Descent into tyranny: Biden to mandate all federal workers will be vaccinated


Major media outlets reported Thursday that President Joe Biden will sign an executive order today requiring all federal workers be vaccinated against Covid-19, with no option of being regularly tested to opt out, according to a “six pillar plan” his administration is rolling out. The plan was leaked to CNN, which said the order will extend to all contractors that have business with the federal government.

During speech laying out his new vaccine mandate expansion, Biden will say that the federal government should be a model for other employers and he will praise those businesses that already have a mandate in place. The address to Americans is scheduled for 1 pm Alaska Daylight Time.

Already, the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Service and National Institutes of Health have mandates covering 2.5 million federal workers.

A White House official told CNN that the six pillars of Biden’s plan include: vaccinating the unvaccinated; further protecting the vaccinated through booster shots; keeping schools open; increasing testing and requiring masks; protecting the economic recovery; and improving care for those with Covid-19. It’s unclear if his order will include a national mask mandate.

The U.S. is following the lead of Australia, where the chief health officer said that contact tracing, determining who has been in contact with the virus, is part of the “New World Order.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian told unvaccinated Aussies, “You have been warned!” and ordered indefinite lockdowns of those who are unvaccinated, while the vaccinated will be granted slightly more freedom. Once 70 percent of adults have been vaccinated against Covid-19, those Australians who took the jab will be able to have five people in their homes — if all present are fully vaccinated.


  1. Yep, and in Australia the church is now underground. This “crisis” is really showing who really believes and who was just there for the show.

    • The sheep Christians press closer into God when scared, and the Goat Christians just run around Mad as a crazy goat.

      “We should not mind how great the pressure is-only where the pressure lies. If we make sure it never comes between us and our Lord, then the greater the pressure, the more it presses us to Him.” -J.Hudson Taylor

      “The secret “grace under pressure” lies accepting that pressure as from the Lord. At least permitted by Him.”-Ruth Bell Graham

      How some peoples are using covid, its another pressure pressing His children closer to Him before that day when they are “caught-up” swept away before the real show starts. If the world can’t handle man’s wrath, then they are no match to handle God’s wrath. God’s wrath will make democratic tyranny look like child’s play.

  2. Even if Biden were a legitimate president, and he is not, this type of mandate would be unconstitutional.
    No one has a right to force medical care onto someone else, not even under the guise of public health.
    And for all of you who think that it is necessary, proper and constitutional for the government to force vaccinations, lockdowns, masking, social distancing and any other restrictions on our natural rights…for any reason…you need to ask yourself where the boundaries of government power lie.
    Look to NYC where the mayor restricted soft drink sizes to combat obesity to see how far these authoritarians will go.
    We are all individually responsible for our own health and well being.
    The notion that each individual is responsible for everyone else, under a public health excuse, is false.
    You take whatever actions you deem necessary to protect yourself, including taking the Frankenshot or wearing a mask or avoiding others, but stop trying to control the rest of us.
    And do some research into these mRNA shots before you volunteer as a test animal.
    Something doesn’t add up in this situation where the government is going all in on an experimental treatment that has untested medium to long term effects while suppressing all alternative treatments…treatments that are showing a lot of promise using drugs that have been approved for human use for decades.
    Does that seem right to you?

  3. I for one, am happy with our new imperial overlords. Dems are smart and trustworthy, not like those Childish republicans, with all their lies.

  4. That might be taking it a little bit too far addressing someone’s beliefs and faith. I was remembering back to the folks that speak in tongues and throw deadly vipers at people and ask them to pick them up and to use their faith so that the snake won’t kill them. I’m not sure how many people got bit and died but I’m pretty sure when those things punctured their skin, a lot of faith went out the window.

  5. New World Order! You would not have to say anything else. Nothing happening is not scripted. If you want to see how this would end, read Ezekiel, Daniel and Revaluation. If you don’t want to be in that conclusion better push back.

  6. Lt Col. Stuart Scheller, threw away his military retirement after 17 years of honorable service with the USMC because he felt it was more important to Speak Out and Demand Accountablity from the military chain of command after the inexcusable dereliction of duty and totally botched FUBAR withdrawal from Afghanistan!
    18 Year Veteran Australian Airline Pilot with Quantas went on YouTube, at the risk of job termination, to speak out against Forced Vaccine Mandates for all Quantas Pilots and Air Crews!
    These brave men threw caution to the wind and have made a courageous stand in speaking the truth and saying what needs to be said regardless of the consequences! These are the sorts of men that founded our great country, ones that weren’t afraid to put their lives, the fortunes and their sacred honor on the line to defend what they believed in and to fight against injustice!
    The Comirnity Vaccine, approved by the FDA, bypassed their own requirement for studies on possible adverse long term side effects, and it isn’t even currently available in the US! The Experimental Injections permitted by the FDA under an Experimental Use Authorization are what’s currently available.
    It’s a Violation of both Federal Law: 21 U.S.C. 360bbb – 3(e) (1) (A) (ii) (III), and the Nuremberg Code, to force anyone to participate in a medical experiment against their will! People need to Wake Up, Stand Up for their Constitutional Rights, and Speak Out against these Illegal, and Unconstitutional Mandates! The answer to 1984 is 1776!

    • You’re right Ross, bravery at this point is giving up everything to right the wrongs. Unfortunately many will not give up their jobs and take the short term suffering in order to right this wrong. If the majority of Federal employees as well as others that are being mandated would quit their jobs in mass and bring everything to a halt in this country we might get the revolution we need.

  7. Descent Into Tyranny. Our nation is not on a good path. Soon Big Brother will limit video games to three hours a week.

    The language nor the agenda is hidden and yet the sheep keep on doing what they are told by the government. Total control of your lives as well as your death. The “vaccine” is venom, followed by many booster shots of venom.
    6 pillars of the 6 what? Of the 6 what?
    Just keep doubting what you are seeing.

  9. My buddy Tom is on heart meds and was told by his doctor to absolutely not get the vaccine. Guess he is out of work and probably not allowed to go out next.

  10. So many things happening in the background right now.
    CDC just changed the definition of vaccine replacing the word “immunity” with “protection”.
    Biden admin is forcing out the 11 Trump appointed military service advisory board. They are apointed for a 3 year term despite change of POTUS. Biden’s admin has siad there doing this to make sure that they align with Bidens “values”.

  11. All of you Joe Biden voters, who want to keep your federal jobs……..are you feeling a bit like the flock of sheep that your shepard commands you to obey?

  12. Biden along with the Obama administration must go and soon.
    We the people own this country not the left wing communists.
    If you voted for Biden are you happy??? Don’t continue to be a fool.
    Speak up people, don’t let the village Idiot tell us what to do.
    It is your obligation as free Americans to disobey illegal and unjust laws.
    Lawsuits are happening all across our country against radical state left wing governors.
    However, you don’t know this, because the mainstream media is not telling us the truth.
    Prayer that radical liberal Gavin Newsom is removed from office and Larry Elder succeeds as the new Governor of California.
    Maybe this will start the revolution to oust all Communist Democrat Governors.
    Stand together, we outnumber the Communists.
    God help us if we don’t take a stand NOW.!

  13. If you needed graphic evidence that federal employee unions are nothing more than leftist political parties allied with the Democrats this will do. If becoming vaccinated is a condition of retaining your job, the circumstances of that vaccination are a mandatory subject of collective bargaining.

    Instead the Soros Junta, excuse me, the Obiden Administration is doing it with a “mandate,” and there isn’t a peep from any federal employee union about it.

    In labor relations terms a “mandate” is a unilateral implementation of a term or condition of employment and is a per se unfair labor practices. Real unions usually object to that even when they nominally support an administration.

    • Strange seeing Art advocate for collective bargaining, since he spent most of his career trying to undermine it. Still, probably won’t work.

  14. Time for an organization like the ACLU to step-up and sue the Biden Administration on behalf of the Federal employees and Federal Contractors… oh wait… that will never happen because the ALCU is not REALLY about American Civil Liberties at all… it’s more about special interest group civil liberties… should be called the SIG-CLU.

  15. But… wait.
    Isn’t the CDC and/or Saint Fauci saying the vaccinated need to mask up because they can still spread the disease?
    What difference does it make? Vaccinated or not, mask up or spread the disease. So, why get vaccinated?

    • So file a ULP already!
      And file a second ULP against your union if you’re in their bargaining unit and they fail to fulfill their duty of fair representation.
      Let us know how it turns out.

  16. Mandates are written from a higher court to a lower court. The judiciary branch has the power to write or mandate orders to redo, correct, reconsider a lower court. That is the setting of a mandate. Presidents can’t lawfully mandate deletion of any civil rights.

  17. Tyranny, oppression, lies, all tools of Marxism. This president is a servant to someone else, his handlers who are hell bent on a Marxist takeover. To support Biden and the progressive left is supporting Marxism.

    • We all have an immune system, except for the very unfortunate few. Your immune system is what fights off colds, the flu, Covid-19, and pretty much everything else that tries to take over your body. Sometimes it needs help. A vaccine, like the flu or polio, or measles, or mumps, or small pox vaccines gives your immune system the jump start needed to defend against these diseases. That’s why we aren’t talking about the small pox pandemic right now.

      • This may sound cold Homo, but disease has been a means of culling the “herd” since the beginning of living organisms. Stronger immune systems survived and weaker ones perished as is the cycle of life. Man has used technology to increase the chances of living and for preserving life, but in the end we all will perish, unknown to all is when that time is. Those of us with faith have come to terms with this. Death is just as important as birth and you cannot truly appreciate one without the other. There is more to life than the pursuit of living longer.
        With the advent of vaccines and the increased chances of living through disease stricken times, many believe they have “right” for extended life, that they are owed a long and prosperous life to some arbitrary age they set for themselves. But to this, there is no guarantee. Man has become complacent and less appreciative of life they have, always wanting more. With faith, you would know there is more.
        No man has a right to push medicine over another man’s faith. Just as in a DNR order, because a person can be brought back to life, doesn’t give the provider that right. The sooner that man learns to live their own life and not that of others, the sooner we can get past this. I for one, don’t need or want you looking after me or attempting to advocate a law that supersedes my will. This country use to stand for your personal freedoms and your freedom of faith.

          • Hyperbole, the tool of intellectual cowards. I expect nothing less from you though Greg. A cowards arsenal contains only lies and knee pads to please those they serve.

        • Who introduced the virus into the world? The pagan Chinese? Did our loving God let them? And is our loving God is now wreaking vengeance on all of us? If S/He knows all and sees all and is the divine creator, did S/He create the virus? And for what purpose? So we could create a vaccine that is safe and effective, but one which many would refuse and thus, spread the virus far and wide?
          So many questions. Maybe Darwin was right.

          • So out of all that babbling, you stance is that we created a virus that would stop the spread if only everyone would just take it. So to that, you are incorrect because it has already been proven over and over again that it DOES NOT stop the spread. Go ahead and continue smearing it around with your atheism, but you said nothing factual, Homo.

  18. It will not be allowed to happen. By close of business on Monday, there will be so many lawsuits aimed at “president” Biden and his administration that they will be horribly tangled up for awhile. Biden just ensured that his “presidency” be soon be at an end. He will be impeached, and if there is ANY justice in the world, he and his cabinet and the Joint Chiefs of Staff will be charged with treason.

  19. Unfortunately the Swamp owns the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial branch of government. The people own the “Fourth Amendment Branch. “

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