billionaires, regardless of what they make, will see their taxes go up. Net worth is not income, but Joe is planning on taxing it anyway.
      There was nothing in that speech that was not 100% socialist, with the possible exception of when he said (laughably) that he was a capitalist.

      • His numbers haven’t been seen since the early 70’s CMBTTek. That’s way, way before the pandemic.

        Talk to those corporations. Sounds like we agree they have some morality concerns you and I share.

        • Which number? Unemployment? Meaningless statistic and anyone who really understand what the national unemployment number represents would know that.
          How about work force participation rate? Yeah, it has not been that low since the Carter administration. So, you are partly correct.
          So, what other number are you talking about?
          800,000 factory workers getting jobs. Or should I say, getting their jobs back? 10 million new small business applications? Or should I say 10 million small business owners trying to reopen their businesses after they were shut down.
          Are you comparing the recovery from the government caused economic disaster that was the COVID panicdemic to the 70s? Really?
          That is the equivalent of a furniture store having a 50% off sale the day after they double their prices.

        • How about them?
          The Apollo moon missions were done using existing technology, however it required refinement to ensure a safe return. There was nothing “experimental” on the Saturn V, LEM, or Command modules.
          Yes, a LOT of innovation happened, but not even close to the extent you are thinking. The toughest part of the Moon missions was doing the orbital calculations (three body problems) and building in the safety factors to ensure the mission could come off.
          It was all done within the bounds of known physics.
          Creating a green energy world where the electricity is derived from the Earth’s magnetic field is not within the bounds of known physics. In fact, the Law of Conservation of Energy says, pretty clearly, that energy in MUST equal energy out. Let’s say we do find a way to power stuff directly from the magnetic field. As we draw energy from that field, we convert it from magnetic energy to electrical energy. Which weakens the magnetic field by the amount of energy we used. (plus any transmission losses/resistance)
          One person doing it, not an issue. Eight Billion people with literally hundreds of electronic devices pulling from that source, PROBLEM. Like having protection from cosmic radiation? Yeah, so do I.

    • Which speech were you watching Maureen? He lied and blew smoke and the American people ( true Americans) seen right through it. If you think he brought people together then it just shows how your view is clouded with BS. He and his handlers are trying to have total control of every person and how they live. He and his group will get a pass from this but we will and are feeling the results of stupidity.

  15. This is just stupid and let’s leave the e-cars out of the discussion for just a moment.
    If we stop producing oil, where do you think we will get all the plastics, lubricants and myriad of other oil base products from? Guess we will have to import oil from other places, so really no improvement on the environmental front there to say nothing of our national security/sovereignty. Or maybe we restart those rubber tree plantations or harvest crude that bubbles up to the surface on the tundra. Can you imaging the pollution if we go back to burning wood for heat (there go our carbon credits). Hope our environmentally zealous brethren are prepared to do without their kayaks, fat tires on their bikes, the cool outdoorsy clothing and tents from REI or Columbia, their plastic cell phone cases, food save containers to store your granola in or the plastic crumble zone/bumper on the front of their electric vehicle……..

    • It appears you think we will need those oil related things in the non-oil era. And invested completely in oil by products.

      • Maureen, I am a realist and understand that oil has significantly contributed to our current standard of living, health care, food safety, sanitation and comfort. All things that increase the average life span of each individual considerably. If you want to go back living in a thatch house (can’t have those asphalt shingles for the roof anymore) and grown you own food be my guest (no tires for that electric car of yours). However I bet the vast majority of those millennials are not tough enough to do that. Heck, a recent Fortune study found that 35% of them still have their bills paid by mom & dad.
        Consider that most modern diagnostic machinery like MRI or ultrasounds are all possible with plastics, as it is inert to magnetism and transparent for sound waves, yet light and durable. IV solutions now come in plastic bags. They are guaranteed sterile, easy to ship and store and considerably lighter than the glass bottles they replaced. Let’s also mention the tubing and needle assembly to deliver the fluid to your body. Then you have plastic syringes. They are cheap and single use items, instead of the old style that needed to be cleaned and re-used, many times spreading diseases. Food safety is another big one. Cryovac bags contain food items securely and prevent them from being contaminated during shipping…… I could go on and on

        • Science has gotten to the point where atoms can be manipulated to make almost anything. Think replicator in Star Trek. In the past 70 years, we’ve gone from piston driven aircraft to nuclear powered space vehicles. With billions of dollars going into dark budgets so that freedom of information doesn’t come into play, you would probably not sleep at night knowing what we’re capable of making.

          • Okay stupid question here Greg.
            If all of this is so secret with all the dark budgets etc., how come YOU know all about it AND are freely divulging what must be highly classified government secrets with wild abandon?

        • I will go on, adding support to your statements, but perhaps in a more fundamental way.
          Vaclav Smil in “How the World Really Works” discusses (with referenced data) the Four Pillars of Civilization: Cement; Steel; Plastics; Ammonia (mostly for agricultural fertilizer)
          Modern society would be IMPOSSIBLE without the mass-scale production of these man-made materials.
          “In 2019, the world consumed about 4.5 billion tons of cement, 1.8 billion tons of steel, 370 million tons of plastics, and 150 million tons of ammonia.”
          These pillars are essential, energy intensive and utterly embedded in the fabric of our limitlessly complex society. We are now operating at such unimaginable scale, that even if a superior substitute were found for any of these today (highly unlikely), actually replacing them could take decades.

      • Maureen lead the way and quit using oil and its byproducts now. Why are you still using oil? Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite ? Don’t tell me how we have to or the world will end while your using them.

      • Perhaps you have an alternative that works just as well, or close to it.
        Please share with us how we will create the plastics, lubricants, and other synthetics without petroleum.
        Dying to hear your insight.

          • I am not taking your word for it.
            I am taking the word of the people who are actual physicists, scientists, and chemists. You know, like Newton, Maxwell, Bohr, etc… The people who identified the fundamental laws of motion, electromagnetics, and the structure of the atom. Those folks.
            And, to date, no one has found a way to bypass any of their work.
            Everything else is theoretical, and expecting it to become a viable product is overly optimistic.
            And, please stop talking about science fiction as if it is science fact, hidden away to protect some elite cabal. It just does not work. Chief Engineer Scott (the only person I know of who regularly violates the laws of physics) still has 200 years to go before he is born, so keep it real there Greg.

  16. Please, let the mean orange man win in 2024. Trump actually knows how to run a country.

    And most importantly, may God have mercy on us all.

  17. Thank you to Scott Kendall, Lisa Murkowski, and everyone who voted for RCV. Please, get Mary OUT OF THE US HOUSE! Or, relocate her to California or Washington state!

  18. You need oil to manufacture these parts. If we’re not producing it here for our own products, then we will purchase oil-based products elsewhere.

  19. San Francisco uses a couple barrels a day just giving out those free syringes to junkies. You know those are made of plastic right? You know plastic is made from oil right? I for one can’t wait until the real mining operations start to extract all the material we will need for the batteries for all these electric cars. It’s gonna be green energy all right. $$$$ dollars.

  20. Anyone heard from Sarah Palin lately? Now that she helped eff-up Alaska…….again……. she made a beeline for warmer climates and lots of entertainment and luxury. This is a person who really should be banished from Alaska. What a horrible person.

    • I agree I use to be a supporter but after the governor mess I saw the light. Hopefully she is history and we never here from her again.

    • Well Todd. Considering she could have taken the reason why she resigned when that ONE came back to Alaska, and spoke the truth, she would be
      been elected President in 2016. Not Trump. Her choices are what landed her where she is today. Probably be a whole different world right now. Russia wouldn’t have been starting chit either. Putin would be in a prison in Siberia. Along with the Russian Ogliarch gangs. What’s in it for you? Look at current global events. Figure it out. Hope it was worth it. Now it’s going to kill us all. When we get nuked by China and Russia. Good job!

      • That ONE is dying. CAD. Facing eviction because of not being able to work. That’s not sitting well on the other side of the world. “You have the wrong address” sound familiar? Iran. Anyways. I would highly recommend that you stop whining about what Sarah is doing. Network, and get that ONE some well deserved help. It might save your life. And the USA. They are here, and have been watching, and waiting. That ONE dies suddenly, the gloves come off. They know who that ONE is. DNA test.

        • Right. I hear that it was suggested to Iran to take nuclear power and make products for being able to power a house for 10 years. Then use the same technology and create a scanner to detect medical issues in the body. After that “peaceful purposes” was said. I can see that “ONE” telling Iran this is my fight. It sounds like it’s been taken care of. Good for all of humanity. But it’s really sad how much greed and envy tortured a good soul who wanted global peace and understanding between nations. Meanwhile, ol Sarah struts around in Israel. Did she know that NR was buried there before they exhumed his grave? Prince Charles visited. Time to wipe that smirk off her face. Evil twat. And stupid as hell. Send her to Hague.
          And all the politicians who helped and protect her to this day. Put them all in prison for life. Her Pie Spy antics and other crimes are on file, and she definitely had help.

  21. What’s the point? AOC told a couple of years ago that we’ll all be dead in 8years because of climate change so all of us only have a little more than 5.5 years !!!!!

  22. Ibew is build charging stations, they don’t mention how these charging stations are going to get the elusive electron or where that electron might be produced?.? As it stands now the (Green) energy faction do not want anyone to mine the materials needed for the cars, they do not want to expand any generation plants. So how do we get from A To B ?? And even after all these cars are built we will still need fossil fuel unless someone has a plan for plastics, rubber, lubricants, not using oil. 3/4 of our country lives in fantasy land. Musk got Tesla off the ground about 2008 so in 15 year 2% of the vehicles on the road are electric, we got a long ways to go probably 30 years to get this number to 80%. Be longer than that if the greenie obstructionists won’t let anyone mine the materials needed.

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