Counterpoint: Write in Robert Wall for Kenai Borough mayor



Richard Derkevorkian and Bill Elam have, without a doubt, put in the “blood, sweat, and tears” that comes with being in the minority in our borough government.  I have the utmost respect and appreciation for their conservative representation for their districts, and certainly share their desire for a conservative mayor that can help share their load.

I must disagree, however, with their choice of who the best candidate to do that is.  Obviously, this is why I have entered the race. Mr. Micciche’s “proven track record” is actually one of being unreliable under pressure when his constituents needed him to hold firm to conservative principles. Micciche is a kind gentleman, and visibly involved in our community, but I must respectfully disagree with Derkevorkian and Elam’s claim that he is a strong leader.

The authors’ main reason for writing their letter is to share their fears that voting for a write-in candidate (me, obviously, as I am the only registered write-in candidate) will risk filling the position with a candidate more liberal than Mr. Micciche. 

Again, I must respectfully disagree with the likelihood of that occurring. With five candidates in the race, it is almost assured that no one person will garner 50% plus one of the votes; in other words, there will be a runoff election between the top two.  Logically, that will be the most liberal candidate vs. one of the other four.

For this reason, voters are in the unusual position to truly vote their conscience in this race! Conservatives will then unite behind the one conservative candidate in the March runoff.  For now, however, voters are wonderfully free to choose who they want their conservative representative to be. Why should they now throw up their hands and settle, out of fear, for a candidate they don’t truly want to represent them?  Asking them to do so is asking them to vote against their own conscience.

To truly help these two gentlemen, Derkevorkian and Elam, our focus must be to run and elect more truly conservative assembly members, not to dissuade our people from voting for a stronger conservative mayor.  And if our residents continue to elect a liberal majority in the assembly, then they have made the choice to have a more liberal borough government; having the weaker mayor will not be enough to offer the authors the support that they desperately need.

This struggle is not new, and it is certainly not just local.  Our entire country is facing this tension as the divide between conservative and liberal policies becomes wider than ever. As KPB Mayor, I won’t be able to solve this deeper debate. I can and will, however, do my part to both communicate and prove out the benefits of conservative policies in our borough. I can also use my position, as appropriate, to argue for the more conservative candidates running for election.

Perhaps, by staying true to our core beliefs and by working together, we can inspire others to join the fight.


  1. STANDING OVATION ROBERT! We need to give a standing ovation to Robert Wall for giving us a choice to vote our conscience in the race for Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor.
    It’s been said that Robert Wall isn’t a “known” candidate in this race and the vote will be split. Who cares? Let’s let the voters decide.

    Let’s clear up the burning question, who is Robert Wall?

    Robert hasn’t been out hob-knobbing trying to collect votes in a popularity contest. Up until Thursday he was on the North Slope overseeing 100’s of staff, many that call the Kenai Peninsula home, and being responsible for millions of dollars managing the interests of others.

    So, when we ask who is Robert? Folks, this is what Roberts quietly did for his 40 years of living in Alaska. He’s has quietly, methodically, and meticulously managed on the slope and his own business. He’s been involved in boards, commissions and can respond on a moments’ notice. It’s been amazing to watch how fast he’s put together a viable campaign in the final days and give us a choice in local government.

    Robert isn’t your typical politician that’s been tucked away in offices that we’re lucky to get return calls from. Robert’s put in the dues. Robert is a highly sought-after Oilfield Professional that will take a pay cut if elected. Does that remind you of someone that we miss in government today as we pay $4.69 a gallon for gas in Alaska?

    Thank you, Robert, for pulling a fear crazed rabbit out of the hat and running in this election. You’re giving us a choice and hope that our system of electing leaders still can work without bashing one another.

    Let’s all take the time to learn about Robert at ‘ Or call him at 907-398-9191. Leave a message and my bet is you’ll be overwhelmed at his knowledge and dreams for the Kenai.

    WRITE IN, FILL IN THE OVAL Robert Wall on February 14.

  2. Mr. Wall, please refrain from making the common mistake of perverting the word “liberal” to characterize radical leftist authoritarians. NOTHING could be further from the truth than claiming that such people are “liberal”. Nor are they “progressive”. They are simply totalitarians in drag.

  3. This is true! “Mr. Micciche’s “proven track record” is actually one of being unreliable under pressure when his constituents needed him to hold firm to conservative principles.”

  4. This is exactly the kind of person who should be serving the public’s interest. It’s time for more men and women like Mr.
    Wall to step forward and lead all our communities! The days of people going into political service and being in public positions of authority and then entrenching themselves for decades in Local , State, and Federal Positions needs to come to an end. As far as I’m concerned, unless you’ve went and actually accomplished something REAL in life previously and successfully held private sector jobs and proven your worthy of serving and leading, you should never be able to serve in any public sector leadership position . Mr. Wall obviously is wanting to serve for
    the right reasons and should be highly considered for serving his community. His life’s accomplishments actually show proof he is prepared to lead and serve at many levels, unlike so many others who we see that are consistently sparring for leadership positions in the public sector just for financial security! . The days of having the same old stale choices in people doing the same old things wrong in all Government positions has gotten our Country in the dire situations we are in now. The people really need to wake up and not choose these people whose only real intentions are is to hold positions, and Live their lives in Government. All These positions of serving need more people like Mr. Wall who has already went out and actually succeeded and been a leader of far bigger things.

  5. All those worn-out saccharine platitudes, boring inside baseball, not a bloody bit of populist appeal, how does this inspire anyone?
    In a few words, Robert Wall, what makes you a better choice than the rest of the “They bad, we good, send money.” mob?

  6. Morrigan,
    Maybe Mr.Wall should have said if you want more of what we have now, vote Pete. If you feel government is broken, try someone new and vote Robert.
    There is nothing to loose by choosing a mayor who doesn’t have a proven failed political career. Voting the same people in and expecting different results is foolish.

  7. “…….This struggle is not new……..”
    Definitely the most accurate sentence of this tripe. Yet another internecine political battle amongst monied conservatives. That ought to fix the peninsula like it has fixed all of American culture.

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