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Irony alert: Hospitals fire their unvaccinated workers, then state tries to help hire more medical personnel from out of state

The State of Alaska has requested that 473 out-of-state medical personnel come north and help staff the state’s hospitals.

The State says there is a need for more nurses, patient care technicians, respiratory therapists, and other health care workers, and requests for proposals were made from four medical staffing companies identified by the General Service Administration.

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The RFP comes at the same times all hospitals in the state are busy firing those workers who are not vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus. Some health care workers have already lost their jobs, while others are facing an October deadline.

Providence also screens out potential workers who use nicotine, compounding the problem.

Whether the State will be able to get more health care workers to travel to Alaska is unclear. Other states are also experiencing health care labor shortages and are offering attractive incentives.

Alaska already had a shortage of medical workers, but since the beginning of the pandemic, some traveling nurses have moved to places that pay better, some older nurses retired, while others left the state to be closer to family.

A look though the job listings at Providence Medical Center in Anchorage shows over 500 jobs being advertised. At the Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation there are over 600 jobs listed. Even if the State was able to fill all 473 jobs it is hoping for, it will fall far short of the need.

The four companies identified as being invited to submit proposals are: 

  • ACI Federal 
  • Central Care
  • DLH Solutions 
  • Spectrum Healthcare

The State’s RFP says the companies have 10 days to respond, but there’s no specific date for when health care personnel might arrive in Alaska.

Anchorage hospital executives have led the charge in demanding that Gov. Mike Dunleavy declare another disaster and put emergency measures in place. Dunleavy has stated that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic does not fit the definition of a disaster and he is reluctant to shut down the state’s economy once again.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. In this day and age you can’t have smokers working for you.. not in a position that offers health insurance benefits. Plus they take way too many breaks and smell bad.

      • You mean the rules that have been around for decades? Hospitals require vaccinations. Wooooooow. Been that way a long time.

          • The COVID vaccine has been studied and tested more than any vaccine in history. So yeah, I do mean all of them. Including COVID

          • George S, there were zero, ZERO, ZERO! long term studies on this mRNA shot, but there is a big one now! Pulmonary hypertension, myocarditis pericarditis, arthritis, tinnitis (I just heard that this is a big complaint from soldiers forced into the shot, and it is VA compensable) and many other illnesses. Five years, you shall see. Not me!

    • How about snow-boarders? Lots of ACL and MCL surgical repairs… expensive stuff. ATV riders? Dangerous stuff. Motorcycle riders? TBI is real. And real expensive. Home-made preserves? You could poison everyone in the house with rancid food. Does your neighborhood lack sidewalks? And even if you have sidewalks you could be flattened the next time you step outside. How much government control over your life do you really want?

      It’s up to you to figure out how you want to live. Don’t demand the government make you [and me] do it. Haven’t even touched on your job, and you, being “non-essential”. What a great message from our “dear leaders”.

      The purpose of government is not to keep anything and everything bad from happening to everyone. Providing for the common defense and protecting the rights of citizens is enough. Just look around, you can see that they’re having trouble getting the simple stuff done.

  2. Yes, my last day is Sept 30. I might just take Social Security and relax. Time will tell what I do, just like the ultimate effects of the shot.
    Pity all of you people out there who will suffer. I really enjoyed my job and interacting with all of you and I do care for you very much! But not at the risk to my own health from an experimental, unknown safety profile medication. Maybe after 5 years. Besides, I’ve already had COVID; once in 2020, very sick, and a positive test without symptoms a few weeks ago.

    • I’m sorry you have been put in this position! It’s beyond logic that since you have natural immunities, which recent studies from Israel and others show is probably better than the vaccine, that you would be not be treated in the same category as those who have been vaccinated. With the current policy, an intelligent person would at least keep all those who can prove they have already gotten Covid!

      • There is action in the legislature to force corporations to assume full liability for vax adverse effects: Guillain-Barre, paycheck for life, myocarditis with disability, paycheck for life, neuropathy, paycheck for life, DEATH, huge payout to your family.
        By the largess of our federal government, currently if you have adverse reaction or die there is nothing that you or your family can do. Perhaps the legislature can at least partially correct that by forcing mandating organizations to assume liability for their actions.
        And it is the democrats standing to protect corporate mandates.

          • Is it worse through omission or commission? Is it worse if you stand and watch someone drown or if you hold them under water?
            If they try to force this mRNA shot, then they must be held liable for the consequences. Hope they have deep checkbooks, or else your taxes will go sky high to pay the damages. Let the lawsuits begin-for sure the lawyers will win.

      • Science no longer matters. Were in an undeniable dictatorship and there gearing up to put people in camps. Cant believe people are so gullible and do not see the writing on the wall.

      • Good one Greg
        When will you get covid? Whether you’ve taken the medical experiment or not you’ll be catching this. I do hear that the sickness or the death would have been worse without the jab.
        Look to Israel and Sweden for two opposing directions taken on C19. The crew trying to implement the New World Order are hard at work, and are not looking out for your best interest.

      • Just because you get the prick, doesn’t mean you still are not a carrier. In fact, those that have had the prick are more likely to infect others because their symptoms are less noticeable and therefore those people are more apt to go about their everyday life and pass it off to others.

      • Okay Greg, maybe you should learn the fact that the vaccinated are also spreading the virus. Your statement is anecdotal, to say the least. I am certain she followed all PPE and protection for her patients as required by hospital procedures. It is bassless to say she infected patients while on the job because she was not vaccinated. Do you watch too much CNN?

        • I hate CNN. I’m a Tucker man. She didn’t say she did or did not follow protocol and she didn’t say what she does when she goes to Walmart. Yes I’m aware that vaccinated spread the disease but they do so at a five-time lesser rate than the unvaccinated.

      • Probably no one. Medical staff worked around the clock the months before the vaccines with very few if any transmissions. So what is different? Likely they are far more careful if not vaccinated.

      • Ohhh… I can answer that one. As a responsible medical professional KE stayed home and self isolated when sick.
        It is interesting that you assumed otherwise. (Well, not really. It was what I would expect from a troll such as yourself)

      • Actually, Greg I have a different question, similar to yours.
        How many people do the COVID test centers make sick after a positive case rolls through? Do the testers have to self isolate for 10 days after every positive test?
        HINT: They do not, because protocols are followed to prevent spread. Just like in health care businesses.

      • I guess you ignore the data that says unvaccinated, asymptomatic people aren’t the ones spreading it. The ones spreading it are those who have been vaccinated. Oh, and by the way, it has an average 99.96% recovery rate (if you even catch it). Your chances of dying in a car accident are greater – but I bet you’re still driving. If you live in Chicago you’re more likely to die from a bullet. But you go on being you. Sounds like a full time job.

      • You can get, and transmit, the virus even if fully vaccinated. The vaccine protects you from getting seriously ill if you get Covid after you are vaccinated. If you are vaccinated and have an asymptomatic infection – how would you know? Testing! not getting another inoculation.

        I’ve already had COVID, followed by negative tests ever since, to fly, cross borders, visit family with health complications. I am not inclined to “get the jab”. I have my own antibodies that don’t count – despite apparently doing a better job (Israeli study*). They just don’t show willingness to comply with arbitrary edicts.

        And, my healthcare provider recommended I don’t get it “you’re older, you don’t need it, and you don’t know what it’ll do with your existing antibodies”. So, I’m done! But not according to the government,

        * https: // www .

      • How many did YOU make sick Greg????

        Choke on this Greg:
        A preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

        A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.

        The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

        While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming them into presymptomatic superspreaders.

        This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in heavily vaccinated populations globally.

    • I’m sorry you’re being forced into this position, it’s not right. However, given the new federal employee and contractor mandates out today, how long do you think it’s going to take the Federal Government to require you to get the shot before you can collect your SS? Relaxing right now is not an option. Stand up. Do something.

    • 98% of physicians in America are vaccinated. If you don’t trust physicians or standard medical care, you shouldn’t work in healthcare. It’s that simple. As folks have reminded us this last week, there are a lot of jobs out there for you. No need to waste unemployment on you.

      • Well my daughter happened to go into our clinic today and asked. None of the providers, and only one of the staff-an at high risk person, are vaccinated. I guess we are just part of the elite 2%.

      • That’s just silly. There are good and bad doctors, just like there are good and bad cops. There are also bad pharmaceutical companies that prefer to milk you for your money rather than help you with your health. Are you going to trust them as well? And I don’t recall her mentioning unemployment.

      • You have to laugh at people who make up statistics and then act as though they’ve won the argument. 98% of physicians? Give me a break.

      • Please cite the study that shows 98% of physicians being vaccinated. Not a MSM article, the actual data site please.

      • So why did Dr. Fauci testify to Congress that 50% of the CDC had taken the jab when its so available? “I’m beginning to lose my patience.”

    • Thank you for your service. I, too, have had Covid. Reading science, they have found that people have antibodies up to 6 months after having Covid. Science has also found that some common colds have helped produce some antibodies against Covid. If my employer wants me to vaccinate, I’ll be quitting my job as well. I wish you the best!

  3. Hahahaha cracks me up people are going through health care systems getting shots and medications and all sorts of treatments.. but then they are like, oh god no I’m not getting a covid shot! Hahahahah

    • Hahaha yea, you must be on to something… The COVID mRNA Vaccine is nothing the world has ever seen. You simply cannot compare other treatments and medications to the mRNA vaccine. We as human beings have the GOD-given right to question what goes in our bodies; no social pressure or cohesion will change that.

      • Many of the treatments and medications are nothing the doctors have ever used UNTIL covid. Some people survived with the treatments, but many more unvaccinated died. If the vaccine prevents serious illness, what are people afraid of? Are you afraid of cancer? IF there was an mRNA cancer vaccine that prevented ‘death’, would you get the prick? Or wait and see? We are all in God’s waiting room.

        • If the secret to eternal life led through aborted babies, then yes.
          Anything sounding too good to be true probably is. This mRNA vaccine certainly has too many problems with more becoming apparent every day. It does not prevent COVID, it does not prevent death. It only potentially lessens the symptoms. I survived COVID. Enough.

        • Your statement is not factual and is misleading. “. Some people survived with the treatments, but many more unvaccinated died.” Should actually read: “. Most people survived with the treatments, but some unvaccinated died.”
          You are right in regards to all of us being in God’s waiting room, nobody is getting out of life alive.

          • Actually should read that very few of the unvaccinated died. Last year when NO ONE was vaccinated and very few treatments were known, very few died (under 2% of the diagnosed-not total cases). If the vaccine and treatments are so good, why is anyone dying today? Per the FDA panel this week, for every unvaccinated person dying of COVID, two people actually die FROM THE VACCINE!

    • And obviously you don’t get it. Sad. It is about personal freedom, logic, and reality (truth). Three variables the left leaning cannot seem to wrap their heads around.

  4. I fear more for the people taking the jab than I do for those that didn’t. For those that didn’t they’ll only face ridicule and segregation for period of time; for those that did, a long slide to an unhealthy outcome. Its really sad that a large number of my fellow humans will chose to follow political agendas rather than science. Especially since the political agenda claims to be based on science but clearly is not. And media is complicit in propagating the, whats clear to me, misinformation. Skewed statistics, lies about whats approved and not, legally distinct, the same but different, the approved one that has liabilities is not available and the one that’s not approved and immune from liability is all there is. That says a lot about my fellow humans. But everybody makes their own bed at night. I’m not one to try to stop them.

    • I wonder how many people that are now getting the jab since they think its approved will even ask which one they are getting (BiionTech COMIRNITY or Pfizer EUA), or ask to see the label on the vial, or even ask for the disclosures required by the FDA. I went and got a COVID PCR (still under EUA) test at First Care yesterday for travel for work. I asked for the required disclosures of the EUA test they were giving. The clinician didn’t know and said in a year and a half I was the first person that asked. She went and asked her “supervisor” and I gave her the CDC website print out that showed the info they were required to provide, the response back in blue pen from the “supervisor” was them name of the test (“Abbott ID Google it now”) and to google all the answers I was looking for. Seems like a complaint about the clinic lack of responsibility is coming from me. If they are required to provide those informed consent disclosures and do not, they should be able to be prosecuted for malpractice.

      Suzanne if you are reading this maybe that’s a story you could follow up on. Are medical providers providing the required Informed Consent Disclosures in sufficient detail to keep them from being in violation of medical practices?

  5. As long as they continue to IGNORE Natural Immunity – they will be locking us down again – just like Australia. Therapeutics are the answer. These idiots are going to vaccinate themselves to the point where the virus adapts/mutates to resist the vaccines completely. That has been proven.

    • No one is ignoring natural immunity. The vaccines boost natural immunity. It’s also, as you have probably pointed out at some point in the last 8 months, not reliable to assume folks have natural immunity. Positive COVID tests are good, but not guaranteed. Antibody tests are less reliable. The vaccine is the best way, no matter what.

      • I haven’t read any science articles that indicate vaccines boost natural immunity. Do you have a source on that?

        Also, I’d love to know where we can get an anti-body test, if you happen to know.

    • No it hasn’t, you’re making up stuff. All viruses mutate regardless of a vaccine. Just look at the cold virus, it mutates so rapidly that creating a vaccine for it is impossible.

      • FDA approved doesn’t mean squat! Never taking another aspirin again! No shots at the dentist before a root canal either!!!! I’m a free man no government can tell me what to do! Hey does anyone know when we are gonna get another stimulus check? Hahahah

  6. On its surface this seems pretty much like they’re shooting themself in the foot.
    But on reflection, it is actually a great way to get the entire Alaskan health care industry staffed by a certain type of people with a certain mindset and agenda. Hospitals were already scary enough when they are able to hold people as medical hostages (look into Bret Bohn’s Providence Hospital story). But now there’ll be a guarantee that everyone you meet will either be a true believer in the sanitary dictatorship, or unwilling to either think or stand up even for themselves – neither of which I want making life or death decisions for or about me or my loved ones.

  7. Another question I would have is how, after firing half their staff, and already not being able to license new local (or any other) employees because the DHSS site for doing Background Checks (the BCU) has been down since May 17th, are they going to license any new employees they may have coming from out of state. We can’t even check out the people we have in the hopper now. How is asking for new out of state people to come in and make up for half the staff they are firing going to get done when they can’t even clear and license the ones they have on the hook now? If new interim people are being licensed on the fast track I’d like to know how that’s happening, legally, when current approvals are on long delays.

    • As with many professions from the educational field and legal field to name but a few, states and departments offer reciprocity with other states. That automatically puts them in the Short line instead of having to clear major hurdles the first go around without any certification at all.

  8. Irony Alert: Mayor Bronson promoting monoclonal antibody treatments while refusing to mandate (or barely even acknowledge) vaccination. Just FYI, both treatments undergo the same approval process at the FDA.

    It remains a complete and total mystery why so many people dig in and refuse to do that which is clearly in their best interest.

    It is also unethical “journalism” for MRAK to post stories such as this, which throw shade on organizations that strongly promote vaccination in the interest of public health. I guess this site will do anything for clicks, notoriety, contributions, and reputation.

    And by the way, MRAK is a for-profit LLC, not a 501 c(3) non-profit, so why does it keep asking for donations? Maybe someday I’ll contribute “FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS” to cover the cost of my comments over the years.

    • One must hav a similarly trained, functioning conscience in order to understand. Everyone, typically, is born with a conscience but if it is trained by gypsies, thieves, and tinkers or seared by drugs/pharma or shaken baby syndrome, it is not prone to revivals except by the grace of God. So there’s that.

    • People that have already had COVID don’t need the vaccination. People that have been vaccinated make up a significant proportion of people getting COVID, since the Delta variant started. If these nurses haven’t already gotten COVID, since early 2020, they have missed a dang good opportunity. So….?

    • Here inlies the problem… where’s your qualification to say this about others “refuse to do that which is clearly in their best interest”? When so many healthcare workers, Americans, French, Britts, Germans, Big Pharma Execs, etc. refuse to take this shot, where’s your proof of your high ground? What makes you the expert? Asking for a clarification here, because forcing people to do something that’s already showing significant negative effects through D-Dimer clotting tests, myocarditis cases, the abnormally high number of high heart attacks, anaphylactic responses, deaths and all other adverse reactions in VAERS, which is sky high compared to all other historical vax records in our country, just seems unreasonable to me. Then understand that VAERS is only 1 of 11 US Federal Adverse Reaction reporting systems in place, even Medicare reports to a separate internal database for which adverse reactions are also sky high; and then know that VAERS is a system that Harvard previously reported contains only 1% of ACTUAL reactions. Have you researched any of this? Did you know that some of these current vax include Squalene (otherwise known as lab #MF59, or just a component of FLUAD)? An adjuvant that the FDA has confirmed, Squalene – an oil-based adjuvant that hyperactivates the immune system – was used in some of the batches of the anthrax vaccine given to military members in the early 1990s that many believe cased the “Gulf War Syndrome” and inadvertent and unnecessary deaths. The NIH and numerous government officials have maintained that Squalene is safe, but many other researchers insist it’s very dangerous to use as an adjuvant because it can cause the body’s immune system to self-destruct. “There were statistically significant differences in prevalence for almost all outcomes studied between those who reported having received anthrax vaccination and those who did not so report.” So I ask again, have you researched any of this or do you just feel comfortable throwing out random narratives to others that make you feel better for making the choices you have?

      • Pretty simple, Basinhunter. I believe in the vaccines because I trust the scientists who spend their entire lives and intellects working on them. If you don’t trust them, well then, I guess you are so paranoid that you can’t trust anyone, because there’s no one better.

        I also believe in them because everyone I know has had both shots, and not a single person has fallen ill from the shot, or gotten Covid. That’s pretty good empirical evidence for me. I’ve also taken them myself, felt great and still do.

        Is there a chance that there could be some long-term adverse effect? Well, sure. There is always that chance, but it’s one that I’m willing to take. The choice between a clear and present danger vs. a very low, and probably non-existent threat far in the future is a pretty easy choice for me to make.

        Undoubtedly you’ve had lots of vaccines in your life, and why you all get so stuck on this one illustrates how you are being had by wing-nut news and conspiracy theorists. You know that they really don’t believe all that they espouse, right? You know that they do it all for clicks, notoriety, ratings, and money, right?

        So, go get vaccinated. Help yourself while you still can, and help others by doing so.

        Now hadn’t you better be getting back to your basin hunting? Last I heard, Alaska was in desperate need of another one.

    • Hey dog. To answer your one question, I would think that Suzanne is asking for donations because she’s trying to stay in business. That would be my guess. But getting back to your original statement, that monoclonal is the good stuff. They say to get it when you have first signs of symptoms and within 24 to 36 hours you’re hopping around like an Easter Bunny. They give it to you in your love handles one shot on each side. Oh no I said the S word didn’t I? Well that knocked most of the people out darn it. But if people are against the shot aka the vaccine, and are afraid that they’re dying and are deteriorating rapidly. The mono shot is a solution but don’t let It go for very long or it can’t help you either.

    • Dog, you’re missing several points, and more than a few brain cells… Suzanne has expenses both commercial and personal. This is her job, and looking at this website is free – so a few ads and our donations keep her going. If you don’t like it Dog, don’t read it. As for the big take from this story: I find it ironic, not only about motives for changing personnel, but that they want less work to do – can’t they just keep overcharging us on their regular fare? They can’t handle it when even more clients use their overpriced services? I would think the medical corporations would be pleased with the extra business… Saving lives is secondary to the bottom line, and whining to the Gov about needing to shut down is just a lame ruse – mere theater.

  9. I have no sympathy. These hospitals are stupid enough to demand the jab, when as health professionals they are certainly aware of the damage it can do. “Do no harm” apparently means nothing to them. In some cases requiring this jab is tantamount to murder. It only underlines that none of this is about health or safety; it’s about control control control. It horrifies me that people who absolutely know better are buying into this. I will never ever be able to trust a medical professional again.

  10. Hmm… I see a business opportunity here for someone in the Medical Profession. KE, a medical worker (see her comment above) who is being fired on September 30 due to her decision not to take an experimental treatment is not alone, it seems that there are hundreds of KE’s in Alaska. This means that there is an available labor pool that some enterprising M.D. or M.D.’s could snap up and put to work. Is this the corner we can turn to actually bring about ” Health Care” reform? Reform meaning personal choice and competition? Has the Corporate Healthcare / Government Complex overplayed their hand here? Can we as individuals join together and form our own medical consortium? Think about it.

    • I’m not completely understanding you. We’ve always had personal choice. Until Obama came along, we had the choice to have health insurance or not. If you didn’t get the insurance then they hurt you on your IRS form. And then came Trump and did away with that. You always had the choice to go to whichever doctor you wanted. Don’t like your present doctor you can fire him and try another one. Don’t like the treatment you’re getting, ask about your options. I’m not sure what kind of rank and file health system you’re trying to portray but the one that I’ve been associated with has always been about personal choice.

      • Greg, in a word… Ivermectin, how about that choice Greg? Seems millions are already using the stuff as a prophylactic at the very least and it appears to work quite well in knocking down the dreaded flu if caught at first symptoms. Stop watching CNN and MSNLSD and actually read about some of the evidence coming from Africa, India and Japan. Why does your Governmental / Medical/ Media Complex seek to keep you away from treatments that evidently work? BTW, Doctors here in the good old USA also are prescribing treatments other then the untested, known to have killed Tens of Thousands, experimental and ineffective Jab.
        But then if you are healthy, un-jabbed and your immune system is working why would you need the third, fourth, thirty second or sixty fourth “Booster Shot”? Could it be about $ and power Greg? Could the Industrial Medical Complex possibly not being forthright here Greg?

  11. A long time ago I worked in healthcare. We had a policy concerning flu shots.

    It was optional, but if you got the flu it was a mandatory two weeks off. If you didn’t have the leave, tough.

    Far more people die of flu than Covid.

    There is no reason the same can’t be applied here. It won’t be because this is about control, not health. These people don’t care if any of us live or die. It’s about making people behave.

    15 days to flatten the curve, indeed.

    • Speaking of the common flu, they are suggesting that people start to get their flu shots ASAP because they are expecting a banner year this go around. We didn’t have a flu season last year not counting covid, because most people stayed home from being cautious and because businesses were shut down so that alone kept us from having a flu season. Kind of amazing that doing something as simple as distantancing yourself from others by choice or by force is enough to stop a illness from becoming severe.

      • We didn’t have a flu season last year because the COVID tests could not differentiate between COVID and the seasonal flu, so anyone who felt symptoms and got tested were told they had COVID, not the flu.
        There is a reason why the CDC is against medical professionals using the PCR test this flu season.

  12. I wonder which constitutional right is being infringed upon by Providence screening for employees who do not use nicotine?

    • I think that’s been a common practice for some time now for various employers. Smokers increase medical costs and have lower productivity when they take time off to get a lung cut out or develop other issues. Does the company have a right to choose which potentially sick people they want to employ?

      • How about Obesity [you choose to be that heavy, right?] Have a child with Downs syndrome [you chose to roll that die, right?] Do you own an ATV? Ever taken your car on the Mat-Su raceway? Do you play in a local sports league on the weekends? Is your spouse a cancer survivor? Do you have a peanut allergy? Are you capable of getting pregnant – oops, a “birthing person”? All can be discriminated against to lower costs of company-provided healthcare because of “probabilities”. Yet, smokers are the ones you focus on. OK. Smokers are out. Who’s next?

        Smoking in the office can [and should] get you fired if it’s in the employee manual and a condition of your employment. Smoking, and all the rest, when you’re not working is up to you.

        “…potentially sick people…” That’s all of us, right?

    • And who is going to pay for the care I would require when I get exposed to tobacco by a hospital worker who insists his/her freedom to abuse their own bodies takes precedence over my right not to die from tobacco allergy? Yep, you’re free to smoke, chew, or vape in your own home or car – just stay away from me thank you.

  13. Providence Hospital, a Catholic hospital and its board have forgotten the Sisters of Providence’s mission. Providence Hospital’s new employee orientation included the 150 years of the Sisters of The video was also part of the traveling nurses and allied staff orientation as well. It must be perplexing for employees who are being fired, and who work for a Catholic hospital to be dismissed in the middle of a pandemic. I thought ‘life’ mattered. I’m sure the Sisters of Providence are just heartbroken.

    Good to know that non-profit hospitals, and the Tribal health system did not think through their decisions, and now the state has become the HR departments to staff Alaska’s private hospitals, and mop up the poor decisions of these boards. The Legislature and the Dunleavy administration better seek reimbursement for their new HR duties.

    I hope the state is successful is their hospital staffing efforts.

  14. They have to keep the healthcare crisis going somehow. Since COVID is taking up a whoppingly massive 21% of hospital resources (hardly a crisis), they need to create scarcity somewhere.
    Fire the healthy medical care providers, and you have a sudden crisis. See, simple.

  15. They are creating their own crisis!!! They are Fools. I am very glad that the governor is not giving into their stupidity, and then again maybe he should make it illegal for them to force vaccinations on people during this crisis because of the shortages of employees in the hospitals.

  16. The ADN reported this morning on each of the major Anchorage Hospitals employee vaccination policies. They specifically stated that employees have not left over vaccine policies. MRAK’s claims in this article are unfounded

    • Frank, they may not be unfounded. We have seen job applications from people who have left or are eager to leave the medical establishment. But thanks for your comments. See the column from Bernadette Wilson from a few days ago for backup. – sd

    • So you are saying that despite my termination letter I can keep working and will be paid? Thanks, Frank! I’ll just refer them to you when security tries to escort me out.

    • Ok, if the hospital administrators say that employees aren’t leaving or being forced to leave over vaccination mandates then it must be true…even though there are commentators on this very blog who say that they are medical professionals and that they’ve been forced out or are about to be forced out of their jobs.
      It’s happening even here in Bush Alaska.
      A friend who worked at a local clinic just got “voluntarily terminated” …that’s Orwellian-speak for fired… for refusing the jab.
      Believe what you’re told or believe what the evidence shows you…it’s really the most fundamental difference between the vaccinated herd and the rest of us.

    • That’s the bull the Hospitals are feeding you. Did you see the people walking on Strike? They will leave when the October date arrives. Why shouldn’t they? They worked the whole time others sat home on their butts and did nothing except suck money out of our Taxes. Maybe its time for those of us who worked through all that to keep the chickens safe at home need to take our turn now.

  17. This is exactly what the hospitals want. Fan the flames of fear and prolong the crisis which is filling their coffers! Disgusting,

  18. Ke, thank you for your care and concern for your patients. As retired nurse myself who worked until I was 81, I do not trust the CDC,NIH and most of all ( money making first) Dr. Fauci. As we know vaccinated people get Covid, so they may be bringing more Covid here. Unbelievable. Sad when money is more important then the Health and well being of the American people. However, that is the reality we live in. I do pity the people who will suffer.

  19. It’s baffling. My company is losing so many good employees because of these ridiculous vaccine mandates.

  20. This is communism , how far will We let this continue? for evil to continue and good people do nothing, it will thrive. Many will probably die on our knees.

  21. In a shortage story related to this one, the school district in Atlanta Georgia is short of substitute teachers. They need 300 subs a day to cover all the classes. They have increased their daily sub pay to $200 which is twice what Alaska pays and a bachelor’s degree is no longer needed. There is typically a substitute teacher shortage anywhere really but being short 300 staff members a day because of quarantine from the covid is crippling.

  22. It has begun. We warned you all. Now the real shortages begin. Just wait until the trucks stop delivering, the federal workers quit and so forth. Good job to our Governor who refused to protect workers rights now we will be getting crippling health care shortages, more economic fallouts and people rising up in mass refusing to work with a “clot shot.” This is what happens when you have a coward for a governor that bows to medical fascists! Thanks Dunleavy for being a coward and not protecting worker rights!

  23. I hope not One health worker comes here from outside. I believe its time to strike. All these workers were fine to work before there was a vaccine. No one cared, and then did they? This is BS.

  24. All the nurses I talk to say they have really terrible health insurance. And I would think coming into contact with sick people all day everyday would be more dangerous then smoking. Dealing with co vid patients would seem to be more dangerous then anything. Politicising a pandemic was the worst idea ever.

  25. MustReadAlaska; “Hospitals fire their unvaccinated workers, . . .” What hospitals, how many workers,”
    Do you have any NUMBERS? Or just something to wind up the tr_lls? No employer wants to high smokers; and who can blame them. I grew up in a smoking family, and nearly all lost work time with serious health issues, and an early demise – unless you think dying in late 60s is old age.

  26. Interesting timing… just last week a hospital in rural Ak sent an email to all personnel that any new hires are now required to get the jab. They also lined out any transfers from 1 department to another or a ‘temp’ to ‘regular’ would fall into the category of a new hire.

  27. Go to The Daily Reckoning website and read some of the articles there.
    Here’s a quote:
    “ The data indicate that the most vaccinated countries have the most cases and deaths per million people, while the least vaccinated countries have the fewest cases and deaths per million people.

    Israel is providing a useful case study in the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of vaccines.

    Israel is one of the most heavily vaxxed countries in the world, with over 60% of the population fully vaccinated and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections, including cases among the fully vaxxed.

    The government has also determined that the vaccines wear off after six months or less and is recommending a third shot for everyone. The problem, of course, is that the third dose will wear off too, so a fourth, fifth or sixth dose will be needed.

    And with every new dose comes a new risk of dangerous side effects, including the small but real possibility of death. The vaccinated will be getting boosters for the rest of their lives, and the virus still won’t go away.”
    The mRNA committed won’t be swayed by facts or evidence that casts doubt on their decision to become test subjects but maybe others who are considering being injected with an experimental drug that wasn’t properly tested before being rushed to market will think twice.
    The mRNA non-vaccine was designed to force your own body to create billions of spike proteins and no one knows how long that production of a known vector of cardiovascular disease will last.
    What they do know is that the “vaccinated” are seeing dangerous changes in their blood…misshapen red blood cells, stacking of RBCs, loss of platelets, clotting. These things lead to strokes when the clots reach the brain and heart attacks when they reach the heart.
    For those who took the jab it would be interesting to have your blood examined.
    Most won’t, though, and who could blame them? Some respected and well known medical professionals are warning that the “vaccinated” could be facing a two to five year life expectancy post jab.
    Time will tell and, really, isn’t that what long term animal testing is all about?
    That’s why new drugs and vaccines take so long to reach the market…proper testing and study require it.
    Not this time, though, because we just had to save the world from a virus that is this deadly: “global survival rate is 99.2%. Among those under 70, the survival rate is 99.97%. The survival rate for children is 99.995%.”
    It might be too late for the early adopter crowd but everyone else should take some time to do your own research…could save your life.

  28. All the unvaxxed out-of-work health professionals should start setting up a parallel health system. No insurance. Cash and/or subscription based. I’d be in.

  29. If you wanted to destroy a country without firing a shot what would you do?
    1. Introduce a virus that has terrible effects for at least some of the population
    2. Have high level medical mouthpieces like Fauci on your side to spread confusing and contradictory information to froth fear
    3. Highly compensate the medical profession and hospitals for deaths from covid to drive up fear
    4. Use testing that has been proven to not be effective in detecting the virus – and set the levels so high that it gives many false positives
    5. Control the MSM to further sell the fear and ridicule anyone with common sense
    6. Use the pandemic as a way to steal elections at every level and put your puppets in charge to enforce lockdowns, masking, forced vaccinations, etc.
    7. Create an unproven and dangerous toxin as the only approved treatment
    8. Destroy the economy through forced shutdowns and crippling government spending sprees – you’ve just destroyed the dollar
    9. Force inoculation on the country’s military – you’ve just wiped out the country’s defense
    10. Force inoculation on your first line responders so they either quit or you cripple them from the vaccine – you’ve just destroyed the healthcare system for the people who have long term illnesses caused by your vaccine
    10. War over – welcome to the New Normal

    Time will tell if I’ve just written an intriguing dystopian movie or history of the demise of our country.

  30. Hospitals- This is what we would call “self-inflicted gunshot wound”. You had the staff, then you fired the staff, then you whine you don’t have enough staff. You created your own problem. Piss off.

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