Democrats and the Second Law of Thermodynamics



The Democratic Party has for a long time said and done the same things over and over:

  • Accuse conservatives of racism.
  • Grow government to solve every problem, whether drug abuse, homelessness, immigration, health care, or whatever.
  • Invent social issues to hide behind so they don’t have to address real problems.  
  • Create a “bad guy” to blame for the country’s problems and bring in punitive measures to punish the bad guy, take his stuff, and redistribute it to the masses, taking a nice cut as a payment for their efforts.

The results? Democrats have become a party devoid of character and anything resembling American values.

Just look at the current Democrat lineup of presidential candidates. There is literally nobody on that stage who can be trusted as commander-in-chief.  

Elizabeth Warren?  A pathological liar who pretended to be Native American to get special treatment at Harvard.  

Bernie Sanders? He may have been a popular mayor in his little town of 30,000 people in Burlington, Vermont, but he has revealed himself as a Marxist now, promising anything and everything to the general populace for votes.  

Michael Bloomberg? The dumbest man in the whole lineup. Mister “Ban Big Gulp-size sugary sodas.”

In a way, the Democratic Party has become the leading edge of the deterioration of character in the United States. The values of this country used to be centered around self-determination, a can-do attitude, the ability for anyone, regardless of race, religion, color or economic background, to become successful and even wealthy. The nuclear family was the backbone driving our success. Parents stayed married even if it was only for the children. Unmarried mothers were much more rare and sex before marriage was frowned upon.

This country has been the source of wealth and prosperity, a beacon of freedom, and a shining light that beckoned oppressed people from all over the world. People who arrived here sacrificed themselves, labored in unskilled job,s and endured real racism and discrimination in order to provide a meaningful life for their children because of their unshakable belief in these values.

Yet what do the Democrats (now Socialists) promise?  Just the opposite:

  • Have a problem? Government should step in and fix it.
  • See someone in need? Government should help them, not the individual.
  • See a homeless person? Government needs to fix homelessness.
  • Health insurance issues? First break the private market. Then, Medicare for all.
  • Single parent? Establish a system of free money and subsidized housing. Do not encourage them to enter the workplace, get educated or eventually support themselves. Make it generational.
  • Signed on some student loans and now you’re regretting it? Government should forgive all of that debt. So unfair.

It goes on.

Why do I call this the Second Law of Thermodynamics?  This law states that over time, order devolves into chaos, or entropy. 

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; the total quantity of energy in the universe stays the same.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is about the quality of energy. It states that as energy is transferred or transformed, more and more of it is wasted.  In other words, all processes result in an increase in entropy, or disorder.  

A tree falls to the ground and decays. Order to disorder. A person dies and the body decays. Order to Disorder.  A country is built on the strength and independence of the individual, then devolves to weakness and total dependence on an ever more dominating and controlling government.  Order to Disorder.  A government begins as a lean, efficient entity, and becomes overwhelmingly chaotic, contradictory and controlling of a weaker, dependent individual. Order to Disorder.  A strong and independent population devolves into a weak, dependent and entitled populace. Order to Disorder.

Conservatives are fighting this trend and calling for a restoration of those original values of belief in the individual and small, efficient government.  

Are we too late?  Has the United States fallen prey to the momentum of the Second Law of Thermodynamics?  Are we cascading down a slope, going faster and faster into true chaos?

Take a look at the character of people today. The Democratic Party, by pandering to the worst attributes in people, have not only created a whole society of weak, dependent, selfish and helpless people.  They themselves become the elitist overlords of those people, pretending to believe the lies that spew from their mouths. Not one Democrat candidate has a viable solution for any of our problems beyond bigger government. Government will solve everything; the individual is not only unable, the individual should actually not be allowed to fix problems.  The individual should stand aside while government dashes in to help.

But government doesn’t help because government created many of these problems. The talk is big, the walk is non-existent.

Our Democrat-run cities (pretty much the majority of large American cities today) are becoming wastelands of homelessness, human feces, drug addiction. The taxpayers, independent businesses, and tourists are being driven out, leaving only despair.  

The solution? According to the bureaucrats in charge, even more government and higher taxes. But that’s what got us to this point in the first place.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. The Democrats have become that definition, and woe to anyone who points out the truth or brings in an actual solution that doesn’t involve government.  

Michael Tavoliero is a realtor at Core Real Estate Group in Eagle River, is active in the Alaska Republican Party and chairs Eaglexit.


  1. I love this guy….my children and a lot of people should read this article! Does Michael Tavoliero have a book I can buy? He just hit the core of everything that we believe and must stand up for.

  2. Let’s throw Lisa Murkowski in that mess. She is, more then likely, due to her past experience in resource committee work done favors for Democrats and the Ukraine investment for the Bidens, Blumenthal from the Senate and others like Pelosi’s son who all have investments with Barismo , no wonder Pelosi is going wild along with her Dems.

  3. Great article, Mr. Tavoliero. My high school physics teacher was able to reduce these laws of nature to a few words via very understandable analogy. The Second Law of Thermodynamics involves the transformation of energy into useable form, and describes the outcome, or release of that useable product. In the case of Leftist Democrats, that energy byproduct, more often than not, is definable by continuous release of a non-recoverable, non-renewable resource…..that seems to pass obnoxiously, yet somewhat humorously to the public-at-large……flatulance.

  4. That is exactly my the way I see it. Thank you for speaking out so eloquently about our current presidential contenders and the sorry plight of our great Nation.

    This is why we must vote for Donald Trump in November 2020 so he can continue to drain the swamp in DC

  5. Simply look at the prefiled bills..

    A month for this group for celebration
    A month for that group for celebration
    Oh no.
    Yet another group
    And yet another group
    On and on

    Could some legislator or senator do a bill for
    The wonders of the American melting pot!

    Someone is pandering in divisiveness for votes

  6. Despite the concerted efforts of many, most people know that Sanders doesn’t want to make the U.S. into anything like the USSR. Bernie wants to make the U.S. look more like Finland:
    He’s also not a Democrat. Like most Alaskans he’s an independent. He shares little in common with the likes of Pelosi, Schumer or Clinton but, until we have ranked choice voting everywhere, the only way to run for president is sign up for one of the two parties.

    • If he likes Finland so much he’s more than welcome to move there, he can sell his three houses and take his millions of dollars with him. He had his honeymoon in Soviet Russia, he defends communist Cuba and socialist Venezuela along with other failed socialist/communist states. You know what they say about looking and sounding like a duck.
      People run for president all the time without being in one of the two major parties, Bernie is running in the Democratic Party Primary to represent the Democratic Party, if he wants to call himself a democratic socialist that’s fine but he’s running to represent the Democratic Party in this years Presidential election.

  7. Entropy is not bad, it is what information is based on.
    Entropy is zero when one outcome is certain to occur.
    Please don’t confuse science and politics, thanks.

  8. And what are your solutions, Mr. Tavoliero? You are very adept at laying the blame, but laying the blame at the feet of others and then walking away seems like such a waste of… energy.

    And also, while I’m no fan of the Democratic candidates, I’m a fan of facts. Attack the candidates by using substantive arguments, not the one-liners you are repeating from Fox News. This entire article read more like a pep rally speech than a thoughtful piece of writing.

  9. Back in the 70’s I was a “Young Democrat”. My experience with them was very local, no big picture. The local leadership appeared to dance to the tune of “Party First, Country Last”, as handed down from on high. Suggestions contrary to the party agenda were quietly sidelined, and if you made a fuss about it, you were also sidelined.
    I never switched to the GOP because my short experience soured me on politics. Only reason I’m becoming a little involved in politics now is that so much stupid stuff is going on, that it’s like trying to ignore a swarm of killer bees.
    It really amazes me that the Dem’s are playing kamikazi in their attempt to impeach Trump. What they can’t have, they’re willing to destroy. If they can’t have America, then they will destroy it.

  10. The author is far, far too kind. Take off the rose-coloured glasses and see The Democrat Party for what it really is.

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