Derkevorkian: Vote for Peter Micciche for Kenai mayor



As residents of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, we face many challenges, but with Peter Micciche at the helm, I am confident that we can overcome them. Peter has a proven track record of putting the needs of the community first and working tirelessly to deliver results. With his extensive knowledge of the borough and his commitment to responsible governance, Peter is the clear choice to lead us forward.

As a conservative leader, Peter understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and limited government. As the mayor of Soldotna he cut taxes three times. He will work to ensure that your tax dollars are being used effectively and efficiently, while also protecting your personal liberties. His conservative principles and strong leadership skills will help to promote a business-friendly environment and encourage economic growth, ensuring that the Kenai Borough continues to thrive.

While it may be tempting to write in a candidate that you may view as more conservative than Peter, it is important to remember that this could actually help his opponents. In elections, a split in the vote can lead to the election of a candidate who is not representative of the majority of the voters. Writing in a candidate takes away from the strength of the conservative vote, and could lead to unintended consequences. 

By voting for Peter, we can ensure that our voice is heard and that the borough continues to move forward under strong conservative leadership. So if you want a borough that is moving forward, thriving, and true to its conservative roots, join me in voting for Peter A. Micciche on election day.

Richard Derkevorkian serves on the Kenai Borough Assembly and writes as a private citizen.


  1. No thanks! I’d rather see the doctor with nearly the same last nam as this author…..Korvorkian, than see Peter become mayor.
    I’ve seen enough of Peter, he can let someone else serve the people now.
    All the sheep have been trained that only a few can lead. We don’t need leaders who are above the people, just of the people. Peter has proven himself to be ineffective, what’s better anywhere he has served in the past?

  2. Peter is not a conservative, he is a PFD stealing liberal. If a Democrat will win because the vote is split, so be it. It will be easier to get a true conservative next time.

  3. Peter petered out when we counted on him. He turned his back on us….now he is calling in favors to get our vote …..he always has an excuse for failing us. Not buying it again. Fill in the oval and write in the right man…ROBERT WALL

  4. Peter is not a conservative. If he was, he would have vigorously pushed to pay a full PFD. When asked about it, he blamed Dunleavy.

  5. Yes, write in Robert Wall.

    Man of character, good morals and doesn’t tolerate the Left’s faulty logic.

  6. Well Richard,

    If I were on the assembly I would hope that I could think independently and not allow the Peter vs Linda spat be the reason I’m becoming a good ole boy in government. I’d be learning all I can about this new guy, Robert Wall with a actual vision of what the Borough can do.

    Actually if I were an assemblyman in your shoes I wouldn’t be saying a word. You were elected to serve and I don’t find that this side of you is one I will vote for for again.

    I would’ve hoped that you could stand on your own and be brave and courageous and let the system work. That’s what is refreshing about lRobert Wall — he is giving us some hope there there are people that won’t be voting out of fear.

    I urge people to write in Robert Wall. Learn about him at

    Anyone that can pull together a campaign to get this kind of traction buzzing in the political circle must be a threat.
    GO ROBERT! Get out an vote folks!

  7. Why I’m voting for Peter Miccichie for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor.

    It’s about his resume.

    Peter has the resume that the taxpayers need to manage the complex day-to-day operations of the Borough.

    I met Peter many years ago when he was managing the Kenai LNG operations in Nikiski. I consider Peter an expert in the field of oil & gas, and we need that experience as our Borough Mayor.

    Peter is a commercial fisherman; we need a Borough Mayor who understands the Cook Inlet and the fish issues facing every user group.

    Peter successfully led the City of Soldotna as Mayor and worked tireless for 10 years as our Alaska State Senator and Senate President.

    Now, the important reasons why I’m support Miccichie for KPB Mayor; He’s a God loving father and husband who gives tirelessly back to our community, volunteering countless years supporting the Boys & Girls club, and he has always supported educators, emergency responders, and veterans.

    All four mayoral candidates are good people, and I thank them all for their commitment to serve. The Kenai Peninsula Borough mayoral race is a nonpartisan race, this election is not about political parties, it’s about who is best qualified to lead the day-to-day operations of the Kenai Peninsula Borough best.

    For me, Peter has the resume and the qualifications that stands out from the other candidates, and that’s why I’m voting for Peter Miccichie for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor on February 14th, 2023.

    Thank you, please vote!

    James Baisden

    James is the current Vice Mayor for the City of Kenai, an Air Force Veteran, retired Nikiski Fire Chief, and was the Chief of Staff for the Kenai Peninsula Borough for 3 years.

  8. There’s liberal sprinkling of the word conservative in this piece, and a lot of conservative talking points to try and make us believe Micciche is a conservative with conservative beliefs and a conservative conservative voting record as a conservative more conservative than conservatives even.

    The problem for conservative Peter is that his voting record isn’t conservative. I think this is his race to lose, but let’s not pretend Micciche is a conservative. Let’s be honest Peter leans ever so slightly to the right, which is better than two of his opponents.

  9. Peter the Pied Piper, This sums up the real Peter Micciche
    1) he opposed “anti- Discrimination for vaccination status bills for which nothing got passed ,
    2) he cozied up with Governor Dunleavy & staff saying one thing and doing the opposite when lock down in the state & the Capital disallowing individuals but the ” Essential People ” even the colleges who he had as committee chairs ( Lora Reinbold ) & staff removing her & made every effort to remove her staff.
    3)he did nothing to help save ALASKANS & Military from the ” Jab ” 4)he also toke offence of real conservatives like Rep. David Eastman this proved he is no conservative !
    5) Peter was the prime reason that SB 91 got passed then tried to defend it after it was found to be doing the complete opposite in crime prevention
    6)What about his support involuntary confinement & use of psychotropic drugs without consent of the people & their family … look what happened rece in the Matsu Borough & a honored Principal of the year!
    7) Peter knew of the Governor’s violation of AS 39.15.010 – 100 Requiring Public Official Bonds and did nothing to inquire about when this statute has become routine business of unaccountability at the highest of public officers in the Executive branch of government.

    Seven strikes you out PETER the Pied Piper Richard ,these are all facts that can’t be disputed…

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