Did Anchorage’s superintendent break promise to Family Partnership Charter School community?



At the April 3 Anchorage School Board meeting, District Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt told the public that the Family Partnership Charter School principal, Jessica Parker, would remain in place.  

He also stated that the dean of students and the business manager would also remain.

He said it is a matter of trust between the district and the FPCS parents.

Here is the exact wording from the Frequently Asked Questions the district provided to Family Partner Charter School parents:

“It is our intent for the Principal, Dean of Students, and Business Manager to remain in their positions. District leadership will support these individuals through the process of transitioning to ASD collective bargaining agreements.”

The district last week sent an email to FPCS parents notifying them that principal Parker will only serve until the end of this school year, which is May 24.

It appears Bryantt has gone back on his word. 

Note that the newly organized “Academic Advisory Council” of the charter school met on May 11, after the decision to replace the current principal had been made by the district.  The district should get the parents’ input on a new principal before the hiring process begins. This suggests that the selection process may be predetermined.

The email to the parents of school also says that the principal position would be posted on May 8.  But that was not true. Here is the post stating the position is advertised beginning May 5, the same date as the parent notification above:

Bureaucrats are incredibly talented at parsing. It appears Superintendent Bryantt’s words were carefully chosen. What parents heard, however, was much different than his intent.  

What other aspects of his promises to the FPCS school parents will be broken or parsed in the future?  

Perhaps it’s time for parents to take their FPCS students to the MatSu School District so they can achieve as they have in the past.  

Trust is a contract. Will we believe Superintendent Bryantt when he says “Trust me” the next time?

DAVID BOYLE is Must Read Alaska’s education writer.


  1. Of course he did. He can’t have them showing up the rest of their “peers in education”.

    And his was always going to.

  2. Anchorage is woke and it is time for all parents to pull their kids from all public schools.
    Do not let your kids be counted at any public school in October, and get them out of this horrid indoctrination system called public education, it is anything but.
    We have officially beeen lied to, do you want to stay in a school that has directly lied to you and will now take control of the curriculum and the funds.
    School choice – anything but public schools.
    As to college, DONT DO IT. Send your kids to trade school, plumbers, electricians, carpenters make excellent money (i am both plumber and electrician and put myself thru college). They can then put themselves through college after learning a skill and getting a job (and hopefully have their own family).
    Lets pass on making families function as the primary team for all kids.

  3. At our school in the Mat-Su District, our first graders read. Any time I walk through the halls, there are tutors everywhere making sure kids learn to read.

  4. “District leadership will support these individuals through the process of transitioning to ASD collective bargaining agreements.”

    I see, they were not union members. That cannot be tolerated.

  5. Were his lips moving? Then yes, he was lying. He lied to get his job, and the school board lied about him. His only qualification for the job seems to be that he is in thrall to the teachers’ union. That union is antithetical to teaching children.

  6. Just look at the school district track record. For as long as I can remember the cry has been we need more money for better education. Well if more money means we could be the worst school district in the nation as all the money produced is uneducated kids with no idea what America was.

  7. SAD! VERY SAD and FRUSTRATING for FPCS parents. Parents be selective when it comes to schools. Sure is different than when I taught. So glad I have retired.

  8. We can only hope they remove the principal because she was the main reason FPCS lost their charter. She worked to help ASD take over because the APC wanted to fire her and she knew it. She wouldn’t take instruction from the APC. Due to the fear of loosing her job, she worked hard getting rid of the parent led APC by telling the district lies about the APC. This principal also has a lawsuit against her for wrongful termination. She is a big liability for the district. Also it didn’t say they were terminating her, it said she will serve until the end of the year and she can apply like everyone else can for the job. FPCS needs a fresh start with new administration.

    • Have you watched a single board meeting? lol.. The Principal was the only one holding the place together for the last 4 years Clyde. She’s a saint for staying this long. I would have quit and filed a lawsuit a long time ago given how toxic that board was. They deserved what they got, and for the record, and also from the public record; it was the board that got the charter removed, not the Principal.

  9. Actually I think the majority of FPCS parents and the majority of staff are welcoming of a new principal. One more qualified. One that is ethical and honest. One that cares about students and families.

  10. The joke is on anyone who thought the ASD could/would keep promises that break the law.

    The law requires that a new position within ASD be posted, candidates interviewed, and selections made based on the applicants rather than promised to any specific person in advance.

    The law also requires this “new” ASD school to force students to only use curriculum approved by ASD. This removes the freedom families and students enjoyed with the exemptions allowed to the former charter school.

    This “new” school also must comply with the ASD calendar rather than having the freedom to educate throughout the year, although this “exemption” had largely been overridden by the FPCS Administration in the last year.

    The law also sends all the FPCS funding that was designated for student allotments (nearly $2M) to ASD for use however they want. Listen to the debate that ensued at the ASD meeting April 3rd when Mr. Jacobs proposed an amendment to keep finding with students.

    Curious, if the old charter school Academic Policy Committee was so bad, as ASD repeatedly said, why are 4/7 of the new AAC former APC members? Sounds like ASD was not honest on many levels. Nor was former FPCS Administration.

    The only entity less trustworthy than the ASD Administration is the former FPCS Administration. A house divided will not stand.

  11. Hopefully it doesn’t take Anchorage fifteen years to get rid of a bad superintendent like it took Tok. Our board finally voted to get rid of the crook after over a decade of his obvious lies, falsifying records and making money when he shouldn’t through kick backs. When the state learned what he was doing twelve years ago they declared though he had failed to prove he didn’t break various laws, it was okay to break the laws because he said he didn’t condone breaking the law.
    Finally he’s been fired and the last turd has been scooped out of the Alaska Gateway School District’s punch bowl.

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